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#966 - Scientist Challenges Perceptions with Simple Conversation Starters


After an unsettling conversation, a junior scientist creates an entire product line to shift the stereotypes for “what a scientist should look like.” 

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What does a scientist look like fighting this question because it is a silly question, yet it's not surprising that some people tend to stereotypes. One british scientists who happens to be a younger women has made it her mission to broaden those people's minds while promoting a culture of shared identity, the expression of that culture. That would be what customers pay for since this is a side us we're talking about income generating project, is an entire product line of pins, notebooks, stickers, tote bags and more all, brand science on a postcard. She sold several thousand items on Etsy so far. In addition to appearances at art, fares and exhibits, Welcome decided to school. My name is critical about. We are calling this story. Scientist challenges, perceptions with simple conversation, starters and stay tuned, because that story is coming right up in just about thirty six
party. Gardener was travelling back from a conference in London and she had an awkward conversation at the airport astray, You ask what she had been doing there, so she explained that she was a scientist in town for a few meetings about our Phd, the stranger, an older chuckled and replied o you don't look like a scientist. Heidi was confused and frankly a bit offended, but I want to say in a moment she had the entire flight from London to Aberdeen Scotland to think about it and by the time her plain had landed. She also had the beginnings of an idea if she could create interesting products that scientists would probably where declaring their status and vocation. You just might start to ship. The perception others had for what a scientist should look like. Fortunately, for Heidi she had grown.
But her father, who worked in design and marketing. So when she was fifteen years old and looking for an after school job, she went to work for him. The work was very basic, but it helped familiarize her concepts of graphic design and introduced her to software like Adobe Creative Sweet, which made quitting the designs for these products that much easier rather than the first the standard science designs that are already available. How do you worked knights and weakens on fun? Colorful sketches that showcase the creativity she knew so many scientists tat her first products were postcards and tiny prince that customers can purchase and display in their homes and offices he's original products and what led to the naming of E commerce store science on a postcard. It was cheaper at first to produce these paper prince and it was to create the products she really wanted to share with our fellow scientists, pins and apparel. They could wear to challenge the stereotype that a scientist looked or act at a certain way, but in that first year beside us all, while also hustling work as a university students
bidding her Phd keeping costs low was essential, though she was familiar with the required technology. She still needed to purchase at all. That meant a new digital drawing patent pencil, a new laptop that was compatible with that tool. Any apparent cause of acquiring her store merchandise. Because of this you decide against setting up a stand alone. Website for selling instead opted to sign up for Etsy the fees on Etsy or higher than many e commerce payment processors, but the entire platform was set up, are ready to go I'll. She had to do was interests and preliminary details and upload her first postcards. Happens with any sign or source of her. First customer was her mom, which was an I show of support, and also she did not to wait long for real world validation, because her first outside the inner circle sale came just a day later. She celebrated in standard small beer.
Style dancing around her living room wearing pajamas shouting her glee? Two, absolutely no one! Hey I've been there. I get it within a few months. She had enough profit to start investigating, then producing those pins and apparel she'd imagined on that flight from London. Ass, she had hoped these items were even more popular than the postcard prince and a demand was high. Every time she releases a new pin design. There are immediately people who want additional ones, which is great, but can also be a little stressful toward the end of a first year with signs on a postcard, hiding stockpiled enough money for a big scary expense. Two thousand dollar booth rental at the new scientists life a vent in London, dubbed the world's greatest science festival having attended before she knew how powerful the space could be forgetting eyes on our products, and that was another thing she excelled in from the start. The art of getting attention since
was already part of the audience she was targeting. How do you knew exactly how to speak and write in a way that resonated with customers without ever spinning a dime on ads or other outlays? She grew Instagram account to almost ten thousand powers, and those followers are fiercely devoted not only liking and commenting on our posts, but also sharing images ever products from their own daily lives. This is something that Heidi had imagined, wasn't fully prepared to expire seeing her pins out in the wild has been one of the best source is approved that she's doing something good, especially at science. Events where attendees don't even know that she is the creator of the exact item there wearing after her first year, recognition for the work she was doing really took off both in terms of product sales and the bigger message she was sharing with the world. Science on a postcard had sold three thousand items on Etsy and produce an additional two thousand items for private clients who wanted custom bulk orders for their teams and events. A few months later, how you was accepted into Robert Gordon unit
CS first ever created business accelerator, a coveted spot. She didn't think you would have a chance of getting so early on. The accelerator has opened her eyes too much more at the logistic and detail oriented aspects of owning a business things like product plans, book ordering stock and cashflow systems that have opened up her potential for more profit. But how do you isn't going all in hustle, especially after all the work she put into completing her Phd in clinical trial? Participation from the university of Average, Plus she passionately believes in that work, she's doing while observing the way recruitment agencies work to staff clinical trials. She wondered if
might be some things to learn from their process that could apply to clinical trial participants. After all, finding participants for a trial is just another form of recruitment. These trials are essential to the testing and potential release of various advances in science that, in some cases, could literally save people's lives combining science on a postcard with work she's doing in full time. Job has led to a number of science event, imitations and speaking gigs, which continues to help her Grover Platform hand pleasantly leads to more sales. Best of all, it has sparked conversations about what makes someone a scientist.
We want a phone project. I love everything about it. Just awesome set the whole look on community putting forward this message, and you know an obvious target market of people who would be interested in the in these kind of fun whimsical items which would you have a fun whimsical, design, be sure to come and checking up on a general page. I went her Etsy store, I'm just looking to see if I had some kind of constructive comment or or feedback, but I really dont. I first. I thought well: she's gonna see store, I understand you, don't wanna make a for website yet, because no she's got a bunch of stuff on. There would probably a good idea to have you no signs on a postcard dot com. Even if nothing was there probably got judges have like say hey by the way. You know: parasites on a postcard good, our Etsy Shopping,
stuff and then I went and looked, and in fact that's exactly what you ve done so good for her personal data website. Isn't the works at some point as well, but in the meantime, for any of our science minded listeners or those who have science minded folks in their lives might want to check out the tea shop, which, of course, we will link up. So congratulations to Heidi, really fun business and I'm excited to see what develops next listeners. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. They shut out. Our it's out of school dot, com, slight, nine, six, six coming check that out and be sure to come back tomorrow for the weekly recap in a whole. New set of stories are next week. Thank you so much my name is critical about, and this is a sign of this scale. From the onward project.
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