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Hey Slow Burn listeners. We have something special for you this week. It's an episode of Broken Record, a music podcast from Pushkin Industries, co-hosted by Malcolm Gladwell and music producer Rick Rubin. In the episode, Malcolm and Rick talk to Questlove about his memories of the MOVE police bombing in Philly, the music of his childhood, and Quest gets behind the drums to show the evolution of his playing. 

Being the music lover he is, Questlove can't help but turn the tables to ask Rick about his own Hip Hop history: working on the Beastie Boys' first album, License to Ill, and LL Cool J's first album, Radio. Then it all culminates in one of the best Obama stories ever. You can subscribe to Broken Record wherever you get your podcasts, and see some amazing studio session photos on Instagram, @TheBrokenRecordPod.

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Hey slow burn listeners we'll something special for you this week. It's an episode of broken record, a music. Podcast from Pushkin industries, co hosted by Malcolm Gladwell, amusing producer, Rick Ruben. In the episode, Malcolm and Rick, quest love, he talks but the music of his childhood and about his memories of the move police bombing in Philly. You lost their quest, get behind the drums to show the evolution of his playing a turns- the tables ass regrouping about his own hip, hop history, including working other debut albums from L, a coup J and the Beastie boys check out episode so ascribed broken record. Where were you get your podcast and you can see some amazing studio session photos on Instagram at the broken wreck pod. I won't talk a lot about Philadelphia to greet your born in seventy one. Seventy one You come of age in a very strange period in the history of Philadelphia, right, Frank Rizzo,
mommy, move me all kinds of strange, Teddy Hendrick grass I mean, and I lived on Osage Avenue, v may 13th nine Eighty five I'll, never forget the sea for, for every other, philadelphian They remember every detail of that day, because that was the move bombing. What I got dumped. My first girlfriend them a ninth grade that they so for all other reasons that was laid the worst day ever in my life, just every detail of at night. I remember, like I remember, Tony Orlando guessed at on the be show that was like the last episode season, one a murderer the first time ever heard of bustle in your head, growl,
the legend of backwards, masking of lead Zepplin every her. What's up before them, but twenty twenty did. This report on, like, our children being possessed by demons in additive number seem a quote. This very weird funds, bustle in your head, growl and then we got a note on the block that if that fight continues in the next few hours worked to vacate our house by that point. When I got home the bomb adjust went off a blocks away. By the time, twenty twenty was on around ten o clock. It was like maybe sixty five or six blocks. So I suggest just so. People now move deserve a black national movement the outcome of communal based in West. Alpha right and they had a kind of run with the city better run in with the city in nineteen? Seventy, seven vat!
now. Are Philadelphia know what it's like, etc. If you were live at the time to be under the tutelage of Frank Rizzo like all that we see now. Is current administrations no surprise to us cause Philadelphian lived? It is a guy that, like routinely had a baton or his hip, even at light, you know black tie dinner affairs and went not so he sector prototypical, modern American yes, like he'd, I within him said. You know we were always aware of that particular political figure And thus I mean you know, I don't know that that makes us more work than others or whatever, but growing under mayor result. This prompts that anyway, so new
move the organization. I believe that its started over like a noise ordnance and then it concluded with you know. All of them. Coming out of the House naked August to humiliate them or what not. So it is really the spark started nineteen, seventy seven and then cut too eight years later on Osage Avenue, the black eyed report. You know oftentimes people to saw them as radical. Like it's weird now, like you see people with locks, you see them. You know, like you, like the person has knowledge or their dinner, but back. Then it was just like you know. Radical, like use, offers withdrawal accede to start like a like. Especially if you like re southern Baptists. I christian you each startling out. These are heathens or whatever, and I know that believe didn't they.
