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Weekly Recap: Free Video Training + How to Start a Workshop


In our twenty-eighth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A! 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Side of school welcome. This is critical about here with you today for the weekly recap. We have just finish weak number. Twenty eight of the show that this is a big we can from actually in Portland Oregon, my hometown, with about fifteen hundred other people or the world domination Sonnet WS is global. We been putting together for seven years now, he's been going out It's very immersive basically been working on a fault, I'm every day, but is also much fun. So that's what I've been up to. Addition to working on the show, of course I've got several good things for you today First of all on the site I saw but count down. There are now sixty four days to go until the becomes out, and I began my hundred city tour now last week I mention pre orders briefly, I bet about what to give everyone who priorities the buck. You compare to them from any source from your local bookstore from Amazon dot com from Barnes, a noble books, chatters INDIGO in Canada, wherever you prefer,
If you hang on to your receipt, I'm going to give you something special, maybe even more than one thing so once was is over I'm going to get to work on that should have an update for you next week, but just compared to the buck any time and not be eligible for that. One. Other special thing from time. I've mentioned shop. If I as a great resource to help you start your online store, they put together a free choice. Lesson: video training that you can access and nothing is risk You can watch it without registering and you can also get a free twenty one day, trial of shop. A five as part of this, which I think is pretty great, as I said you can watch that body. Running regardless ship. You entered having an online store, especially sighing physical product. You can watch that training for ray at sight of school dot com, slash online store. That aside us will school dotcom, Slash online, store and often said I want to highlight your side also story, and we ve been doing it. You different ways: a lot of the feed It is from the shower actually now coming from listeners or being referred by listeners, which is fantastic but also lots of emails from people who are starting projects in response to different episodes or something
They heard a learned about through the show I've a listener question today that up play just a moment about a workshop reversed when I read your message, I received from a different listener. This messages from Julie, coffin, Julie, as I lost my sight o so today I want to say thank you for the call to action in the past I would have started inspiration, but now I know that inspiration, combined action action is better side, as caught peace, love and sisters, dot com. I been listening to your pike from the beginning, so my brain is always prime to thank site hustle, my husband dissipated in a couples workshop recently, as I was sitting in the room, I thought to myself. Of course, people give great feedback about this. It's a self! acting group of people who are willing to participate and pretty much a couple that spent two days talking constructively and calmly to each other will benefit greatly I thought about my relationship with my sister sister relation you are so important. Yet there aren't any then used to support them. Light bulb moment. A sister workshop I could planet we can for sisters to build connection with each
So thanks the encouragement of the show. I have secured a location and date created a website contracted with a therapist to be a guess, speaker and a yoga teacher to lead partner sister yoga next on my list is to decide on a caterer and create a beautiful t, shirt design, enjoyment, this, while that she heard about the shower originally from Gretchen ribbon. So thank you Gretchen. Congratulations, Julie that is very clear, check out peace, love and sisters, dot com- it's also a subway to a listener question from Melinda programmes is more wonderful. North Carolina, I'm currently your high school english teacher, site hustle, I'm interested in being a workshop facilitator in which our train other facilities there's an trainers on how to develop meaningful workshops. I haven't masters in communication, and I do have experienced developing workshops and, of course lessons. However, I was advised to join an association
but the membership fees at the conferences are very expensive and I was wondering: is this necessary in order for me to network? I would look. You're a vice, because I'm definitely trying to act on my inspiration at this point in my life. Thank you, re Melinda. Thank you. So much for the question. The doubly sounds like your well qualified for this topic and, of course, the workshop That is a well proven model for lots of different topics Questions are: do people want it to be want what you're offering and assuming so assuming that there are some people who want what you're offering willing to pay for it, etc. How do you find those people, not whether you have to join the association or not me. I don't think you have to do anything. I think it's up to you. The question is: if it good idea for you to join the association, and things like that and a very alot there are some associations that have a lot of value and to focus on networking and could potentially connected with lots of people who might sign or otherwise refer you otherwise be beneficial to your hustle idea. Show it that's the case great there.
Also lots of other organisations and associations which, basically, just just to enrich themselves, and they are essentially gatekeepers who try to control communication. Try to control what people are allowed to do etc, are even if it's not that bad you're not necessary, that beneficial to you not really gonna help you. The people you need to find so I don't know much about this particular association or set of groups. It's kind of for you to decide, but I think that's the question to answer not whether you have to you don't have to do it. Do you really think that joining Association are these groups is gonna, be helpful. Who, in finding the clients, are students for the class. That's my do so, Of course. Let me know what happens, and I wish you Success looking back on the weak. First of all, remember something I mentioned last week: great listener tip. How not every podcast player download every episode. So ever summaries I refer to something that you haven't heard about. Let episode does exist.
