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S3 Ep. 7: To Live and Die in LA


In this week's episode: After Tupac’s murder: Revenge killings in Compton, a day of atonement in Harlem, and Biggie Smalls risks everything by going back to Cali.

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Slow burn as the production of sleigh plus Slates membership programme sleepless members get an entire This episode of the show every week with all kinds of extra material whose of interviews round tables a more the crazy stuff we found while researching the show Fifthly, plus is also a great way to support the show and our other podcast, if you like, slow burn help us make it joined slate plus its late dot com, slash slow burn for just thirty five dollars for your first year. Slight plus members also get this late pie cast with no ads. Not even this one. Ok here's episode. Several slobber This practice has language that some people might find offensive. On the night of September thirteenth nineteen Eighty six, if a Wallace, the notorious Biagi was recording studio in New York,
It was about a week since to political or have been attacked in LAS Vegas and begin. His crew still figured Tupac would pull through. We potash tat is I live. You always lived so that the first earlier that this lashing marry one of producers who was working with piggy back then miracle in the studio with Biggie all the time and they won't do anything all that special on September thirteenth, but everything changed when they heard the grim news out a Vegas when a cable without a tv on via the tv you and will need fear parties whose Sally was big and his wife face Evans were living apart. He called her that night she described as voices low in small. He was crying and sing,
Fraid something ain't right thing. He told her. She got fucked up somewhere along the way, but that was my Nigger Biggie was clearly heard by two packs death. He was also scared to realise the two packs money in security guards. Hadn't protected him from the violence on the streets but at the same time Biggie was exactly morning, as former friend to pocket, told them The biggest on puffy combs were involved in the shooting at quite studios. To Pocket also boasted about sleeping with big, his wife fantasize in his lyrics about killing big. In everyone around him. No matter the bondage shared when times are good. Biggie wasn't going to forget the bad stuff. This nigger. He may my life miserable big. He said to his friend dream Hampton he tell lies fucked with my marriage turn fans against me for what
big, it's all Hampton, he wasn't going to Tupac service. It turned out, he couldn't have gone, even if you wanted to two days after two packs death by September, fifteenth New York police arrested biggie in his friend, will cease from marijuana possession the cops took their Lexus and when they got it back, the car wooden drive The dealership gave them a new ride. Every illuminate the next day they took the luminous or the New Jersey, Turnpike Cecil, driving a big was in the passenger seat, his big his old friend she called de facto junior mafia. It was raining, tease, cottage spin off to the name of exit event. It's about Kate. Sees us face, hit the steering wheel, sharing a bunch of his teeth, Biggie fractured his leg in three places and had to be cut out of the van. Biggest spent much of the next two months at a rehab facility, he also started thing Airbus and talking to God, Biggie Design,
that he needed a slow down in changes life even before the accident big it started. Thinking beyond his home town. He left his beloved Brooklyn for quite gaiety community and see Neck New Jersey. Now twenty four years old and a platinum selling artist he already had a young daughter and faith was expecting his son You wanted to buy his mother home into Poconos. He teamed up with an friend to start a record company, Andy entertainment. He learned from watching happy that the real money was behind the scenes. If Biggie wanted to secure his future, there were still one huge thing he needed to accomplish. He had to make his peace with the West Coast. No one had been charged in two parts: shooting and rumours are rampant about who might be responsible. Some On the south side, Compton Crypts, others blame bad boy specifically began puffy. All the speculation had made biggie somber and withdrawn heat
one music writer, it's not worth it anymore. Why just stand the mother fucking House? The only way he could squash the beef Biggie thought was to do what he did best. He ended up recording a cat for your anthem, a tribute to the West Coast. Sound going back. The collie would be one of the best known tracks. He ever made puffy also made another move setting up us, ass. She promotional trip to LOS Angeles that turned up be a huge mistake, How did the hip hop world change in the months after two box death. How did this kid? reignited, gang war and allay in. Why did puffy and begging, risk everything. By going to the West Coast. This is slow burn. I'm your host, Joel Anderson This episode, seven and die in L a
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The crew of my pie, room gang members. Anderson was a that trip. When super got shut, the pirates didn't we, for police investigation to decide who was responsible. Certain them knew it was a soft eyes immediately. That's Alex Alonzo. A sociologist who studies, gangs and allay you see and understand the pirates In the south I, the cribs had already been fighting. They already been worn, this just probable reignited a new war. They had already existed before to neighbours, I hated each other too after the shooting in Vegas, a US outside crypt was shot in the back in Compton the day after that September. Tenth at two p m to my perusse got shot, probably in retaliation. Three hours later. The brother of want to sugar notorious enforces, took a bullet in within minutes that shooting mob pie ruse went to creep turf and shot up a car.
