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S6 Ep. 1: The Tape


On the night of March 2nd, 1991, at a remote intersection just outside of L.A., four police officers surrounded an unarmed Black man. They struck him 56 times with their batons before arresting him. 

Across the street, standing on his second-floor balcony, a bystander named George Holliday recorded the scene on his home video camera. 

This is what happened after the camera stopped rolling. 

Season 6 of Slow Burn is produced by Joel Anderson, Jayson De Leon, Ethan Brooks, Sophie Summergrad, and Jasmine Ellis.

Mixing by Merritt Jacob.

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Rodney King, was looking to celebrate. It was Saturday night March, second, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one and he just got a new job. King was a high school dropout and it spent time in prison for armed robbery. He didn't have any sick time finding work. Why was turn his life around? He was in the union doing construction, that's Johnny Kelly. What a king's best friends He had a good thing going. You look forward to that, but he loved construction, Johnny Kelly, didn't make it up that night. So king got together with two other friends Freddie, Helms and Brian Cowen. They watch basketball, drachma, liquor, just another slow evening, an altar Dana a quite area north of LOS Angeles, around midnight King descent, and he wanted to take his friends to a park. the spot where he used to hang out with his father. So got behind the wheel of his four door hunt age so help set shut.
Allies in the back seat, there was still buzz off their forties king, had it western head of state to turn picking up speed he drove around a few minutes later. The white funding caught the attention of to California Highway Patrol offices, a husband and wife eating to a melody singer or up on all our that's him. Calling into police dispatch melody was driving them. troll car I'll go out on every day. I believe the single I came driving a radically apparently speeding. They also noted that the two passengers weren't wing seatbelts, it is a very good return. Clare. Returning to an eighty eight on border,
already at dinner king didn't pull over or even slow down. He exited the freeway in a single, followed soon after the highway cops were joined by cars from the LOS Angeles police Department, This was now a chase maritime area, a police, helicopter hovered overhead Melanie think, o clock kings, car two hundred and fifteen miles an hour on the freeway and eighty five. When the pursuit moved to the street, the police raced after king and his friends for almost eight miles until abruptly kings hunt, I stopped at a dark remote air section and like few terrorist attacks, LOS Angeles is San Fernando Valley. He carefully with LAPD.
Tim singer ordered the men to exit the car kings. Friends got out first and late, face down on the ground, kings struggle, but unbuckling seat belt, but then he got out too. There were no more than twenty officer surrounding the hunter, most of them white, most of them from the LAPD, but the singers in their first, so they were control of the thing kings hands why the roof of the hunter the office has kept telling king to get on his stomach and it put his hands behind his back Baden. Listen, king ambled over to the front of an LAPD car and got down on all fours melodies fingers. Let him to show his hands; instead, he put them on his, but in wiggled it at this point Melanie singer escalated things. She pulled out her gun and ordered king again to lie down and show his hands
Finally, he complied. She moved into put him in handcuffs but ass. She approached King a voice from behind her barked out a command get back. The voice said will handle this. I order her back. We're not gonna. Do this. This is LAPD Sergeant, Stacy Comb. Talking about the arrest. A year later, Melanie singer had thought everything was under control, Coon disagreed and he I'll ring ter following protocol.
Singer deferred to him. The LAPD was now in charge. Stacy Coon was a forty one. Euro white man, he'd work did LAPD for fourteen years. When he took charge of the arrest he told the other police officers at the scene to shut up. He then started yelling orders had written a king who was on his stomach. I make a command vision. I command Rodney King King, a diagram king, didn't respond. I command the officers, the swarm, reneging if six foot three and about two hundred and twenty five pounds king was much bigger than the cops at first. He used that size to shake them off. I already off his back, they comply. I take him. Fifty thousand votes of electricity, the taser darts had king in the back, dropping him to his knees. King, try getting to his feet and turned toward Coon who fired,
These are again and hit king in the chest. Rodney king groaned loudly and fell across the street. A plumber named George Holiday was standing on the balcony of a second story. Apart at that moment is king struggled to regain his balance holiday press record on his home video camera. this is slower season sex, the l a I'm your host draw land over the next eight episodes you're here about the moment that lost. Angeles erupted into fire in chaos and you'll. Learn about thing that led up to that bloody reckoning. One video expose the crisis and police. How did sensualist respond to a justice system that didn't values black lives.
