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Extended Cut #2: 9 Starter Ideas for Your First Hustle


Bonus episode! If you’re just getting started in the world of side hustling, explore these different platforms and ideas, including Skillshare (teaching a class), Wyzant (tutoring), etsy (selling handcrafted items), and 6 more.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hey. What's up, this is critical about. I got something funny today, fun and different. Over here, I'm getting ready to go out around the world, I'm heading South Asia and beyond so too busy day for me, but more importantly for you today, we have our second extended cut, not a few new also because it's been thirty episode, since we have the first one. This episode is a very different format to the short from out of the show? I know a lot of you do too, but a few I have also asked for some more in depth. Explanation about some things so in this episode, which we call extent cut and other occasional ones like this, which will happen about once a month. Will look at one of our specific topics in more detail to me when I say this episodes, you can come back to it later because a lot of information in it and by the way what you'll learn today has been directly
points by your input. I morning as I go along just like you, and I noticed in the first few side, it'll school workshops I did. I would make a few comments about websites and platforms like up work. Fibre at sea We're just gonna go on, but I know is that everyone is taking on a notes and then in the five questions, people got back to them. So I realise this is some that a lot of you want to know more about such damning to talk, starter ideas and starter platforms, I still believe in the long term, it's more important for ideas to become offers and products and services that earn money for you, not just when you're working on them. So as you gain experience, People find that eventually they when a transition off the starter platforms in focused more on call in your own audience, building our own website and whenever the case may be But I totally realise- and I've been there myself. Many times. Lots of people just want to get started right now, and I totally get it. So that's what this extent
that is about nine starter ideas. For your first hustle arise, so here we go and all the links are resources that I mentioned over. The next few minutes will be linked up on cycle school dot. Com, slash starter, asked here: t r and also try to keep this page updated so if something changes which it probably well, you can find a current info, their marina break these platforms and ideas down into four categories from service selling products are other items offering teaching tutoring or some kind of advice, and design and the arts and let's start with fibre dot com, which is actually I've got come, I ve are, are dot com have mentioned a couple times, but it was Leslie featured in episode, five about the guy who two hundred dollar microphone to make more than eight thousand dollars. Now he definitely at a great success story, but fibre bills itself. As freelance services for the lean entrepreneur, which kind of clues you into their market of low priced services,
all kinds. So if there's any kind of service you can think about offering to people like that guy in episode, five chemist what into voice ever work after trying his handed a few other things, while this is where you can go to offer that service and connect with potential clients, all these platforms have pros and cons good thing about fibre. Is it's really easy to start and if you ve never done anything like this before it's probably autonomy that difficult to get your first client, at least if you something that you can offer that people are going to pay for. The thing is their problem: I'm gonna pay very much on the site takes its name, because a lot of the services offered begin their price at just five dollars
now there is a way to do some up cells and add ons. But the point is it's kind of almost baked into the ecosystem of fibre that everything is really cheap, so totally find to explore and, as I said, some people can be very successful with it, but I really do think of it as a start or platform for most people who can hopefully graduate eventually to something else. Next, let's talk about up work that come up worked out. Com is kind of like fibre, but without the five dollar price. It's a global marketplace for the x arrange a freelance work, so they're all kinds of freelancers, offering services and bidding on projects and all kinds of clients posting projects in which you can bet and compete with other freelancers. You can also post your portfolio and people can hire you directly outside of the bidding process, and this number tends to focus on more technical skills such as web development. Other programming graphic design, but also accounting writing, even things like customer service and being a virtual assistant So there are listings and opportunities at a variety of skill levels, as I said,