Like the first begins, I ever knew They were self educated and that sort of thing like their kids, wait. You're you self teacher, kids at home and that we're so sources like such a radical way. We just always looked at them at different as different amen. I just remember like from May twelve from four may eleventh want may thirteenth like yours, does nothing but. A city under siege. Would you know Worryingly, mayor bombed firebomb, not Rizzo, Wilson Good was are yeah. He Yeah, I guess there, I don't know what thing is you have them? The Senate homes are connected. Ro homes are connected similar to that like sums, I've seen in Brooklyn what are acted together, so we're not separate so would view bomb. One house, you basically gonna effect the black and I I think they're logic was.
Quotas, but this law explosion. Explosive device on top of their roof and then scare them out of the house which they didn't they like we'll kill us. So I think of the thirteen people there were in the house alive, died and only to survive. Ramon Africa, Birdie Africa thing Birdie just passed away, something of of famine ashore. I didn't realize this is literally so that the cops firebomb the houses remove was living. Fire spreads and you guys are literally a couple blocks. Higher spreads and yeah. Like a sorrow for the eighth avenue I lived on fifty. Fifty second was like the epicenter of West Philadelphia, and a minute appetite in field. Even though there are therein gunshots in everything like even like, like our lead, anchor You know like when you cut me, that people like send their people in danger like with, if there's a bat, whether something like the blow in the wind and the attorney
that sort of thing like they're, sending out why Jack Jones, like he's hide behind like cattle I can do here in the background in sight, Beirut and he's, given my cookies Jack Jones reporting I, from March with Avenue so it was that type of action we did, we didn't take it, we didn t seriously until maybe a pm that we realise, like oh, the entire Blackburn down, the entire next block burned down and then the entire next blackbird. Now three city blocks is burnt down so they finally contain the fire, but you know three o clock in the morning. Every reach, my neighborhood, Which would have been a different outcome? We still even I only we bring this up, because we keynote people always talk about how how much the racial antagonisms in places like allay fuelled rise of gangsters
that kind of stuff, the racial situation in Philadelphia made illegal, look like a picnic it did put. You know that the one thing that we really didn't have that Ellie Head was, I mean we release We swell start our gain culture. Like now is that was. Really over by the time I was born. I'm in gangs were thing of course, in the fifties and Sixtys, but by the time I was born. You know my parents explained to me that Westphalia of you at one point was an integrated kind of neighbourhood middle class neighbourhood they once had like a fashion boutique, but that of course, by the MID sixties, he kind of retired from web days, a mom sorted Britain, from her print model days, Inn. And they are
The fashion boutique, but you know they would go to New York at the You know they were like. Well to do high fashion boutique spot, but once and sixty eight after the assassination of of Martin Luther King and rights, throughout like a lot of other cities. That basically said, like white flight started around like mighty sixty nine or mid midnight in sixty eight, like suddenly All the store or knows you were wages, fled to the suburbs. In kind of you know, Left it, as is you know, dilapidated buildings, neglected building. And that sort of thing, and then they Sighed the closed their booty down and by seventy, seventy one- stodgy era.
