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Weekly Recap #1: Where To Find Hustle Ideas


One of the most common issues people encounter starting a successful side hustle is finding a viable idea. In this weekly recap, we revisit the first six episodes and touch on how you can find ideas to get you started on your own side hustle journey. Check out the show notes at SideHustleSchool.com/7.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Welcome back this aside, hustle school. Host critical about here we aren't episode, number seven and our first weekly Rick. So every day on the show, there's a new episode and once a week every Sunday poster recap featuring highlights from some of this week's episodes will also be answering listener, questions and sharing Simona steps. So, even if you bill don't every episode you may want to catch this quick recap as well, and since this is the very first weekly I want to go back to where we started on episode number one, and in that episode I talked about the whole purpose for the Show- and I mentioned my ideal listener. So, if you're out there- and you are my idea- listener- you are first of all very busy- a lot of stuff going on you work at least one job, maybe more than one job, maybe have a family relationship, some kind, a hobby commitment service work. Kind of stuff. It takes a lot of time. So you don't have a light
Despair, but you also want to invest in yourself, like you believe, this process. You know that aside us, it will be good for you, so you to put in some about a time, but you also need some guidance, because your time is up so you're going to do something, but you need some help along the way, and if that's you, I don't think you, served very well. I don't think there's a lot of exists, resources out there, for you there's a lot of stuff. That's telling you to quit your job. An entrepreneur. I don't know. Thank everyone should be an entrepreneur, and I think everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but I I believe, very, very much that everyone should have more than one source of income, which is exactly side? Hustle can help you to you without a lot of risk without a lot of uncertainty it something that you create to earn money apart from your day, job it's about creating more freedom for yourself and whether you will pay your job you're, trying to make a change or yellow job, and you have no plans to leave. Everybody should have aside hustle and so that with this, it is all about, and after that three episode. I talked about the vision for the show
We went straight into the stories from episodes never to through sex, and our very first story was about a british man who earns seven hundred dollars a month. Writing fish tank reviews. Are you gonna hear a lot of quirky stories like that and on the surface in other, may sound kind of strange. But if you look a bit closer Is it actually makes a lot of sense in this story particular outnumber? Why do people by fish tanks, sure number two: are you gonna buy something expensive without checking for reviews, of course, not you Can I go and look for reviews of your buying something that cause a fair amount of money? Lastly, as the fish tank review business, a highly competitive market, probably night, that's why this was really good, hustle idea, I want to emphasise that hustle is not necessarily meant to always be easy. Now use easy and supple? Sometimes I realized, but it is meant to be worth. It is meant to be valuable for you and in this case, max that british guy,
He was successful because he chose a topic that was fairly obscure, also had a dedicated audience and then. Lastly, was passionate about the topic. He wasn't just coming to this with no sort of knowledge. Awareness her background and not passion shone through the reviews that he wrote. That's what's allowed him to you. Later, have seven hundred dollars a month on average, coming from his good friends at Amazon Dotcom without him doing anything for it at all now, the next episode story Episode three about the candy heart hustle. It contrasts a bit with the previous one, because this one went on to begin. A six figure seasonal business, so as the candy heart hustled turned into that six figure. Second income- and I- make sure you know that, even though its pretty cool to make seven two dollars a month. It's also a four aside hustled to grow into a very substantial sustainable income, which is exam What we saw in the story and what I know As I said at the start of people, the thing people found most interesting was it was yesterday that it made a lot of money. It was that
in the story. Sarah chose, remain in our current job and she chose to keep that job even though this hustle was doing really really well, and it also affected her relationship with her employ in a very positive way. So she talked about how her employer actually values her more because her employer knows that he's going to work because she wants to be there. You know she doesn't have to be there. She's motivated she likes working with the team. She believes in the company's gauze and now him We are actually respects her more because she has to leave if that was better for her. So what agree situation to be an annual Similarly stories like that as we go along, sometimes a hustler really can grow into something quite substantial episode Where was the story of Gabby in Pennsylvania, who mastered the art of two? getting photos on Pinterest and eventually following of more than one billion people, despite the fact that she is. Celebrity of any kind, and she doesn't have that kind of following on any other network. Instead she started early and she noticed what worked. She noticed, how people
kind of responded and engage to different pens on that social network, penthouses of Female dominated market- and there is also a clear aesthetic of what kinds of images, tend to work best, so it can be paid attention. She noticed that, and she followed up on that the campaigns that she does bring in at least a thousand dollars a month on average. She does even though she has a full time job, even though, is also a yoga teacher. Has a family does a bunch of other stuff. As I said, I don't know. She does it all, but this particular hustlers what great, because now that it set up again, she doesn't have to spend a ton of time on it and the episode after that episode. Five, was about how one man used a hundred dollar microphone to make more than eight thousand dollars misses a fun story that that reference to platform called fibre and fibre is spelt. F, ivy e, r, r dot com fibre. I guess.
