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In this episode: In the summer of 1996, Tupac Shakur seemed to be on the verge of a decision—about what kind of career he wanted to have, and what kind of life he wanted to live. And then he went to Las Vegas.

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Slow burn as the production of flight plus Slates membership programme sleepless members get in higher bonus episode of the show every week with all kinds of extra material Whose of interviews round tables and more the crazy stuff we found while researching the show Johnny Slate Plus is also agree. To support this show and our other podcast. If you like, slow burn help us make it joined slight, plus its late, that calm, slash, slow burn for just thirty five dollars for your first year. Slight plus members also get this late pie cast with no ads. Not even this one Okay: here's episode six of slow burn. This podcast has language that some people might find offensive on June 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six for LAPD officers went to the headquarters of death row records to verbally admonish the record light.
The opposite, issued that warning. At the behest of death, throes neighbours and the suburban enclave of Tarzan, there have been complaints ARM gang members coming and going. There were increasing reports of assaults, Otto thefts and armed robberies. This might have been a particularly observant neighbourhood watch or could have been a case, a racial profile, but it was true that death row had become a hang out for gangsters and not just the blood that label heads should make road with be crypts on one side on couch and you know blood. On the other side, kiss snoop was creep affiliated at that point that silly Savage Co. Director of the documentary welcome to death row. Anna there'd be a Donnie Brook. It was this of violent episodes, and there's this sense that oh well to be authentic. To authenticate this music, we need to have
The real genuine articles that were talking about in this music- in that you know here in the mix, Reggie Right, death, throes, head of security, says those tough guy served a purpose and people that we want Heather Gang guys around and all of that in Eden, because you can't security, guys gonna walk in. The club in New Orleans or wherever. The way that are both at that What no one I later plus The niggers recognise gonna. Do when I know them some other do they had a look that penitentiary live? Are you this time of the herd who they were. Play now. They were going to run on for no niggars right now. You know those were what about about it. When he signed with death row Tupac Shakur publicly embrace that gangster ethos, he got the letters m o b tattoo on his right, try ups. He said it meant money organization in business, but some people took it to refer,
The mob Piru affection of blood from Compton. He was one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and Tupac was the biggest star in hip hop, but death row was starting to fall apart. Suit was on trial. Order, in a case stemming from an altercation near his house three years earlier after he was acquitted that February, he started to distance himself from the gangster life the month at the snow, acquittal Dr Doktor Dray, announced that he was leaving death row he grown, weary of the violent surrounding. Should anyone an eager to work with some of the labels newer artist, including Tupac dray at some level. Just was not that hard on to park, so I think that's where it's like. Who, back to back to back and its it suddenly showed, is just ups. Asked with two part and it just
rub: dray the wrong way to buy came to feel the same about doktor dry. He was bothered the drain never showed up its new trial. Any thought dray didn't do enough to support death row in its beef with bad boy records, ready right, says to part with constantly remind his death row. Colleagues, the dray wasn't a good label mate. He was a wonder pointed things out to us. He was I would like this your mother, our Iranian, I value to pox resentment DR became increasingly obvious death throes publicists. George price says at the first draft of the art for two Follow up to all eyes on me show Drake, sodomized, as should have sorry, but I'm not gonna, allow you to put that now that took all that shit offer their to port. Put that same kind of homophobic talk. Into the next singly was planning to release toss it up
still searching for pay day, try day over the drowsy like this fella thing. For me now, Doktor Dray address death row smear a pain in the October. Ninety ninety six issue a vibe. He said it's just a lot of negative bullshit. So from here on out death row records, don't even existed Ray it's, like to pack and death row we're going to ride together. Every one else be damned that's look from the outside, at least, but even Super was calling out draper disloyalty. He was making his own moves away from death row in ninety. Ninety six tupac formed his own production company euthanasia. He was
