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#902 - New Jersey Blog Earns Six-Figure Income


A school counselor turns a blog into one of New Jersey’s leading lifestyle websites.

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if you have a love for your city, town or region, and I want to pay close attention to today story. In fact, if you live in amidst nicety as opposed to a huge metropolis or a small town, it might be especially relevant. Why do I say mits eyes, while in this story a school counselor starts a blog running about her most treasured EAST Coast city to city of Hoboken, New Jersey? She turns it into one of you, jerseys leading lifestyle websites. She now runs it full time with twenty four. Contributors bringing in a six figure income. I think mid sizes key, because if you're in a city like London or New York, for example, it's difficult to become the single authority site, for everything going on. There is room for lots of different resources, but that usually need to specialise. Also, if you're in a row Small town, there might not be enough readers or not business partnerships to make the whole thing worthwhile leads to the level that this woman is unable to achieve
regardless of where you live, you should be able to learn something from this story, so stay tuned. My name is critical about this aside, a school in the whole story is coming right up. The idea in cloud is the cloud. It's open that secure its built for business. It's also the cloud is leading the way, but don't take our word, for it check gardener peer insights to see why customers rate IBM Cloud above a W S, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Over the last twelve months as February twenty Eightth, twenty twenty IBM, let's put smart to work, gardener peer insights reviews constitute the subjective, opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gardner or its affiliates
Jennifer, tripe yoga is the founder and editor of the lifestyle website. Hoboken girl, dot com. It covers all things: New Jersey, with hyper focus on Hoboken in Jersey, city. The blood tackles everything from the best brunch spots, vintage, Hoboken, boutiques, parenting tips for new monarchs, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Ass she puts at her team lives, breathes eats and drinks Hoboken in Jersey, city, lifestyle topics. What started personal blog has grown into a six figure business with over twenty contributors and an audience of over two million readers. How did she do it? Well, I started with a steamy love affair, love affair with the city of public. Jennifer move their over eight years ago and became enamoured with the place
sitting home one new year's eve with her then boyfriend, whose now her husband she confided she went to explore more of our local community and wound up buying the domain. Hoboken girl that come that night, it began as a passion project chronicler adventurers around the city. From a female perspective, she wrote about the things women would be interested in. You discovered there weren't many sites around with a female voice. Her goal was to bring a fresh bend to her local blogosphere, while sharing things that residents might enjoy fun stuff, like local events, things to do culture and community and all with a humorous tilt. It turns out the juniper like writing she liked it so much and was inspired by. She was creating and she decided to pursue it full time, but not full time with a sigh docile. She first left her job is a school counselor and lighted a new job as a digital editor for Brides Magazine, while their action, learned, a lot. She over
a celebrity wedding content craft of their daily newsletter and grew the branch Instagram Snapchat presence to over two hundred thousand Pollux all skill. She later used to build Hoboken girl into a lifestyle enterprise She's now grown her own substantial following a fifty two thousand people and Instagram eighteen thousand on Facebook and twelve thousand on Twitter. She also has an insider Spaceboat group were locals, can connect. Jennifer owes this growth to daily engagement. With your audience paired with fund features on our website and creative takes on local news stories. It didn't happen overnight. It's been a slow and steady seven year, growth, Spurt Jennifer plants and monthly country calendar two to three articles. Every day, seven days a week of all topics to be covered in closer editorial calendar, evergreen content, unique happenings in essence, driven topics of what people are searching for around the wet local happenings unique experiences and weekly news round. Ups, all scoreboard,
points with your audience. Hoboken girl also hosts events in the community, including our biggest one of the year. The Hoboken Wellness crawl, which over one thousand attendees and teachers over a hundred businesses. It's like a bar crawl, minus the alcohol participants, gain access to free fitness classes, nutritious stacking alternatives and a host of other health in duty treatments. The foundation Hoboken girl helps connects readers with local community opportunities to get back these events have allowed Hoboken girl to raise nearly thirteen thousand dollars for charities over the past two years. Starting up was cheap for spent less than a hundred and fifty dollars on our website, which you built on word. Press a domain name and hosting she hired an intern from a look, graphic designer to creator logo and just like that, she was in business since then.
A book and girl, has been steadily growing in the low six bigger rage. The blog makes money through sponsor posts, Brandon media partnerships, dedicated emails in product advertisements, she's hired several parttime team members, as well as twenty freelance writers who contribute to the site. What started with a couple of blog Post a week now turn into this garden. State media juggernaut, genuine twenty seventeen Jennifer Letter Day job one with Rights magazine to go all in with Hoboken girl. She since picked up another side, us all as a consultant and social media strategy and management she's, also working on creating a pie cast quality on the Hudson, So, let's talk about all the things that Jennifer does right: actually have any suggestions for. I was looking at the sight to see if I did it most.
I just went away with things that I thought were really smart, so, first of all, public and growth outcome, the content, the homepage, its super Snapple. This is the word that I had. I, like my flickr, try this article and try this article click through ever hear it. So it's it's very pinterest style in that way, and that you, just when I click on a bunch of stuff and there's a post about a dog, its adoptable, come and adopt this cute dog and now here is all about this dialogue. Then you ve got something: that's something else its current, like twenty nine events in Hoboken happening this weekend, then there's some features like the Hoboken girl of the weak or for bench worthy books to read at the beach and an important sees its has found locally. This hyper local focus on all their content lots of stuff. It's kind of that was a virus stick, but you just want to click like yours, like inside so and sows Gore
Uptown Hoboken home, then I go. I wanna see what their home looks like clicking. Take a look at that you got stuff like a tour of the best girl, cheese, sandwiches and Hoboken, and am I cut I'm curious about the like I'm not anywhere near Hoboken, but I'm just wondering now. What is the best girl cheese sandwich in the city? So, as I said, very snack of all, you want to click alot, also, really great, that she has multiple sources of income, which of course, is always smart for everyone, but I think in this case is particularly important, because most people build up these kinds of sites blogs in its all dependent on basically one source. You know usually appetising that's coming in from Google and that can easily go away, but she is built all these relationships. Brenda, media partnerships, she's got a dedicated emails. You can send out she's got the ads, he's got sponsored posts. I think that's just really key for this kind of project also Jennifer spent some time understanding s YO search engine, optimization because it is important for this kind of thing to be ranked highly insurgents
but at the same time she isn't dependent on Google and, like the whole strategy, the site is not. Google based, she's actually really focused on a building loyalty and this building in local, loyal readers who continue to come back. So to that end, she also built local community offline. With these events with the foundation and so on, Marilla you kind of him. And what is the perfect role model for doing something like this? I honestly think it's what she's doing so, if you're in amidst I city or doesn't have to be met size to seek that has some advantages I can mention in the beginning, if you're interested in making some kind of content driven media affordable. This is a good one to look at something Instead of her. Thank you for the US to show your story and less there's hope you enjoyed it. Inspiration is good but inspiration. What action is so much better? They shut out secluding links to everything I mentioned are subtle: school dot com, slash nano to nine zero, too I'll, be back again tomorrow, with more thanks. So much my name is critical about at this is
this school from the onward projects.
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