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Weekly Recap #2: What Makes a Good Hustle?


We look back at this week’s lessons and identify the qualities of a good hustle. Bonus: I’m starting a traveling workshop series! Tell me where I should go.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Support for this podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket paid on your student loan treat yourself to those whose U benign with progressive, you could find out drivers who switch, Save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance, get your quote online: a come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards. Savings by new customers, urban who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen. Hello, hello and welcome back this aside, hustle school uncritical it out and we have just finish: weak number two ultimately aside? Hustle is all about creating more freedom for yourself, so if you're out there and you can- and these episodes? Why are you here your job and you're trying to make a big change. Well beside us all as your escape plant or if you love your job and you have no plans to leave, but let's go two, but everyone should have more than one source of income and that's what aside us all is all about. So further
I don't actually believe everyone should jump off a cliff and quit their job, but I do believe that everyone needs that additional paycheck that source of money- that's not coming in through their employer that no one will ever care about your career. We are well being as much as you do. You have to create your own security. And that's what a hustle will allow you to do whole point of the show is to guide you along the path of starting that first or second, your fifth hustle, and this is a mission for me. It's not just a project is not just a random thing. I will judge the success of this whole- show based on your success. So if you make a commitment to listen every day Two will commit to supporting you. However, I can- and if you just our listening to the show, that's great welcome encourage you to go back and download the first batch of episodes that really short. Listen to them whenever you want, but they will help set the tone for where we're going through the rest of the year. Support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs.
Launch with G S, a five hundred million dollar investment strategy, grounded in the belief that teams with diverse leadership, DR stronger returns, Goldman Sachs remains committed to facilitating connections and increasing access to capital for women. Black lucky necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more. G s, dot, com, slash launch with she s when we look back on this with there's a few things stand up. We began an episode eight by looking at a guy named tenor who set up a blog about cruises, so he and his wife when on a cruise vacation, and they had a lot of questions before they left they couldn't find answers to. So when they came back, he figured out there not the only once you have these questions and the crews line has its own website, of course, but that's gonna propaganda for them. He started a website, a blog, answering questions and within it
it's doing about three thousand dollars a month. Now, in fact, I went back and looked at my notes and think it may actually be up to four thousand dollars a month now, which is awesome because four thousand dollars a month is approximately one thousand dollars more than three thousand dollars a month. So it's fantastic, but you know actually go back and edit. That episode, because I want to make sure I'm always giving the conservative number. So if someone is actually making more money. Well, that's fantastic, but I give you real numbers, specific numbers on the show, because you know if somebody says: I have a hustle, you know it's making some money, it doesn't really help. You We understand the specificity of how good a hustle can be. And there's a range of results and outcomes, of course, but all of them make a real difference in that person's life. So, Just remember when you start your hustle, not everybody may understand and is important for you to kind of keep your eyes. The prize and say this is why I'm doing it everybody else's. Like will now why'd you and that's, why not just watch tv or something, but you know that
best thing in yourself, and this is for you not for anyone else and then an episode nine. You heard the story of Oliver the Craigslist wedding photographer and if I called it, it's it's a classic side. Hustler narrative. Oliver didn't nodded, do something so he figured it out and when his friend ask him to beat it I prefer for her wedding. He could have said no, but he didn't, and he also could a kind of pushed ahead even though he hadn't done wedding photography before, but he didn't do that either. He found a third way to gain experience in an unusual fashion, and one thing: I'd invent before said, he's actually now Dinah hundred weddings since that experiment. So we think about scepticism, think about people who don't believe in your hustle. Well he's done more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars since starting its hustle so again, specificity, real number, we're not just talking about small amounts of money on the show
This is something that really can transform your life episode. Ten was definitely the quickest episode of the week, all about saddles for pet chickens, which I originally entitled settles for pet chickens. Yes, this is a thing and way back when I first started recruiting stories show going back more than five months now. This is one of the first emissions that I received, along with the fish tank story from weak, never won, and maybe thank you know. This is crazy enough that it just might work these kind of stories. As an illustration of this, hustling perspective people, you're, gonna, love it or hate it, and- and the point of these stories is, is to show that there are all kinds of ways to make money and that whenever there is a need, there is often an opportunity. So come up I look at my schedule. There's a couple of other weird animal stories: there's a guy who dropped ships live crickets, reptile owners says awesome a jug and remember whenever there's a wacko story, remember it's not just
story. It's a real hustle that makes real money for someone and if you don't want to make vesper chickens or drop ship live, crickets, Well, that's ok, because I don't want to either, but it shows you how you can learn about. Allow different, hustles and by the way, if you go to the website Cycle Skoda COM, you can actually submit a story there. If you know the you has a great site hustle that would like to be you're on the show at some point you can send in their or if you're on your second third, fifth tenth hustle yourself, and you have a previous success story that might be great beloved to hear from you as well episode. Eleven was the key to genetic cookbook author who makes a thousand dollars the first day. This is a story of Amanda Macarthur who started a project just kind of compiling her own recipes for the specialised diet and ensuring them with the world but they for free and by her own account. The smartest thing she did for this project was even before she had any idea of selling something she installed and email capture form to the site.
