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WEEKLY RECAP: What Was Your Biggest Side Hustle Failure?


In our twenty-first weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there side us was go listeners. What's up its critical about here with the weekly recap, we have just finished weak number, twenty one of a show. So awesome, as I promised you, Last week we ve got some new stock that we are rolling out last week I asked you what sawdust idea or what site us are you working on got a ton of responses, we're gonna start playing those responses to Morrow and every day for the rest of the week- and we can do this again- the following week interpret that we can have a different question. So here's the question for now new question: what has been your biggest side? Hustle failure right little unexpected! Not what is your success, but what is your biggest sinus or failure? I have had so many people ask about Cyprus or failure stories. I think that so interesting. I have a lot of thoughts about that But before I even share anything about that, I thought I would just ask you: what's your biggest Idaho failure, please don't be afraid to share
This is how we all learn together. All share some of my failures as well is a long list. The show is so I don't have time to share only failures. Basically, but if you like to share com has hotline and leave a response of about thirty seconds, or so that number is eight. Four nine hustle or eight for four. Nine, four, eight, seven, eight five three or if you prefer, you can also use your phone, make a little memo and email that two podcast at side, also school dot com this, wherever you are like us, it's going to my organ feature, responses from last week's prompt. And then a week later, will play the answers to this one. So what
when your biggest item of failure. Let me know today we have listener questions like back at the weak and a brief look ahead, and no attention was no questions. Hate crimes by the event Fani. I got here, love you catch me. I've been listening at the beginning and it's really inspired me to get my passion hustle off the ground. I started on a platform that I heard about in one of your previous episodes, thinking that it would be a great idea to have some money in my business account for my passion project by its actually call me more on this platform, and it has really taken off. You know I'm not driven to do it, so I haven't really put as much effort into it to get money back. So my question is: why should I stick with it, you know get
The year to hopefully have money for my passion project, or should I just put it to the side altogether and move forward with my passion, project fight hustle. Let me know I'm excited to hear the rest of episodes thinks by movie. Thank you for the question you do have an awesome name. Well short version of my feedback here is a long time for something like this and its really Long the struggle with something that you dont know is gonna work and you're, not that excited about. So I guess I would just say, consider it a learning experience you did mention what platform it was the regardless one of the main benefits of it. Should be to hopefully bring other people too, and if that's not happening and you're not excited about it, I think you should try something else. The lack of course those who govern Victoria Vancouver Island and be shut up in Canada so inspiring to here. Although these really awesome site hustles, I'm trying to.
My artwork and photography on T shirts and mugs most much and things like that. Canvas plants- and I just don't seem to get started on line- I always seem to be spending far too much time redesigning in perfecting a website for would be a suggestion. What can I do to just get out there and do it? Any help would be very helpful, like you so much chaired by again and thinks image from listening, yeah protectionism to meet us working on struggle with it, because, obviously we never have an episode of the sheriff, like just at a key moment, but he would go to your artwork and photography. Putting on those branded items is actually an artist who lives on your island, which is just across the way for me, by the way for an organ set whereby the neighbours and not enough you ve, heard episode. Seventy six it all about how that guy used a website called society sex which you might be familiar with to distribute hit,
art, mostly on Iphone cases, but probably some other items as well. That might be interesting to check out also shopping. Is it really easy solution? I mentioned it on a show from time to time square space. It's oh, but it doesn't seem like you have a problem figuring these things out your problem, MRS kind of moving forward and taking action so on that I was this challenge you and say that I would like to see this online something up in the next. I don't know seven to ten days. This is your accountability. Send me a link, and I will first of all take a look at it and second, I will help to share it abet, so I will tweeted out Put it in my newsletter or something to give you a little night. We had to do it soon so have to accept that challenge, and I look forward to seeing what you do by the way. Just back to the questions Rebecca, I swear Thank you so much to everybody who has called an obviously were now