Had come full circle and the Clark You know he's throwing these shows at square garden in Philadelphia spectrum. That sort of thing- and so am I By the time I was born. The all these do out Nostalgia Loop, hedge, start. So I grew up. Thinking like Frank, you wanna teenagers white brand new, like that type of thing, sir, Backstage vetoed God. I think there's a phone Jackie Wilson hold me I grew up backstage with you notice all the all these do out legends yeah sitting your household, drawing up Europe to your dad is, is a has an extraordinary record collection? Yes,
So what are you? What are you listening to us as it as a kid? Are it so. I grew up with three very distinct erect a collective my dad- was into what I would sort of joke only say, is the yacht rock of his day here. And two matters, Stress in local groups might hear pits so you know it lit. It seemed tat. Sounds in my house as a kid I was like. Peace was whatever Once I got older realise their harmony game is bar. None then add it? Anybody like Flanton harm me to the next level, like my dad, was a one off Was it the next level users? like a napkin coal type, my mom. More funky and hip, she would buy records like like a great digger,
or rhetoric. Lecter in my day does like you look the cover of a monkey Gabby. Some like that's how she collective MECCA famous, I of players so funny. You say that because I get a car, b of honey when I'm six years old. And a quarter it's like is this January twentieth nineteen. Seventy six, happy fifth birthday, a mere. We love you very much mommy and daddy em white. As to whether outcome on my YO light new guys realize what you gave me why we like it or not. It is a very beautiful, very, very naked woman, but they were just like. We saw it as high art, it must have been. Even I didn't see it s, laces like oh, my God, whose is why are you know, just saw a theme of ok red or how players I'm cover looks like black playboy my sister
blending in with her eyes middle school friends and eventually her high school friends. Because sir, ever to adapt their taste. So, She's bring it home bohemian rhapsody she's bringing home bogey bring it home fall cat like so all that stuff. In the main role in the household was don't touch my stereo, so I'm not allowed to. Choose what I wanna hear so to be forced to listen to what they want to hear. So I really am adults, vocabulary with music? By the time I was ten? How would we Rick, how similar is this to your musical childhood I was just an obsessive music thine own hang on record stores all day, and I remember that that used to be a thing I can remember the first time I was in a record storing. I saw an end sort of its laws
for this, because the record came out much earlier, but I remain. Finding the aims. Five and. First seeing that first album cover and then listening to it and thinking well, Missus during Punk Rock times like. While this is it's kind of like punk rock but its old, but it has, that energy has a frantic energy and that really excited me and then I can remember. Ok anyone else. Like the empty phrases like whilst not exactly like them. But then it leads you to examine the stooges in. I can just remember these. Moments of revelation of hearing a new remember the first time I heard their moans and just like didn't have The point of reference for it do I was like invested in it to me. I hate to say this finally, listen to the entire remains album from start to finish.
Eight days ago and I'm so mad that it took me so long to do it, what to do Ok, this is the way Miss thing ever added at a creative. Kind of fork in a row right now as far as digging is concerned, because Why lot of collected music, I played appeal so specific audience, and down I'm trying to figure out more creative ways to bring them out. Cuz. Of course, like you know, the people that, like the music that I like are older, they have kids come down to three in the morning I'll, say my last year so I've been doing. Saturday afternoon, Dj Sunday afternoon, Jean DJ, so that its family friendly parrot skin Come on, you know relieve their club days in the kids. Given you know what you know, it's it's
it's mine. It's my version of rain, reinventing hypocrisy, hop hip to be a community based. Afternoon, sort of thing that sort of thing and I did and ice skating link. Of which I didn't have I knew it would be a lot of kids there and I was like I will Let me make sure that I'm playing kid friendly stuff, twenty nine that just happened to just look on the internet. I was like alright adult music. That kids seem to like as well and, of course briskly I can't pronounce. The authorities gang, but was listed as As always, we met at sports sports events. And I didn't have it so I downloaded it and Charlotte. All the songs are under two minutes and thirty seconds humanism, thirty seconds and as a songwriter. As I spoke to you before, like not focusing one singles
I'm now obsessed with people that I've had successful singles under three minutes, because It's one thing to you know: do these well thought out introspective eleven minute, free jazz, stuff the routers such artist, but it's like. Can we do in our duties a punk. Can we, Make an effective song with bare minimum and in three minutes, can we be just as effective. So now I'm trying to study Minimalist effectiveness, interest and so Eric as a writer. It's why I'm obsessed with commercials always been assessed the commercials because they tell us toy in thirty seconds you know and if you are a writer- and you know how hard it is to tell a story, you are you put the person who writes everything commercial at the the list. The only reason I'm obsessed with this is because now that I work at the two might show, we have to write eight second jingles,
