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BONUS: Last Day of “Idea to Income” Course Discount


Heads up! The “Idea to Income” course discount ends this weekend. If you haven’t signed up yet, use code IDEA at https://courses.sidehustleschool.com. The course takes ten minutes a day, with all lessons delivered directly to your phone. 

Side Hustle School features a new episode EVERY DAY, featuring detailed case studies of people who earn extra money without quitting their job. This year, the show includes free guided lessons and listener Q&A several days each week. 🎧

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Hey there what's up its Christa, just a quick little note here, quick bonus episode, quick heads up that he discount on our new course idea to income is ending this weekend for a limited time. You can get twenty percent off by using discount code idea at courses dot side us all school tat come now. The whole goal of a new course is to help you find a profitable idea. The entire course is sent to your phone by text and audio message over the course of twenty one days to really fun format. Very simple, super simple self contained it will take about ten minutes a day for you to work through the activities. I think we have something like seven hundred listeners who are going through it now, if you are now
those if you are not signed up yet gotta courses, dot, side, us will school dot com and take a look again, a discount is ending, but if you're listening in real time use code idea to get twenty percent off Nick you're listening later, while the courts should still be available at an affordable price is actually very affordable. I just wanted to do something special to thank our listeners who responded quickly, our right, that's it thanks for being out there.
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