It was only when she realized months later that more than three thousand people have joined the list that she thought you know. Maybe I should do something about this. Maybe I should write an e book and she hadn't had the email list. None of this would have happened or if she did write the ebook there wouldn't have been an audience of people out there ready to purchase. So one of the best things you can do when you're getting started is to start an email list and also on that website how to spell school dot com. If you join the five steps to hustle, which is a free email course, I'll, actually tell you exactly how to do that yourself episode, twelve with a great story from Steven the web developer, created an app and is now used by more than forty thousand people every single day and has mentioned. This was the first story of the whole batch more than ten story so far as the first one. That requires detailed technical knowledge and so the biggest take away from that story isn't make it up because most of us don't know how to do that very well. The biggest lesson is just the same.
One that will reinforce over and over the show and its start before you ready so stay. Wasn't ready at all when the time came to launch his app had a lot of bugs it didn't look very nice didn't even do everything that he wanted, but if he'd waited, as you heard, not episode, theirs a real chance that someone else would have come. First, to that particular idea, or he just would have had the momentum that came from being one of the very first apps in the Itunes store and again this side, hustle is one ever came very successful and eventually turned into a full time job and definitely a full time income for Steven and finally episode. Thirteen, Waldorf teacher, the adolescent there is that teachers are busy and even in a private school where they have the privilege of fewer students and more prepare its. It still takes a lot of work to plan effective lessons and as the Waldorf teacher herself, Meredith, Foy Preston understood this first hand. So she had her skill share the obvious
aid, and it was just a matter of transferring that skill to the people who are in need of it. So what makes a good hustle this is a question will explore in the weekly recap going forward. People get frustrated when they start their first hustle. They make something that sounds good to them, but then it does I take off, and so they give up. They think they're not suited to the side of the world and there are lots of reasons why something doesn't take off your you'll learning and throughout the year, but one of them on the big reasons is that the project isn't truly focused on someone else's aids. There's not a customer centred our client centred perspective and that's really critical. You always have to think about. What's in it for them, what's in it, for that person on the other side, for the customer. For that- quiet for whoever the end user is by anyone
This may not personage, eventually, gonna benefit from whatever it is that you create, and so that crews block story is a great example, because, even though it began out of ten or experience, the blog really has nothing to do with him. It's all about other. People who are going on cruises, and so when he started he made a list of questions he had been that's a great way to get going, but then, as the project grew now to three thousand dollars or four thousand dollars or more, my group because he started doing more active research and kind of went beyond his own experience and said: okay now there were. There are some questions that I had, but there's probably a lot of other questions at other people have. What are those questions? How can I find out what those are? How can I research the answers and then compile them and easy access? informative way and the same principle as true and in most stories that we look at so Stevens APP grew from his own frustration by most but who use it don't know much about him. All they know is that his out makes their lives better and that's what matters
So this is always a good starting point if you're beginning to think about your own hustling think ok, honey, I take some of these ideas. What is the right thing for me to make? What we'll talk about that in lots of different ways? But the great starting point is, How can I make someone's life better? Have you been enjoying the show so far that coming up next week a whole other batch of really fun stories, including a graphic designer who went from making minimum wage? In a recital to making tuner fifty dollars an hour and then that side hustle, eventually becoming a six figure business, and one of my favorite stories from a Washington DC federal analysed, who builds a very profitable hustle by buying and reselling products
and this is an all new category of hustle- that we haven't really talked about much yet it's a category of reselling and certain personalities will be drawn to this style of hustle more than others. So if you're left brained analytical logical I've kind of an engineering perspective, those kind of people tend to really like these kinds of hustles, and so I think you'll like that episode in and if you're, right, brains, creative, you know something different play a story for you as well, also starting next month in just a few weeks, actually avi testing something out, and I would love your help. I haven't to take side, hustle school on the road and do intend of workshops where I teach you a specific method, and if you come to the workshop you're going everything you need to start your hustle within thirty days. So this isn't a new thing for me just The show I've been working on for months behind the scenes and it's just not going out to the world, really excited to share it with you. So. Side, a source com, slash workshops, you'll see the first for cities
The lobbying for the workshop in our cities are Vancouver: Canada, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Phoenix Arizona. Maybe one more about a time. This episode goes out so, first of all while our cities would definitely like to see you sign up to now. The whole process works there and if did you think what s great but are known. Or near any those cities will that's right, need your help. I cannot say where you can sign up for the existing workshops. You can put on your request for me to come to your city. He ought to make any kind of commitment you just right yours. The name as all decide where I go next, entirely on this feedback because here once again show is for you this new, shock series of it for you and I exactly what you need so that we can make sure we get herself up and running if you're, enjoying the shall be really grateful if you'd go and just leave it quick rating in Itunes, that'll help. Other people discover the show
and I'll, see you tomorrow and everyday next week with more funds stories, actionable ideas I am critical about, and this is side hustle school.
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