plans to start a label under its new stage, name Macchiavelli. He also spent much of that spring and summer filming two movies gridlocked gang related all people in the film business that he wanted to start working on different kinds of projects, but western, storing young black actors in a movie about the Rising led by in preacher, net turner, here's Alison Samuels, who covered hip hop for Newsweek, I think he knew death row was going to be a roadblock room because none of the major studios us we were going to deal with that. You know gesine an ocean with Google and meet somebody up. You dont know in fact nobody's gonna do business with you that this That Tupac was considering a different direction. Came on August, twenty seventh, ninety: ninety six, that's when six fired death row attorney David CARE Keener, was Former defence attorney, who made his name representing drug traffickers he came to power, death row by attaching himself to Suge killer
showed in death, throes artists out of a bunch of legal channels, and he came to play a big role in the labels Data day operations. You knew he was the power in some ways you now he was definitely the guy who made things work. It was kinda engineer to Pox release from prison, but first to pocket, signed a contract with death row. That also made canter his legal representative once he was outside Tupac, grew frustrated with that arrangement one of his other lawyers later said, Keener was less than transparent about money. Tupac was owed. The final straw came when Keener denied to block access some music had been working on in the studio. That's when Tupac fired him a move. With some friends and outside observers considered rash to cut ties with data. Canada is to pack did was a very big deal. You knew that was that first strike and it was a big strike to say. I'm I'm out,
death throes publicist George Price, as he came to believe. The two packs loyalty only went so far to pack was wanted, his whole company, and that's why you with? your what he was Joe with death row to make that money that he needs. I think that sugar I would differ on because you don't you want to say that they were such close friend I believe that should really thought that was the case, but it was not the case thus far to pack was concerned, to God who is using death row as a means to an end less than two years to pocket been shot five times gone convicted of sexual abuse and middle. That been a maximum security prison. He'd become increasingly paranoid. Defensive and hostile he'd also these two number one albums and become the most famous for in the world. It often seem like
park, couldn't think more than one second ahead, but he also appear to understand on some level that he couldn't keep acting that way for ever he had to make a decision. About what kind of career he wanted to have and what kind of life wanted to live in of nineteen. Ninety six, increasingly essential to the survival of death row records in increasing be ready to strike out on his own. He was on the verge of making a choice, and then he went to LAS Vegas. What happened to function for the final hours, how closely He d quitting the gangster rap life, and how would one last reckless act come to define a legacy. This is slow burn. I'm your host, Joel Anderson. This is episode six till somebody killed you
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A ninety. Ninety six MIKE Tyson was close to finishing his comeback. Thyssen had been convicted of raping eighteen year old, Desiree Washington in nineteen. Ninety two he'd serve three years Now he was out and on a mission to win back the three championship: Belted lost, beckoned nineteen. Ninety he regained, one title by battering Frank Bruno in March nineteen, ninety six, now, six months later, he was making a run it another one. By going up against Bruce Selden, it wasn't gonna. Be that big, a challenge. Odin was far from the best heavy weight in the world that was probably Linux, Louis but Thyssen. Paid Louis four million dollars to stand down, he was doing what it took to get back on top Tupac. Secure saw Thyssen has a kindred spirits; they both have tough childhoods and those experiences and made both
them into fighters at the height of their careers. They gone to prison after juries, found them guilty of sexual violence. They both saw themselves as victims, which should night push Tupac to go to Vegas, to see the title. Fight Tupac, rearrange the sketch. So he could go. There was nothing he love more than seeing MIKE Tyson beat somebody up. Sugar had routes in Vegas. He gone too and play football. You unhealthy he'd body. Mention there, with his music business money, a house he'd seen in the movie casino it was who doors down from where MIKE Tyson lived area. Place that we want to lose. You know we know is work, but Vegas was a place that we came to relax and and enjoy that's the army singer Danny boy. He was part of the crew, a death row affiliates The trip all should homies. We were probably a hundred something cars deep. The night of September. Seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six was a big one. Should he was running a nightclub in Vegas Club six, six too, and there was good
