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Extended Cut #4: Simple Marketing Plan


Imagine being able to connect with the people who already want what you have to offer. This scenario doesn’t usually just appear in the middle of nowhere—you have to make it happen! Listen to this month's extended cut for a four-step primer.

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Hey. What's up greetings! Welcome back hey! This is critical about special. Episode today in addition to the regular episode today, which obviously happened, every day, no matter what Today we also have our fourth extended cut. This is us I pursued, I do once a month to tat kind of a deep dive into a particular topic, as requested by you or, if not you personally other listeners so far. We ve had the power of observation, which is all about Understanding where side I saw ideas can come from and then I had a lot of questions about websites like fibre and up work at sea so the whole episode. Cod nine started platforms and it actually featured ten and eleven what was all about how to build a website in ninety minutes and not to worry. That wasn't ninety minutes long. It happened
them. You wanna get caught up the links to all of those are at sight of school dotcom, Slash extended, not today, there's a few things going on, I'm in the midst of flying to Korea for pretty quickly this is now becoming a tradition whenever working unextended kite. I seem too there be on location or be getting to go on a long journey. So that's what I'm too and for the series. Skip ahead of that to something a lot of listeners have ask about its come up four and over, and that topic is marketing mark something I focus a lot on inside US school workshops and in the side of a book that comes out this September, a lot more about that as we get closer to the far but it's a long time until September, and I want you to have to wait so quick heads up in addition to satisfy school dotcom, Slash extended. That has the notes for all the longer episodes thing I mentioned today is also excitable school, dotcom, slash, marketing and that's focused just the resources from this episode summit, I bring you forestry
yes, you can use to create your first simple marketing plan and also a couple things it might even be more important, will jump right into all of that after the brave sponsor message. All right imagine being able to connect with people who what you have to offer you ve created this, it s a this product, and you found these people already want it. You ought to persuade them. Are events them they're already priests or at least their pre interested. Let's say your product or service provides a solution to a problem, and you found the people who have that problem and they know that you give them what they need. This scenario what it's like. When your message connects with the right person or the right group of people, Think it's much easier after that. So how can you create that situation? It doesn't I just pop up in the middle of nowhere. Eliza said for strategies for you to consider, but let's start with two principles: first,
principle number one, there's no replacement for a good idea. Some people make the mistake being all about marketing, which is basically like being talk and no action before you can in the work I'm getting the word out about something you really should make sure you have something. That's useful, unhelpful, make sure that what you ve created or what you're in the process of making really does, saw the problem or otherwise interesting are valuable. That is paramount. Now, second principle: just about a good idea. You have to go from a good idea to and offer so there's a day whence between an idea and an offer? You do a whole episode just about offers, but for now this. Now that an offer is very specific and offer a sum like sign up for my coaching session it Ninety seven dollars it will help. You run faster safety sleep better, be happier whatever the benefit is, but it's really clear what the person gets in exchange for a certain amount of money, that's an offer and before he can only marketing Make sure you actually have an offer.
So. Let's assume it. You ve done that you do have something we're talking about. And you ve gone from idea to offer. How do you reach the right people with the right offer? please for strategies are not the only ones. We could probably look at fifteen by as These were keeping it simple. So we're gonna, look at email, social, media, advertising and word of mouth. So, let's go through these strategies, one by one doc is email, which really is for a lot of small businesses and sighed hustles. This, our most important strategy of all in the last extended caught or I talked how to build a website in ninety minutes. I explained domain and hosting account. You probably need press or some other service like that and then really there The next thing you should do is star? Some means of gathering email addresses on that website or blog or even, if you do, they have a website. Yet this really should be step one because we
if you sign up for your email, lest they are giving you permission to contact them, Finally, they giving permission there actually kind of raising their hand and saying I want this or I'd like to learn more about it. You have. My attention show me something good there are a lot of services that make this very easy after using a different many for about eight years. I switched off lay to convert cat, because I think it much smarter and offers more options than male chimp and other providers, you can try that for years, and see if it works. For you, there is a free trial. Only Posada school listeners convert kit, dot com, slash side hustle. If you just go to convert kit dot com, you have to pay right away. But if you already have something else, that's fine to what's really goal is to make sure you have something, and sometimes it helps encourage people to sign up to give them something to have kind of incentive, maybe something it's not available on the website. Maybe it's a preview of your actual product or service. Maybe something funds, kind of bonus and, if you're, in
focus on only one thing for your marketing plan. It probably could be email, there may be some exceptions, but let's for sixty seventy percent of the projects. I feature on the show Now plays either a major role or a critical role in those projects being successful. So, for example, episode fifty one. This was a business called Scots flights to good story should listen to it. If you haven't heard it already, This is a million dollar business started very Currently by just one dared, who was a journalist, hadn't been you prefer and the entire business is built on us. Your email lists or technically it's not on to less, because he has a free list and he's trying to convert people to a paid lest. But the point is basically everything you as is built on email and managed through email, so I know what you hear the kids these days like email, email, deliver ability is a huge issue that is totally true. Not something that most people should skip unless you have a really good reason to
