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#925 - WEEKLY RECAP: Understand Your Ideal Working Conditions


In our twenty-eighth recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study! 

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what's up, welcome beside us, no school, we have just finished weak number. Twenty eight season three, this week featured mountain bikes paid by numbers, Kith, barbecue, hustle that smokes out the competition, just a few highlights, among others of course today to talk about something called working conditions, something I believe, passionately is that if you thinking about overall happiness, the quality of life? It's not just of what kind of work you do also about how you do it and I think the whole conversations Russian in consideration of working conditions is greatly undermined an underestimated our rights, I also have an audio update from the guy who made so overalls tabled it. Right that in a second are actually he will tell you about it too, quick, administrative things. First, I sometimes people ask: how do we choose stories to feature on the show well bred question. A lot of them come directly from our listeners, so hey if you're out there and you
cynosure. We haven't pictured it. If you want to know about it, all you need to do is go to satisfy school dot com. Slash about that about page and there's a link or you can submit your side of some info. I would love to feature as many listeners as possible. Also, if there's someone you know that you think we should feature on the show, then you can just us an email about that. You can write to Whitney Debbie HIV any why cider source code I come. That's Whitney. It taught us a good outcome and just say Is this person that I read about a heard about, or here's my friend or whatever and she'll take a look and if it seems like a good fit shook it in touch with that person? So that's that. Secondly, my new book wondered side. Our souls I've been out for just over a month now, and I want to ask for a quick favour really quick about
Keep it simple if you will review the book on Amazon. That would really help me a lot it would rock my world, I have to do is say a couple of sentences now need to ride along thing over you're. Welcome to if you want, but you can just go to alien, see that co slash one hundred side, so alien see dot, seo, slash one zero, zero s, Idee one hundred side or, of course you could just pull up Amazon and search for wondered Sicels sets. I have to say about that They'll, be super awesome if you can do that and your super awesome, even if you can't right, because the show is all about you. Let's talk about this thing called of working conditions, so one of the major discoveries in my research for different book a few years ago called born for this. Was that working conditions really matter a great deal and, generally speaking when people are thinking, career decisions,
pay nearly enough attention to working conditions. So when I say working conditions, what am I talking about? It's about things like how you prefer to do your work. You like to spend your time how you like to be scheduled, who you like to work with like how much corking you ought to do versus how much you do on your own and again, as I said at the top of the episode, it's not just about what kind of work you do that contributes to your happiness. It's how you do it, This actually matters a great deal in your overall quality of life. So other questions are like: how much do you value your flexibility and autonomy? Some of us, like those, are very high volumes. We want a lot of flexibility and autonomy. Others tend to work better with a bit more structure and a bit more reschedule. Do you prefer work in sprints, where you go really hard for a while, and then you take total time off, it's kind of like the work, hard play hard approach, or do you prefer to work a little bit each day in search of continuous progress
This issue of working conditions, of not being clear having a load of a mismatch between them, is also why alot of people struggle when they make the shift to full time freelancing or self employment status was taken off and actually make that jump, and I think our now it's gonna be great, because I'll have all this time like. I was working on my hustle one hour a day and I'm going to have six hours a day or whatever it is. Then they have difficulties with self discipline with boredom or just overwhelmed by the sheer number of things I do so. Learning to work on your own is a scale that most of us don't happen to actively. There can often be an adjustment period, especially if you ve worked in a company or not. Position or government for a long period of time, and then you go to having all this free time and you're. Just gonna buy your own alight. The shift in sometimes be overcharge Some working conditions in general, if you'd like to learn more, it can take a free quiz at born for this book dot com. Once again, that is born for this book that come learn your ideal working condition
are in just a moment owing to bring you in audio update from Kyle who runs the great switchover. All business businesses actually called great fantastic but has made product, is so overalls, sweat, pant overalls. We virtually not an episode three. Ninety four is also anyone here at sight of this book is well pretty crazy product can he's got a pretty cool update, but first I want to do a quick shut out to our sponsor disapproval.
