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Weekly Recap: How to Find Things to Sell Online

In our forty-seventh weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A and updates from the road! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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hello, hey, what's up and welcome. My name is critical about recital school. This is the weekly recap. Looking back on the weak, sharing some thoughts, is actually weak. Number forty eight that were finishing up, which is hard for me to believe myself. But here we are not allowed to you to damage to talk about identity the stories this weekend of focused on concepts of identity and belonging, which are really critical and a lot of different side hustles and in thinking who you're gonna sir, and how you gonna, provide solutions to people's problems also got a couple of great listener emails in questions. Somebody asked about how do you find products to sell online? Somebody else asking about pricing and even a listener call- is well now over here. My road I'm doing some travel this week, but its a bit different. Then I usually do this week. I'm going my annual review trip and at some point am I an extended episode all about the annual review this summer
I've been doing myself for more than ten years. It is probably the single things that I can trace, like whatever productivity I have, whatever goals I've been able to accomplish, whatever success I've been able to have, and I've had lots of failures to, of course, but whatever good things have come, I really can back to a lot of those things and say it was this annual review process that helped me to make those things happen. So basically what I do and publish a link. If you'd like to read more about this, I got thousands of her. It's written more than ten years of sharing part of my annual review process online, but basically I do is kind of back on a year. Do some reflections asked myself like what went well this year? What did not go well like what am I pray What am I happy about what am disappointed in what could have gone better and then I say better part of a weak kind of plotting out my next year setting calls for a lot different categories? I have work categories. I have personal categories. I have categories the kind of
lap and, at some point being aware, usually usually set an intention or a theme of the year. This process has evolved quite a bit since I began, but the core part of it remains the same wishes identifying my priorities, like one of the goals them in a work on what am I trying to achieve our accomplish? What are the values, lit by and how those goals and values connected. It's basically about living intentionally. So that's what I'm up to this week, of course, have continued to record the show every day. But for now, if you'd like to learn more about this annual review process, just come to see us all school dotcom. Slash annual review now will redirect using my personal blog, where I had a whole bunch of post written up over the years for those who are curious so that satisfies school, dotcom, slash annual review I've got a couple of listener emails. I want to share a few and also that listener voicemail that I mentioned. First email is from anti and he says I always understood from your writing in podcast- that leveraging your passion or career is a great way to find something to sell the impression I get it being in an industry. You have this knowledge what a figure out a way to make a site also from it? So as long as you keep your head,
eyes opened for all the opportunities around you. You find something but To recap episode you mention that you sold legos for a time, even though you are not especially interested in them. My question is: how did you get into selling legos. If there's an easy answer my body was a lego distributor. Can you explain how we find arbitrage up It is in general, in fields we have little to no knowledge of thanks for your help. Well anti! Thank you for that Jane? I mentioned that long ago, by the things I saw, on online auctions was Lego, kids and I person, not an adult fan of like? Oh, I think they're cooperate suddenly my thing but when I was selling stuff online, when I was a reseller doing online auctions, this goes back a long long time, while the short answer is, I just looked at what was selling on places like Ebay and other auction sites. The time and I paid attention to what the price is typically ended at and all this information is public, so I noticed a significant difference in price from one source to another, or I found a way to purchase something that I was fairly confident that I could sell for a higher price. That tie would decide what
So, basically, so again it wasn't that I was passionate about like oh, and I also did have a lot of knowledge about, like all the knowledge that I had acquired from doing that kind of reselling project was about reselling itself. I learned how to buy things in one place and sell them somewhere else, so in the case of that kind of sight o. So it's not so much about special. His knowledge of the topic of the content, just about understanding more about buying and selling and learning how to paper. Sing one place and sell it for a higher price somewhere else. I hope that helps and thanks for listening next question comes from Kyle Kyle says. First of all, thank you for the book and a pie ass beside us, I'm working on contains a lot of information, and I'm not sure. If I should leave out the information or a pile all the details on people for me, I'm you have all the information to absorb, but a lot of people want just the basics. For example, if you're buying a watch more times, The information provided will be the material it's made of whether its automatic courts and the diameter of the face, but there's so much more to a good wash than just that. So how would you advise I go about this problem? I tend to think the more you know the better, but I also realise p
have a short attention span. Ok, I'm glad you know you're out. There is a good question and I have a direct answer. I would be why free of information that focuses too much on features and, let's talk about washes because watches can cost five dollars or five thousand dollars. In fact, I can cost a lot more than five thousand dollars and somewhere there's probably a place to buy watch for a dollar. If you consider that there's this product Thick cost very little money or a ton of money, and I was going to be a difference in quality, but you know, is the five thousand dollars watch much better than the four thousand dollars watch? I got a certain point is going to come down to the story that you tell and the best watchmaker sell a story. They don't sell information, they don't sell those details. Those features, if you look at all advertising for expensive, watches or even mid range watches. It's all about how this time fees can be a meaningful part of your life, a special memory, something to pass on or whatever it is.