strategy number two social media well. I think you know by now I sometimes have a contrary, an opinion opinion on social media for marketing- is that it can work in some cases, actually think over. All it's probably better to use social media to maintain relationships built, in the interests of people and not really I'll directly for the most part, there are some action. So this, of course in so ninety six recently I told you about it, Instagram Calligraphy Hustle that a woman named he started and Katy was a good color, in hand let her, but she did Haven't? Instagram account until she started recite hustle, and it's going really well so, if you're interested in that, maybe listen to that episode summer. Ninety sex and fast in Flash sails set out three times fast fashion. Flash sales thus, can we really popular an instrument to show their arsenal? jack. I have a story about one coming up where people who Some kind of fashion item, like a problem something else as well, that posted up for sale and whoever wants to buy it
will comment in it when they run out of the inventory to update the post. So that can be interesting, but for most of us You're probably need to have some compelling reason for people other than you friends and family to follow you in the first place, rather than just selling something regardless of how you use it. I think it's me it's better to do one or two things well Vantage to be on every network. I instagram so far. Seventy a huge network but obviously there's also Facebook and twitter and Snapchat and linked in and many many more. Those are just some of the bigger ones Listen whatever you do, don't try to be everywhere, because in distress yourself out and probably not have an impact? saw someone's bio. That said, he was active, more than sixty social networks and I like, while I'm not sure I could name. Sixty social networks are more than a couple of dozen, but the idea that one person could to be active in that many is just not possible. So pick. One or two and you might wonder which networks are best, which should you choose, while the best ones are where your people are so your preference
now they are important, but if you're trying to connect with people, who need something that you have that you're preparing to provide. You need to think about where people already are are they interact and where they engage Maybe a lot of them are on Pinterest and you ve never use pinterest before well at that case. Maybe you should learn and through their whatever network. It is it's usually best opposed consistently, maybe to pose a day it could be depending on where it is, and what you're doing, but just doing insistently over time. Instead of having a ton of things I once usually, It better results with that. There are a couple of tools. You can to schedule posts in advance? One of them is called later dot com. Another one is called buffer dot com there's a more advanced tools like who'd sweet all these things up on the marketing page- and I think it's ok to do that, but I think you should be careful when you do. I think if you have it, weeks worth a stuff scheduled on Facebook or twitter or wherever We're gonna login once a day and just gonna keep an eye on things, because what people are asking questions or what people are sharing your content and you're, not there
then throw it obvious that you have this kind of robotic strategy and that's not great so there, maybe sometimes when something is happening in the world or in your part of the world, where, really not just business as usual. Not necessarily want your schedule content to go up during that time it was literally, or to me when there's this major The event, usually something dramatic- and you see these promotional post go up, and you know that, scheduled in advance if nothing wrong with that. In that situation. It's really good point to cut a pull them back. So, social media. I think it's better to maintain relationships than to market directly choose. One or two networks and be consistent instead of trying to and a dozen and choose the wines where your people are strategy. Number three, teasing, must talk here specifically about online advertising, particularly with Facebook, ads or Google ads and now some other services like linked in
will also allow you to have ads in a very similar fashion. Short version. Is It's totally worth an experiment to do this, but you should learn it more about this world before you spend a lot of money with Facebook and linked in sometimes with others. You can often get it five dollar or feed our credit just try it out. So that's great, why not right even at that offer isn't available steadily, not a bad thing in all to do a little test and Twenty five dollars of your own money pitied eyes. Now hundred dollars, but dont go crazy with it. So in episode, seventy three told you the story about a afford, a man, who are more than a hundred thousand dollars selling tee shirts with no inventory, they didn't even have any customers of his own because all of its customers were coming through Facebook assets. So he built this whole operation six figures a year assailing selling tee shirts entirely your facebook adds now. A key point is that he tested for something like a month, or maybe it was two months like running a test every single day pretend a day until he gonna figured it out
So in the long run it does have to spend a lot of money to get the sales, but it's completely worth it, because every dollar he spends he's getting something like a dollar fifty back, but to get it up you have to know what he was doing, so he touched at a very low dollar amount on the resources page status, school, dotcom, slashed marketing. Link up more detailed information about Facebook ads for those who are interested fourchan, she is word of mouth, which is, as you may have heard me effective in the long term. Now it is most effective, but can also be straining because people say are the most effective thing is word of mouth like great. What do I do about that like? What's my action to take? Well I'll, give you an action, So, in the workshops I've been teaching across the country when the activities we do together. As we all know, list of five people that we're gonna ask for help and we have to ask you to
people for some kind of specific help, but for our purposes here to day, let's adapted, let's start with by people, you know that you think would be helpful in spreading the word about what you're doing about that offer you ve created about that. You want to go out into the world, the shouldn't be five random people. It should be five people who have the ability to help further your message, words. They know people who would be good for what you're offering and then go to these people and ask for specific help. You're gonna say: hey here's. This thing I made. I'm really proud of it. I think it provides an ant Things can be helpful in people's lives, but I'm a little stocking the ground, would you be willing to help me what be willing to me with someone. You know who might be a good fit We share this on your social media or otherwise. This kind of help me enlarging my circle. There is an episode there are thirty seven about an american expert who coaches found who move overseas, there's really interesting because he identified this niche market. This guy Jap had lived overseas, not just on his arm but with his wife and in their children, but he realized there.