Parker, the guy, not story. He was smart about how we use that platform to go from making minimum wage, which has not that hard to do on that platform to getting paid several hundred dollars at a time for his projects out much more than minimum wage and I will come back to this as well as we go through the serious, because if you want a kind of play, entrepreneurial ie, if you want to dip your toe, when that site, hustle world sites like fibre or like, see that we talked about briefly or creative market that you'll hear about later and several others are not Are we featuring more these? but the goal is to go from kind of entry level hustling to next level. Hustling. Where are you not just making minimum wage you're, not just gonna trading time for money, we are actually creating value in creating an asset for yourself. That really is the key to building a sustainable site. Hustle. Yesterday, story compared Going a restaurant to making your own calendar is about a single mom who makes fifteen thousand dollars from an astrology counter. So obviously there some real
fixed on a restaurant by their for some very real negatives and lots of stressors. Julie, whose tonight stories pretty stories pretty happy in a transition that she's made? This project came about from another common theme that I introduced Sweden will see our over throughout the year. She wasn't satisfied with existing astrology counters on the market. So she thought, hey, you know. Maybe I can do better. Maybe I can make something that such as better for myself, other people will also evaluate it So as you listened each episode as you can go on throughout your day, pay attention and ask yourself hey what is missing from something that I joy or something that I use all the time or I have this hobby and an something is not about it or it could be done better. What am I just satisfied with this is the key to unlocking lots of different hustle, It's not about going back to school, it's not about going out en masse. Bring some all new skill is the fact that you already skills and we're gonna find out
transition those skills or transform their skills into something that can make money apart from your job again, that's what aside hustle is all about support for this pod cast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred where's my plane, ticket paid on your student loan treat yourself to those whose, U benign with progressive you could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online, a come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards savings by new customers, urban, who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen sets, but really fine for me to start this week I hope that you have enjoyed it as well. We have a big week to coming with another story. Every single day this week has some really fine. Once there is a cruise vacation, a couple that goes on a vacation on a cruise and they come and actually start a three thousand dollars a month side, hustle, writing about that vacation and answering questions
There is a specialised cookbook. Accidently brings in a thousand dollars on the first day of San Francisco. Commuter gets frustrated with the lack of traffic information and he makes an app for it is still going strong six years later, making very substantial amount of money, and even thing about saddles for pet chickens saddles whereby chickens yep, that's right, stay tuned, as I said, Gorky topics that actually turn into successful hustles, some really excited about. Where we're going. If you're subscribed, the episodes will come straight to your phone tablet. Computer computer on the easiest way to make sure you don't miss episode. Do that straight, an item very easy and also ass this before. But if join the show you like the direction that we're going in, be very grateful. If you would leave a quick rating in Itunes. Just takes a second and if you want to above and beyond and being awesome, and you can also write a quick review for me and that will help other people discover
you can also say hi at sight: hustle school dot, com. You get a question comment feedback for me like to hear from you, and I want you to set a goal for yourself. Lastly, and most important the goal is to use these lessons as positive reinforcement for your own hustle. Ever single episode, I mention how inspiration is good, but action is even better. I really you take action. I wanted nature, your story on a show before the end of the year. So I look forward to doing that and I will see you tomorrow and every day this week with more fine stories, ideas episodes are upload, six hour one a M eastern time. I'm critical about this is site hustle school.
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