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Weekly Recap #19: Scavenger Hunts, Bow Ties, & Horses


In our nineteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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greetings hello and welcome to cite us all school. This is our weekly recap. We have come to the end of weak number. Nineteen. I know We have been listening to the show from the beginning on January. One you're awesome, I hope you're still enjoying it hope. You're learning getting emails and seeing notes on social media, but all the different project what listeners are working on. Now over here, I'm heading to Amsterdam this week, albeit an event called next web and they were so doing a special event for readers and listeners on Friday. At the American Book Centre. For everyone who is not an Amsterdam, while the show You coming out everyday per usual about a weakened ago. I did to cite a summer school workshops. Wages I got one in Boston and when I do, is I like I learn as much as everybody else there now out of one of those words, I wanted to pass along two recommendations to you. A lot of people have word press based websites, a very easy way to start a website. Is I've talked about before? In fact, if you
tutorial on how to do that. Just go to satisfy school, calm slash extended even here as well, episode about it readable information on mine for everyone who has a word press bay site there to free plugins, you can get which will both help. You do some critical things and issue a all the first one is an s he oh word, press plugin, called ghost I'll, explain all this plugin is called Jost oh s, t dot com or, from your word, press control panel. You just plugins and search as he or used Theo stands for search, engine, optimization thought, in your website and your web pages on your site more friendly to Google, so that, hopefully a higher google ranking while there is a whole industry behind this, but for most of purposes. We then have to worry about that. If you get this free word press plug in and you and The only thing into the side is which key word or key words. You want to focus on for any particular page, and this plugin Essentially, do it for you, or at least help you do it with
lot of effort on your part? So that's pretty cool. Second one is ace, Testing Plugin, also known as a be testing. You can get as it seems page tester, dot com or once again from Europe. Control panel, just type in simple page tester. It will come up. You can install it for free. Now what is an eighty tasks or what is the split test? It is way to show visitors to your website a different version of something to see which, when they prefer better you might want to test a headline or a price or an offer for an email, sign up form, really anything and to be tested if you have a hundred visitors coming to your website, you would show fifty of them one version. Other fifty the other version, and then you would see which version performed better one got more email sign ups or got people to click through the page you wanted them to or whatever now overtime, do this. You can learn a lot, not only learned optimize, make your site so much better figure out lots about your visitors, your potential customers, question is well. How do you do that without this plugin can help you with it will make
super simple you putting your variables. It will do the testing for you. It will show the data and then when you What's a winner, you switch to that version they may be, want to something else: radio test, something against the winning version. There's all kinds the bodies and I will link Both of these resources- honest, I page so that you can check stop yourself suffered damage. Weekly recap: we got listener questions, I look back and a look ahead. Let's jump right in Hi Chris, meaning Felice, I'm in Denver Colorado and listening to cite hustle school. Since you began and really just and every day for that daily dose of inspiration as I've thought about lunch in my own hustle and which in the last week, it is personalized coloring book business and that leads to my question. I've been thinking about in addition to selling personalized colouring bucks through sharper fi of also create some video tutorials for people who want to me
their own coloring. Seizing canvas the programme that I've been using so I just want to the little perspective from you: do you see people who both the selling an item and tutorials fur, how people can die wise order for an added value for their customers, who want to do that and how have you seen network for other people? Thank you so much, and I really appreciate all you to release this. Oh fine regulations on starting your site, us all. I would like to take a look at that and the idea sounds pretty cool too. I dont know off. Somebody who is doing exactly that in general is smart to reach people in different ways, partly why I started this part: asked myself for, since you are to have a vision, or it might as well try and see what happens, because my only Other comment would be the people who buy dot, colouring books or calling books of any kind? I want to make them themselves allowed people buy them, because there are often actively to complete. You're on your own with somebody. I don't think that's it to not do what you're thinking of, because even
people who might not necessarily want to make them quickly interested in the behind the scenes which is kind of what they would get through those tutorials to anyway. I think it's Congratulations and let us know what happens This is Johnny from Phoenix Arizona recently, I came across this situation. My side. How so were I've had a very difficult clients, and I am not sure. First of all, by no that well and second about how I should continue handling it. So I will not you're kind of your opinion on what you think of how I handled it. Maybe how I should have done it differently and heart my pertain to your your. How can be included in their base our efforts, I for my all success stories, and you know that's great. The thing is: alongside our and I've done, other said, hussars are unsuccessful, they're you're not going to be, more than anything. How do you address the hustle step? People doing there not success
Let me know when you hear what you think and I'm looking for your recent hedge anything which were listening. Sorry to hear about the difficult client, mention entirely with that situation was short. For me to say whether it's better to handle that one way or another. Since I don't know it was, but I do and address your about successes and failures, you're, absolutely the show, features mostly successes. I do want to the stories of ordinary people out there who, having business school, who are busy work, in doing other stuff be yet somehow find a way to go. The second income for themselves. But I think if you listen more time release my gun Let's say my course show how the process works from start to finish, including some of the stock. Laws and challenges and obstacles that that person faces and so often in a story. I say all this person tried this and it work, and they tried that. And work within four exam they try this other thing, and this is what took off that's going on, this kind of journey there are lots of things that don't work,
and I don't mean to shy away from that at all. What I have to do is encourage people in something doesn't work. You don't you keep trying the same thing because it didn't we for a reason but maybe there is a way that you can shift. Maybe it's a different tack. Our strategy or deceptive. Idea in general. That's why most people to start quickly to experiment to gain experience and I'm not like each idea, you have is gonna, be a huge success, but I do believe You can be a success. I do believe there's something out there for you, so thanks again for a question, and I also hope you get me: better clients thanks man, So when we look back on this week, We started with episode one twenty eight, the epoch, scavenger hunt that becomes a six figure income. This was really because I always say that aside, hustle should be fun, at least in some way doesn't mean that every aspect of its gonna be fine, but it should be something that you look forward to yet something it's also creative or it uses a different