And did earlier the nation ever really deal with the roots of the unrest. This is episode. The tape slow burn is brought to you by Melcher. Male chip is in the business growing businesses so no matter what stage during Melcher Smart marketing platform can help you grow and get your brand out there. You more than a small business and merchants, got intelligent marketing too to help you grow it with marketing automation, design, tools and recommendations that all work together to help you sell more stuff, Melcher built for growing businesses. George holiday woke up to the sounds of police sirens and a helicopter. It was just before one a m. He was still groggy when he rolled out of bed
Look out the window. I saw cars coming just stop and dust in the air and staff and the big light from the house. two shining down, and my first thought was o the camera holiday pulled on a pair pants and grabbed his new Sony camcorder He'd only used at once Cameron Hand Holiday, stepped onto his balcony to get a better look, so I'm picking of the camera and lifting up to my eyes and turning it on, and it was an auto focus camera something I never had before. So the chemist trying to focus and I'm trying to think it's not focusing how'd. I turn up out of focus and focused mainly, but eventually it focuses on. What's going on about ninety feet. Away from his apartment, roughly the length of a basketball court holiday saw group of for police officers. Those officers surrounded a black man.
Who was on his knees the video that holiday took that night is in black and white. The figures at the centre are illuminated by the helicopter above and the surrounding police cars holidays tapes with king trying to get off the ground he's been tastes twice. At this point. Suddenly king is club near the shoulder with a baton. King falls on his face. On the tape you can see several officer standing around watching the arrest escalate. You can also hear shouted, but it's hard to make out what is being said the next ten seconds. The video is out of focus when the camera settles it just king and for LAPD offices
in the glow of the spotlight. King is on all fours, as he stumbles. The office's take turns beating him with the times and kicking him with their boots One blow after another for the next minute, nearly one per second, King tries to shield himself, but there too many officers to many clubs to many boots. George holiday saw all of this in his camera. His wife Maria joined him on the balcony. We're ask each other while what's going on, why? Why is this happening? You will remember that I come from a different culture growing up in Argentina and I've seen a couple of a military coup. take over the government, I've seen people were abducted by Miller
personnel right in front of me. Cars pull up, guys, jump out, grab somebody throw them in the car in the car takes off and nobody asks anything the Reese's everything the beating lasted for eighty one seconds after it was over the officer swarm King guns, and put him in Handcuffs Georgia. Maria holiday went back inside their apartment, trying to make sense of what they had. They took the tape out of the camera and played played under tv to get a better look real the table wash it wants, and that's one more of those you those kind of questions. coming to our minds. What did he do? That kind of stuff? King was hawdtack with cuffs around his wrist and ankles and placed under arrest another LAPD officer, one who hadn't participated in the beating, stepped on kings, face and dragged them along the road face down. It was clear to everyone on the scene, the king, what need medical attention? Here's him sing
are the highway patrol calling into dispatch injuries, termination of pursuit. That's how singer described the beating king later said. He thought he might die right there with blood leaking out all around him. His head was swollen and his right leg was broken. In that moment he was worried about all the blood in his mouth. He did want to spit and get the splatter on any other officers. If that happened, there was no telling what they might do. King eventually passed out and woke up in an ambulance with the sheet over his head. He was later treated
injuries in L, a county USC medical Center, which had Adele Ward Kings friends got abandoned on the side of the road. When bright Alan made at home, he told kings brother Paul what had happened. Following that conversation, Paul king went to LAPD's foothold division. He said he wanted to file a police brutality, comply, on behalf of his brother, the stuff, that night. Like view terrorist could have ended here this week been a fairly ordinary brutality climb, a black victim. accusing white cups of excessive force. The cup almost certainly would have gone nowhere, but the story of that night wasn't over how they couldn't get. What he'd seen out of his head the next afternoon, he and his wife went to a french wedding were telling her friends about this being that we saw I didn't have a camera to show them the tape, so they weren't, as