of which you had to have narrative of what the title is some verse about you know Writing. Eight. Second songs is sort of our version of commercials. So how often this is a question about you as producers. How often do you say to the artist you working with make it shorter I never do unless, unless it's boring, it's like it's really. Every every piece has the link that it wants to be. I have a question for you: ok,. Don't fight for you, write a party I'll say the last four years are the original demo version with. Extra verses in it and yadda yadda yadda. So. What do you know that a masculine, mainly because I just read the Beastie boy book so. In your head. How did you have that? Much discipline to know
what to reduce like you're, famous for reducing stuff in taking elements away, so that it does not suit, and in that case I dont remember ever being longer them. What there's like an extra versa mare that is taken away. So I wonder: love to hear it, because I have no recollection of it ever being longer absolutely days. It would be unusual for us to shorten anything really. So even then you weren't thinking like ok, three minutes and thirty seconds and never in my life, and I thought that So you don't have Clive Davis years and not in the least. When I'm with you so balls, I with it like, It's my you literally. It has to do with growing up where I grew up and listening to the Beatles so that the first formative music for me was the Beatles and those. Short pop songs. So I had that. A formula. Of goodness in me, for the time it was a little kid that was just
All. I knew that good and when I would hear something that felt like It's too long, but some you know I like It was too long, but you know I like ten minutes. Two I mean why has gone. It must be one of my people, Groups is trouble funk and if you listen to music and dry goes forever right what heat being seriously modest right now, but like he literally mother rose revolutionary thing that he brought to the world of hip hop Was he literally invented the Vive three minute song? White before him even a song is as as sticky and friendly as the message by Graham S request. That was still eight minutes planet. Because you're thinking of the club in keeping the groove last a long time. That sort of thing you know, L, l wigwam, we got aloes record had.
The old, besides a four minutes, long like we never even fathom that You can have an effect of hip, hop record or song to be three. And it's in fifty seconds why just see in those times ordered the deaf to him. Thing or such like this is what like, what's going on it, but to you. That was just like the anyone else like resist that and on it was just based on grown up with the Beatles that was it wasn't. It was not at all a pre meditated in any way it was natural to me and when I would get You know, I collected twelve inch, twelve into line with that times, every hip hop record, came out twelve and pretty much. That was the main format of the day right. So I would get these see. No Jimmy spice records that were nine minutes long and be or twelve minutes long and always seemed like they were made.
Weren't made to listen to. They were made to dance to right. They weren't, you know they weren't, it wasn't they weren't long in service to the song right and I've always why did to work in service to the song, whatever that is in, and sometimes it's poolside of an album. Sometimes three minute our mid that you know oh, what a papa was. None of that stuff until. It wasn't until I started DJ like me: look throughout history every rate producer. Has done a lot of ours dj somewhere Rick Study. Jimmy JAM that. Doktor Dray like his situation. The reason why he so good because if you played the wrong song, the club might get sat up so imagine the Mdgs under those those tints conditions, Oh it's
It's almost like you have to have a winner out the gate up version of that famous statement. The prospect of a hanging in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully in this case. Of shooting in the club. Yes, Hyacinthia hits the dj wonderfully. We can you. This is you don't think I've always been obsessed with, and that is that when you get immersed, as the two of you are in music. What happens when you listen to music? That's not your own! Can you turn the critic off and appreciate it with your with a kind of passing judgment, or are you actually? do sing a song in your head? Is you listen much anything I here, I'm always thinking of it was more like this or like. I just imagine it sounding different and it's hard to em hard to
turn off the producer brain. I it's one of the reasons I really like us in classical music and jazz, because I don't I don't that same feeling. Listening to that music, but listening to her Barbara listening to rock music or more often than not, I'm Producing in my head, there's there's one example, which would be fun to talk about costs you involved is the De Angela Voodoo Album to me absolutely perfect. It's it's the It's the first time I can remember listening through to an album. King. I had something to do with it because it was so good. Just like my oh, my god. This is this, everything I want an album to be, and it was Unlike anything I've ever heard before it's scary time period, man because virgin reports, which it did that man, there you know there is a lot of.
