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S6 Ep. 3: The Chief


In 1991, Daryl Gates was the face of the LAPD. Over the course of his 13-year tenure as chief, he had built his police department into a paramilitary-style force that enforced the racial boundaries of the city. 

Rodney King’s beating had exposed the brutality of Gates’ police force to the city. In the weeks after the video aired, L.A.’s most powerful institutions joined together to call for an end to Gates’ career and the style of policing that had resulted in King’s beating. 

But even with much of the city’s political leadership unified against him, Gates was ready for a fight.

Season 6 of Slow Burn is produced by Joel Anderson, Jayson De Leon, Ethan Brooks, Sophie Summergrad, and Jasmine Ellis. 

Mixing by Merritt Jacob.

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Just a quick warning: this episode has some explicit language when footage of rotten beating took over the news Daryl had been the LOS Angeles police chief for nearly thirteen years under gates. The LAPD He built a reputation for toughness, the chief didn't do political correctness. He stood up for his officers. He was the cops cop, but even the chief, the face of the LAPD, knew that he could
defended behaviour caught on George Holidays Video camera five days after the incident allay police chief delegates recommended felony prosecution, but the officers who beat king and he vowed to discipline to twelve offices who watched this is none representation of the good work of wash. I wished to Bob. You will find anyone who will not find a police officer miss. It was said that will in any way attempt to justify what those officers the dates might have hoped he could blame the right, the king and said that on a few bad apples and move on. But this. of the way, the public side, two thirds of Ellie residents, believe the LAPD regularly used excessive force. According to LOS Angeles Times Pole, local black active is called forgets. His resignation
soon they were joined by the Asia you and the local chapter. The air felsi Ion two weeks after the beating the editorial boarded. The LOS Angeles times come around. The newspaper said that the king case was a symptom of a larger problem issues with command and control training and the values of l, a p d officers Gateshead and solve those problems and, in some cases, had exacerbated them. The paper road, if he is a true patriot of the city and a true believer in the LAPD for the good of LOS Angeles, he should resign. The chief was facing the most dire crisis of his career. The after that early times, editorial was published. Gates was scheduled to speak before the City Council leave me alone. Are all men employer our toy Bernard agreed? driver of lorries glad to hold impious wax remorselessly Ferralti and council members present Annick warmest President Gates turned up late. so the meeting began with public common public coffers
This has been shaken to the core. Clearly, there is no cost and the police cheap at this time. Gates. Moscow that is, that is the bottom line. Gates must go now. There was never a time when I thought you could get rid of him that The virus lucky he was the Ella City Council in practice, the police chief? was was very powerful the department was very powerful. Lapd was most power political force in city of it. gates took a seat in front of the council. He wasn't there too. Poligized or offer concessions gates was there to make a demand. He wanted the council to make a statement of support for him and every day. I just say once again: this is your police department. This is able department supported you. Each of you you know that we are there when, when your constituents ask us to be there, you know but we do our very best to enquire into any any complaint
comes to your attention? What if you like this, police department down, if you don't speak up, half of the men and women was pleased to be able to serve the people this city. Well, You don't do that at this crucial moment in our history no, I want to tell you you and have a police department that is not going to be the kind of debate. What did you want the kind of parliament that the people expect the kind of department the people deserve? Just is not going to be their city council. Member Michael, who had a question forgets I want to know. Did you mean that as a threat? In other words, that is, if I or other members of the council are going to be criticising you or the department. Are you saying that you will withhold? Support of these neighbourhood? Were street services to fight crime in our districts,
That is the most insulting thing. I have heard on this council floor and all the time I've been here and I've been here a lot longer than you've been alive, absolutely not as a professional organization. What do you think we are that is an insulting insulting question. who told me recently that for him, That exchange with gates was a turning point. I basically a fairly mild mannered person, but I reached my livin in the chief had stepped over the threshold that I could tolerate without the the finally be turning against gates and the LAPD he had been on the council, six years. It was hoping to for higher office, will realise the calling The gates to go would be to get some attention, but I was having these those conversations with my political consult area is this time. I should I do this or not, and then