impact it that's a word, there were very impacted by boy you're telling them because they didn't have a visual like we had seen the next day a Monday, the holidays try to figure out what they had recorded. That's when we actually cod My office, the local, fulfilled a vision which is the police office that covers that area and the sergeant at the front desk answer the phone. I always look we live at this hour. Dress and that news Sunday morning, one hundred and ten one hundred and thirty. We saw this happening or whatever time it was, and we just wanted to find out. You know if what happened? What happened to that gentleman and you know what what happened that night and she immediately said all we don't give out information and hung up the phone holiday wasn't satisfied with that answer. He thought about who else might be able to help MT so right after that we say why are we call the local channel five, which The news I used to watch at night, ten o clock at night after night,
and I fancy they know anything channel five as Katy away one of the top rated tv stations in southern California. We always were there. The leaders we were often the first on the stories Frankie Sims was the assignment manager. Katy allay phone calls to the newsroom, usually ended up at her desk Saint George Holiday calls up calls me up and says that he has video of a man being hit by police and said: okay. Well, why should bring it by will take a look at it we're all excited here. We're gonna go to the news channel five tv station. department it's better than having lunch. Frankie sense was one of the first two people a Katy, allay to watch the tape. I couldn't believe what I was saying either strangers I had bought brought in tape. I mean something
swear used to people being arrested, but none were nearly is drastic as very was horrendous, just as big as what this was. It was different. It was different than what we had ever seen before quickly. The news breaking machinery of Katy Elate kicked into gear. The station brought in star reporter stand, chamber, The EU is a guy that actually we like the most, so we were totally fascinated. chambers and a cameraman went to the holidays apartment that same day, the interview only took a few minutes so as soon as they left, we started calling our friends.
hey we're gonna win the news tonight. Remember we are telling you the other day, the wedding, the holidays, worth thinking about the consequences of their video getting broadcast all over southern California. They were just excited to be on tv, but the leaders of Katy allays newsroom. They had to think about what they had and how it might be received Here's Katy lay news director warrants Erigena, oh yeah. We wanted to be very careful with this thing and we he didn't want to stir the part too much. You know, nothings perfect, sure is how is no road map for this kind of thing a Monday March. Fourth, ninety ninety one George Holidays, video aired for the first time on Katy allays ten o clock news. Dramatic videotape, obtained by Channel five news shows what appears to be a group of LAPD officers, beating a suspect may blast. Saturday night and early Sunday morning there was a police pursued here in the lake uterus area. It came to it,
and the eleven thousand seven hundred block of the Foothills Boulevard George Holiday lives across the street. He had his video camera and recorded what happened as such was being arrested. Katy, I didn't know the identity of the man being beaten and George Holidays. Video and Ellie Maybe spokesmen told the station that it was impossible to look at a videotape until precisely with the justification. Was that Parliament said the incident was under investigation and offered no further comment. Once we it all hell broke loose, the phones immediately started ringing and Katy allays newsroom mania, calls came from local competitors all recitations asking: where did you get that who shouted the widow when confronted with something like this before this is way outside the norm of breaking news that we, as we knew it up to that point and George Holiday He got hounded two people just calling
calling on including going and to the boy Obviously, events they had to unplug the phone. How they went to bed and while he was asleep, his video became national news. That night was a pretty dramatic guy, as you might imagine, that's volumes So in ninety ninety one he was a supervising producer CNN. At the time seen in was coming into national prominence, forts minute by minute coverage of the Gulf WAR that turned the cable network into a news leader. Almost overnight, Morrison Work, the late shifted CNN with an executive producer and an assignment desk manager. Their job was to get news reports ready for the channels morning. Broadcast Katy Allay was one of many stations that had arrangements to share video CNN
Morrison saw the beating video at the same time it aired in California. The video was quite long and it was hard to watch and it was really pretty unimaginable, and I think that was our discussion was. Will what to do with us? It was the middle of the night, so the LAPD wasn't available to provide comment more than in his coworkers debated. How much of holidays video to play on air concerns where they are about what how much it is opportune, sir, how much would exceed the level of violence that would be appropriate for amuse network and for a new programme balanced against. Oh, my god, we need to inform the public mean in, and that is where we came down. You had just a feeling that the only way to really grasp the enormity of this.