Ok! When will you guys actually start? The real record now stop messing around and we're look at each other like this is the right you want me to tell us how you got involved with the actual another. the Angelo and Eric about do, coincidentally, on em April fool's one, ninety six on one toward the Fugees and the Goody mob is the sole train awards weaken. And you know the food jeez or just and you know the food, jeez or Jes. Beginning buried there. There cresson to the stars the score album. So there is a lot of playful sort of tension between the two groups and come in this point you know the roots become like such a well oiled. Machine live like we. I keep their estimate tonight, we're we gotta, do it and- I remember
Getting on my drum set and seeing I didn't know who Erika was I assume at the time I was his girlfriend. You know she had the tall head rapporteur, but I knew the Angelo silhouette cause. He was like front. I could see his silhouette frightened, behind the lights? and I remembered that I dismissive Lee myself out of playing on brown sugar, his previous album because of the time I was asleep so singers in the nineties. Whatever link on that to us than aren't be guys like nothing about soul, seeing had moved me, from any nineties, offering the same way that they wouldn't Otis riding Stevie wondered in Lieu Rawls, like soul, music. So dinner They will I get, he wants you to German is reckoned, looked at him like I'll pass and then I got round pseudonyms like, oh, my god, this I could be the one and so
I've been trying to figure out how to get back Good graces suddenly be there for round to now. The thing is: is that because it is rival, we think we have the food geez the show was a certain way, but when I saw the Angelo I decided to call an audible, Basically, we have have a conversation with Jes him, which, meant that I was now about to throw my entire band off. Because what I would normally do for a particular into or of a song, I am now saying, I am a do this very obscure, Prince drawn, won't see if he gets it some when the Prince Drum Roll instead and my bans looking at me like you, don't just trying to impress the edge right, but they don't get that and you know I'm dumped as with it go along with it. So there
they're. Looking at me like you're, thwarting and throwing off the entire show, but the only person that matter to me in the room at night was and when he heard that intro he's Attention It was now and I want to see that actually got Elvis. And then like that whole show, was the first time that the drumming I'm known for now to come to life again through my band off like why you plainly good. Like a drunk three earl, my, why are you playing off rhythm? Why you I come the EU, and the thing was I had to put the on the hook and throw it out there and once he grabbed it. I was like not leg, but like bizarre minute drum from now on. So he got it. They were mad as hell at me that night, but he
Got an awful good because then the food, the other food, these records, skipped so they had a bad form that night, so we want yeah, yeah after that, then he knew like that was the bears, african communication thing like I used my drummed tell him. Ok, we speak the same language. And he, came a song or album is the last day of recording and we have like seven hours left, so we discuss continued. To play and there's like will combine next week, come on. We commend the fourth time. I met Lady studios for what will be a five year tutorial. An education in problem the greatest creative periods of that was. That was my becoming an adult. You know Just every day like I was Youtube,
cuz I was still doing these mammoth Grateful dead like towards with the roots. Spending all my off days at electric lady with him, but mostly traveling the world collecting any and every videotape performance of some vintage You know Al Green and one thousand nine hundred and Would you dont? None are given a play, the rhythm, back to electric lady We could study and after we watch it like two or three times. When we come in play what we just watched. And after four hours of messing around suddenly you know him change the keen what you don't know given away the rhythm just a minute and then suddenly. The morphing of a new song starts and pretty much. Why vote took five years to make those Twelve songs, because that was the slow, arduous price.
As of digging digging in morphing in digging and morphing him in coming up with China, we we had to go. We had a similar experience with them, with them. The first the boys album, which took I think three years to make. And it was the same reason. It was like gum, really it wasn't yeah. Just like looking for these separation, jumping off points, messing with those in the studio to make it an interest, track, and and then we would write to it. But but that would happen. It happened over a long period of time can remember. I met a totally destroyed before Malcolm, but I can remember being added front session in May, He called me really upset. I come or albums not done yet. That's like you can't Russia it's like you, kids, that it's not it.
