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Weekly Recap: Starting and Ending a Seasonal Side Hustle

In our forty-eighth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A and updates from the road! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Maybe later it's up welcome, decided to school. This is Priscilla Gower here with you on the weekly recap. Now we just we'd. Never forty. Nine of the show camp We are running toward the end of the year. It's been such an amazing year and, of course, As you may know, side us with school will continue the twenty eighteen the end of the year is approaching, there's so much more on the way team and I ve been talking a lot about our plans for next year. We are all just so excited bringing you these stories every single day now before I go into the side us will start today. I wanna make some personal comments about the holidays. But this does not apply to you than just ignore you can get this part, but what I want She is that for a lot of people, the holidays are a joyous season and there's lots of celebrate, and goodness and family time of that kind of stuff, but the same There are also a lot of people that struggle during the season and just in case that you, if the
These are hard for you in general, or this year, and particularly patch him bad stuff happens. It does not really looking forward to the next few weeks. I want to say that you're not alone out there and lots of other we feel that way. I often feel that way myself when we talk about it on the show, but from time to time, I've struggle depression and anxiety and holidays have been some of the most difficult times for me. So In case you are going through a hard time over there. I often think it I quote behind, because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. As I said, you're not alone you can get through this. If you're having a really hard time. I understand I've been there too. I just want to ask you to how to somebody and don't be afraid to talk to someone about what you're going through enlargement. Just hang in there. That's my hot encouragement for everyone who struggling this year or just as a hard time with holidays in general. I hope you don't mind, and now, let's get on with the show
if you are in New York, city or near vitamin d, be doing a special event just a couple days from now, if you're listening in real time can be Wednesday December thirteen we work, there are several we work locations, but if you come to satisfy school dot com, slash tour, you can get a free ticket and learn all about it. Partly satisfied to urban actually doing some new stuff, and I haven't done before so. I hope you can only for that. If you're around otherwise I mentioned last week that I've been doing my annual review. That is this process. Where I'm going several days in kind of reflect on a year, look ahead to the next year and sets him was in various categories. I said some personal goes some career goals, some writing gulls financial, spiritual wellness relational kind of stuff, and overall is for me the number one practice that has helped me the most in the past decade and I must have ensure parts my annual review for most of the past decade, if you're curiously
anymore. It's either my processor. How you can apply this for yourself. Just come to Titusville School dot, com, annual review, my text going to redirect you to my personal blog and you can see a whole bunch of post their butt from this year and from in the past and if you have a review process of your own, if you do something similar I'd love to hear about it, let me know I want to read an email to you from LISA May. Suffice it to say Chris had to tell you what I did today, the listing decisive school. All. You're like a lot of your listeners, I'm sure I've had a bunch of ideas floating around, but I still haven't actually move forward on anything. I started very decidedly book. I went through six days of it. Then I got stuck to do so would devote the day before Thanksgiving. To cite us all camp, I made myself in agenda let a fire put on company close, then spent the day ring the whole bucks. I would see the big picture of how it would go. Then I went back to the book and schedule the exercises to complete. End of the year, I now know I'm falling to watch my project before twenty seventeen ends the most The thing is, I bought a domain name that I've always wanted, and I also for a web hosting account what a day I'm super excite
I need be happy to hear this feel free to share idea of cider so camped anyone else who is listening. Sometimes you need to create a fund and about a day to get yourself unstuck, as I said that LISA later. Thank you so much. That's awesome. I love the whole concept of cider, so camp taking a data go through stuff. It sound similar to that annual review process. I just described that I've. Going through this week. So all the best to you and definite. Let us know what happens with your project. I also have a call in question from a listener, can apply that question and provide a short answer and just reminder to you If you have a question or comment, I always love to hear from you and to leave those remarks. It's really simple, just call eight hundred and forty four nine thousand five hundred and fifty four hello hotline. It's also eight hundred and forty four nine thousand four hundred and eighty seven five three and you can make a voice now for me there or if you prefer, you can record it on your phone Iphone Android, put phone pay phone, then email that voice note to podcast, etc.
