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#933 - Star Wars Fan Forges Lightsaber Empire


An appliance repairman channels the Force and learns to make, sell, and repair lightsabers. Never tell him the odds!

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work very IBM dot com, slash flexible those of us of a certain age may look back, I'm being a kid reinstall job we're like, while wasn't so great back, then, but guess what today's kids and grown up kid, have it better in a lot of ways. First of all, the internet second, video games and continue to improve, and now so here in this story, star wars fans can purchase their own custom working light Sabre. That's right. Welcome beside us will school welcome to a brand new week. My name is critical about this story,
is all about an appliance repairmen who moves into the ultra competitive world of a white Sabre construction in also lifesaver repair, because you know they break is now running a full time living with this project, fighting the evil empire and equipping fans with battle ready tools. How does he get started? you make it happen. And what can we learn from the story? Well, stay tuned in about thirty seconds and I'll tell you about the STAR Wars Span, forging a light, safer empire
If you are a fan of star wars, has a kid. You may have owned a toy lifesaver to do with friends or annoy you're siblings back then they were just tell us coping plastic tubes, but now grown up star wars. Fans can have grown up lifesavers thanks to a small community up Sabre Smith's that are making light Sabre dreams come true. Collector spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to buy unique, sore,
NL designs, changing color, blades, Cairo's, coptic sensors, programmable audio and more and thanks to Disease purchase of Lucasfilm in twenty two well, we ve entered a new era of explosive star wars, enthusiasm just and martial started his star wars collection long long ago, in the galaxy far far away when he got hand me down toys from his cousins, he always gravitated toward the lifesavers, then, as an adult just and began to build, custom white papers were friends, he started well. He was working full time is an appliance service technician. These bespoke projects where time consuming invested in tools for his workshop, including machining equipment powder Coder Treaty printer to make custom parts a lifesaver market. Is an active community, easy to find and market too, but very competitive just and got more traction when a critical website and that community, the ethics Sabre for
made him an approved seller. This success gave him exposure and credibility with the cosplay fans and collectors that frequent it. We might say the force was with him. He knew, however, that if we want to scale you would have to move from one off sales to creating its own product because do or do not. There is no try. The first product he developed was a heating. What is a hate thinking? What does it have to do with lifesavers? Those are two questions I had, but it turns out the lady bulbs in a lifesaver blade can make the handle literally too hot to halt at least four inexperienced generalise a heat think will transfer the heat generated by the electronic device to a fluid media where it anticipates from the device providing more power to the alliance. Justin's costs were three hours and fifty cents, and he saw them for fifteen dollars each since launching an twenty fifteen. He is sold over four hundred and fifty heat sinks along with many other parts when selling a product or a part just and advise is aiming for at least fifty percent market. It takes
a lot of time and energy to market ship package in store products. The next evolution was to become a reseller of light Sabre parts such as light batteries and handles he had the know how and he had made a name for himself, so he asked himself Where do you guys go shopping for their lifesavers turns out. Long ago that dogs are now they go to Etsy. So that's where he sat up shop, Sewing arm is now about seventy percent of his business. Another aspect is product development. Once you guys, when he began, collaborating with others to design finance and bring new products to market this mix of reselling parts on Etsy critic, customize, lifesavers and product. But as allowed him to be profitable enough to quit his day job. Since last February, he's been focusing on safer bay, full time distributing his products and services throughout the galaxy there are a lot of things that just enjoys about having his own business, while in point
technicians who wanted to provide customers with a high level of service, but someone else's decisions sometimes kept that from happening. He feels portrait He was able to turn his hobby into a business and he likes helping people do something that they enjoy. Also he's, never bored as there's always something new, bigger and better to bring to the market much to learn. He still has he had to do something different says he would have an smarter with his capital when he got started. He said he had more of a hobby mind than a business mind and he made some purchases that weren't strategic he's. Also our contemplating whether or not to leave Etsy because of their fees. As far as advice he says patron, into what other people want, because if they want it means that someone is not offering it enter that negative space and make a profit congratulation Justin on taking is hostile to the next level and now witness the power of this fully operational that'll station.
Hurried, awesome project. Well, don't just an supercool to hear about this, not its couple comments from me on this part about leaving Etsy, so I dont know how specific situation, but my general advice to someone who asked that we don't do that. Basically, the only she would be as if you have enough business and you deliberately want to remain small. You gonna make you when we focused on this tight knit community that is in the forums are coming to you directly, but it seems to me that people are always go there at sea in this case. Looking for those things, those parts that are up so, why wouldn't she want to be the one to get their business and you can still work on bringing them to your website and selling direct after that, but it just seems like a great customer acquisition, school and naturally they're going to have some peace for that. So I think that's just part of acquiring customers. Just might you sense now his website is very fan centric, as it should be
What I mean by that is. It is pretty clear that obviously it's business, its own products, bits clear that he is a fan of star wars in this is kind of illustrated throughout the copy, the photos he has. It cetera. He says nothing transport you today Alex, far far away like holding a high quality laser sort, so direct connection between your that misdoubt love for the franchise and the products that he is selling. Also in his about page, which is well done, says at the Sabre Bay, we like to fly casual another star wars reference there and he says nothing. I don't take my business seriously. I just never went to lose that since a fund amazement. I got six years ago when I entered this hobby and goes on to tell more of a story, but the point is like he clearly is a fan and as a potential customers to reconnect with that so logical stuff. There. If you are a fan of star wars, deftly wanna check it out. You look it up on the show its page. That page is cited well schooled outcome, so nine, three, three episode, neither in and thirty three as a new week is rolling out before I go.
That is locked for you. Maybe it's a fun fact. Did you know what software program jet I use to open it pdf files. The answer is: Adobe one Kenobi, That's right no charge for that you're running. Two things here on the programme do come back tomorrow: mixture subscribed. My name is crystal about. This is side us all school from the onward projects.
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