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#970 - Military Spouse Finds Joy in Punny Greeting Cards


After using puns to make the distance seem shorter between her and her Navy Pilot husband, a marketing manager and military spouse turns it into a business. 

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Today on the programme for gonna. Look at a greeting card side, hustle that focuses on punts, it's all about actually funny greeting cards designed and sold by a military spouse humor to make the distance between herself and her to play partner a little easier, but it was a real challenge to work on this episode, because, obviously we don't like puns here- you know which is not cool. So if this was a bit of a stretch, but I managed to overcome this concern. Persevere. Actually true story. There is one guy out there that that emu me every time we have an episode that has not upon it and he's like Chris, really like the show, but could you you know cut back on the ponds, really appreciate that thanks to which I say? Oh absolutely, of course you know, I will completely take that feed back into account. No more puns at all inside us all school
Right also, this episode has an interesting lesson about Etsy and using your own website, and I was his kind of time because we opened up have stories about somebody who's using a platform like Etsy or shop, a fire similar, and they often faced this question of. Do I also develop my own site and how do I get people off of at sea or whatever the pot formulas to my own site? So this person is pound a happy medium I'll, explain a bit about how it works, but basically they found a way to make their own site, but still do other sales through Etsy. So this could be helpful if somebody out there in a similar situation, I stated military spouse finds joy in plenty greeting carts, it's coming right up, Angelica
Nick handling that, like many millennials, do on a dating app a lover upon Angelica likes to say that her husband swiped her off her feet to instantly hit it off. He began texting and face timing. Every day there was only one problem and it was a big one. Another connected to each other was powerful. Their wi fi connection needed to be even stronger. U C, Angelica LIVE in Maryland and Nick was stationed in Japan as a Navy pilot, as months went by. The couple was still going. Strong Angelica even flew out to Japan for their first official date, but I thought they were head over heels for each other. The distance was understandably still very heart. That's when Angelica started sending neck puns and their text back and forth it made. It doesn't seem shorter, kept him happy and laughing rather than focusing on how a part they were. They kept their playing around for two years whenever they got time to spend together in person until I can continue the antics by taking pictures of Nick and adding punderful.
Since to them she would post them online and our family and friends soon began to encourage the double and hundreds of years after they met Nick moved back to the United States to continue his service in corporate Christie, Texas. Finally, in the same country and Jellicoe Move south and away from her bustling EAST Coast life, although she was happy to be with Nick Life, wasn't suddenly perfect, but the first time she had to get used to being away from her family and her big city life. Without the abundance of Hobbes and social circles, she was used to she began to feel isolated and alone, and then The dig self out of this whole is where our story picks up: Angelica Jericho, searching for a way to bring more joy into her life and because of next military service. She wanted to find it that whatever it was, she could take it with her regardless of distance. Then she thought back to the way she created joy. The last time distances Wang her down with punts, of course, She remembered how much her friends and family enjoyed her wordplay suddenly,
Jogger realized tat. She might actually be able to sell her ideas in the form of honey greeting cards. So in the summer of twenty seventeen she got to work at our first. We designs and posted them on an Etsy shop called a couple punts one of the cards feature to sketch of Lady Gaga, saying baby. You were born this day, another one feature to dinosaurs, kissing, decked out and garb above the phrase you make a dynamite couple between buying inventory in the Ets he membership. Her start up costs were only about fifty dollars, but what she was saving in money and Jellicoe invested in time she committed to working on a new project consistently. It was a great source of creativity and joint her life and she went to make sure she did things right. That commitment paid off literally where's began to come.
And only a few days after Angelica washed, her Etsy Shop and since then she's continue to build up a hustle should begin to use pattern. Mrs interesting pay attention. She began to use pattern, a feature on Etsy that allows the shop on her to have a separate website that is linked to their Etsy shop by having a separate web page she's able to show more of a couple ponds personality Jean also tell people to just go to the website or other. Having to send them a complicated Etsy link, not only that but most of her customers don't realize it or sales come through Etsy, so it allows her. Brow to legitimize itself without the high fees that come with many other e commerce platforms. After launching want twenty, seventeen and job has continued to find ways to get the word out about her greeting carts. She uses her marketing skills from your job to run. Instagram and Facebook pages she's also found success in collaboration in giveaways.
Not only that, but just a few months after lunch, Angelica had had her first popup store she's. Now a big believer in them saying that pop ups create amazing exposure minute, even if only one person comes into a shop, it's worth the time and money she spends setting it up, but fortunately she usually sees a lot more than one person. Since then, Angelica has scored a few wholesale deals, and it's on the hunt for more the key to success is to keep updating list these and to consistently refresh the shop only that, but she now releases her cards in patches of twenty rather than one at a time she makes the color schemes consistent. So they look more appealing on the shelves and on our website. Some of the most popular cards to date are I'm so excited. I almost went my plants with a photo of plants on it, a I'm pumped for you, breast punch card for new moms and a thanks. A lot card with a light bulb on the front.
Two years on, the self Proclaimed entrepreneur is making anywhere from three hundred to five dollars a week from her hustle. She still based on Etsy uses that pattern platform. Although her original goal was to sell fifty cards, Angelica has now sold over twenty five hundred hundredfold cards and counting So this pattern, teacher by Etsy, is really cool. I would recommend that anybody who hasn't Etsy shop that is actually doing ok, you're seeing some sales and you want to invest more, at least, invest more of your time into growing, to definite check this out at sea dot. Com slashed patterns will link that up and everything else in the world
looks like they have a thirty day trial, no its fifteen dollars a month after that and are not a sponsor of dismissing this, because I think it could be helpful and when I look at enjoyed a site a couple months, dotcom really is a pretty seamless process in the sense that you're looking at the site that looks completely unique and disconnected from at sea. And then, when you go to check out, it's only a final check out page. It says you know powered by Etsy and you realize you actually going to that as he shop which most people going to care about, but I just think the aesthetic of it is better and like, like Angelica told us, she feels like it. Legitimize is the process a bit more, so pretty cool thing. Never some folks, a check out a few of my other favorite cards by the wakes up. I got lost browsing her sight. When I think about you. I touch my elf with a photo
now. Of course, friendship never ends with a photo at the spice girls, happy lawmaker. Guess you can probably guess what that we would have a photo of a and you look sharp your age a photo of a cactus, so lots of cool stuff there. I love it. I think, in terms of business in future growth are the key. There really is getting more. Those wholesale deals, more retail distributor ships just being able to be more places. So if there is anyone out there who is able to help with that definite check out her sight and get in touch, inspiration is good but inspiration. What action is so much better. Those show notes are inside us, school dot, com, slash, nine, seventy nine seven zero! Thank you so much my friends. We are keeping it fundamental here on the show. Much more is on the way my name is critical about. This is site us high school
from the onward projects.
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