Them allowing the show to be completely free to you. So here's a message from them and then we're here directly from Kyle. The idea cloud is the cloud: it's open that secure its built for business. It's also the cloud its leading the way, but don't take our word for it check Gardner appear in sight to see why customers rate IBM Cloud above a W S, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Over the last twelve months as February twenty Eightth, twenty twenty IBM, let's put smart to work, Gardner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subject of opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gardner or its affiliates businesses.
I'll Bergmann from New York City, my side hustle as a brand, I create called the great fantastic with our fuel product being the glorious combination of sweat, pants and overalls more commonly referred to as switchover oars, and I was future episode three. Ninety four. Since then, it's been a roller coaster of a ride in the best way. I quit my desk job graduated business school and appeared on ABC shorthand this past April, bright, pitched silver ass to the sharks. I've also almost gone out of business, had to switch suppliers to times and have had multiple other smaller failures but, like I said, a roller coaster and the best way this year, we are on track to have our best year. Yet in sale
it will pass half a million dollars and sales in selling our first pair of swill rose almost two years ago. One piece of advice that I would give listeners always look at failure as improvement. It might seem counter unsuited, but I am constantly failing in both big and small ways, and I don't take it as an indication of personal inadequacy, but instead as an indication of a gap in my understanding or dirty, and therefore something that can be remedied with more effort when you look at failure like that, it's not so scared next out for my brain and I hope to turn the great untasted into more than aside hustle and will also be creating more products, silver, all shorts, so overall for kids, as was plus size. In addition, we're hope it's race of capital from strategic partners
if you like to follow our journey, you can see. I said twelve roused underscore on its the grand for visitors on line smoke roused darkest days for listening. I regret that Thank you. So much Kyle will appreciate that a detailed update, indeed like quite a roller coaster, ride half a million dollars and sales this year. So excellent. So incredible- and I really like this quote of Kyle's as well, where we talk about failure as not taking it as personal inadequacy, but as an indication of gap in my understanding, our ability and therefore something that can be remedied with effort, just added that that is not always just an index. Never gap of your understanding. You could actually require
new data, new information as you go along understanding, market conditions better and therefore that leads you to make a different decision. So indeed, failure is not personal inadequacy. It can be an opportunity to go on and improve. So I look forward to seeing and hearing about those new, so overall product lines by the way listeners. The questioner continent private mention this. In a couple weeks, you can just called a hustle hotline leave a quick response for US question comment whatever it is. Eight four or nine hustle or aid for foreign nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three or keeper, for you can also use your phone to make a voice, memo and email it to podcast, a tussle school dot com, always love hearing what you're up to It is the end of the week, at least in terms of our publishing schedule, feminist Off in a moment, got a lot of stuff coming up, including a special feature. On bumblebee linens, as well as ukulele playing side. Hustler, always lots of fun. Settling for two I very much enjoyed working on these episodes and bringing them
each day giving Oughta feedback hearing about what people are doing out there and around the world. So if your listing you're. The reason I make the show I have said after nine hundred and twenty five episodes, nine hundred twenty five days in a row that, if you make this commitment, ten minute really investment in yourself I to commit to supporting you and your quest to create that new source of Come to something that you know you need to have such as an obligation or a burden, it can also be a lot of fun. Now, I'm not the only one working on the show. We say, thanks to producer, Chuck, red content manager, Whitney Koranic community liaison Jed Chang CAT hurt her tea. Heart and the unconnected unrelated, but still important, show CAT Libby Gill about all of us here. At teams out of school were partly onward project that is founded, led cure. By selling author Gretchen Ribbon check out her shout happier, regression ribbon well, as happier in Hollywood and the new programme from less urban called, do the thing all those
helpful? It will improve your life they're all available in podcast in Spotify or wherever you listen to protests in many the episodes? I say inspiration is good, but action is better because I hope this will be helpful to you in a specific and practical way. I also hope, join me tomorrow in everyday next week for more stories and ideas. Are episodes go online, everyday at six or one a m eastern time. My name is go about, and this is cited in school. From the onward projects.
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