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Weekly Recap #18: Barking Up the Right Tree


In our eighteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hey Welcome back this inside us all school on critical about here at the end of a weak number. Eighteen, while the coming to you like this, we can from Boston Massachusetts. I've been here for a sort of school workshop, lots of fun people and it's all week has been kind of fun and a very eclectic reproof stories, ranging from a guy who is under house arrest, that led to the inspiration for his very successful project to women who makes dog biscuits, feminist, jewelry cup, other thing Do you hear this kind of range of stories anywhere else I mean come on I was watching one of these entrepreneurship reality shows the other day. I don't use it But I was an airplane, I forget. If it was shark tanker dragon Stan. You know, those shows can be great. Entertainment, but that's really what they are My annoyance or my frustration with them is that allow people why? the chosen, I think that's what it's like to court, unquote, be an entrepreneur or to have a small business, and it's really not.
Like any reality, tv show, those have a lot of manufactured drama which makes for good television. But if you, similarly shows where investors make a decision really quickly. Like you hear about this persons, but as for two minutes, Nigger like ok, I'm in rendered thousand dollars again, good entertainment, but you now that the majority of those deals never actually cause, because the invite, There's always have the option to do due. Diligence that offer make is not binding and the person making the pitch also option to walk away later and many times they do so that's as I said, it's good entertainment, but what we're doing with this show signs of school. You me featured stories are wonderful. Production team like this is legit this is real life. All these stories are true, there's no false drama to create hype, If you listen to these stories over time- and you absorbed the lessons into notice where seiners ideas can come from and make them a reality in your life, so think about that. As you go about your day, what are you,
making. What are you building? What are you working towards its? My hope that this whole project can support you in that with that in mind. Today we have listener questions and a look ahead to next week, so it's jump right in, hi. This is Sheila from the. U S currently living in Nicaragua first, let me say Chris, I love the programme excellent and inspirational. I am finding a little bit of trouble. As I try to research, my saleable idea, I think I get a lot of momentum when I first start to There are a lot of great ideas, but then I see the competition, but then I get a little bit discouraged and I think maybe my dear really isn't good enough there any way to overcome that awesome. Some thank you so much for listening. This isn't a common question. I would encourage you to think of it like this. The fact that there is competition for your idea shows you that the idea itself is validated. In other words, if there's a competitor are multiple competitors,
and from everything you can tell their succeeding? Well, that's good because it shows you. There is a market It often a lot more difficult to be the very first person offering something because then you have to show people they have this need, but they may not have been aware of a far so No, I can feel intimidating, but there really are some positive things about the presence of competition. And for your idea. You just have to do it better, somehow or differently. Somehow, and when I say better doesn't mean at each part of it has to be better just sums. Differentiation interrelated myself, I'm an author. I write business books lots of other people out there running business bucks and that's good, because most people- want to read a business book are just gonna red one same thing with the package: there's lots of other podcasts out there, but in some ways is not really even competition, because if somebody buys my boy and then by someone else's book, there's no lost their total means. Competition is never a factor, but I don't think it should stop. You hi Chris, this Jonathan for Montana
I'm a long time for your books and I'm a big fanny, your podcast, I'm sorry my first business. It's a drop shipping business. My question for you today is: I'm preparing to reach out to manufacturers, the civically manufacturers of flights fishing products even more specific, the manufacturers of the flies themselves. What advice would you give to somebody who needs to reach out to manufacturers for the first time? Any help would be great. Thank you for a time love the pod castle of the books. Talk to you later by hey man thanks the question and love specificity, not just manufacturing but fly fishing. I just why fishing but the flies themselves, but for me the first thing you want go out when you're contacting different manufacturers is what exactly do they do an odyssey they make the product What is their process for selling that product to distributors, to stores to people start something new, do they have a catalogue to them? rice list: do they do anything custom? Those are just a minute,