was to watch it in full, see it in first air, the video at five thirty a m on Tuesday March fifth that broadcast it changed everything. I went to bed and by the time I got up the weight that the afternoon whose everywhere the reaction is just skyrocketing here? The story had real exploded police, in LOS Angeles, begun an investigation into why some of their own man severely beaten man. They had just pulled over what those doing the beat apparently did not realise is that they were being videotaped. A number of officers can be seen standing by, as others hit the suspect across the legs, the kidney area, the neck and the head, the beating, when Becky LOS Angeles George, follow they woke. and got ready to go to work. It was a little more than forty eight hours after he hit record on his video camera. I when the front door to get out of the house- and it was just a sea of reporters- all piled up against the door,
going down the stairs down into the parking lot always for me to come out So now millions had seen with George Holiday saw from his balcony. In one sense, the video tell those viewers everything they needed to know that for LAPD Cops, had savagely beaten and kicked, and unarmed black man, but holidays tape also raised a lot of questions. Who was the man being beaten? Who are the cops would have and, after the camera, stopped rowing we'll be right back. The climate crisis is here time, slipping away to stop the worst effects of a warming planet and we need solutions hosted by Molly. Would how we survive dives deep into the economics
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Low burn to get twenty dollars off with a minimum purchase of one hundred dollars. That's be r, o o k, L in IE in dot com and inner promo code, slow burn for twenty dollars off with a minimum purchase of one hundred dollars. That's Brooklyn and dot com promo code, Slobber Katy, allays first new segment on the beating reported only what was obvious from the video and from an interview with George holiday. The LAPD had not released in official incident report. The station couldn't tell viewers who the man on the ground was Or what had happened before holiday started? Recording by the next evening, more facts had come out. The man in the video had been identified as Rodney King journalists at the early times learned the beating the same way. Everyone else did they saw the tape on tv, this
The EU is circulating on cable news like crazy around the country also and local news, in LOS Angeles, that sector toolbar. He was rapporteur for the Metro section of the Ella Times the day after George Holidays Tape aired on Katy Allay Toolbar was assigned to the story. He first saw the video in the times as newsroom, watching the little tv that set up a cubicle he shared with two other reporters. You know your rapporteur. Your first instinct is too. be precise as much as as as precise as you can, and so we started the blows: ten fifteen twenty thirty. He was just like us sacrificial, you know Lamb somebody be sent to the slaughter. Toolbar was it. When he eight year old, LOS Angeles native who'd, only been at the paper for a couple of years. I handled whether stories that were big and I once wrote, wields out of his way.
The mother of all traffic jams once in downtown LOS Angeles, because the subway was being built and cause part of the freeway to collapse, and that was a pretty big story, but nothing like this toolbar started reporting from the downtown newsroom on Tuesday afternoon March, the fifth he may calls to his own sources altogether notes from a handful of other reporters. The story would run on page one. The world had seen the video of rotten kings. Beating toolbars job was to start the process of understanding with those images meant. His deadline was five p m now that the biggest the most important thing when you write that story is the lead Am I going to write the lead to the story, and so I started with something like the brutal beating of a black man by a group of mostly white police, messrs set off a national for your toolbars.
Only saying what was obvious from the video them on the ground was black, the man hitting him were not, but he was saying it in the first sentence, putting it at the centre of the papers account after Toolbar submitted his draft. The city editor suggest. A few changes and he says Hector. I changed your lead and he had taken out all references to race. In my leave it was no law good, the brutal beating of a black man by a group of mostly way police officers. It was you know, a very Oh, a police officer striking a prone and apparently defenceless man and no references to race, and in fact he he tells me look I cut out the black and white from lead, and now we have. We mention lack that broadly king is black, and it's down on the eleventh paragraph Where's memory is a little off. It was actually in the twelve paragraph.