it has a much higher average price point. Then a network like fibre At the same time, you can experience higher competition with people from all over the world, including Lhasa folks in countries here able to provide advantageous pricing compared to typical rights earned in North America or Europe, but again, people are able to do well. Here is some people are actually able to create a whole career out of listings on up work, but more commonly, it will be something that you experiment with, as you go into something else now, if you visit their site, be sure to select become a freelancer in the upper right, since most of their marketing is directed to people wanting to paper services, say Mister the law, these platforms idle talk about you, just look at their homepage in their marketing copy is actually oriented towards buyers are clients, not sellers of providers of services, to make sure you find a section on a site that is applicable to that, next
talk about Amazon, Dotcom, specifically about being a seller on Amazon, and there are a couple of different ways to do this. When we talk about a program called fulfilled by Amazon, as well as a new one called merged by Amazon. If you go back to episode, Nineteen was a very popular story about guy named Trevor The government analysed and runs a six figure side hustle. In addition, his job, that's focused entirely on buying and reselling products fulfilled by Amazon. Now this isn't it. Higher industry. So in some ways it's not I just started idea: there is a fair amount to learn to do it properly. By, for the start of version, you can create a simple seller account on Amazon, and then list books for sale or any other item. With an eye s began- and this is really simple when it comes to the fulfilled by Amazon process you ship to Amazon's warehouse or if your drop shipping, the company purchased from ships there, but with this version this if I sell on Amazon version, you actually do the shipping. So if you had a set of books for sale, for example, in someone purchase them on Amazon, you
in notice without information and customers address and physically mail, the item and Amazon deposit money in your bank account so to do this on Amazon all include the Lincoln, the notes of course, but what want to do it register as sell as an individual, because the process Sell as a professional court. Unquote is a little bit more extensive. You can start selling as an individual if you're selling fewer than forty items a month and if it actually works out. You enjoy it, you want to upgrade. You can easily change later. I haven't I about an hour and a show, but there actually allow people earning a good side income and, at least in a few cases decent, regular income simply buying bucks and other. Imports from yard sales, free markets, close out stores, etc. And then letting them on Amazon for profit to truly master. That takes time and investment, and it might be better to put that time and investment learning more about reselling in general and if it fell by Amazon Programme, which, as I said, is more complex but offers more opportunity, but we just getting
did they an individual, sovereign Amazon is really simple and you can do it tomorrow, not several times on a shower. I have mentioned at sea, which is the world's largest handcrafted marketplace. If you make any kind of arts crafts, woodwork, metalwork, jewelry pottery, all kinds of other stuff. As long as it is handcrafted, you can sell it on Etsy. I believe it was the first week of the show, probably episode six or so tell the story of Julia single mom, who made more than fifteen thousand dollars from a unique astrology counter that she designed by the way, not every single item that's listed as he has to be handcrafted, so example Julie designed to counter. But then, of course, there were some sort of printing and reproduction process for Zadok every single person, is making every single listing unique. So it is only possible to do something like that where you make something once and then you duplicated in some form and sell it. There is a very good-
if marketplace, they also do have a lot of buyers and sellers, which is good. Some other platforms have tried to compete with Etsy tend to attract more sellers, which is fine, except as a seller. You want to be on a platform with a lot of buyers. Obviously that's much better. Now some people are actually able to scale their best. Quite a bit Annette see the majority dont, but everyone, while you hear a story of of somebody, has a huge success while back on my blog shut up a story of a woman who makes more than a million dollars a year on at sea, and this was a low that controversial, because her items were definitely not handcrafted, at least not uniquely and its also pretty rare, but, as I said, it does happen and if nothing else, it is a great started platform. If you are a maker of any kind
so let's transition of it and talk about teaching tutoring communicating information sharing knowledge. Anything you do that takes something you know about and help other people acquire the same information and at first when we look at his wise aunt, aunt Dotcom W. I see a anti or W. I said a anti dot com, if you prefer not decide, calls itself the largest network of experienced tutors, and this has tutoring for people of all ages. So naturally a lot of the focus is on high school college or university tutoring, but that's not all so, for example, an episode, twenty nine How do the story of Dan in Colorado, who was able to make Eighty two hundred twenty dollars an hour, tutoring people in database administration. That was something he had a background in its what he did for his work. And it was a scale that allow people lacked, but they needed to have it and professionals. So is very valuable to them, and in actual you, that tutoring as a legion duration tool for something even more profitable, which was helping those company.
