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Extended Cut #1: The Power of Observation


Bonus episode! Where do hustle ideas come from? Short version: they're everywhere! This episode was recorded live from Johannesburg, South Africa and shows you how to do two things to start coming up with ideas: first, pay attention. Second, ask questions.

Before your day is over, make a list of possibilities based on everything you've learned so far. Let me know what you come up with!

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Hello there, come to something very different. You are listening to satisfy school, I'm still critical about, but this episode is called extended cut and it's gonna be different from all the other daily episodes. So I like the short format, the daily story or deafening. Tell you that I know a lot of folks find it very easy to listen to every action of all. So it's not going anywhere, but a few people have also asked for some more in depth text when I So in this episode and occasional ones like this about once a month, we look at a specific topic in more detail. I am actually recording this life from my room in Johannesburg. South Africa been traveling over them. Ten days and I've been. Lots of walks, while I've been on his trip- and yesterday I was in Hong Kong I also went on a long walk thinking about the show and everyone who is listening. So if you're just joining- and you may want to say this the second listen to it. Later I don't know Ok, how long it'll be it are still be focused on a topic, but it will probably be a bit looser than
your episodes, so you can just imagine that we're having a conversation and in just a moment, live from South Africa will. Under way with the lesson I call the power of observation support for this pine cast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket beta? Student loan treat yourself to those shoes you benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance, get your quote online. A progressive. Come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards. Savings by new customers, urban who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen so one of the principles behind the show is that every We want to hustle or just about everyone, but not everyone makes it happen. Shares this thing out there that Lots of people, if you ask people to raise their hands, would you like aside us all a large number of them would raise their hands?
Yes, that's me. I need that. I love the idea, but then not all of them, not even most of them go and make it happen, and I don't think it's because all those people are lazy or stupid. I think most people who want something like a side hustle but then don't make it happen. I think they run into one of two challenges and the first, is a lack of ideas here, let's say a lack of viable ideas. There not sure what makes for a good hustle and how you might identify what a good idea for you might be. A second problem, second, challenge is the lack of ability to go from idea to execution have an idea. We don't necessarily know how to make it happen. So in today's extended cut, let's focus on that. First, issue challenge. Where do ideas come from. The other day. We had a listener question from someone in Estonia and he was asking about validating ideas that are really interesting topic, because our two totally different approaches to validating ideas and what a lot of people focus on, especially if you look at class,
Entrepreneurship advice, they focus on a scientific side of validation and they look at things like using Facebook ads or Google Adwords to kind of test idea in the market place and some they're kind of quantitative based means of not theirs. Wrong with that at all. It can totally work but there's a whole other approach and its other approaches, much more creative and its much more of an art and a science In fact, there is so much creativity and micro entrepreneurship in general, which is essentially what Let us learn is all about. So if you in an artist design, musician right or any other kind of artsy profession or even if you just have one of those areas as an interest. You may find that those skills are actually very helpful in building a hustle. They may have been told. Otherwise you may have been told you have to learn this science based means validation, and if you ve been told that that's incorrect, there is a whole other approach and if you haven't, been one of those Archie People- well, here's ass to learn something new to essentially apply creativity, to pay