Robert LAD and timber, and were ganged sectors with the Compton Police Department, nineteen nineties, in their book once upon a time in Compton. They argue that all of this violent stem from the vaguest shooting the big issue. As far as gang members were concerned, wasn't the attack on Tupac. It was the attempt on symbol, life night was seen as a symbol of the pirates. They wrote shoe get him was an act of epic disrespect disrespect one! You disrespect all although nobody was killed in that cluster shootings and allay gang detectives, were overwhelmed with all those crime seems to visit couldn't keep an eye on known gang hotspots in with the cops otherwise occupied. The violence went to another level on the morning of September, Eleventh Amanda Bobby RE fence dropped his ten year old daughter at school in
for the German is new, accurate, a hundred civic pulled up. Next to him, shots were fired, Finch was taken to the hospital a pronounced dead as soon as he arrived. He was thirty. Years old, some people thought Finch had been mistaken. For neighbour a member of the south side, crypts others point So his baby blue casket, suggested he was a member of the gang himself. Two days later, work is childs and Timothy Flanagin were shot and killed. While they were working on a car. They were both known to be members of the mob Piru and it just created a snowball effect to wear people that weren't even directly connected to the Catholic were killed as well there, been other intense conflict in Compton before you know, I don't know how to compare it from
other wars that have existed between the pirates ethnic groups, but I mean this was definitely an intense conflict. No one was charged with any of those kids things. Instead of making a few targeted arrest, law enforcement went bigger, it began before dawn. The crime sweet involve three hundred officers, ten agencies, including the FBI, at more than thirty seven locations in the content. When a long beach areas police say the arrests were for local crimes in connection with twelve shootings that occurred in the city of Compton. That resulted in three debts but officer the police raids started in the early morning. Hours of October, second, twenty three people were arrested that day One of them was Orlando Anderson, the South side crib who to pocket gone after in LAS Vegas Anderson, was arrested on suspicion of an earlier murder that wasn't related. The two pox shook night was arrested later that month, we helped to part B.
On a Lando Anderson he'd, violated the terms of this problem. Foreign earlier fault charge. He was placed him up Angeles County jail to await sentencing should have been born in Compton he grown up around gangs and it brought gang members along with him when he became a successful businessmen. It was predictable An attack on him would give rise to recur imminent soy violence that The pattern in Compton for very long time Parkes murder was also seen in the context of another bow. This one was, rivalry between EAST Coast in West Coast that conflict. It only gonna to get serious with the Clyde studio, shooting a nineteen. Ninety four: it was a clear how that feed would play out. Ninety ninety six in the wake of two Pox murder, There be recriminations there too,. Nine days after two packs death, the nation of his convened what he called a day of atonement for the hip, hop community it
the sad period, but it was something that was not totally a shock and, as an activist and as a minister I knew instinctively. The community needed healing. That's reverent, Conrad till who was then known as Conrad Mohammed. He was the man stir the nation of islamic mosque. In Harlem too many he was known as the Hip hop minister, till it was arising star in the nation of Islam, which was in the it's. The resurgence the nation had real influence and black communities in the Eightys and Ninetys. When it was one of the few Stable institutions left in urban areas ravaged by crime and drugs, leaning on us, actions and hip hop tailored, announced the upcoming day of its own, while making a guest appearance on a local radio show he hoped the event They are not a Tory, I'm in Harlem was served. There's a memorial for the wrapper and as an opportunity death row and bad boy to reconcile, but he also wanted hip hop in it
audience to mend their ways, we were in the sea then of atonement the million men March. That just happen, and it was right note for what young people needed at that time It turned out to be a blessing that it rain that day, because by five thousand people came- and you know we Didn'T- have room for everyone. We put speakers outside and so and people stayed in the rain. The problem was. The major players in the feud showed puffy said he would come and biggie it would bring biggie, and I told him I said this is important. You need to be here because I have gotten word: some death row, people we're gonna, be there and he said I'll be there and I mean the coup de grass tat. They would have been puffy and biggie. There.
Most of the represent in attendance veterans who made their bones before gangster rap existed among them Grandmaster Flash block all well what it was made. Whole world to listen to and if we add, the creators do not fit with the possibility for what this is. The mission of Islam couldn't bring the EAST coast in West Coast together a comedian did this rapidly stuff we gotta stop it. May we stopped at we stop allotted is vows nobody. Like it and not in February of nineteen. Ninety seven snoop dog and puffy made a joint appearance on the sitcom. The Steve Harvey show with sick nightingale, puffy and snoop appear to have the power to put the controversy to rest in the script. At least that's what they love up in here. You ll stay inside this man, all our EAST Coast West Coast up as a bunch of media hype. Amanda. From day one nice and saw go between me and a small people's rearrest.
