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#941 - Tech Broker Moonlights as Luxury Lifestyle Artist


A science and technology consultant becomes a successful sports, motorsports, and luxury lifestyle artist.

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Are you a renaissance saw you have more than one interest or fashion. I always enjoy hearing that people who have blended multiple field interests or industries to create a unique where their own, as well as people who have to successful productive and largely independent careers. Simultaneous today stories in the latter category, it's about a science and technology consultants who moonlights as a sports and luxury lifestyle, artist, Running up to a hundred thousand dollars a year from that, psychic ain't doesn't want to do it full time because he so enjoy the other work that he does. I respect that also give you what book recommendations at the end of the episode, if you identify were the concept of being a renaissance soul or you like, the idea Forging a hybrid career reduced want to have more than one career like this guide us. So, let's get stuff here on the programme today, money
critical about the story is coming right up after this quick shot out to our sponsor TIM. AIDS. Is the self proclaimed Paulina Individual, whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects by day. He is a science intact gee commercialization consultant, spent his time. Brokering too, what tech innovators in businesses looking for new product markets by night reflexes, his creative muscles, putting together incredible works of art, blend abstract, with realism, using a unique process of dripping, paint onto canvas in colorful drips and into.
Its rules started contempt, move into a trinity locked in downtown Austin Texas. He felt right at home, except for one thing are actually several things: the blank white walls practically begged for artwork. In terms recent obsession with abstract art he shot around and collected several good original pieces, but with stymied by their high costs. He was also inspired. Having been somewhat, have an artist and make her ever since he was a kid TIM figured, he could create his own large scale, artwork premier fraction of the cost he purchased several large canvasses and began experimenting standing over the canvas, spluttering and dropping the pain on them. Much like famous artists, Jackson, Pollock with his artistic sensibilities and strong, I for color
was able to create abstract art to his own liking. It seems that others like it as well, when is locked willing, neighbours and technology pure side. They ask who the artist was very fond of. It was tat. They became his first patrons purchasing his work to adorn their own homes. In the beginning, his paintings we're all abstract, but when someone asked, if he could do a flower in a similar style, stepped up to the challenge peace turned out well began to wonder what other things get paint in this unique style that blended abstract, with realism tempting he'd refining, is process all the while amassing enough paintings for legitimate archer. There's a coffee shop near his locked them mutation for organizing quality exhibitions may agree to host his work and his birth official, showing TIM, saw the staggering ten thousand dollars worth of art, which only made his creative wheels turn pastor. He took stock of his interests and your inspiration from a famous for its artists, whose work
he admired the right name: it diamond travel, the world, observing and painting leisure life, social activities and athletic competitions, including the Olympics. The Superbowl PDA administers golf tournaments and even the world of casino gambling. It seem like an appeal myself at him, who is also a lifelong car and motor sports enthusiast. He figured it would do well in those markets which have huge followings of highly devoted fans and a strong interest in collectibles. What's he found his group at this style? He approached a local exotic car club and offered to donate a piece in exchange for the typical vendor space at their event, when he kept exhibiting building and, of course, painting from their terms, process of creating makes for great performance are needed. A popular attraction, races, fun, razors and corporate events artwork gain many clients in the following in the automotive wrote this ever growing success. He knew he was on the right track. The project had very low started cost, essentially just a series of paints and canvasses intimidated
to generate as much as a hundred thousand dollars a year annually in profit. He try being a fault, artist for a year but found he missed his data. So we went back to that while continuing to produce and sell art Even considering the money he makes its the experiences that term has enjoyed the most he's attended. Many top car shows flown to a grand Prix race in his client helicopter and is even had clients. Take him to Spain to run with the bulls. He's also got to see his artwork onto winning cars for anyone out there wanting to create and sell our work based on existing brands or licence properties, timid vice. You to work with those organizations through their licensing managers. Some organised in France, will work with artists, grant them rights and allow certain reproductions of their images, while others may not in by checking. First artists can avoid expensive infringement lawsuits moving forward. Tim is working to bring some of his tech marketing to the world of art, and some of them
Art to business is unique background, as recently opened the door for him to do a paint and sipped concept for companies. He plans to discuss team building marketing branding and the creative process- I not seem to follow a single career. Tim has advanced and innovative in at least two of them. You don't have to do just one thing: you ve got more than one interest or more than one passion certainly not alone haste for many of US
there is power in choosing to just focus on one thing. For some people are those of us actually come alive and are more creative and more productive. When we look at a career or a hobby aside, assault whatever it is, that combines more than one interest so as promised here or if he recommended books have read all these myself couple. Them are actually influential to me many years ago. So the first one is the renaissance. All these that phrase earlier also the title of a book subtitles how to make your passions your life. I Margaret Rubinstein. Next couple recommendations are refused to choose an witchcraft Barbara share. I know Barbara she's, wonderful, actually read her book witchcraft. I don't know, maybe fifteen years ago, made an impact on my life and I still recommended today not to know her later on to school, so that's refused to choose and witchcraft witchcraft. Just wish that the I s h and last but not least, how to be everything by Emily Laconic, who is also a friend, I feel really fortunate. As an author,
To have got to know lots of other authors over the years, so great books there really like those up in a shouts, belong with Thames work, of course, which is beautiful, really fine, definitely a unique style, which of course helps him stand out. So inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better, though show notes are inside US law, school dot, com, site nine for one episode: nine. In forty one we are cruising along. Much more is coming up, be sure you subscribe. This is critical about four site S. School. From the onward projects.
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