Very, very much focused on an experience. It's not focused. I like the text back like the geek talk. All that kind of stuff, so when you thinking about what information to include well, if you got a great story than yes tell the story- and hopefully you do have a great story but tat to use your phrase of piling information on people, I don't think that's a good eye, focus. Instead on the emotional benefits, the real impact that the watch or whatever it is you're selling is gonna have on someone and now hear from MR who called into the hustle hotline. As reminder, to get your questions or comments that hustle hotline is eight for four nine hustle or eight for four nine, four, eight, seven, eight five three. You can no record me a little voice, not with your phone and unite to podcast at sight of school dot com. So let's hear was going on today hey, Grace Scott from Toronto, abolitionism podcast. Try to find a way to use my side as well to fulfil my creative passion, which is currently doing they also have it made me, pass an income which it currently isn't doing.
Side, hustlers making rustic home, they were from wood and I've. Really A further news within that crafting decorative ladders, their selling really well in my local market, from faced with two ceilings that are currently holding me from taking it to the next level, one is a time limitation. I can only sell as much as I can make to the geographic limitation, is ladders are roughly five feet tall, so shipping can make them quite expensive. Wondering if you have any thoughts or inspiration that can help me unlocked the next level with this US up to overcome my time, geography, conundrum he's got what's up. This sounds like a really interesting project. Would love to check if any of our listeners have some advice for Scott sent us an email and we can pass it on to him. Just listening to a story had a couple of thoughts, so the first part about the time ceiling. Well, something like this is always going to take I would say if they are selling really well like you mentioned, but it's mostly kind of fulfilling your creative focus, rather than your income focus and by nature
I got a time. It sounds like you money to raise the price. That's the first part about that, and as for the second part, that geographic limitation, I don't know exactly what to tell you, but it does seem possible that there are products that are kind of bulky and heavy or otherwise difficult to ship that still manage to get shipped like I'm thinking of his company called big ass fans and I ve heard of them, but check out big ass fans, dot com- they have the best name in the world, and that name is just completely descriptive of what they do from time to time they get com. In about the name and they like publish that complain on their website. They till it play it up, but even leaving aside the individual sales, I'm interferes awaited, enter like one more market, since you're selling one run, or could you make a dozen of or whatever we still have a truck or something and find a way to get those two Ottawa Montreal somewhere else in Canada, our across the border to Detroit or wherever, so then it's not just you local market, but you have to markets and of course there can be. Some logistics involve some complexity, but rather than saying, I'm in a cell
wide. First, you just kind of out on one market because, as you said about the first part of the problem, when your time is limited, so if ten times as much demand. You won't be able to make ten times a day ladders. So in any case it HU, a cool, I will have to check it out online and if our listeners have some advice in it to me and I'll pass it on to Scott Thanks man. Good luck. Support for this pod cast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars? Biplane ticket they don't. You student loan treat yourself to those shoes you benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance, get your quote online a progressive come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards. Savings by new customers, urban who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen
all right song, reflecting on some of the episodes for this week. I realized we had this clear theme of identity and belonging, but I want to talk about. I guess we also had poisonous frogs like the Florida woman who gets paid to remove poisonous frogs, the strange but true story of a high school sure who earn several thousand dollars a month for moving and youth niceties frogs. That was episodes Reynard thirty two, but for the sake of this station that one out and focus on the next two episodes? Three hundred and thirty, three and three hundred and thirty for the first time, was about a business analyst who turns off. Boss problem into a hundred thirty thousand dollar solution, and that one after that was across bitter who sells Jim Equipment for seven figures now about this weight loss problem. This was a woman who had had buried Patrick Surgery and she created a subscription box for other women who had been to his experience and wanted to get well like the way you get well. This treatment, as it's not just a surgery, it's also a big adjustment and lifestyle and kind of pay, attention and being mindful after the surgery, so that you continue to be healthy and the episode I talked about how she had had
problem herself, so she was her ideal target market. She understood the pain points as well as the aspirations about people like her. What what I wanted to focus on is that this is a clearly identifiable group, its people with different demographic background, But they can identify with one another based on a common problem, say the shared experience with a struggle, as well as a shared experience with a desire to get well and what's great about the online world. Is that it's very easy to connect with people based on that shared struggle that shared desire to get well, whereas now it's possible to say like here is the product that making- and it doesn't matter where you live- you can learn about. In ten seconds and understand immediately if it's a good fit for you're, not like. If you look at that product and that's not you- you had experience, you don't have that need, but someone