Organizations that his students came from actually help set up those databases himself. So naturally, some common subjects on this tutoring side are math science in English, but there's also a standardized test preparation which has a huge Europe Itself and several other topics as well on that site, you can apply to be a tutor and you make a profile and you can set your own right. Do you might wanna start, to be allowed to get some experience and enraged right, as you become more comfortable and is the demand for your service increases another site. Another platform is called clarity. Dot F am not. This site is more but the exchange of specific advice and specific information instead of general tutoring about a topic, and it has an interest pricing model where clients are chow by the minute instead of the hour. So the whole idea, if you have a specific problem, you can like an expert on clarity about them and talk to them. For it,
long as you need and you're going to pay by the minute. This platform also features a lot of topics, but it does seem kind of oriented around digital marketing technology, social media strategy, Bessie o things like that, and it seems like the lowest. You can try I urge is something like a dollar a minute and maybe more pricing much higher than that. So I started my friend Chris Broken, for example, who is a brilliant business? Strategist helps companies with growth. His rate is eight dollars and thirty three a minute, I'm not sure how much a percentage that clarity DOT Fm takes an. I can't imagine it there How are people who want to pay an hourly rate based on more than dollars a minute, but still even if he has a couple of consultations and might that's pretty good and you can do it, in time he can set when he's available doesn't have to be totally disruptive. Not both of these examples, wiser dot, com and clarity about them. They are all about helping people one on one When you have a tutoring session you're helping one person for giving advice through clarity about them, you're helping one person, then
next, you start your ideas are more about teaching groups of people potentially an unlimited number of people who can learn from you so that it might, let's look at scale, share dot com. Culture is a new partner to show so you might hit out at some point, but let me add that usually talk about their service as a user or learner and all the different, you can learn on sculpture, which is awesome, but you can also apply to teach with skill share. Not when I say apply, it's actually a very open democratic platform and there are some comparable sites creative, live and you to me where it's kind of imitation only but was still share it, our democratizing this process so that anyone can teach a class and if you go to their site and click, become a teacher you'll learn more about how it works. They say that their top instructors are earning forty thousand dollars a year, which of course, is not starter. Hustle at all, in some ways, are almost like even more that they say. Their average is three thousand dollars a year, which is actually pretty
for something you create once and then earns you long term for the idea that Europe create a video based training, usually around made a forty minutes broken up into different modules are segments and then, when people just wait for that class, which they, and do in their members at scale. Share you get paid a royalty and their class has fallen to a wide variety of topics, including design photography. Business, entrepreneurship, film fashion, music technology, another partner, the show, but I always have editorial control, and I really do think there's a lot of possibility with this. So if you have teaching skills, I encourage you to check it out now also mentioned that skill share is video based another service called highbrow, which is go highbrow. Com is all about written content and it delivers cautious through a series of daily emails. So with skill share, you might create thirty Forty minutes, a video content, broken up into something like seven to ten modules, with high You gonna create a series of written content, broken up into something like sixty ten emails that are sent to people on consecutive days
so it's a very similar model just with a different medium of teaching and if you're, a writer. You can write a course in recording it by video, enable people through the. In membership. You can, I wrote his threat, you do have to apply to become a teacher, but, like skill share its not highly competitive, it is different from small platforms. They mostly when I make sure you have a good topic. You're gonna see it through its, not super relevant. If you d have a ton of followers or any other kind of, existing social media success. So let shift gears and talk a bit about design and the arts already mentioned at sea that handcrafted marketplace Another platform that we feature on the show is creative market, which is just credit market dot com. Not forget them member of the episode and we had a story a while back. I forget the number the episode for this one. There was about a student who had created a series of resonate but that actually turn into passive income, and he was earning
in foreigner dollars a month with those templates on credit market dot com net gonna gives you a clue about what kind of he's do well on this site credit market essentially about design assets. So things like graphics, finds themes, photos those resume templates, all starting at a low price of two dollars and, of course, going from there and the site pays royalties or a percentage of the sale to all those people who make and contribute these design assets. It is a bit of a crowded space. There are a lot of people uploading, a lot of design assets and most items. Don't tend to sell very much, but the ones that do succeed tend to be pretty evergreen me. They sell over and over, as time goes by, which is really nice. Just like those resume templates that I told you about I want to mention that creative market really is for designers ever people with design skills. So if you don't know how to make funds, for example, I probably wouldn't be a good idea to google how to make funds and then make a fire and upload it for sale. If you did that, and it was successful, it would make for good