also try, to do this before Other members of the council were doing it. that was also a consideration was if it was worth doing I. Wouldn't be number two or number three. I should do it. I can still be the first one to speak out a week after gates appeared before the council who called a new conference at city home The time has come for chief gates to resign, Councilman Michael, which is the first elected city official, to call brigades to step down. This is slobber. I'm your host Joel Anderson, the ruddy king tat, had exposed the brutality of Darrell Gates's LAPD to the world. Now the city's most powerful institutions were calling for an integrated career antidote,
apartment culture of contempt that he embodied, but the chief had no plans to go without a fight. How did LOS Angeles responding the face of video evidence of its cops at their worst? Could anyone hold the LAPD to account and what happened with LA's political establishment with toe to toe with Daryl Gates? This is episode. Three, the chief. Slow burn is brought to you by Melcher mail. is in the business of growing businesses, so matter. Would staves you're in
Jim Smart marketing platform, can help you grow and get your brand out there. You more than a small business and merchants, got intelligent marketing tools to help you grow it with marketing automation, design, tools and recommendations that all work together to help you so more stuff, Melcher built for growing businesses. Darrell Gates, was a twenty three year old College senior. When he found out that his wife was pregnant. he hoped to go to law school, but now we had a fan to provide for so he dropped out of college to join the LAPD it was nineteen, forty, nine then a year gates was promoted from patrol officer to chauffeur for police chief Bill Parker. It turned out to be a plum assignment
you ve, studied at the right hand a partner and that had an influence on gates. That's Jim Newton. He covered law enforcement for the elite times, certainly starting with Parker the department Saw itself and men Parker is Roy response. Four out of this as a paramilitary organization, primarily white, almost all male and viewed its fundamental charge as maintaining the peace. Parkers police department help maintain the ratio hierarchy of LOS Angeles. He sanctions aggregated patrols in begrudgingly hard blackened mexican american officers, his mostly white police force, how we enforce the racial boundaries of the city, Parker. Notoriously a racist, among other things, would was reputed to fine officer: candidates at KU clan rallies. Stirring an interview, Parker said black people
who migrate to the city had quote flooded a community that wasn't prepared to meet them. He added and ass these people to come here. It was a department that really saw itself as the thin blue. I mean really believed that in Its absence, the violence of LOS Angeles, would just spread across the city instead of being tat down, gave spent fifteen months, driving Parker around in a Buick Dinah flow. He described the experience as a detour. On how to be a chief that time in the driver's seat, serve gates. Well, he wrote the LAPD ranks at a steady clip becoming a sergeant, then a lieutenant, then a captain and then a commander in nineteen sixty five gates was chief with leading the departments, responds to the Watts riots. Sixty of unrest that began when a traffic stop turned violent. More than thirty thousand people participated in the riots it began.
the police and rioters clashing on a hop Wednesday night. Some believe it could have been stopped right. Then, if law officers moved and enforce and sealed up the area, perhaps so, perhaps not, but within a matter of hours it is completely out of hand. rights were Shocking abandoned the psyche of LOS Angeles among those who are most startled by them were liberal leaders who thought the death of these problems are already behind, during the riots Parker empowered gates to put the rabbit and down by force. Gates use mass arrests more than thirty four hundred tours your order to the area. Thirty four people die during those six days twenty three of them at the hands of the police and National Guard power. When he damage was estimated at forty million dollars about three honey and fifty one million in today's dollars, ever years after the Watts riots dates. Is pro
Our group he created a new unit within the LAPD Special weapons and tactics or Swat it was the first what team in the country. The idea was to better equip the police to fight the gorilla style. Warfare gates claimed officers encountered, and once he went on to speak about Riah control to agencies all over the country. Their progress. Death in nineteen, sixty six gates was promoted to deputy chief in there A year later to assistant chief fight early in nineteen seventy eight the cities- These commission selected him to lead the LAPD here's former council, Amber, Xavier Veslovsky. He was those moderate of the top three candidates. Everybody thought he was gonna be the guy. We could work with skydiving end up and down
