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It took two years for the Watergate scandal to unfold—for a break-in at the Democratic Party's headquarters to go from a weird little caper to a constitutional crisis that brought down a president. What was it like to experience those two years in real time?

Hosted by Leon Neyfakh. An eight-episode podcast series made possible by Slate Plus members. Coming Nov. 28.

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I'm Leon, nay fuck and I'm a host of slow burn, a podcast about Watergate before I started working on the show everything I about Watergate for the movie. All the presents man you ve, probably seen it Do you ever how it ends? We were sooner sitting at their typewriters clacking way. Then there's this rapid part of newspaper stories, but campaign AIDS and White House officials getting convicted of crimes about audiotape coming out approved, Nixon almond to cover up story we see, is mixing resigns. It takes a little over a minute and a movie in real life. It took about two years. Five men were arrested early Saturday, while trying to install eavesdropping is not the Watergate instead of Democrats or make an issue out of poverty and were fairly successful at making. People think that the word Breakin was politics as usual, Was it like to experience those two years in real time? What will people thinking feeling.
Breaking a democratic party headquarters went from a weird. Caper constitutional crisis that brought down the president. If you think of the whole thing moving from a well spring in the mountains to a stream to a river to all of us, and this huge rushing gusher point, it was like a trickle, as I found out those two years, religion Incredible stories that I've been all the forgotten there's the story of Martha Mitchell, the wife of Nixon's, first attorney general, the bank, that was the beginning of my being held prisoner. The story of kurdish prince in Greece, staffer, who is one of the first people to investigate Watergate? It was at that time I realise that this thing went directly to the White House, the story of Elizabeth Foresman Young someone from New York reluctantly. The House Committee that went on the holding hearings for the president. You can be sure that I will lose scratched, didn't Claude, get on that committee. If I
an inkling of impeachment, but I had no inkling and the power The bee had no inkling, I'm sure the president, then no inkling either in lie. There is a corresponding. I never thought I'd be announcing. These things were a kind of on high. Anything like this like this before didn't know, nowhere was going. The downfall of Richard Nixon was stranger wilder more exciting than you can imagine over the course of eight episodes, this show go and capture what it was like to live through the greatest political scandal of the twentieth century. With today's headlines once again, full of corruption, collusion and dirty tricks. It's time for another. Look at the gate that started at all described, slobber now episode will be available Tuesday November twenty Eightth, wherever you get your podcast.
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