The score tat come so, let's hear from someone who's out there, I believe in Cleveland Ohio Progress. We need from Cleveland Ohio. I'd love side has a school. I hope your people out next year, even if it's only a few days a week, my son, Also that I would like to start involves doing podcast, but I feel very soon need about the mechanics of it, and I wondered if you could share the exact mechanics of how you record your pod casts and what you recommend, especially for beginners. Thank you. How many thank you so much for the question, and this is quite timely, because just about two weeks ago I released and extended episode all about podcast lessons, and it did go into mechanics as well as content and philosophy what I've learned basically from hosting this show this year, and we also have some notes from our producer eighty Valdez about some technical stuff, along with
referrals places. You can go to read more, so I mention that because some people may have heard that, but a lot of people may have missed it so once a month, I do this longer episode about a specific topic, cod and extended cut, and listen to all of them and see all the resources for all of them at all, free at satisfies school dot, com, slash extended to the package, lessons recent one there, but there's also a bunch of others about writing a book about tat behind the scenes of a million dollar Etsy Shop, about pricing strategy, where ideas come from how to choose ideas all that gonna stop once a month is one of those and you can check them all out, etc. So squat, dot com, slash extended support for this podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket, It on your student loan treat yourself to their shoes. You benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance, get your quote online a progressive come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards,
savings by new customers, urban who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen. We are looking back on this week. It's one of blood, a couple of lessons most of our listeners actually go through most of the episodes, but of course, if you had a chance to do so, you can go back and listen to it, whatever you're interested in it's always there for you in the archives always free and one of my favorite episodes this week was number three hundred and thirty eight one of the weak Santa's letter writing gig hustles down the chimney, and this is the kind of project that is seasonal by nature, people, letters from Santa one time of the year, pretty much the rest of the time, the other ten. After months of the year, it's like he's exiled somewhere only to be real. And from the ashes like a jolly overweight Phoenix in November and December. I think seasonal projects like this are really interesting because one of the concerns I from people. One of the fears of the worries is assessed. Have overwhelm a sense of starting something that never ends a in kind of biting off
you can chew or getting into something that just kind of in taking up your life there's a lot we could say about. That would do, however, about it at some point, but maybe suggestion for now is to find a seasonal project like this or even if it's not seasonal by nature, like the Santa letter, writing gig, what, if just aside that your site, Ursula Seasonal or you some other kind of limitation around it, something I've heard from service provider to get overwhelmed with. Having too many clients we kind of lose sight of why they started a project in the first place, is to create these limitation, So you say I'm going to have you no x number of clients each month, and maybe I've got six clients that want to sign up, unwilling to take three and put the other three on a waiting list or wherever the numbers turn out to be for you. I never want you to forget that your site hustle, is there to support your life beside so as to get you closer to the goals that you sat, the things that you believe in so it should.
Something that overwhelms and you do have control over it. Unlike a lot of other things in your life, perhaps if you have a job you not fully in control of everything you do there, even if you have a lot of autonomy, sometimes your boss might ask you to do something that you're not excited about we may have to cover for a coworker. Are there some administrative task? You I don't care for, but you have to do both your site. Also. There can be some administrative tasks like that, but the broader as you do have a lot of control. You have a lot of autonomy, so if your work not being overwhelmed than just think about what limits you can set or if it's a kind of business that essentially grows based on the amount of time you put into it, will decide in advance how much time you'll see Look at your weeks, calendar look at your months. Plants see what's coming up, see what kind of responses as you have in the rest of your life, slot in whatever side. Also time you can with the standing that you're not gonna, keep going going work. Those three hours Thursday night or that half a dance, today or whenever it turns out to be, even if it's just patina today and then you get a move on. In other words, I dont think you have to be overwhelmed. I think there are strategies you can use to prevent. That
also wanted to mention briefly episode. Three hundred and forty one about the nonprofit employee, who sells twenty five thousand gourmet ice pops. I didn't know until I recorded that episode that popsicle is actually a trademark term, so you have to call them ice, pops or all sorts of other names. I've never before, but more importantly, that episode highlight some really basic advice that I think is just worth restating if you're new to this role of side, hustling are really simple. Practical thing you should do at the outset of starting your project is to open a designated bank account for all the funds that come through it all the money you take in as well as all the experts as you pay out. It just makes things much easier and cleaner as you go along and should also sign up for payment processor, which can be as simple as creating a business account on pay. Pal dot com might have a personal pay pal account already. If so, it's very simple to just open it If not business one or in some cases with Paypal, you can actually use that personal account for business, but, generally speaking, it's best to kind of keeping separating clean. Also, since we're restating advice in a story that woman who saw.