Storming side us ideas Sancho, This episode, the power of observation and a principle, is that ideas are all around us. So today, as I said, I'm in South Africa and long ago, I- a hospital ship that was doktor in South Africa for about four months at most It was deployed to West Africa and I spent the better part of four years living on that ship being based in he's like Sierra Leone and Liberia, and our thinking about the experience a little bit of my walk today. Now when I live in freetown It was a postwar setting. That country had just emerged from a duck long, civil war and There is tremendous poverty in our country, but there is also a lot of entrepreneurial. Activity. Now, whenever I hear people talk about entrepreneurship from a western perspective, Silicon Valley perspective, I always gonna go back
Some of the people. I met there in Sierra Leone because they didn't know anything about angel investors or boards of advisers, seed, money, different rounds of funding, although stuff. They just knew they had to make a living somehow, and there was no so sexy net for state support, and there also that much of a formal economy either. But yet, even though circumstances were difficult, lotta people did manage to get by to care for their families provide for their needs and in some cases, even build for the future, and one of those people I knew was called. The donor man. Now I'm sure they don't it. Man had another name, but that's just what I knew him ass because as I said, I was living in a hospital ship and we would be docked in the port And we were there about forty six months at a time before we go somewhere else and we first arrived after a couple of weeks every Saturday on the dock, this guy started showing Now we're not sure who this guy was where it came from how he was eight
to get through security to counter the dock. All we knew was that he was carrying fresh, donate before actually quite delicious and they were available for sale. So somehow the word spread about this guy and every Saturday I would go down to the dock and I would spend two or three or maybe four dollars buying doughnuts, and I was really exist because we because we do not allow things like that before too long, he was doing a pretty good business and they will be missed, to make announcements on a ship whenever the donut man showed up. You be Saturday morning, you're going sitting there and you'd here this announcement attention that don't I It is on the dock and then all of a sudden, like all these people stream authorship go and I dont want. So. As I said, I don't know the back story, don't it man, I don't even know his name, which is probably unfortunate, but probably fair, a couple of assumptions, I'm assuming that the donor man didn't write a business plan, I'm assuming he didn't have venture capital. He probably like an online course. He probably didn't wake up
they say yeah, I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to have a don't start up, I'm guessing based on the circumstances, based on what I observe, throw country with other people who are hustling in different ways, I'm guessing he began his project through observation and then taking action on what he observed. So somehow he had managed to either bake these donors or to buy unrest, lemon some fashion, some It found a way to get through the port. Maybe he bribe the guards with doughnuts. Somehow he had learned about this crew, then he became consistent and showing up every Saturday. Like I said I wish we could tracking down a feature grim on the show. But the point is he just saw an opportunity. He took it on it. So if you consider a few, the stories that you ve heard about in the first months of the shower so far, you can actually see a lot in common with the donut man of Sierra Leone episode. Eight one of the most popular lessons from the first two weeks was all about a couple that, on a cruise vacation and then comes harmony
I just want website answering commonly asked questions about closing, which then became a three thousand dollars. There are four thousand dollars a month site. Hustle though week after that episode twelve, The story of the Bay Area Commuter, who built an app to serve other commuters and make transit data, available in real time in an easy to access manner. Lots of other examples, the point as these four examples that I just mentioned all these projects came about Not because someone did extensive research but because they noticed something and then they decided to explore it? They didn't have total proof of concept. They didn't do the scientific validation. Again, they just noticed something, and then started to export, to see what would happen and by look around every day throughout your daily life, you'll see opportunities to you probably won't be able to take action on all of them, but that's, ok. The point is that developing the skill can serve you well throughout life.