When I look at that story as the first draft of history, I think, oh, my god, we got it so wrong with a peak. No, we missed. We miss the yes. Of the story and that its the stories plea in american history, the Ellie time story identified Rodney King does an unemployed. Twenty five year old, married father to the article said the king had pleaded guilty to second degree robbery, the year before the LAPD till the delay times that the incident was under investigation. The times didn't interview, George Holiday, but the article did include, quotes from three other witnesses who lived at holidays Apartment complex. They watch the beating from there
units and told the Times King never resisted during the traffic stop the times. The story also mentioned that a number of organizations, including the in Dublin CP in ACL, you were calling for the suspension of the officers. Those groups also wanted an independent investigation of the LOS Angeles police Department for the LAPD. This kind of scrutiny was unwelcome and unusual. The LAPD officers who live that moment where people who were going through a transition. They lived in an old LOS Angeles. They lived in an were members of an old LAPD and they were the first members of the LAPD to be thrust. It
this new reality where their actions were going to be subject to more public scrutiny than ever before. Lipstick acquit break what's happening, I don t. I pack casts my shows issues, ideas, stories, flavour and personalities, and you can shake a stick at because the more of the world that you here well, the more you hear the world as it really is so come experience, more neighborhoods, more identities, more species and more perspectives. Npr pod casts, moreover,
This is all ears find NPR. Wherever you get your podcast, you have any idea at all how many times you were hit by a club When do you remember about that, as I have done an instant and kick on the night after the times published its front page story about his beating Rodney king was finally released from the county jail. He spent the previous four days in custody. Getting treated for his injuries king, had a fractured facial bone in a broken right ankle and when he emerged his face was on the front pages of newspapers around the world outside of the jail house in a wheelchair and flanked by an attorney king, but the public for the
this time. He remembered resisting it all right, you back. No, no! You wouldn't. The wooden start bout ignore would strike back against four or five guys. You know aimed at o king waved and smiled at the small crowd of reporters, but underneath the genial demeanor. He wasn't a lot of pain, his speech whistler and at times he still seem days after the first three good good links with one alone, with a shocker in connection with the Billy cloak recipes. How scare Oscar Oscar from alive the local district attorney's office announced that it
and be filing charges against king? Instead, the criminal investigations turned toward the LAPD officers involved in the beating at home, video showing a black motorists being beaten by White, LOS Angeles voice. One has triggered investigations now by the FBI, the district attorney there and the voice department itself. The mayor of LOS Angeles Tom Bradley had already come out stronger, Against the officers I am shocked to its out raised is anyone Bradley Ellis First Black Mare and a former LAPD officer himself called for broad investigation. He described the LAPD is having a pattern of police abuse, particularly against minorities. The mayor also vowed to justice will be meted out, to those who deserve punishment. The Ellie times kept digging into the case. Luckily I
had done ass reporting up the reform. I knew some of the costs in them up and put heal, that's Richard Throttle the papers, LAPD be Rapporteur and I have some inroads into the Depletes union. A little bit of technically Sorrento was a stereo typical, all school news man. He had high ranking sources within the police department who considered him a fair reporter. A few days after the king beating throttle met with one of his LAPD sources. At the sources house we had a glass of wine and wherever and in which I am, he is a here's to get its boxes of documents and some of the rigid regional police case. These got caught. You are the names here with you who they are and ears, here's what they set their initial report and stuff he had and then there's a knock on the door and in Walk Stacy Coup
and am whoa whoa whoa whoa Stacy Coon was the LAPD sergeant who supervise the arrest of ruddy King Coon in Toronto had never met before. A day and I had a convertible than had a bellum, beautiful, yellow, Mustang Convertible was parked death for hut and he says: hey, listen, there's some guys out there. They do say geyser! Ok, you didn't say guys. In fact, Sorrento says: Coon use the inward so. Do I thought guys or to look around. You run your car. I said how did I leave the top None of that is that these guided these ends were out there doing it. Stacy Coon was already at the centre of a national scandal. Sorrento couldn't believe that he was brazen enough to just draw operation
were I'm a reporter. You know he doesn't know, even though I said yeah, we won't. You know I wanta. This is all off the record, but he says to me anyway. We invited Coon to talk to us for the series, but he hasn't got backed us surprisingly throttle source handed over some of the first police reports following kings arrest is unclear if he was trying to get the department out in front of the story or felt that there wasn't any reason too high to information regardless. The documents were full of statements that anyone who had seen the video tat
would immediately nowhere false they had king only suffered some minor scratches and a couple of bombs, and then that he was very aggressive against them and they had to find him down and who wrote. In his report, the king suffered several facial cuts due to contact with asphalt of a minor nature, a split inner lip suspeck, oblivious to pain. In fact, a doctor later said, king had suffered a dozen broken bones later. Sorrento met secretly with another LAPD force? This meeting proved to be a fruitful as the previous one Sorrento left with a Manila folders worth of evidence, including the LAPD's internal affairs report. The documents disclosed that at least twenty four offices, where the scene that night, but only for what I did to fight, is primarily responsible for the beating and it was for five inches thick. It was big, is unity, chairman hundred pages,
and they came back to the office and you could we knew. Then they had lied, realign and how they're trying to defend themselves and in the end they could break ranks they couldn't one go against the other. Now they were locked in ago, four march, fourteenth less than two weeks after the beating of LOS Angeles County grand jury, returned indictments against the for officers. Stacy Coon Lawrence, POW, Theodore, Pacino, Timothy Wind, all four face charges of assault with a deadly weapon and unnecessarily beating a suspect under color of authority, Coonan pow, while also charge with filing a false police report, few days later, Surinam reporting let the front page of the EL eight times the headline red Police documents disclose beating was downplayed other documents released by the LAPD also revealed the messages to the officers had exchanged
the beating transcripts of computer messages among the policeman that night involve joking about the incident. One off proclaiming I haven't beaten anyone this bad. In a long time that quote came from in which officers Laurens Powell and but the wind were riding each. Has been indicted for assault earlier the had investigated domestic dispute involving a black couple and had reported it was right out of guerrillas in the midst of police. from another patrol responded ah ha ha released The transcripts has renewed speculation. The beating was racially motivated, Melanie Low MAX the first black woman to lead the civilian. Only LOS Angeles Police Commission had no doubts about the motivation of the officers time. Fifteen white police officers. Engaging in this kind of animal was behaviour against AIDS.