We came in, for we came in and light it up and riding that we make music for half hour out. I was trying I was trying to Get everybody all one accord, even if, as do nothing but the music, that's easy may be a producer from Brooklyn. If, one was the bridge between the coast it with him. Produce. Six of the songs on big is debut ready to die. He also collaborated with Tupac me against the world His final, album before signing with death row is biggest I'm working on a second album life after death mode. Had an idea. He wanted to put together a song that could bring the east and west together
I realise that more balance to the ounce is like what love is. The message by my first be is to us here in Europe. Is the anthem allay anthem, more both to the Alps was released in nineteen. Eighty four, the fuck bands app by the mid nineties. It become a staple of West Coast Hiphop sample by artist, including ice, cube and Digital underground after Tupac was killed. Moby use more to the ounces, the backbone for new track. He then handed that track after Biggie, months later, Moby ran into when a big, his friends, told them the song was finished. He said yo, he set fire to your joint Manny said you heard it. I was like what you talked about. He said he titled it going back to
early right, DNS do, I said, yeah, oh no, easy Moby was Fraid Biggie had used a tractor rip the West coast. He shouldn't worry. Going back to Kelly was a love. Note. Biggie sang the praises of the states. We, whether in women, The Jews, the coalsack, got to choose the thieves. About this? So don't go to what that would mean a mid term president, my first in the world Think about what is happening with the biggest California is a nice place to visit puffy, sir, It is a major market. There were a lot, a record buyers and media outlets in California, making comments with hip hop fans out there. Was a business necessity, so puffy organised a trip to California
the big e in February and March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. That was right before the release of life after death and write with puffy himself appeared with snoop on the Steve Harvey show. Still some people thought the trip was a bad idea. His Mateo Capolongo better known as Mattie see, he was a writer for the source and then start working with wrappers it loud records. I think, there's a lot of people who feel as though different ways that puff move may have also helped put big more risk. A mid February begging, puffy shot the video for the first single off the new album hypnotize. They wanted it to look like a blockbuster action movie. They got helicopters, yachts, sports cars, motorcycles, even a laugh, Panther, they shot the speed, seems off the Santa Monica Coast is a race across the water. You see them drinking campaign with women and became is smiling the camera with Biggie playfully bobbing along the beach.
Laptop how blood spilled him? You want to call Chico. Dover remembers, Biggie com, when from California to tell him how much fun they were. Having Kelly is beautiful, We do not number tat, he had made the we, the women. Everything is all lovely man. You got a chameleon seated in Mumbai by your seized, the wonder of we She geese one so much. We, though one of its previous did we back in a minute. Begging, puffy, wearing LOS Angeles. Should night was and it's the nine years in prison during a court hearing? came out that he'd been running death row records from a pay phone in his gel. So all those high profile attempts at peacemaking wooden amount. Without shook on board In the meantime, Biggie was
promoting his album or march first. He joined the way. If one else's ninety two point: three, the beat he wasn't a playful mood. Puffy was then logic his own careers wrapper and big joke with that he was now puffy manager. The interview turned to pack, things got serious, can hear Biggie sadness, force all friends but as he says, he had his own struggles. I mean it definitely was a loss and I'm saying a great loss. I feel for his family and I'm sad, but at the same time I can't be the one to sit. There Lily, just stress over somebody else. You don't say at that time. I was going through my own problems. You never said, but my kids and my wife and my business, my money business March Seventh, was: the biggest last day in LOS Angeles, that afternoon he puffy went to the soul. Main awards at the shrine auditorium. Neither you The campus is a step that the present the nominees The best arm be sole single. They heard booze from the cheap seats,
some people in the audience even threw up the hand sign for west side big. He smiled ass. He leaned into the MIKE and said what up Kelly that night. Biggie wants to take delay broadcast the awards from a suite at the westward Marquis he invited and it was Trail Hoddan Rococo- to join him. Big S, room service pizza lucky to play at a big party at them. They had the pizza like leaned back in his bounced on his stomach. So he's kind of eating pizza at the same time that we're talking croaker from in an unusually reflective mood, biggest Eddie. Looking forward to raising his toddler darted Sienna in his worse. I see J. Out of the media spotlight. He was talking about how he wanted essentially arm house in Atlanta, and he was talking about how he wanted to give China away at our wedding and he wanted to see, see J graduate from high school, and you know all these different things that he said wasn't there