I saw that experience and does have that struggle or that need there at least gonna pay attention to it. They're not gonna, pass it up. You start to sell them. You start to show them that you have a solution to their problem, but by sharing that experience, your building a powerful report that then at least has the potential to open the door to a profitable site. Hustle, like this woman, has found a very profitable one and the same thing that next episode I talked about people who do I see they are a tribe they identify with one another. So identity is an important part of that as well. There are men and women who do crossfire their people of different ages in different backgrounds, but that's the thing that unites them. This shared desire for a specific kind of personal improvement and the guy who create that project, understood that and that was his identity as well, so he focused very much on that sense of belonging and in fact, when he developed products are when he source. Ex rather when he went out and said, o cabinet. Add this product you my catalogue. He first tested on himself by essentially asking Is this something that I would use and in second tested it at his jam on his gems social media feeds by putting
I'm saying: ok, anyone interested in this and a people said yeah that's interesting than he might proceed to the next steps, but if nobody cared, if there wasn't much engagement than he would just skip, that, So if you, in a situation where your site us what is going to focus on a group kind of like this, it's very important understand like what unites them and what divides them so to stop. You can do there, we could dissected and go to all kinds of levels. I just want you to begin thinking about. Identity and belonging and asking like? Does this apply to what I working on, or at least the idea that I have, and if so, what does that mean for me, or at least how does begin to help me got on a particular path to understand what kind of decisions I need to make next? Of course, we had several other episodes, Last week I was encourage you to go back and listen and the archives they are all free. You can access them on satisfy school dot, com or an apple pie. Cash or wherever you listen to pipe gassed, Spotify stature, lots of other great sources as well coming up next week, I'm pretty excited, as we could have come to the end of twenty seven we ve really got some great stories are already beginning to think about twenty eighteen months to come. I am building up
I am satisfied society which will have a major announcement for soon I'm excel. I know a lot of our listeners have been asking about it over and over which kind of shows me that there is a shared belonging or at least a shared desire for something, but, first and foremost the episodes we ve got something about gourmet popsicles like popsicles for adults, not just because that you have on your sex or eight years old. Also, I haven't no hear something about giant puppets. That's enough for my assistant Whitney, so I asked her what she means by giant puppets, but apparently a story of giant puppets coming up now because a societal school and you never know it gonna get. We have a former high times cartoonist. That's a magazine about cannabis, marijuana, a former cartoonist for that matter. And who makes twenty thousand dollars in a weekend crafting would handled marijuana paraphernalia in his basement. That episode, of course, will be very stimulating or perhaps very relaxing, depending on your profile, and last but not least, in fact I think, actually coming up tomorrow, we have an episode, a story from the North Pole Ort, not quite enough directly but more by proxy. It doesn't bother particular bearded and who is known for travelling around the world breaking into
houses and leading gifts so you'll hear about that very soon, not before I sign off at the end of each weekly recap. I always like to say thank you. Today is day number three hundred and thirty seven. I told you on episode, one that if you made it part of your routine and you stuck with it, I'm going to stick with it too here we are now at the end of the year and if you just somewhere along the way. That's awesome to welcome the best is yet to come: stay tuned, this week. As I mentioned, I offer my annual review still recording the show. Of course, I think it's transported, magically to Brooklyn, New York and Washington DC independently studios the production team there is headed up. A sea Valdez he's assisted by Vera, Carruthers, show notes and scheduling and how strangling all kinds of stuff My assistant, when incorrect in Portland she has joined once in a while by the official show cat Liebig elbow Other Libby is not always reliable and fortunately, but listeners do keep asking where I put her up on the website, so we'll try to get a photoshoot of our Portland team soon and all of us together myself that team you,
part of the armor project, which was founded and is led by Gretchen, ribbon authorised before tendencies to happiness, project, lots of other books and hosted the mega popular pot cast happier. You can learn more about that at the armored project. Outcome can learn more about status or school. It's not a school dot com and last but not least, as I say, every single week, I want to thank you, the listener, fearlessness you're. The reason I make a show true story: this is it listener supported show. I want to make a difference in your life episode I always say, inspiration is good, but action is better because I want you to take action to be able to feature your story I got an email from you about what you're working on I see you I'm one of my tour stocks and here about what you're making and how that thing you're making it is making a difference in your life do one small thing to help us. You can tell your friends about the show makes a huge difference if your shirt Mine use the hashtag site, also school. If you're sharing in Paris Show somebody how to subscribe to the show. A lot of people are still need a pact they don't know how it works, but of course you know it's actually quite simple, so help them out of you
somebody who needs aside us off introduced them to the show, and you know that they can count on getting consistent, daily, concise stories that are not just wrong. Stories, but is actually a reason to them. There's something you gonna learn every day. At least that is Michael. That's what I will be working on all next week and in the weeks to come, Episodes of the show go online at sixty one, a M eastern time every single day. My aim is critical about, and this is side us all school.
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