three things to find out on your fact finding mission and usually when you contact you manufacturer, they'll, connected with cells, person, his whole job, of course, is to sell, but his part They can answer. Questions inform you of the process. If there's something specific you're trying to yeah, like a lower minimum order, a better price, you might want to try to figure out how much. Already that person has it gonna. Take it early, that or as our flexibility at all I mean those of the first things I think of the manufacturers, are like any other company and that their goal is to make a profit, So any time someone calls him and says: hey I like to give you money, potentially they're, usually happy to talk to without Jonathan, let us know how they fly. Fishing hustle works out. Looking back on this week, a few things stand out. As I mentioned a very eclectic Gruber stories I do try to make, that from the duty is under house arrest in starting clean slate catering, which then became a food truck in a restaurant,
half a million dollars in sales last year, Bruno's Barkin biscuits, be organic dog treat at every dog loves, of course, every guy gloves process. Doctorates too, but who can blame them a story about a blogger who shifts tactics that was two days ago? Guy Preston had less than two hours. A day to work on this project, while he was right the train, he actually built his blog the successful level of making something like fifty thousand dollars a year, then he noticed a downward trend in so he adopted changed this miles entirely from creating products to pursuing corporate sponsorships, The now makes even more money still just working less than two hours a day: thou my favorites, as well as the bang up Betty, feminist jewelry and then yes, Episode, the guy who has a sign, hustle, a very low tech project that bring twenty five thousand dollars a year as well as twenty five thousand dollars here to his son, who is now a partner and that business now, despite these stories, being eclectic and being very different, They actually are things in common. Each of these people in one way or another use the power of observation to
have asked why and to explore a question for the most part. Use the skills they already had. Guy who is under house arrest. He had been a chef at several french restaurants psyche, starting completely from scratch. The catering business was new to him, but not the cooking same with the guys in episode, one twenty three goober for care most on the competition, the co founder of that business came from the long care world, so he was very familiar with, but the problems of that industry as well the opportunity presented by those problems as well. All these stories focused on meeting a need or otherwise serving people, and they all started quickly with low investment. All those characteristics are part of the site. Away and I hope to keep bringing them to you every day got another Et Cetera stories coming up this week, a six figure scavenger Hunt a couple of its bodies who decide to create boat eyes. They dont independence, figures, at least not yet but supper. They done something like ten thousand dollars a day. Lover who starts I London, chocolate, tour and, of course, so much more by the way. If you like to submit a story, if you
have an existing side hustle. I would love to hear about it about twitter, son of the stories on a show. These days are actually coming from listeners, which is great I would love to that even higher so honest, the school dot com website? If you click the about tab and scroll down to my contact, form on the left? There is a link that says: submit aside hustle story, not our little intake form to ask a bunch of questions there, and if your stories, a good fat, will probably follow up with more questions. But that is the first step of the process. I'd love to hear about it. If you know somebody who should be featured help us out help them are, potentially by sitting under that page, or rather for the day. I want to say thanks to a few people who make this possible side of school record on location, world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon, it has been produced. Brooklyn New York at the penalty studios, my production team Jason daily on an icy Valdez. Show notes are by Whitney Clinic my cat, Libby Gill, about charge of our catering service, but she does not like Brunos Barton, biscuits fun fact of the week. The
regional Boston. Cream pie is found at the part or household. In Boston on Sixty school street. It is a bit rich to go in this hotel in order by some green pie, but beyond I did it. It was pretty good fortunately, servant in the main restaurant me. You can also just go to the bar in order it it's ten dollars, there lighted this? We come from Eminem attraction, all the money I making like it's the last time I'm gonna make it out of school is part of the onward impotent rated by bustling best Gretchen ribbon, who is The co host a very popular happier, podcast you can no more ribbon dot com or the onward projects that come last but sir, not least, I want to thank you the listener. Wherever you are in the world, have you listen to the show you're there? I do this. This is a free, listen for a child with just a single sponsor per episode, if you're enjoying it super grateful. If you'd leave a quick rating review in Itunes, we have more than six hundred of those so far from you guys, which is awesome, it really helps other people discover the sharp that's offer me this week. The best is yet to come
new episodes go online at six at six one, a M eastern time every single day and critical about four sided. So small,
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