It comes when it comes. You know it's not a. It's not automatic, its. It reminds me of that that experience of that what's what's laughter, the jam session process like for that time period. Who's the person, that's like hey, let's Programme, something on this particular win backwards. Mascot in. Or or even like this starts and stops in. Unlike the new style or just I bet, that's another life changing album from me. By the way waste is still my life changing being stopping lifesaving But it was done with the same sort of precision you're talking about an end, then it would have been more often than not. It would ve been mean and engineering in a room working on the music fur long time into I had something that was exciting enough to to
and feel calm double playing for the band. You know like it had to them. Really had to be wrecked first, and so many of the drops in things didn't up until late. It was all rooted in the vocal, so we would fall There would be that the basic track which would be. Either samples or was really loops, then because there was no sampler, yet it was either loops or direct dj in parts. Program drums play rudimentary like guitar stuff, if it, if it needed to be there, We get the tracks to that point, then we would usually right the words which would have been over a while. And then we were always collecting lyrics. Like them mean item harvests would go out to dance Syria pretty much every night and just.
Guph around and try to make each other laugh and if the other person laughed it was usually usable line and just always like little tiny pieces of paper with script, notes on them almost like an immediate, that's crazy, It very much was like that. An end it was, I would say that we were is inspired by Monday, Python and Steve Martin, as we were by anybody doing music. It was it really was about inside jokes and making each other laugh. Why pricked we have any am. I am conscious of the fact that we have time. I do have one request, though, and that is you mention way back when that you played the Angelo that little bit at lower him in you can you play that we have jumped over there? Could you can you reproduce that? Do you hear
We are giving sample is their jumping up. Yes, there is ok, so so so the thing is is that by that point in nineteen eighty six, I was very guarded of my kind,
Strict discipline quantifies drumming because I don't want anyone to think of the routes as lesser than a hip, hop group. So for me, I had spent five years to that point being the most discipline like lifeless drummer, so my version of drumming was just enough to play the most disciplined like no dynamics, no none of those things for from some so and so on. But the difference is
And seeing the Angelo and knowing what language he spoke, I wanted him to know. I spoke that language too. So previous previously, like you know, I was speaking the language of hip hop, which was just light but once you see the Angelo an audience we believe this slightly becomes like somewhere, We fought for meter twelve, a meter. And if I really want it If I really want to exaggerate it like you, you fluctuate like It's kind of like my version of the loneliness monks, talking about like the the
saw a town all like the notes and between the notes. And like a broken drum machine, yes, envy would be worse. I played the more excited he got and that's a thing To do this, like you, have to put the eagle side because Every German was about evil Knievel like Gospel chaps. That's the thing with generous this. If you gotta gospel chaps that calm, you see some of the most amazing John players that would put NEO purchasing like that sort of thing. Playing with him there, there was a song on his first sound call eyes of mine, in which. You know at the time I asked is producer Bob Power I was like. Okay, did you guys like break the drum machine or something because the way that it was programmed this is out that song sounded, which may be new that he spoke that drunk language. His drumming was like his
programming was like which you know once Bob convinced me that no we did that purpose. Then I was like ok. I think it is saying that, but then once our Wooten clan and which
There is a sort of does that with his production, but I kind of feel like it's the accidental tours like diabetic out like I just I programmed it off the light. You know that sort of thing once once we got to that place in that level, then then I just ok. This visit the new anguish, I'm gonna, throw away everything that my mom and dad put me in school for an I'm, just gonna John, like a five year old from now on, but really Sis being human. That's it's all. I consider a wee wee you when you were plain that way for De Angelo, so you he's anybody's and you're watching and while you're doing this, he stood up a point it. He stood up point, and I saw I even you point out gaming like the black powerfully. Sunlight YO And he said, like the sentence was YO. There's one German, that's my brother, like I just
