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Weekly Recap #13: Karaoke, Tutoring, and Reselling


In our thirteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Site I school listeners welcome back. My name is critical about. We have just finish weak number. Thirteen wow- and I want to say hi to a lot of new listeners- definite had a lot of new folks, into the show, and that is because of you. There is no big, can and campaign behind side of school. I'm too busy recording episodes to do that. So, whenever growth we have is because people are telling her friends and that makes all the difference in the world. So if you knew this show is not about jumping off a cliff, taking a huge risk quitting your job, it's not about being a quota. Unquote entrepreneur, it's about helping! You create more freedom. In the life you already have. So this show is for busy people, most of whom have regular jobs, but want to start aside hustle an income generating project in their very limited free time too. That's what I think is the entire show around
it's about economic empowerment, helping you build security, a backup plan and, of course, extra income. For everyday their true stories on the show of someone who does exactly that now, when you think about something today, yesterday we had the Fourth day episode, which was not a jacket I was actually a true story, as I promised those looking at my notes for that story, and I wanted to highlight something at a certain point: this process, where the skies kind of building a little, what works hustle, he has to make it vision to take on a fifteen thousand dollar debt to buy a lot, engraving machine now I just said high school is not about jumping off a cliff most of the stories you here don't require much financial investment at all, but in this case he was already seeing some initial success. So it's just a choice of whether to invest further, They thought it would be a good idea, but he wasn't certain so something he said that I want you to listen to. He said, instead of letting fear stop me, I asked myself and my wife. What's the worst thing that could happen, I
lies at even if I failed, I wouldn't lose my house, I wouldn't put my family on the street. To instead of ways wondering what, if I decided to go for it, but listen. That is a great question to think about. Thinking about whether to pursue an idea. Ask yourself what's the worst thing that can happen if it doesn't work out most of the time. The answer isn't something terrible. So I want you to go away with confidence today, let's jump into some listener questions and a couple of observations from last week. Hi. This is Natalie from San Francisco. I'm a big fan of the show and inspired me to start my own sigh hustle. I've been working on it for about months now and I'm ready to take it live and start promoting it to the world, Question is now that my site is up and running what is the best way to go about increasing traffic and spreading the word about my site, I'm current experimenting with boosting posts on my facebook page. But I'm not sure if this is the best strategy, Malta reaching out other thought leaders in this field, some of whom I know personally, who have large networks and may be able to help me spread the word. Any advice is greater.
Preceded thanks so much Natalie, awesome question. Thank you for listening and congratulations on your new side, us all This is something that a lot of people have been asking, so one but on the show I have this extended cut episode. They pose a bit deeper into a specific topic. I have at least one, if not two of those episodes focused entirely on marketing coming up, because it is definitely not we could say about it just in short, though, I think your second approach might be more fruitful than the first, so you mention boosting Facebook posts and trying to connect with thought leaders and other people and your space, I know from time to time, I tell you guys a story about someone who makes a hundred thousand dollars using Facebook adds, though, raise your awesome they're, all true, of course, but I would say to far far more common for people to have success through referral through word of mouth through connecting with people more truly and that's pretty much how I've always done. It is well whether its through my blog, my books, other products I've made now at the show. I try to focus on making something that quality. That's legit,
They helpful and then doing more things to encourage sharing, reaching out to people, as you suggest, offering to help them, but also asking them if they thought valuable. Were they consider sharing it? It's totally normal request to go back to our question at the beginning. What's the worst thing that can happen while thou say no, you say no problem, for considering so, as I said, we could talk about a lot more, but in general, Facebook is very good at asking for your money and taking your money, and so, if you are just getting started, it might be better to focus much more on the product in the service itself and then I connecting with people more organically good luck. A Chris. This is R J from Monroe Connecticut again, thanks for all you do, I've been get an alarming. It is obvious from the shop I have the site. Hustle, where I now want to start to create an app what's the best way to work with the developer, if you're on a budget consider a few different options, but I'm a little overwhelmed thanks here. Aren't I thank you so much for listening. So first things, first
when people come and say I want to make an app. My first question is: are you sure- and this is not scourge them or you anyone. But if you are not Oliver and have a lot of technical skills. Making an app is not the easiest thing to do and to do it well does usually require some significant investment, so it's kind of like if all ideas are equal to trying to decide between making an app and doing something else, maybe look at the other stuff first. But if your idea specifically