be a party there after the fight, the wrapper Craig MAC was scheduled to perform. Who's Reggie right again, Craig met was like a finding party is when we signed the Devil EAST death row east with Sugar spanish plan. His attempt to move in on puppies turf, Craig MECCA, hidden for years earlier with slavery in the air. It was on bad boy. He had a verse on the remix signing Craig Magda death row would be a coup in a statement of purpose is not clear. How firm these death row ease plants really were Craig MAC who died in two thousand. Eight, each the reports that premature, but if sugar, premature but if she was trying to bait his east coast, rivals Reggie assume they want safe ground work goes with The last I was on my was getting in trouble with in Vegas
Let's take a quick time out, we might type and walked to the ring the face Bruce seldom There was a new tupac song bumping from the speakers at the Inn, Gm Grand Garden arena. The track was called, let's get it on and it featured a promo for the parties. Six sixty, the single last love sizes, those! So we all want the boys did we go all go forty. Six six kills staff, so excited tat boy Would you. Then the blue corner tonight challenging the tidal wave
the former heavyweight reintroducing liar Tupac was right. The fight didn't last long. Thyssen ducks and down twice in the first round and the rest of the body just one hundred and nine seconds, as soon as it was over faint started. Chanting fix fix, fix anyway, my friends, their reaction, very unpopular. Gray, hair from MIKE Tyson. There's, no evidence that Selden took a dive
It not. Everyone in the arena was disappointed with what they seem to plaques bodyguard, Frank Alexander, said: Tupac was thrilled by the fight and jumping around hysterically. Fifty blows, I counted them Tupac told his entourage Tupac in the death row? Crew headed for the floor, the MGM Grand some of the people in that death row group were members of the bloods. When was the guy named Travon Lane a couple months earlier, Lane have been jumped by a group of Crips in a footlocker at a mall they taking his chain, which had a diamond covered death row pendant. At the casino lane, spotted one of the guys who detect them in the shoe store. He point them out. The Tupac Tupac had a history of acting and cautiously. He started fights
in minutes. Gangsters and hitman he'd released a tracking what she'd violently threatened a long list of prominent EAST Coast wrappers, but now flush. What success in height, from the rush of the Thyssen knock out. He did something is reckless, as he'd ever done. His reggie right. I hate that Sean. Is Lahti took off and do what he did with Super did is chase after the crippled stolen travel lanes pendant, His name was Lando Anderson. He was twenty two years old. You can see the blurry footage. The energy and security cameras on you, too. Tupac appears from the left in a flash Having already landed a punch, he then follows up with a kick as its crew joins in pummeling Anderson. Pop should not have been there close to the action. That's Alex Alonzo, a sociologist who studies, gangs and l-
he's your number one artist and You walking around with him like he's a member of my Piru, and it went down that way. In that moment, Tupac was no longer a performer. He was a gangster casino security broke up the beat down in the death row. Crew hustled out of the casino Tupac was still pumped I took him out faster than Thyssen. He boasted to Frank Alexander's. They walked back to their hotel for pot. Alexander wrote in his memoirs braggin after a fight was like having a smoke after sex to block and his team stopped at the hotel, the stoppage six house. Finally, they headed
club, six hundred and sixty two tupac road in the passenger seat of Suge New Bmw, seven hundred and fifty they were blasting Tupac's new, album so loud that a bike cop told him to turn it down, it about eleven. Seventeen p m should stopped his card, a red light, frank Zander was in the car behind them. He watched as a wife had a leg rolled up next to sugar? Bmw? Then he saw it Arm come out of the cadillacs window, then a forty caliber Gluck pistol. Two bucks, you cool, was writing in this black Bmw when the gunfire erupted, secure was shot several times in the chest. The driver, his record producer, was raised in the head, witness to say Tupac, try to scramble over his seat to dodge
Gunfire but he wasn't able to escape. He got two bullets and his chest one in his leg in another. His hand should was seriously hurt he fought. W and made a? U turn in a traffic sending view go scrambling across the road. The shooter car killed, often made a right turn would smoke cleared. It was gone, we'll be back in a second. Danny boy already made its club six two for the after party He was waiting on the death row contingent to arrive. Pseudonym wasn't there in the time. I thought that they should have been there. Neither and they went Home- is kind of like this. I know that you know do the security. You know
killed off just gaps strip upon strew when everything became crazy, sure was actually treat in a release not long after the shooting, but Tupac was an intensive care. Wrapper to Portugal remain in critical condition this morning at LAS Vegas Hospital after he was shot repeated over the weekend. He is severely measured internally. He has multiple gunshot worse than the chest investigated on the morning of September. Eighth to buck underwent emergency surgery. His mother Fanny rushed to aside. Friends and supporters, including Thyssen, Jasmine guy, Jesse Jackson with their two one thirdly, member Toto reported the Tupac would pull through. After all, he survived. A shooting before leaves aims. Isn't he was embarrassed? I want you to think that he is he's gonna want Tupac was in the house,
