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#974 - WEEKLY RECAP: #HappierLaborDay


In our thirty-fifth recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study!

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hello hello of. What's up, welcome to satisfy school. This is Chris about, and we have just finished weaken number thirty five season, three, this featured a! U S marine who goes under cover to create a sunglasses holder, and a british guy who earns millions of dollars, millions of dollars, that's correct, selling, tee shirts on Ebay, originally starting from his childhood bedroom and he's grown up a low. But since then, but, as I said, business going Superman Among other stories now at sea, it is a new might hear, first of September, for those listening in real time episode, nine. Seventy four
what's happening here, I'm gonna be doing some kind of international trip. I don't know exactly where yet, but are we doing some kind? A trip this month? I'm also finishing the edits on my next book, which I'm excited about it. I think I've actually mention that here before by Tom I wrote a new book it it's a very different buck from every other book that I have written comes out in the spring. I will tell you more about it soon. My parents are also visiting for a while, but I ll spare you those family drama stories for now. In today's recap, I haven't audio update from someone who's side. Hustle became their full time job and now it's back to being a site us all, but she still earning six figures from it. So pretty good scenario, their marketing Most of us will agree that an ideal scenario, so we will hear of it from her. But first let us talk about happier labour day. Well, let's look at Labour day in general and then let's talk about how it can be a happier labour day, so I often say that it's always a good time to reflect on your life in may change. I there can be any data year any time of day any time at a week later
like hey. What's going on, you know how my feeling right now. What do I want? How can I get closer to that thing that I desire you? How can I improvement Life and improve the lives of others. At the same time, you know whether it's a big philosophical question or just a small thing like hey, do I want a snack right now. It's always a good time to reflect on your life and make changes. However, I'm thinking about something that Gretchen Rubin says Gretchen is the founder of this whole happier Labor Day movement that what you can follow online at happier she says something that can be done at any time is often done at no time which is really interesting. If you think about it right, because you like yeah, I can actually, you know how these big philosophical discussions with myself at any time, but how often do actually go and do that and that's why I think things like New year's resolutions are not necessarily overrated. Most people always like nears resolutions, does your so stupid? You can do at any time. But again, how often do you actually do it because, like Gretchen says something that can be done at any time is often done at no time
So here we are on labour day. They sits labour day in the United States, different country celebrate or observe this occasion in different ways- and you might be listening in a country that doesn't celebrate Labour day, but that's ok. You can still ask your ok, what are you laboring for you know you out there listening, you know your headphones or at the jam wherever you are like. What are you laboring for? First of all, I think most of us would say, while we're labouring to pay for the things that we need in life. We have various utilitarian concerns that we need to pay for. We have luxuries. You know that we want to pay for things that make our lives better and so on so fair enough, but what about after those concerns are resolved, or it lets say what, if those concerns were resolved like what, if all of a sudden you know your grocery bill, your mortgage, your rent, you're utility, build car payment. You know all those regular bills in such were resolved. You know I'd like you to know
about them any more. What then and that's why I think things get interesting, because you now, I would suppose I don't like to assume you know, but, but I think just because I know a lot of our listeners. I think most people listening to this podcast understand that work is a valuable part of our lives, or at least it can be, and if you think about the alternative like what's the alternative, that, at least for everybody: who's not independently wealthy. The alternative to work being valuable is drudgery right. It means you're spending a large portion of your way. Doing something that you don't enjoy. You dont look forward to your relieved to say goodbye to at the end of the day. They just don't care about And it's on all your week, by the way you can consider the bigger picture, if you hate your job or you see, work only has something to do in order to achieve something else. Like I work, you know this number of days in order to have this number of days or hours of freedom, it means that you're spending.