story. But I wanna go out on a limb and say your eyes of success. Doing that would not be very high, so great resource for independent designers last on my list for you today and more directly related to the arts, is a platform called society six which has just society sex dot com and this is all about helping artists product ties. Their work, and sell to a wider worldwide audience and their pitch. Is that selling your our work as a product on society? Sex is as simple as making a post except you money from it I have to do, is post your work to make it immediately well for sale on a variety of products. When you sell a product will produce a package it and ship it for you, so that you can focus on making more art. So I think that's a great sales pitch they did a very good job, promoting their platform which they shed. I don't think it's quite that simple for a lot of people, gonna wanna, make sure I take you step by step through things and let you know the pros and cons So the potential negative here with society, six and a few other sites like it, is one of great saturation, an extremely crowded market. So, if you're an artist,
you upload images, have your work and then put it on my T shirts and I found cases which is what societies I do for you it's great, because there is no risk, you know actually paying for other things to be printed and manufactured, but it is pretty surprising to have an immediate success. Doing that. It really doesn't happen, magically Anne and much more common with these sites, you have to work for it and you have to be there. And it's driving traffic to your listings, in fact, that's where it tends to work really well, I haven't episode coming up if an artist who is making an extra thousand dollars a month from his society six channel and so is great for him, because he sending people there to buy those Iphone cases which he has no interest in manufacturing and stocking in shipping himself. So if you're, already selling artwork elsewhere. This is a great additional channel to sell different kinds of items not mentioned low risk. With pretty much all these platforms, there's no long term negative. If you try out when these ideas- and it doesnt work for you, but all you ve invested is the time
probably learn something along the way you can apply to your next attempt at your next experience. So even I think it's better in the long term to turn your ideas into assets is also true that these platforms really can play a positive role in your journey, and that's why I want to highlight them: here, then also to give you a few general tabs that will apply regardless. Platform you using in which idea you're pursuing. But first I want to tell you what not on the list now there's something I that just because we don't have time my parents had, of course go dot com, slash starter, but I purposely did not include things like working for task, rabbit, driving for goober or left or another right, chair service or similar things that a lot of people consider to be I'd hustles for the most part, I think those are part time jobs nothing wrong with having a part time job but you're certain not building any asset there. You may be a little bit of experience, but there is also a very low creativity, our river,
reputation or adaptation on your part. So that's why, in my opinion, I think you should aim higher or so a few general tips globally quickly if the pie, form you're using has a review system or a rating system. It's really important to establish a good rating for yourself right away. Nobody to buy from someone with no writing or even worse, the mediocre writing. So as part of that, if you're providing a service like fibre up workers, ass the first time or two you do it. You might wanna charge less than you normally be comfortable with just so. You can quickly get experience and hopefully get a good result. From it. Then, if you go on, you can raise your price to level you're more comfortable with and related to that, wherever you can under promise over deliver. If you actually to take notice, we went along. You may have noticed that the less, It's called nine starter ideas, but actually maybe ten ideas. I liked calling us nine starter ideas just sounded better, but don't worry about my tenth ideas just that in his well, wherever possible, don't sell it commodity, don't sell something that everyone
else can sell it's just a matter of whose selling it for the lowest price. Having some kind of differentiation wherever possible, really is critical. Unless you legitimately do, have a way of getting access to something at a lower. Eyes that everyone else does and then you might be able to win the price war, but otherwise price war is usually wanting. You're gonna lose so it's best to just not play it at all, whether it's a service or a product or something in the arts. Specificity is much better than generality. Don't be a business coach, don't be a I've coach figure out how you can really and truly help people and get specific about what. Service is an base. Your offer from that your odds of success are gonna, be much higher So I know that a lot of information- I hope it's been helpful to you said you- may go back and listen again: and over here I'm heading to Sri Lanka, which law was my one hundred country and its item transit. There recently actually have
back in something like five or six years, so I look forward to watching this effort go out in the world and to you from there now, because Inspiration is better when combined with action. As you know, if you enjoy this So I have a challenge for you. I want you to take up the challenge of Reggie. For at least one of these platforms that I talked about and seeing the process through I'm pretty sure that all them are free, and there really is no downside worst case scenario. Is it doesn't work out what you'll learn thanks to all those resources. I talked about and a few of them that I didn't parts out of school, dotcom, slash, starter, Sd Archie. Are you sure you check? you're. The reason I make a show, let me know what happened: I'll be cheering on along the way. And of course I have to see you every day, you're inside honest school, I'm critical about signing off.
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