There were rumours about possible gang, related retaliation before making threats. Same they wouldn't finish what they started. Bad boy, employee report of getting a death threat and some bad boy artist cancelled appearances in Compton. There was a flurry, a gang related violence with at least three people killed. It was just a hint of the warfare that was coming. Signal gave a brief statement to LAS Vegas police. He described the casino fight as mere pushing and Shovin he downfall rumours that the EAST Coast West Coast, beef, might have played a role in the attack, though we did tell police the death row may have been a target because we saw more records. The second day at the hospital doctors operated on to pack. Again, this time to remove his right long after that operation He momentarily opened his eyes raising
hope it. He might make it a September. Twelve Tupac started convulsing violently his doctors, we're afraid, hurt himself, so they put him into a coma symptom of thirteen six days after he was shot to package resuscitated several times. His mother f er me eventually told the doctors to stop trying to be able to marketing and public relations director for university. Medical center is method is being recorded at approximately five hundred and fifteen. On Friday September, 13Th Tupac Shakur passed away today at university medical center. At approximately four hundred and three p dot M Kevin Powell had been keeping vigil in Vegas when Tupac died. He wandered out of his hotel in a daze asthmatic,
but there was a lot of hummer. There was playing Tupac music. I had some liquor. I went to that corner and I pour liquor on the ground. I'm already crying and I was drunk now remaining else, most mainstream news, We told the story of a young man destined for an early death controversial rat bodies to lead a troubled existence, has lost his life for life going. It already survive one near fatal shooting, but he couldn't survive. A second wrapped star to puncture core died. Last night after a brief life in a rough business, he was twenty five Alison Samuel said it was a challenge to get our editors Newsweek to see Tupac is something other than a gangster wrapper. I think they stood and understand this. This is gonna, be someone urgent and they want a human, although it out
banana and destructive looking, and I was like now we're going to have him looking wonderful in nice, they're beautiful pictures of him as I was able to go through and just make sure you know we did this very respectful tribute to him. The APC story about two parks. Deaf quoted the wrapper heavy D. I hope this is a wake up call for a lot of us. He said Orlando Anderson, the man to pack in the death or a crew beat down at the end, Gm Grand Casino has long been considered a suspect into pox murder, although he was never charged, you're here about the murder investigation. In a later episode, Anderson himself was shot and killed in a gang dispute that accounting car was two years later. If Anderson was the shooter thus suggested two packs death was just another incident in a long sequence of violence. In reply those within the West Coast Gang world that it had nothing to do with rap music, really plenty of more intricate theories
first in the wake of the murder. One of the most widespread holds that should night was involve that he saw Tupac pulling away from death row and refuse to allow it. Night himself is always deny that he had anything to do with two packs killing. There will also Rumour centering on death row viewed with bad boy records rumours suggesting that biggie in puffy if two parts blood on their hands next week on slow burn, going back the galleys slow burn as the production of flight plus Slates membership program. You can sign up for slight plus
here. A bonus episode of the show this week in every week this season in this The bonus episode you here next did interview with least Savage who co directed Documentary welcomed death row co road, the movie straight out account. Then he gave us an inch. Look, it should Tupac drink. In the rise and fall of death row to hear it sunup. Fourthly, plus its late dot com, slash slobber, slower and is produced by me in Christopher Johnson, with editorial. Direction by just Levine. Thank Gabriel Roth, this summer. Gratis. Our researcher are mixed in ears are Jared Paul and Paul. Mousie Donwell, composed our theme song, our work for slow burn us by LISA, Larsson Walker, especial thanks to slates child to dairy Johnson, Chris Malawi, low in lieu Alison, Benedict and Jared hope. You can find.
Full list of books, articles and documentaries used to research. This episode, or not, show page and by the way we created a playlist on Spotify to go at this season will be updated, get each week with new episodes and songs about Tupac Biggie in there laboratories check it out every week at the link in the show notes, thanks for listening, peace.
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