had let him know I get you It s made you I'm sorry, I'm trying to be down. I speak the same language too, and he got he got him at home. Here, I think if you, if you didn't, have the training that he had in Precision before Couldn't do the drunk stylist as well? As you did your I don't. I don't recommend people in units. Crazy. You say that cuz even now, young drummers are on Youtube going to the top of Mount Fuji to learn the fancies thing, and I tell them all the time like you got to start. You got to go to first grade. First, like you don't start off getting your doctorate and my dad was a notorious like he loved that hole
was brown, I'm finding you fight and ours, without role in my dad's known only serves a basically obviously is all the same. I and my head, you know I'm doing is at work as well and I'm having a conversation with myself, like ok I do a clean bill, maybe he won't. Finally, twenty bucks Then I I got away with it and then, when the brisk comes, then I'm like damages sunlight and already ten twenty I'm back here. My father, didn't hesitate ever to just you don't even look at me. You just look at his right hand and if he plans to fly five ten fifteen twenty like so
that's. That's where I really got my my disciplined chops room like not wanting to have my salary at the end. Your dad. How is your taste in music changed from a time your little kid? Lately I've been exploring the duff I should have that should have been listening to. What it's like! Ok, I'm! A member of a Columbia House record Club like. Why did I get Debbie Gibsons out of the blue album? You know why I'm thinking of you know. What happened? The critic me now like once I discovered rolling stone and suddenly I became like over of rock snob critic, and I know why biogas record guides went not, but I'm like yeah like Christine sixteen was the.
Kiss forty five ever Broughton, you know love, kiss, meets the phantom and then only regional later that, like that, that was their jumped the shark moment or that sort of thing in and I mean, I know all opinions are subjective critically about action one, but As far as like. How I listen to it. It's weird now like I wish I wish I could, amid the waiver describing getting an orgasm from music that excitement. It doesn't happen so much now, because I believe that. Pardon me knows better. So it's like a kid. You know that, sorry that you consider good signs that you consider bad then, unlike, but then there's songs that you nor effective and not effective.
And especially as a dj, that world always conflict with me. So, sir, that I would normally used Listen to my spare time. I know a crucial. And work for me well at dj gigs point: Now I'm interested in and telling stories when a dj, so I plan bees law at a plan these meticulous scientifically proven, like a beautiful man like I'm doing these math graphics of the citizen is key in a cave, isn't he fled and the Beatles modulate to deem and put human week after that, and so that's how I craft my visa gigs out give example. I did the gig of my wife a six hour, Deasey GIG and Central Park for the Milton after ready for the Tony's. So from eleven p M to five in the morning
Some of these peoples at I was God every song was perfectly segue Wade was in there a key. It told a story. People write me letters, I'm a guy. There is most life changing display of music. You went from with the frog to, and I did everything anything would- music from Binny Goodman, worn down to drink from nineteen thirty, I covered And they ate it up like nerds, I did the same shit at the White House two days later for Obama's last night in the White House. That famous party fail. Oh yeah, it is. Ok, so two hours into it it s me on the shoulder, his eye don't worry about that. I love you. I love the data, someone else whip up in German, but look at him but they will not want to,
and he's point to his kids. They are having to sit in their having to sit in ever like looking at me like nah, not as it works and man. So then I became a dj. I hated unlike googling, when we go to spot. If I see what kids illicit into that sort of thing, so I became that guy, the guy I hate the most amidst certainly that. Midnight became animal health. By it was the most the batteries the most. And then I could describe it smells like team spirit, video that give you, but it was like that crazy they consider the best knight we ever had wives and I'm having some. I heard some story, possibly apocryphal, that involves you're getting into her getting it. The dance floor with who ok, that's what the rat Obama like they're, they're, they're, they're, dancing like He's coming up to me like player the Deference Montana,