A man on the question raised, has to come up. Only history of girl gates has not to me, then, a twelve year old black kid living fifteen hundred miles away in Texas. It seems obvious that what happened to run a king wrong. I would have never imagined that anyone could disagree. I was so naive which isn't surprised. I wasn't even a teenager yet, but I was also angry. I talk to my friends and family about the case and they were angry too. If that's how we felt in Texas, as you know, Rodney kings, friends and allay felt. Yet when I first saw the video I may add one, is they what I was thinking at the time? But I thought it was screwed up. It was bad. That's Johnny, Kelly, Rodney Kings friend, who you heard from briefly at the big any others episode, not even knowing that it was him out like they beat the at this person. You know it was bad and then found out. I was Rodney like what did you think about it,
When I found out, I was Rodney it. Let me offer, taking away the given back at the ponies I bet it worth you know. When I found out with him, we were actually keys on a suicide mission want to Kyoto. The very word here and largely profound than before wait. I grew up in the neighborhood. I grew up in when he found out with him. You know, but I don't have time things alibi. Revenge by killing cups in a matter who used around who use talking to her. By saying we watching that tape was a format of moment and much out her. It is stayed with me over the past. Thirty years would have been pulled over while driving holidays tape played on a loop. In my mind. Nowadays, everyone carries a camera in their pocket
feels like there's a never ending stream of videos of police abusing civilians, usually non white civilians. Every time I watch one, reminded of being twelve years old and watching Rodney King get beaten on the evening news. But that's just me there were lots of people who saw something else when they watch George Holidays Video, they saw police off he's doing what they had to do. This is how law and order was maintained in outlay and in cities across the country, but it wasn't just lawn ordered types who saw the Rodney King tape differently than I did so did George holiday himself. If some media with just show the tape and not say anything, let the people make their own decisions and their own opinions, but I think it was
when, when they they show this videotape, and then they start talking, they make people mean one way or the other, and I think that's that's where we're things are going wrong there in recent years. How are they came to distrust the news media and what he saw as the media's insistence on using has tape to stoke racial discord in an interview with the Hollywood reporter how they said he didn't know why people turn it into a racial issue. When I spoke to her De the summer he was working as a plumber in southern California, hoping to make enough money for a down payment on a new home. I really would
I think I guess we're sure the FBI took holidays tape during its own investigation thirty years ago and is held on to it ever since, even so holiday felt his place in history was secure and one day my son comes home from school. I don't know it was fourth fifth grade or something like that and his dad your names in the history books that was that was her real. As far as we can tell, our interview with George Holiday was one of the asked he ever gave he died of complications from covert nineteen September. He was sixty one I've been. You ve had a lot of time to think about this. You ve talked a lot of people. Would do you think people forget about the story not more than what did people forget about it? I think It's more. What did we not learn about it? I don't think that much there arsenal means going on out there?
not really learned. Much from it. I would say. Next week on slow burn, a community already on edge after the king beating receives them their blow almost two weeks later, There was some rude assholes and I gotta admit it. You know the couples I D go in here. I just refuse to go in
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