like. No, I have to make an appt because here's why it's the best way forward for me, then don't let me stand in your way couple things you can do, assuming you don't have a best friend who's, a developer, there's several different platforms. You can go to to search for developers for hire. I will link all of them up on the show notes for today, but two of the most common are odesk dot com and freelancer dot com, which used to be called rent a coder. Now you can go to the site and people will be at for your project. You can also search directly find all kinds of different people, often working in countries where it might be a lot cheaper than hiring someone where you live now. That's the Good NEWS, the downside of this is there can be kind of a quality control issue, especially with something like making it up, because when you make an app it's not just about making it it's about supporting it and maintaining it. Even if you're very happy with your upturns, then it goes on line in the Itunes store or for Android. But what are you doing? It breaks the next week or a major update is needed. You will need to be able to make a plan for the long term, not just the development and launch
and it's probably for that reason alone. Why I've never made it up, because I know I wouldn't we get at it. So if your heart is that I actually pursue it Jack those sites. Title is another won T Opie tea out dot com. It focuses on higher and a higher and talent which is great, but obviously it's gonna come at a higher price as well. So when we look back on the weak just want to highlight a couple of things, definite encourage you to listen to each other said there are really short, and I want to talk briefly about most popular episode of the week, which was about the college student who earns twenty thousand dollars a month, cleaning how's. It doesn't actually clean houses himself. He started an agency that facilitates the housecleaning, but still twenty thousand dollars a month as a college student and then a recent graduate. Isn't it interesting that a boring
three can be challenged like that and if you ve been listening to the show, you know, there's lots of Fun Corky stories to live, to tell their stories about writing a blog for hockey goal tenders or making your own candles or whatever. But you can also do something that solves a pretty basic problem for people just like Christopher Schwab, the guy in a story did, and also by the way
it's not too late. If a college student can come into the cleaning business which probably had a hundred or more different services in the Washington DC area and create this kind of success, but there's something out there for you too, so it's not too late. There is another story this week about a guy named PETE Abyla, who created a directory of tutors and more than a hundred thousand tutors, have created. Profiles are otherwise signed up on the site. Now here he solving a pretty basic problem is well just like Christopher. The problem that peat is solving is the problem of overwhelm when your apparent and you go to look for a tutor for your child, or maybe, if your teenager college student going to look for yourself. It wasn't that there was no information out there. There is too much information, so PETE's directory was all about introducing simplicity and reducing what felt like unlimited choice. So there's all kinds of problems out there waiting to be solved. Think about that focus on that. As you plan your own hustle coming up next week, another set of great stories, including an
Instagram project that makes nine thousand dollars from someone I've never had an account on Instagram before she started this hustle there's also a clothing store salesman who ends up creating a product that brings in six figures a year and my favorite social good story that we ve had since starting this it is all about someone who is doing good and doing well for themselves. They will be episode. Ninety four- and I am very much looking forward to sharing it with you now before we close I am not the only one working inside US law school every weekend. To recap: I wouldn't give credit where credit is due to our national school is recorded on location at world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It is then transported across the airwaves to Brooklyn New York for production at the patently studios Fabulous production team is Jason daily on Ac Valdez and Laura Mare back in Portland, I'm assisted I wouldn't Koranic works far too hard give her a day off. Thank you. So much Whitney China
is our tore manager for this article school workshops. Jolly Gill about is the voice of reason and fixer. My Liberia go about, is in charge of listener complaints. The show signs of school is part of the onward imprint founded by Gretchen Ribbon. I also want to say, out radical candor another show any imprint. It's all about how to not hate the boss. You have and not be the boss. You hate you can subscribe for free in Itunes over every lesson about guests but definitely not least, in fact most important of all. I want to thank you. The listener. This is a free listener supported show I like to say that I get paid a nice emails and here's your enjoying it. Let me know, and always say: hi Cressets, Idaho, school of thought and policing where climate to leave a rating or review on Itunes as well. That really helps a time in terms of discover ability for other listeners.
You are the reason I make the show if you're subscribe, the episodes will come straight to your phone tablet or computer in every episode. I mention inspiration is good, but action is even better. I want you. Take action. I want a feature, your story on the show. I want you to have a success like the ones you hear about every day. So I look forward to that and I will see you tomorrow everyday next week with more funds stories and actual idea. Episodes go online at six one, a M eastern time every single day. You are awesome time, critical at for side. Hustle school
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