Families who want to do that themselves, but they have a lot of questions so created this coaching service. He basically follow the formulated about this lesson he had something valuable. Then he went from concept to offer his offer- was a specific coaching session, one our phone call for a hundred fifty dollars and then helped people he was able to help more people because people without interest. Usually travel in similar circles. Where probably know somebody else who is in a similar situation oh and also on his website. He collected email addresses, because, as I said in strategy, never one that's, probably an employee prerequisite, no matter what up joint, and, speaking of whatever else you end up doing here are a couple of general tax. You're gonna help you no matter what, first of all don't I and pray authorities. Trying to do everything and, of course nothing is effective much better too, intentional. How do you know what
tension about? What's ok, to try different stuff in the beginning, but notice what seems to be effective and do more of that? Don't try to bring everything else up to par. When you find what works? That's your focus may also help to set daily or weekly recurring actions, so you know that every day post a photo to Instagram once a week go through and make new linked and connections once MT. I haven't email newsletter that goes out whatever it is, and then So you wanna make sure your growing so separate. Your tasks into development in operations, so development his more creative, its answering the core Ok, what do I do next? Should I experiment with a facebook adds campaign, and I improve my email newsletter sequence. Is there a whole marketing channel that I haven't explored yet so we began with two principles. Strong idea is the most important factor make sure you something valuable before you start talking about it and ideas be converted into offers. If you want to sell some,
people have to have something to buy what you feel good about that then there's all kinds of tactical stuff. You could But if you can only do one thing, you should probably start collecting email addresses if you're gonna, U social media, which you probably should in some form you should focus on you can do well and where your people are not trying to be everywhere you can experiment with online advertising but use, I spent a lot of money at least at first and before we spend a lot of money. You should know what you're doing so, educate yourself further before going too far down that road, and then don't be afraid to ask for help, asked people to help. You ask people to help connect you with potential customers, clients, those people who clearly argued fit for what you ve met. So I title this episode simple marketing plan to your plan really to answer a few questions? the questions now, but I also you may not be able to take notes right now. Will you be able to see all this on that website? I mention side of school of thought. Com, slash marketing, but here the questions
First, what is your offer? Is it clear and specific? Second, who are your people? They use it a couple times this episode. I just mean a group of people who are best suited for that offer. What do you know then, where do they like to hang out? How are you gonna be able to meet their needs? Next? What is your goal? Typically, your marketing go like what do you have to accomplish through this process fuck off your site, or so of course. So now and again, ticketing. The word out: what are the results? You're, looking for what kind of tied at our that into whatever planet, creating and then are your next actions. What are your next steps at you? there are different strategies, thought through what's best for you what's best for your future cost. Where's. What's on you to do list happens tomorrow. If you have twenty minutes, the work on marketing tomorrow. What do you do, as I say, You can get a free little change for all that on a website what where we started
and being able to connect with those people who want when you have to offer. Is that possible? Will you listen to the show? You know that it's possible. You know that people have figured it out, but you also know that it takes regular work and effort. It's not magic and often there's some course. Correction. There is a lot more. We could say about marketing and indeed we will way forward, but these poor strategy, really can be enough to get you up and running with your first marketing plan. Remember everything I mention today, all the links and resources are at sight of sport. Slash marketing or you can or go to satisfy school dot com, Slash extended, he tee anti eighty to see notes for all, what they extended guys you can also a question or comment from the site. Let me know focus on next time, Elvis
what are to you, and I look forward to seeing what happens next in your side, us a journey.
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