Happen if use out there while in and what he was basically Striving was that he realised that he could have a rat persona, but that he could also live different life that nothing to do with Iraq, persona. Croaker also noticed a new tattoo and biggest right forearm. It was a quotation. Some twenty seven the Lord is my lighten my salvation, whom shall I fear. The Lord is the truth of my life, of whom shall I be afraid, When the wicked, even my enemies and foes came upon me to bite my flesh, they stumbled and fell was bigger. Getting more religious was trying to clean up his image. I was feeling triumphant it's hard to know the coca leaf that night Phil, as if Biggie lovable street hustler at heart was me toward another phase of his life. He basically one to be the M suburban. Your dad that occasion media about records the day after sold, train awards, biggie, whiskey,
to get on a plane to London to start the international press to or for life after death, but he did want to go bakes. All thing was like love, the it is positive. The women is positive and sunshine is positive. Like I don't need to be going anywhere right now, Peters wanted Of imported party, you know I'm saying he wasn't even thinking about our Otto They fully understood just how much danger he was. Then. He can the London flight and decided to go to whole train after party. Instead, I told be careful out there, inclusion I would be thy with a healthy cover bag where one out so most notably along the after party, was it Petersen, Automotive Museum for Biggie, it was a test
in everything he loved about California. There was great music quality liquor and plenty of rich and beautiful people. Whitney Houston was there so as Wesley Snipes Annalisa at one point, the dj played Hypnotize over and over again Biggie took in the scene from a table in a dark corner he was wearing. Ex ways: shirt a gold chain with a Jesus, pendant We're framed wraparound shades close by Biggie side was a black came he needed to get around after the car crash and pictures from that night. Biggie looks happy jubilee, even here he was in allay Every one was loving him in his music, a little after twelve thirty. I am far Marshall shut down the party because of overcrowding that was problem for Biggie. He had another. Ready to go to This one at a house in the Hollywood hills he and his team loaded into a green, suburban.
His fringy money was behind the steering wheel, big erode, shot gun. Lucy in the back seat, puffy was one car head cranked up going by the Kelly and pulled into the street right in front of the museum they stopped at a traffic light a dark colored Chauvelin S, S Impala pulled up on the right side of the suburban from Maxie Lucy saw a man behind the stirring, well, the Impala with a gun in his right hand. Marked across the street from the Museum six Rep and from Houston were watching for celebrities. One of them was holding a video camera in the video you can see The car puffy is riding and begin to make a turn, here gunshots
The camera spins around a trial capture the same. The wrapper newness, Biggie small, was shot several times ass. He sat in his Chevy Suburban early this morning outside Petersen Automotive, Easy Museum in Angeles after the shooting small was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where he was was pronounced, Christopher Walls, twenty four gnashing Barrack remembers. Waking up in a hotel room The news we have pages babe in my page of his own overflow, south of I would ask, is why did I take it
my grandmother, fair, big away, bad Chomsky, decor home, and we must get the core home. Looked at the courage called home. My Mars picks up the phone last. I will you add. I have his eye. They killed big guy. What they kill vague then. Looking at the news of course, life dad How does this happen? Who else there will have to buy move, so my mother fucking better had thou wilt thou know by the window. Fuck this happen. The gunman in the Impala sped away from the same. No one was
ever charged in the killing. No one had been charged to puncture course: murder. Either or in the assorted quad recording studio that it started. The hostilities between the two men to you in three months earlier to famous blackmail shot down in public. Why? No one been brought to justice next week, life after death. Slow burn is the production of slate plus slates membership programs. You guess Fourthly plus to hear a bonus episode of the show this week in every week. This season. In this week's bonus episode,
you're, more from a conversation with childhood. Our Koker, who conducted biggest final interview to hear it, signed up for slight plus it slate dot com, slash slow burn, slow burn is produced by me and Christopher Johnson, with editorial direction from Josh, Levine and Gabriel Ross Sophie some regret as our researcher. Mix engineers Jared Paul and Palm I d done, welcome I think so, the artwork for- burn us, but LISA Larsson Walker. Special thanks to sleep, child to dare Johnson low in lieu Alison, Bennydeck jeer at home. You can find a full list of articles and documentaries used to research. This episode on our show page and by the way created a playlist some Spotify to go at this season will be updating. It teach sweet with new episodes and songs by two biggie in their collaborators,
I cannot every we get the link in the show notes. Thanks for listening, peace.
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