sounds like sir I don't have a clean versions of it these are going well, don't you got sir. I'm not gonna play path. Pussy boots what you working with you know. It literally lay I'm like you must greatly all these presidency. Like look at me, I'm a holler president's lay shaking her head like whatever at I will say that jail Carter everything? everyone was doing it at one point. At my eye was really depressed because I had planned to My grand statement They were to declare a national holiday after me, because I must say I am I'm defunct way dj met light. I knew I was gonna, get a Macarthur genes grant with sit and at one point. You know and again on light look in on the internet, some kids like an Springsteen walks in
and I'm telling you it's you can't imagine a wilder, like think of you, think of the Eagles backs. Stories. Think of Freddie Mercury, queens as release our partied tales. Think of animal house. Think of think of it like that of everything. And that's how, while their party was an Springsteen walks in an insolent panties like we're gonna Party Wolden, any looks at me. He gives me look. And six his head a little bit like. I know you know better than this and I felt the same like I'm sorry! I sold out like we. Why does What is the world's greatest set list? Not work at the White House? What went wrong So here were his words, so you know it and
I was on the verge of tears because I built this up to be like this, when we my grand statement about wait for eight years at this moment, and whenever you build something up in your head and it doesn't go in your favour, here you can have a nervous Prodi even the panic at it- and I knew I was gonna- have a panic attacks. I was like China Light exit stage left and get out of? There is another comment: because you know there are like play more and I gotta go now. Okay, thanks thanks. So afterwards, I'm walking he's like so you have to get up is no Did you ever a good It was cool because then I don't want to make it about me like MRS last night. His night to get loose in everything thereof, everyone's crazy drunken other stuff, like This was his night, so, like airs cool is. I was wrong. As you know, on here, uncle, took dummy. And his. I let me guess you,
yeah you're, like an artist, and I You you planned a year, your grand artistic vision. Of how you thought the night you go and then work out. And you're over thinking than thinking met up. Didn't I sucked. And I was like well yeah there. So he tells me story, he says Do, I remember, he talks about Charleston Medellin, roof situation with mascot he said he knew that thirty seconds after thirty and after that, the shooter happen that he was gonna have to speak at that fuel. So here for after he instantly new is Gaga. I gotta go the speech my career, there's gonna, be my profiles, encourage you know, that's not what you're going to get so he says he has the speech of his life like ready to go, he's been workin on it perfect in it,
And he goes down the track, since alkaline and He knew three minutes into that speech. It wasn't gonna work and so he's lying go in his haze, I'm not I'm not reaching the people when he's like at those people. We to warn him in some sort of baseball signal that I'm gonna go. Rogan and Freestyle Morgan them said their light. How are you you're the worse when you go on your own without us proven script and he said, Some just told me bears start singing amazing grace, so then he starts thinking amazing, grace, livable, right and he's like and everything turned around. He says you know what I did. His ass The people. I serve the people I saw that sometimes I figured. How can I fix this? I took a moment I breathed collect myself and asked.
The people who say in what you did tonight, you saw the sun was off. And you serve the people. Is again, there's this there's otter? Let you do that I think we had the time or less you serve. The people You should be proud of you so now do you feel better? Why don't you let him, anyway, as as the way I really must be up I told my man I stopped a majority of two thousand sixteen ad, rejected. Like eighty percent of the gigs like I was, I was depressed I was just like if you feel it records like what what good is your lifelike? a that's when I started my thing like one stop dj at night clubs and just do a for the kids and hopefully
like when these paths bring their three year old. Kids here they'll see me do the same way that I was doing on the block party, and I want to do that. That's that was my mission, but now up his wife asked me to cure rate her. Her book becoming so and again they asked me to a put like thirty seconds to go and I want the pudding one thousand four hundred fourteen under songs. They like a mere weeded asked where the story of my life, but we'll take it anyways dinner, as I had to redeem myself,
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