Better. What you end up doing and later will look at how you choose between different ideas, how you actually make them happen. But I want to make sure you first understand this power of observation and if you truly have, He party master. That's that's great! You provident needles. Any further, but if this is all new to you, here's an exercise, here's something that you can do starting today. There are two parts to it. First is start paying attention. Second part is start asking questions. Pay attention asked questions now about this on my trap as I was coming here, because how to make sure that I'm doing the same kind of things that on teaching you about those things, about my journey. It is becoming an author, for example, now box and being an author for me as not aside, hustle, it's much more of a career. It's something that I'm very passionate about. I love reading, but well I've writing bookseller, just about everything about the publishing process and, I would do it even if I don't get paid for it by Finally, I have been able to make a living at it and one of them
I'm pretty sure is because I'm persistent and asking questions and following up when I first want to write a book, it was a lot like aside hustle, like lots of people want to write books. Most people never do anything about it, and so I started asking a lot of questions. I started reaching out anybody. I could possibly find- and I wrote a lot of people who never up me back and finally create a relationship. Some people who are knowledgeable and then once I had my first book deal, which wasn't a great deal by the way. I was the first time author and had to prove myself like everyone else. I spent a lot of time asking questions at my letter, agent of my editor of the other part, the publisher asking. Why do we do it this way? What can I do too This is exactly what does success look like by the way. How do I know if I have no first of all written a good book, but secondly, what is commercial success? Look like what are the goals for that, how we going to mutually achieved those things so someone's I say that
pestering my publishers for something like eight years now? It's totally true like if I dont understand something I will absolutely. Questions and if I don't understand the answer, if the answer seems kind of hope, egg or incomplete. How absolutely follow up I have no problem whatsoever, saying ok, this is the way to you ve always done it. But how about this? How about this new approach? and maybe maybe there's something wrong with the new approach, like I'm probably missing something here and sometimes I really am so tell me if it's not good, but just in case like what, if we tried this, what could happen, as I said, I know, that's a big reason. Why have been able to make a living at this career that a lot of other people struggle with. The story of the show came about through much the same process. I tried to pay attention. Knows that there is a lot of interest in this topic of side hustles, and I had a book that came out called born for this, and I went on a tour to about thirty two studies- have shown that you're out give a talk for about thirty minutes, and I would mention
I'd hustles for probably two minutes of that. Thirty minute talk and literally half the questions afterwards whereabouts on us and it was almost like. I would start talking about something else and people say wait. A minute can tell me more about the site or something. So I notice, while others there is major interest in this topic, It's also something that I am qualified to speak on and so therefrom. I started asking questions. I started learning about this new medium of broadcasting, which it has been around for a long time, but was completely new to me and that- creating the daily format for the show, the daily format, with no interviews. It is being done anywhere else. I saw lots of shows about entrepreneurship. Lots of resources about hey quit your job and jump off. A cliff is not awesome. Lots of shows that that energy use with entrepreneurs and some of those are great, but that content isn't always super help
Sometimes it's inspirational, but it's not always helpful, especially when your goal is not to be the ceo of a company with hundreds of employs when you just want to keep your day job, but you love the idea of creating more security for yourself taken as a whole mission of sawdust school? So I didn't see this being done anywhere else, and so here we are now it came about by paying attention asking questions. Noticing that there might be room to do something like this and was it completely validated while not before? I started had no idea hoped it would work, but I didn't know there is no guarantee. There is no scientific method to it. I just had to be willing to experiment and see it through and, as I said here, we are now so. Those are my examples. Let's bring this back to you, how can you pay attention and ask questions you observe today and your work, your errands daily life, your internet surfing,
this point. You already have an idea, fierce hot hustler. If you already if they working on something explore idea a bit more, cannot go back to where you started and ask yourself if you know exactly who it's for and why idea, makes a clear need and ask yourself what else you can do for it make a list of five or ten possibilities. Just write down a bunch of ideas. It wasn't me going to do all of them. I know you're busy, but this process is active. Brainstorming is very valuable. What can you observe? that, as I said, may or may not work, that's part of the process. That's why we experiment. That's why we don't forever before we start something. But what just might work So it's a beautiful day here in South Africa and Europe. And I'm according ass, its winter back at my home in Oregon. Now, where I live, my city doesn't get much now.
Whatever we do. The entire city shuts down nothing works. Nothing is open, but here in Johannesburg, its peaceful nice enough to go for an afternoon run determined to do next and then I ll go to the airport and compliant destination. Vive. Listen this bar. Let me know I'll, have more extended cuts like this, but not very and just about once a month since the daily episodes are the main focus on a shelf. I dont want to overwhelm you, but I do what I mean learning everything you need to know as we go along to make sure actually start that income generating project by the end of the year deficits put to you give me a shot out and also be grateful if you play the quick, a review, and I turned forever: you listen depart gases. Sorrowful school exists because, if you like, the serving you with it for many days weeks and months to come on critical about now to see you again tomorrow,
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