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#943 - Reddit Secret Santa Delivers Sack Full Of Adventure


After creating an unforgettable scavenger hunt for an anonymous Redditor, an account manager stumbles across his own buried treasure.

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welcome to a new mind and a story that will make you smiled, I very much I'm. Working on this, when it is all, a red it secret Santa who delivers a sackful of adventure, every year the online community read. It, facilitates a global secret Santa programme where people exchange gifts with strangers. This programme is a behemoth of generosity, since two thousand and nine nearly two million people from over a hundred and sixty countries have taken part. Almost fifty million dollars worth of gifts, give it and is you'll hear in this story. It's also lead to at least one profitable side, hustle and then all new career for someone after creating an unforgettable, scavenger hunt for his gift recipient. This account managers
was across his own. It very treasure he now earns five thousand dollars a month, putting together epoch surprises for people while traveling the world. Like, I said it's a fun one state due for the whole story. A few short years ago, Chris Waters, working as an account manager for a software company. He says he was just
ordinary guy, with an ordinary job adventure, excitement and randomness we're not at all part of his routine, but once a year Chris did embrace those three things with great enthusiasm. You get it through the fund of Red, its secret Santa the world's largest gift exchange in December. Every year, read it matches willing users of the site and each person is provided a few details about their match, so they can arrange a suitable gift based on their interests, Chris loved it and got into the spirit of it every year, then twenty fifteen he was particularly excited because his match Blaine live in the same city. Is him Phoenix Arizona that meant that Chris could provide a truly unique gift, one that he been pondering for some time? He would create an elaborate scavenger hunt, one full of clue
codes and carpets, laying the lucky recipient would receive a once in a lifetime experience of engaging in an adventure around his own city, Chris had a lot of fun and putting it together and says he did so without any ambition other than helping Blaine have a good time. Little did he know that that very same scavenger hunt would lead him to a treasure of his own. To start he planted clues that sent Blaine in his girlfriend to a local cemetery, then the zoo and then on to several other locations around Phoenix, each dot featured a clue to the next with fun activities along the way. The hunt culminated with a stop at a bar, where Chris was waiting to present them with a bottle of champagne blight and his girlfriend were amazed. They said it was one of the most enjoyable days at their lives. Cressets bent forward hours bring the whole thing together, which in hindsight maybe was a cheap way to validate a novel business idea,
Since the concept was so well received, he thought he might be able to find a few people somewhere willing to pay for their own unique hunt. So he registered a domain name and built a very crude website scrubbing the offer he called it constructed adventures soon after Blaine posted the details of his experience to read it along with a photo album chronicling the day. The response was off the charts opposed to the front page and sent a tremendous amount of traffic to Chris S. New website, which plain had described charitably as being fair no, so, let's give it some time to come together. It was another Claudette that Chris might be onto something big. He was inundated with request to manufacture magical moments in spectacular days for people from all over the country. He gain more experience with his initial clay, typically charged around three hundred and fifty dollars for organizing the surprise. But there was one big downside with pricing. He made zero money. After all is said and done he had a great time planning the day, but the inner
that was a treasure map without an axe to mark the spot. For Chris where is the money was almost an afterthought to the amount of funny at There remain that way over the next year, as he built special days for more birthdays, marriage proposals and other special events. Eventually, though, something had to change, he couldn't continue spending time on a site. I saw that wasn't making a profit. Praetor fifty dollars peradventure. It was not going to lead him to the treasure, since his time was lost The only way to earn more money was to charge more, so that's what he did gradually increasing his prices throughout the year right around the time his fledgling side, hustle, was featured on an MP, our podcast. The episode hit the airwaves and constructed adventure. Blew up the origin story of the idea, combined with a fine nature of the business itself.
Was the combination needed, unlike its full potential by October twenty seventeen Chris was making enough money to leave as account management job in focus on constructed adventurous, full time he began receiving so many inquiries that he had to start turning people away. He developed criteria for funding the perfect clients. They had to be easy to work with not too worried about budget and, most importantly, the recipient had to be up for a challenge. If they are there, a person who hated surprises. There were not a good fit. He faltered, customers through an initial phone calling brainstorming session. He then. Often building idea tailored specifically for them. Then he would circle back with his ideas and collected apposite to start playing. He sums it up best by saying his ideal. Client is a creative, communicative person who trust his abilities as an expert and gives him autonomy to create a magical day, and it seems there is no shortage of people wanting to experience one of Christmas adventures. He is now in a position of being booked out well over six months in advance,
Building experiences for people all over the world, his adventures have become even more professional and elaborate, and is pricing has grown along with it? the only handles one adventure? Every two weeks now charges several thousand dollars per client. That means on top of travelling. The role for free Chris is also well paid, Each month he earns around five thousand dollars and profit. Needless to say, He is living life he's gone from an act of gift, giving kindness and turn it into a new. We're almost any one would envy his biggest adventure of all is the one he's on right now: isn't that such a funny story, Chris didn't have you they are doing this for money. He certainly did heavier. You have doing it for a career, but his generosity and love of adventure led him to that very treasure. I often use that word adventure.
It's one of the three values have doubled. Yes, the annual event that I produce community adventure and service, as there are three values and adventure it doesn't have to be, it doesn't have to Like you know, a helicopter ride, followed by bungee, jumping into the cliffs of more or Niagara, falls, isn't going to different ways to have adventures. I think of adventure just as a disruption from your routine. I think of an adventure as something that is exciting, maybe a little bit scary for you, wherever that can be so exciting and scary, and a kind of nervous way that you're like that would be totally And I really want to do that, but that seems crazy. Why would I do that and I believed for Time, if you have an idea in your head, it seems kind of crazy, seems kind of ridiculous, but this idea won't leave you alone and that's probably a clue. No speaking of fluids and scavenger hunts probably have something that you should pursue, or at least consider at least discover elite six and another observation about adventure is once you start going down that road. When you go down the road of adventure, you dont
No we're going to end up. It was certainly the case for Chris in the story so discover what that is, for you don't be afraid to explore and pursue that path. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today show notes, including links to constructed adventures, all right side, hustle, school, nine hundred and forty three. Let me know if you enough to still take an adventure with Chris I'll, be a fun story to follow up on and I'll be back again tomorrow. Much more is coming up. Thank you so much for listening to a rockstar. My name is Chris. This is cider school. From the onward projects.
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