your brain and you use your day job, but in this the site. Hustle itself was built around fun and this guy Chris Damien Arcos, always love contest and scavenger HANS. He made six hour, one for his friends and family once and they said his great a lot of other people, would like to make make it a little shorter than ever of yours. He created the series of scavenger hunts that tourists Sir visitors to a city of Boston could sign up for as well as corporate teams or not profit teams are other people who worked together and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. He eventually did it to other cities? Finally, quit his job? go out, because you want to be absolutely certain, but it still going still doing really well and he's been helped by Not a free advertising, essentially in the form of of who's on Tripadvisor and Yelp Nigh say: that's Advertising obviously had to put together a great service to earn those reviews, but they are organic people trust those reviews there almost like a form of asset for him. That's what I was followed by episode, one twenty nine to college buddies, create a fifteen thousand
our bow tie, hustle and interesting. Look at Chris fashion item doing something with textiles and apparel using an overseas supplier, If you're interested in manufacturing something or designing an item of clothing, we looked at the resource alibaba dot com, which is a network of we'll suppliers you can find to maker produce pretty much anything you can think of episode one thirty, was they resourceful college dropout who earns to pay tax from one employer That's pretty unusual and in a sense that his employer basically started aside hustle and put him in Abed giving him a portion of the proceeds doesn't always happened like men are even usually happen like that, but that's. Why should it be? we're different stories on a show to show you creative thinking and a variety of application for it. Episode one thirty one. The equine lover makes five thousand dollars, but then stables- business to change horses in midstream. This was an intern application of the lesson if it first, you succeed, keep trying- and yes, I said that correctly because
because something is working out doesn't mean you should keep doing it. Maybe there a better way to do it and that's what Christopher In the story ass. She went from green printing, tee shirts to use Pronoun demand service that episode, like, every other unsuccessful school is pre. You'll have to pony ought to listen to it. There, more stories. One about a hair salon owner who designs mittens for cold runners actually undertakes the tell process of obtaining a patent it is no small thing, but for her she thought it was worth it I really like something that she said that I didn't actually put in a story. She was angry. First, how the idea and she realized she wanted a patent for it. She would a fair amount of money- and she asked. We're friends. Where am I gonna get this money and he's do only stocks, and she said yes, he said her well, if you can invest in someone else's company, you can invest yourself. It does your dream when I sell the stocks, and so she did. I really like that, because even The whole philosophy of cider school is for people who
employees or otherwise, don't necessarily want to take a big risk, become an entrepreneur or a small business owner. Want to create security for themselves. But this lesson of investing in yourself was really powerful. Wasn't just a random idea. She had this was a dream that she had put a lot of work and research into figuring out a viable path forward that are thinking about for a long time. She decided to go for it. She now has patent and she said her running mittens, online and expos in her local area, unless another story of overcoming a hardship where a psychologist, and more than seventy thousand dollars helping students apply for college and graduate school Seventy thousand dollars. I think I was actually seventy four thousand dollars is obviously very significant side income night stories like that, to show you even though make five dollars a month or a thousand dollars a month? Is great people really can above and beyond that, and create success, like you here, and that story now coming next week on the show another episode every day we're in a bag.
But the story of a british man who makes terrestrians and them worldwide. This is not confused with the famous viral episode number two of cider school twas about it, this man, seven hundred dollars a month blogging about fish tanks. So this is the british man who actually mean terrestrians, not fish tanks, but tainer or many greenhouses for plants. Obviously the bridge have this entire market covered. So we look at how to guy does. It is also a of a woman in Alabama a former target employ who ends up starting an organic food business. Gross it to become one of the most popular resellers on Amazon, as well as her product in whole foods and other grocery stores, she's actually ship Thirty, five thousand dollars a month to customers around the country. Also something about how to women start a handmade lip farm empire and, as always, Much more and as we at the end of this week, I want to I tried to every week say. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being part of this. If you
the commitment to make cycle school part of your team. I commit supporting you fully in your quest to create that source of income, maybe I figured out your idea you're trying to make it a reality. Maybe you ve done this. Are you going to do second time now or a third or a fifth time Maybe this is all knew you knew just stumbled into this world, but in others cases welcome. This is for you, If you enjoy it more than enjoy it. I hope you do something with it. That's my greatest. That's why I make the show and by the way, not. Just me, I'm a boy. You here, but I won't give credit where credit is due to show recorded on location at Rob Domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It isn't taken on an epic scavenger hunt in Brooklyn New York and the studios are all started, can t. There is Jason daily on an icy Valdez show not survive new. My cat, like Maria Gil about works. The night shift she uses. Stairs, as are treadmill desk, it's gonna up and down all night flights advice this week
from Vill Murray, don't give up on your dreams. Keep on sleeping all of US cider School, no Murray to we're part of the onward imprint generated by bestselling author Gretchen Ribbon onward, is a collection of podcast bullet actionable ideas to make your life happier healthier, more productive and just were also you can check it out at the armored project, dot com for it, itunes which is actually now called Apple podcast. The same thing: just a new name are to get used to call it that too, Talking about, if you wanna do something really cool you could leave me a quick being or review in Apple pie casts formerly known as Itunes. You can say what everyone's recast give us a shoutout unsocial media using hashtag beside us all school. I know it's pretty obvious hashtag just to be clear, I hope to see you tomorrow and everyday next week, Susan Dead in episode. One thirty two running mountains. I hope you are investing in yourself. Episodes go online
six hundred one a m eastern time every day, I'm critical about this is cytosol school.
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