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Weekly Recap: SHS Listeners Are Taking Action!

In our forty-fifth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A and updates from the road! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Maybe oh hey there. What's up, welcome, decided so school. This is the weekly recap. I am your host critical about and we have just finished weak number. Forty six I want to welcome any new listeners who have joined us this week. I continue to hear from folks who just discover the show very then because one of her friends is told them about it, one of our long time listening enjoying it and want other people to know how to create a new source of income without quitting your job. If you are new, that's what the show is about. We have a seat Commission an episode every day all focused on that topic. How can you create more options for yourself? How can you be little bit more freedom in your life. How can you just makes an extra money so that you can do the things that are important to you, and, most importantly, how can you do that without stressing yourself out when you already are really busy person and don't have it on a time? And if you didn't hear the check and message, I did this week just a short little episode, a couple minutes long. I made an announcement that site US
school will continue next year and twenty eighteen team. Now I saw back in January one. I made a commitment to making an episode, a single day, four thousand and sixty five days, and I said if you commit to making this part of your team, I can to being here as well. I want to help you succeed in this process. Stories that I'm telling you I want to be able to have your story at some point or even if you dont want to be feature first, I want to be able to say like like we did this to me. We made this thing happened for you. This idea that, even about for a while, or maybe just heard about the site- also concept, but you think you're. That sounds good like how can I get that so that was a commitment made and as the your came to an end, especially when I went out on tour people started asking me every night hey what's gonna happen, like is the show gonna continue and I can be completely truth. In saying that during the shower has been one of the best things, I've ever done, I being connect people in writing: a blog writing books, doing meet option, workshops and events the world for nearly a decade now, but this was my first year to do pod
and I was greatly surprised myself at just how many people were out they're interested in it and not just the number of people but the enthusiasm and the active participation of so many of you, guys like that is honestly white has led me to say: ok, can I do it all over again, twenty eight team and when I say do it all over again, I don't mean like going back to the beginning and telling you the same stories like we are lining up all different stories for next year there some other tweaks and improvements we want to make. I went to continue you have all the show in response to your needs, based on what I hear from people at the thence in my email every day on the voicemail Social, yeah, etc show it. This is helpful to you you been enjoying at you been wondering: ok, what happens next. Well, I not going anywhere. So if you knew missing out still greater, go back and listen to some of the archives to catch up a bit their offer. You can download
Listen whatever you want, but you can also look forward to, depending on the show to be there for you going into next year and then this freak out today. I want to tell you two stories, but I've gotten in just the past week. They kind of illustrate why I like to do Saudis, will school wise going to continue and the impact is making the first one comes from Audrey I'll, be right in and says I just wanted to share my side, hustle progress with you exactly the next day after I finish reading side hustle, I decided to reach out to fifteen companies to see if they would like to utilise my services, which is helping small businesses, maintain an online presence by posting on our social media accounts within only thirty minutes, I got a call back. I was will the unprepared, but they ended up wanting to move forward, and I officially got my first client right now. It's just an addition. Few hundred dollars a month. We want a month to month, contract, but nonetheless, getting such a quick response was totally motivating to keep going. I'm still learning in making things up as I go, but I'm hoping to get at least a few more clients, so I'm no longer completely dependent The income from my day job again it was from Audrey Audrey. Thank you
Make sure that no congratulations what you mean and hear about getting your first client. Your first customer is exactly what I'm trying to do with all of the listeners other show making your first few hundred dollars because, as you experienced, it feels great, I'm so glad you're able to do that story. Number two comes from Devon in Vancouver, British Columbia, Devon writing to say: hey Chris how's, the tour going. I was at your very first sight of scope, shop in Vancouver BC. I listened to your podcast right in beginning. Well, guess what is all happening? Don't remember my side, hustle is called fluster, it's a social card game uses unusual questions to inspire thought, provoking and hilarious conversations. Basically, it creates memorable and deeply connective moments between humans have been creating a prototype
making a video and running copy over the past few months and we are now live on Kickstarter. Needless to say, we're pretty excited about this would love for you to take a look at fluster game, dot com slashed kickstarter, thanks for your party help me get to this point where I can say it finally feels like it's on the horizon all the best Devon while Devon. Thank you so much. Congratulations to you too! This is super awesome. I did go and look at that Kickstarter did on twitter and put in the show notes as well. So other listeners can check it out, but at the time of this recording given is already raised. Five thousand dollars for this project has a thirteen thousand our goal and suffer he's got a hundred and nine backers and yeah. It's also us and I saw you wanted to be a money making project after the campaign. The goal is to turn it into e commerce sales or some kind of wholesale sales. He still working on that, but definitely seems like a great beginning all right! So speaking of stories, I would love to hear yours. You have a story,
done something this year. Are you working on it right now, as the book helped you in some way? Please do. Let me know I'd love to share more stories with the community, and I also just like to hear them myself like to be totally honest and selfish. Funding or what you guys are doing. You can always send an email into pie cast aside us or school dot com. You can also make a little voice, not with your phone and send it to that same address, or if you prefer it just dialing number that's fine see we have just hustle hotline call, eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and eighty eight eight thousand four hundred and forty nine for eighty seven thousand, eight hundred and fifty three or always of course, hit me up on social media, ninety three countries on Instagram Crystal about my name on Twitter Facebook, gee, I allow eat the you, but story. Sometimes it's easier to send an email or do a voice recording just to make sure I don't mess it. Ok, I'm an idiot gonna, look back on the episodes of this week and a preview of whites to come. First, a brief shut out to this week's sponsor support for this podcast comes from for good.