You just might have to manually going download it thanks again to Chris incentives sent me that Tipp episode, one any on this week, was about a fourteen year old who cooks up a storm with a class project turned condiment business. I love a story because you give a student Jack to create an imaginary business and she goes and create a A business that makes real money due place keeps we may stories of kids and teenagers starting site hustles there, always very popular this on a spotlight on young people who are thinking differently and acting creatively. Let us later there were two tourism features Episode one three and one ninety four about a pilot, were again who makes his local tour business take flight, and a woman in London who turns chocolate tours into a full time. Job well, really, aforetime income. Brought in more than eighty thousand pounds last year will ever Hunter I dollars and I like that story Has it wasn't an overnight success or if it was, it was an overnight success, the took ten years, but she believed in it and kept steadily improving. It eventually quitting to go full time with it, but only after she felt confident and secure
are, of course, very important values of sawdust school. I don't wait. Take unnecessary risks. I want you to take a good risks. Smart risks, when you feel confident ensure there is, So an animal story which I promised you we would do at least every two to three weeks on a show, and I think it she'd been more than a month since we had one topic: is diluted with hate, mail and complaints cannot really maybe one person said something, but still I was better, get back to them an episode one. Eighty five is about birds of a feather flocked to your bank, account the and story of the humming hustle, which is now told story I have to do, is listen to it and last but not least episode one. Any six is about fundraiser, a woman who works for a nonprofit ends up creating female led social movement where she is only doing good, but also doing well towards a social but not a charity. It's a for profit. Business earning more three thousand pounds or about four thousand dollars a month. By reselling, cork, yoga mats, which also that was pretty interesting agenda for a while Don't think I've ever seen a cork yoga em anyway lots.
Great stories, be sure you go back and download and catch up with you haven't. Last week we talked about the concept of what s so many side. Also stories come about by people asking what? If what, if I took people in a chocolate tour, When people be interested in that. What? If I tried to introduce a different kind of yoga match what people want have aerial tours of my home state to my home region? What, if, as a powerful question, and I encourage you to think what? If as you go about your day and your weak coming up. We gonna show I go on vacation just getting. I don't take vacation probably a bit tired from hosting deputy us are weak but naturally the shovel continue got really story about a wedding ring advice service from the United Kingdom called agent engagement it is a pretty awesome. Name is also a couple in Germany, go to. Denmark on holiday then starts in art craft side. Hustle brings in something like tat. Thirdly, their income also a profit earning for groovy series featuring confetti, which makes several
thousand dollars a month and a coffee brand cod mommy coffee, specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers although stories and more, are coming up each day on a show, and as we close, the week. I want to say thank you. I want to give some credit where credit is due. Sawdust school is bordered on location at world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It then goes on to chocolate or of London before being produced in Brooklyn New York, independently studios. I production led by a civil, does also featuring a deluge ribbon. Show up. I wouldn't koranic jolly gullible provided rising creative direction. This week in my car, let me go about, has actually been on vacation hanging at the mill House an awesome cat boarding, Saudi in Portland, but also an essay thanks to listener, Robin in Dallas rescinding cat treated. Male for lady, so cool now, you'll get at them your house, we can be like hey Cipher, leaving it for a week, but somebody's in some countries mental at Fort you when you get home best alternate no other weak on birds of a feather flock to your bank. Account story. They really
To call it I didn't: choose the dove life the dove life chose me had get it to runner up status. By the way I attacked problem this week, I bought a blue to speaker for my bird, but I couldn't figure out had apparent so let us go is part of the Imo Project, a collection of broadcasts, simple ideas about making your life happier healthier, more productive, more creative check it out the onward project, dot, com, and wait don't go anywhere just yet. I want to thank you. The listener you aren't, the most important part of this process. You're the reason, I do this cycle school is for you, it is listener, supported if you wanna, help tell your friends about it and show them how to subscribe. Because not everyone knows how to subscribe to broadcast. It would also, super awesome if you would leave a quick little rating or review and apple pie tests that helps out of you, discover the show first of all in every episode, I said it? Inspiration is good, but action even better. Like you heard of. Top the show. I want you to take action on a future, Your story, forty hearing about what you're working on, I hope to see you tomorrow?
in everyday next week. Consider this vestment in yourself, episodes are uploaded six hour when I M eastern time every single day, I'm critical about this, the societal school.
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