able to answer every question on the show, but it really helps to have a lot of different questions. Can focus on different issues that are hopefully relevant not just to you, but to other people who are listening as well? And, as I said emphasise the community aspect of all this much more as we go forward before Forward, let's go back looking back on this week. A few things stand out, got some good feedback about episode, one forty three be savvy sleeper pillow case. Hustle and also the next one orthodontist spend five hundred dollars in Facebook, add produces sixty five thousand dollars in new revenue. Jen cross commented on linked down and said this is exactly what I do so another several of you out there. Permitting in this world and building a hustle helping other people with Facebook adds, etc by the way, if you're on linked and feel free to connect with me, I pretty much except limitations. Their use type in my name, you'll see it. If you do not spell it, you know nobody does just go to Google and type in something that sounds like critical about the approach favoured out now. My favorite episodes this week there too, them now. I personally enjoy the episode about the IKEA delivery Service, the operations manager,
manages to make heavy furniture light, and I think, because IKEA is like I hate thing, or maybe it's a you. Do some time in your life and then you're like get this out of my house. Maybe someone to start a D Ikea service where they like bring you a better bookshelf, may take away your old books If that is the same one, that a billion other people on the, maybe they give that to a shelter or something I don't just a thought feel free to take that yeah and I also really liked episode one forty six, about a mom and son who create and athletic cup for young male athletes like us, up episode. It was an eight year old Kyler who came up as idea D is now eleven, and this is not a pretence side. Us all. It is not like a hey Kyler learn about entrepreneurship. This is collar and mom doing five thousand dollars a month and sales from this product that they learned how to make. So that is pretty some and, as I said as well, I would love to feature more kids stories, teenage stories, family stories anybody just doing something. Different but with a show it's been about from the beginning, I
do something that was unique and specific, and I feel like together with you, and all the other people have in part of it. So far, we really making that happen. So charity you coming up next week, a bunch when things in the mix story of a song four engineer who learned about the jewelry industry initially for personal reasons, but then spots a gap in the marketplace, something that he's frustrated. I something that he realizes. No one is providing and decide to apply his engineering skills to creating a really interesting solution, It is also a balloon artist who makes a thousand dollars a month on the side, as well as to Americans who emigrate to Canada and then right a guide about it or other people who, for some reason, are interested in emigrating to Canada. Now several other stories as well, of course, and also featuring your responses to what your side of some idea is and what you're working on. I am especially looking forward to that as I said sure to you, if you're listening, you are the reason I do this. If you make the commitment to make this party routine, I commit to being here every day
and supporting you fully in your class to create a new source of income. I want to help make this happen for you and it's not just made by the way. Not only in working on the show. So once a week, I want to say thank you to some other folks as well. We record sawdust school on location. World domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It is then sent it night on a dreamy savagely propeller to Brooklyn New York, where its produced at the patently studios action team is led by a sea Valdez Special shot out today, new producer, Delia Reuben Algeria how come she may have actually mixed this episode? Thank you sure other assistance are by Whitney Koranic. My cat go about on strike this week, demanding more benefits like Libya. Where do you think this is not Europe. This is America work for your one meal a day like advice this week. Knowledge is realising
the street is one way, but wisdom is looking for directions anyway. Think about that for a moment we sign so school are part of the onward project. Curated, my best selling author and my hero, Gretchen Ribbon downward project is a collection of podcast Bullock, actionable ideas on how to make your life happier healthy, more productive, more creative, just more optimism. Check that out at the onward project, dot com and be sure to subscribe to the new show any onward project happier in Hollywood. You can find out in apple pie, fast on his Itunes or wherever you listen to by pass. Is a free listener, supported shout with just a single sponsor for episode. Thank you for supporting sponsors. They allow us to do this every day, be the cat, cetera It would also be very clear if you could leave a quick rating or review in Itunes way. Did I say, Itunes meant apple pie casts it's gonna be so hard. If you leave a quick rating or review five stars is great, but you can say what everyone that will Other people discover the show in every episode. I always say, inspiration is good. I don't want you
inspired going to do something with this. I want to feature Euro story here, so I look forward to hearing about your stuff and I hope to see you tomorrow in everyday next week, episodes go online, six one a M eastern time every day, I'm fiscal about this as soon as possible.
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