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all right. I want to talk briefly about just a couple: the episodes this week. Of course I encourage you to listen to all of them, but I know you're busy. That's what we keep him short also. I do this recap so coupled I'd like to highlight four, you episode. Three. Seventeen were restarted the week off, lifelong A scout earns recite hustle badge and thirty five there's a month? This is really interesting because it just a simple, content business. What I mean is content, she's, writing e books. She sang easy bucks for three to five dollars. Each super super low priced which is clearly got a lot of volume because its adding up to that impressive thirty five hundred dollars a month total and my encouragement, her an episode. My strong encouragement, in fact, is to create at least one higher price product, or perhaps a compilation of Oliver products. I say higher price and not talking about expensive, I'm talking about twenty dollars for a higher price product or if its accomplice,
Oliver stuff, maybe add up no, what the retail value of that would be and then no discount at four thirty percent. So perhaps it's the forty seven dollar bundle or something If she did that, I would be amazed if she doesn't see a very significant increase in our income is not about trying to charge girl scout troop leaders. You know a lot more money, you can still keep at low priced, but three to five large is really really low to keep those ebooks by do think about developing something else. Her name is Jody, so Jody if it works and you do increase your income. All that money is yours to keep. I just asked for a box or to attack lungs. Those are my favour. Growth got cookies, just saying. I also really liked episode. Three nineteen from landscaper to pod cast producer earning four thousand dollars a month, and there is a phrase that episode that I've been thinking about over the past couple days. This guy discovers his sight hustle in what he called the trifecta of passion, skill and opportunity, and I thought that was so great because not every side huh. Has to meet this trifecta. You may just stumble on something: that's a good opportunity and my philosophy
Firstly, as you know, to think hard about it like, if see money lying under a rock, you should pick it up, and this is contrary to a lot of typical entrepreneurial advice, or maybe things you go on shark tank. Creating an extra income source for yourself without cutting your job is quite different from trying to create a start, or something it's huge and scale. But it is nice and I think it's the kind of things that lead people to eventually quit their jobs when they do find a trifecta when it's not just a good, opportune but it also something that really excited about, and it something that their good at. That's why it's important to have all three, because you can be really excited about something, but not that great at it. Like a sometimes talk about my inability to fix anything mechanical, they have no mechanical skills whatsoever. Dont know how to do any kind of car maintenance the joke. I say which is sadly based in reality, is that I used to be able to elect, put in light bulbs, and that was yet but then lightbulbs targeting complicated. Now some of them have not just like sky. Any other sort of thing you have to take out in complicated gotta to make sure you can't get electrocuted. Oh my God
So in this case not only do I not have the scale and also not passionate about it. I have no desire to get better at that. My life actually a lot better. When I just accepted that said, okay, this is not something I'm good, I'm going to do the things I am good at, but just imagine if all of a sudden, I became passionate about that and said, like I'm, going to start a side hustle like you, don't going to people's remote offices and I'm doing car and Sir, whatever doesn't matter. If I'm really excited about it, I have no skill in it and I'm not gonna learn that skill overnight. So with all three of these things, passions given opportunity, you can look and say: okay, well, you know you. Make something work. If you have two out of three, maybe once in a while one or two three is ok but honestly the goal and I think the whole goal of your career vision, actually, which is not something we usually directly address on the show. I think the goal is to find out trifecta to work towards it So it's pretty cold. This guy had the scale we had this background and audio engineering. I think, even at a degree in it he was super passionate about podcast, listening to them for fish,
hours a week on double speed. It's gotta be a record and, of course, there's a tremendous opportunity with more more people, starting pie casts and a gap in the market between people who wanted to do everything themselves completely. I why, which is totally fine and in some bigger, shows that work with networks that have a full time, production, team, lots of shows and better I was in the middle of those two ranges: that's how he was able to get the four thousand dollars a month in a pretty short of time. Unless I just applied episode. Three hundred and twenty two, a marketing executive, create a coupon site. By the way, there's a bit of a divide over how to say that word. So I pronounce it coupon, but if you say Cuban, that's cool to the point as a discount the site, and there are a lot of sites like this out there. You have probably seen than yourself if you ever search for a discount code for an online merchant, literally Thoust, These sites exist they earned, and when you go to their site and use their code, you go back to that merchant, whether its Eddie Bauer. Or are you I or best buy or any other number of companies? Somebody sites actually make a lot of money,