Much of your life, you know doing something that you don't enjoy your dividing the most active years of your life. Your dad would like some of the best most productive hours of your week, etc. To this thing you don't like, so that's not good, of course, and I better wait for it. Thank you, MRS probably not mine, blowing for most of our listeners, because many of our listeners are already forward thinking, you're already asking themselves these questions and living intentionally and trying to create positive changes in their lives. That better way forward is to refrain the narrative and say: okay. I don't enjoy my labour. If I know, if I enjoy my job, my work in whatever it is that I'm doing, I need to change something about it. I need to find a better way forward for myself. I need to find some way to be able to celebrate what I'm working on, what I'm working toward what I
Turning to in the audio update your here in a moment- and I mention this briefly at the top- the episode Julia talks about shifting from a site I sold to a full time, occupation and in back again I want to pre empt her message: she's gotta get up date, but that's one part of it and that aspect of shifting is normal. That aspect of making changes actually good right. So, as I say from time to time, like don't be afraid to experiment, don't be afraid to move on from an experimental. Both are good and it changes the constant. So here a couple questions for you just think about this: how could he be happier healthier more productive hand, more creative in your work? Life, that's a few different things there. How could you be happier healthier, more productive and more creative in your work like specifically, and let's just imagine that this is the first day of the year? What do you want to accomplish in your upcoming Europe work? If you have a comment or an answer to that,
just a contribution of your own posted online, using the hashtag happier labour day. That's one word like all hashtags our, but you know just to be clear: hashtag happier elaborate, it also encourage you to check out the current episodes from other shows only on we're project, including happier escutcheon ribbon and happier in Hollywood with less craft and Sarah fate. There also focusing on this topic of having a happier labour day and you could find those episodes wherever you listen to pot, casts all right in just a moment, I'll bring you that audio update from Julia. First, though here is a message from our sponsor will appreciate them, allowing us to pay those utilitarian concerns that isn't necessity of life, but I am also happy to celebrate it. Ok here we go, This is Julia Kelly's in Santiago, my sight, hustle he's being a caricature settings featured on, was featured since then I've started for new company
Education is an account on twenty. Sixteen, my childhood friends and I started regions bookkeeping and Accounting we ve to over fifty clients and finally voice. I still do business Jacob expressions aside so character I started my side. Hustle men became my fault. I'm hustle allowed myself personally externally, challenging gently to businesses, but an amazing, assisted because all up to that end and had worked for decades versions. So I to do now is showed that the event and start drawing we haven't attraction that, even with my limited and often Jackie, expressions as well over six figures. My advice to other listeners surround yourself with smart, ambitious friends, you're, going out with a huge impact on how your life in this a great way to start a relationship with smart, ambitious evil is asking for a put there. In practice that the important part and then No hollered know how rents and repeat,
no see that you're, serious and eventually friendship losses as well. I'm working on now my voice, Jerome digits for keeping to seven figures in the next several years. Without sacrificing the quality of our service innovation, but I simply gravity cells tat. It should be on rice biting that counts, is a pretty big success, a six figure hustle and now building a seven figure business in a completely different field. Diving connected so well done Julia. Thank you so much I appreciate and update. You can also be more about her in the books I docile and like the Tipp as well to hang out with smart, ambitious people, including a great strategy there, of how to actually connect with them. Ass for advice, take the advice, Ass Julia said at the important part and in follow up. I like it
vicious was like ambitious people like our listeners. Unlike our case studies, all the wonderful people been, we been able to feature in nine hundred and seventy four episodes of the show I can follow, along with Julia at J K, expressions, dot com, that's the caricature, business or rigid. I are I eighty s dot com for the accounting business. We will link, but those up in the shots. The weakest winding down, but the brand new might is just beginning once again happier labour day you're out there listening The reason I make a show for, as I said, nine hundred and seventy four certain counting really really want it to be helpful, practical, inspirational to you, not just inspirational, as you may know, if you ve heard other episodes, I want you to go and take action. I want to hear stories are listers like I do every single day who are empty
putting the tips advice, maybe allowing one story to be a jumping off point for something that they've been thinking about for a while, just haven't taken action on and also I just want to say as well. Author and you haven't done anything yet it's ok. You know they're. There are different seasons, heresy In life and Europe absorbing something that you're going to apply it later, and that's also ok, big thanks to some other folks and our team, including producer Chuck, Reed, other people from Keynes, Nick Breyman, Sage, Milgram, PAM, Kramer, etc. Committee liaison JET Chang CAT Hurt or Tina Heart rushing operating China's role in getting the new title soon, so state aid for that and, of course, the official shocks. Libby gel about. If you like, the show do me, a favor can be a quick little five star rating and apple pie casts just takes a second. It helps other people discover it. You can also tell your friends or show them how to subscribe, which is even better.
Hope you'll join me again to Morrow and everyday next week for more stories and actionable ideas. Consider this a short daily investment in yourself represents go online at six. I, when I M eastern time my name is critical about, and this is side US school happier. Labour day from the onward projects.
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