Twenty five thousand gourmet ice pops up. It was your two or something she quit her job to focus full time and a project but of core As we see over an overt, she only did that when it made sense to do so. She actually went through this little forecasting exercise with spreadsheet. Looking at Oliver expenses, her business stuff, her personal stuff, and then she made a decision to go for it. So I think I mention in an episode as well that there is a free back of napkin spreadsheet. You can get as part of the side hustle buck resources if you have to satisfy Buckingham registered it yet just come: decisive school dot, com click, the registry, your book link. I try to be really subtle with titles and we're not send you a bunch of free stuff, including that back of napkin spreadsheet, but you can use lots of other funds step, of course, as always in just a quick little snake. To what's coming next. This week I got a story about a software engineer who designs a wallet tool after getting locked out of his apartment. This very practical basic need
goes on to earn fifty thousand dollars in its first year and eventually cells at five hundred thousand units. Definitely a big success or bring that to you tomorrow. Also love how practical it is. It's not like. Here's how I'm gonna go change. The road is a thought later and give TED talks, it's more like not to give people something useful for I can understand right away and then, by the way, I'm actually gotta go on to make a lot of money from it. So great story coming up to Morrow is also a criminal defence attorney who starts men's and women's accessories and of course, so much more you never know. You're gonna get a thing is at last week's episode We have this marijuana story about some guy who makes cannabis accessories means of earning too thousand dollars in a weekend with these accessories. That story actually got bumped this week. So it's coming up soon I have mentioned a couple times. Side of civil society are upcoming training course and community, which is gonna lie. In January. I'm so excited amounted. Do a more detailed checking message for you soon about that.
Over and over on my tour, stop sent in my inbox and getting people asking for that community to connect one another. Where can we go to get pure feedback? Coupling gets a more detailed training about these things. You talk about well, to be caught sight of society and its coming very soon, in fact, in less than a month about ready to go things out for the week now. Thank you so much for listing. Thank you for being part of social school. You are the reason I make the show. I love getting emails from people like LISA, who say that there are taking action the listening for while it had ideas but other finally getting started. Listen, I understand and it takes a long time to get started very sorrowful idea pursued had a dozen or more than I thought about certain things are changing And about so dont feel bad if you have it started, but do think about when you're in a start and what going to make. But to make sure that you feel supported in your class to create a new source of income. That's what it's all about economic empowerment through a new source of income without putting your job I can't make a show sure my own actually have the help of a wonderful productions. Which is led by a sea Valdez he's in Washington DC
There are others in New York and a show, notes and host going all kinds of other stuff. I might stand when it correct in Portland Oregon. Last but not least, is, the official show TAT would entail about whose duties are somewhat ambiguous, but you know it's like to be acknowledged. Scientist school is part of the armor project, which was founded and is led by crushing ribbon a good friend of mine, also the author of the four tendencies that happiness project other men best selling books- and perhaps you ve heard her podcast happier with Gretchen Ribbon for some reason you haven't. You should check that out as well. You can do that. An apple pie, you can do that, we're every listen. The pie casts and why you chickens to found maybe something awesome press you can give us a little rating or review honestly makes a huge difference. It helps other people discover the show. We have throughout the year by listener, spreading the word and posting on social, and even just telling your friends I pay you should listen to the show, because he's gonna help you I get you something. You need to provide examples, actionable advice you can in some way literally take to the bank
more than a thousand five star review so far this year, I'm so happy that the show is resonating with people. I assure you the best is yet to come stick around and remember. This is an investment in yourself it conveniently it's a free investment about that, I'm in a sign now. I hope to see you tomorrow and everyday next week with more stories and those actionable ideas. Episodes go on. Six hour when I M eastern time every day on critical about recital school.
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