some of them, also have a pre terrible user experience because they're all about just kind of sucking people in getting their computer cookie. So that when they go back that merchant they're can earn money, but the design is really bad and a lot of a discount codes don't actually work. There expired, so you, as a user, have a frustrating experience, but the sight doesn't really care because there's still gonna make money off you so in that way. It's kind of an annoying business model right because it creates a value for them, but without doing anything for you, but of course you can create a good experience for consumers with it actually give them discount codes that work. So if they come to your site, they get that code. They If money you have made their life better, they might keep coming back. They might you know Twitter, Facebook or otherwise share your site with other people. May I just say twenty dollars my purchase, you know from the site check it out too haven't looked at this model before and more than two hundred episodes. So if you're interested in it maybe going check it out and the person feature there had a pretty good strategy of paying for this feed that curates the deals and make sure that people actually have a good experience
so does. Are allies from this week. Of course, you can check them all out. You just a little bit of what's coming up over the next week or next week is Thanksgiving, at least in the? U S If you live in Canada already, had your thanksgiving feel free to celebrate with us as well, if you live somewhere else in the world will feel free to celebrate with us to because not easily one for holidays, but Thanksgi is one public v1 that I use it looked forward to the most? It's all about gratitude and pie. How could you not be happy with those things and just before Thanksgiving, I'm actually doing a super quick trip to the United Arab Emirates two and emirate called charge. I, which is right outside of do by some accident, a fly to do by from the states be part of this entrepreneurial ship event that I was invited to speak out and then returned the next day, which is right before thanksgiving. So I think my planet to just not sleep at all and then there will be any jet lag. I'll? Let you know that goes more importantly, on the show, I've got an amazing episode coming up free to Morrow, and I do not that lightly. Ok, if you ve been listening to us,
here. You know that there are certain stories that you here and you're like. I just can't believe that that is a man That is incredible. I even get em and people that are like, I just dump, I'd literally dont, believe it and, unlike we'll, go look at it like here's the website, we have actually verified this information, and I know it I have to say this is an amazing episode, but I promise you that lives up to the hype. The topic is: are you ready for this, its bouncy castles or bouncy houses for adults that are rented at parties? Pvc about the castle, Bouncy House. You probably never wondered like. Where does that come from like how much does it cost? How does it work? There's a guy one of our listeners who investigates the world about castles decides to get into it himself does drop shipping. Where never actually handles the inventory, which is key, he doesn't have a hundred bouncy castle stacked up in his garage he's, dropping his bounty castles and he is making well just. Let me tell you to Morrow he's making a lot of money from this, so you're gonna hear about them. He Castle empire that we started part time by regular guy with a job and ends up making
money than the vast majority of us see in a couple of years of like a regular income. So, yes, you don't miss that one only on side of school You hear stories like that. Of course, we got some other stuff come out this week. That's just the one most excited about to be honest with you, I mean how could you not be, and before I say farewell for the week, I just want to say thank you as well to a number of folks. My list of credits begins with you The listener is no exaggeration to say you're. The reason I make the show you're the reason, but I can t into twenty eighteen. I wanna hear more stories What you're doing- and I keep my tour going at fifteen to twenty cities in the spring. Finally, my side of society, which is an online community and training programme, for so many people out. Who have asked me literally every day, how can I get some specific training and coaching to go through this process, and how can I connect with other people who are doing this so that I can have support from them and maybe help them as well or that is coming soon as well? Also, thanks to you, it, does take a village and a car to make the show production is led by eighty Valdez in Washington DC. We got a new
MR I want to welcome Vera Carruthers to the show she's in Brooklyn New York. Welcome, very glad to hear that wonderful shown us that we have reached episode. As well as wrangling me, as well as helping to plan out the description stories and scheduling all kinds of stuff. That's my assistant, Whitney Clinic and, of course, the cat Liberia, Gill about who regularly gets up at three o clock in the morning pacific time to make sure the episode goes on mine and often makes me up as well, which is of course much appreciated. Sicel school is part of the onward project founded by Gretchen ribbon. She is the host of her own mega popular podcast, called happier. You can check that out an apple pie cast and while you're there'll be super cool. If you could just give us a quick little rating, a review that kind of stuff helps a lot. I worked hard on the show and I hope it helps you those ratings. Views and most important of all impact referrals. When you tell your friends about the show that separately helps us alive is an organic products. We don't have paid advertising. We have a huge marketing campaign to show his ground because of listeners.
In every episode. I always say, inspiration is good, but action is better. Listening to this, every day and taking action. Even small steps is an investment in yourself. I want this investment to be rewarding see you tomorrow and each day next week with more stories and actionable ideas. Those episodes go online Six one a m eastern time every single day, I'm go about this inside us in school.
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