didn't turn out that way. Like his predecessor, Bill, Parker Gates projected the power, the police he was tall TAN in ways impeccably dressed and Mozilla. He was the celebrity. He had a uniform, he was the guy. That's your givens was the law student in community organizer in South central Ella might not know. My daddy is no they'll get its gate, followed parkers example. In another way, he took an aggressor approach to policing Ellis minority communities. Dead squads that were given they call them and allay, but No, the cars that will go around and Blackfoot she has new, does the cod they will. They they get you they will beat you ass and it was how to keep Nick is in place
dates use the nineteen eighty four Olympics in LOS Angeles as an opportunity to hire more officers. addressing his long Tom complaint that the LAPD was undermanned. He mode We deployed those officers in Ellis blackened latino neighborhoods, calling them gang sweeps, Pritchett security measure for the Olympics, the leaves continued long after the closing ceremony over the next five years. Citizens, complaints about excessive force by LAPD officers rose thirty three. percent The Macneil Leora NEWS our set down with gates for long interview. In the wake of the king beating gates me, No apologies for focusing his policing efforts on black neighborhoods there's question We do spend a good deal of our time in the black community There is a great deal of crime and that community there's been a great deal of violence and that community, and so we say time trying to protect the people trying to do our very best to fair it out the crime,
means we're going to contact the many people who have not done anything, but we are inquiry into what they have done or what they might be done will be doing. as we have no way of ascertaining whether good or bad people gates could be even more direct than that the? U S, Senate hearing in nineteen nine be, he said, casual, drug users, ought to be taken out and shot any once suggested. The black people were more vulnerable to death from choke. Holds that what he called me, more people, Xaviera Luskin. We some horrible com, about the veins of the arteries of a black people have always where did he get that in all? Who? Who, who was then his ear. That was such a bizarre thing, but no- nobody said? Well, he could have. You could lit the city on fire without comment. the fire. No because you know- didn't fire Europe's last year. and his fellow council members didn't have the authority to fire gates
warning to the LOS Angeles city charter. The only group a day have the power to get rid of the chief was the cities least commission in when they were extremely constrained in what they could do council environed american viral. Only the police Commission could environment You could only remove a police chief in the same way, you could remove any other civil servant. He had room for, causing it to commit a crime, moral turpitude. can't just fire somebody, because he makes a ridiculously racist comment you get you couldn't do that legally he got a court
So there was never. It was never an issue of whether he would be fire. The issue is whether, at the end he could be persuaded to leave the city charter. Put the mayor in a tough spot. Tom Bradley was the first black mayor of LOS Angeles, as a black liberal in a city with a predominantly white voter base, Bradley was vulnerable to the perception that he was soft on crime. That stereotype had heard him at the nineteen sixty nine mayors race, which he lost Incumbent Sammy already Bradley. scarred by the nineteen sixty nine mayoral campaign. You never got over it psychologically so whenever the reforms to be proposed and implemented. He wasn't the leader, he wasn't the alpha dog. He let the police commission, do it because asking you wanted to do is have a Yuri guy your or your himself, who was still on television in those days.
Does he told you so look? What he's doing allies and cutting the police, bread, It started off his career as a police officer and the LAPD he gates were no friends of each other Jim Newton. Why did they dislike each other? So my sense, from Bradley Perspective is the Bradley grew up in the LAPD and he knew how bad it could be. So You know when allegation started coming out about please scandals and circular racially motivated placements conduct Bradley. Every reason to believe that they were true on the other side, gates's pull star principle by which he set his watch was don't let politicians interfere in the Aberrations that waste warmer and now what does he have to deal with, is a politician who came from the waste department? Who knows exactly what its weak points are and who determined to work on so from gates's perspective Bradley as the
ultimate threat to his autonomy and his departments, autonomy, the king beating, gave Bradley and opening he didn't have authority to fire. The chief, but suddenly he could make gates his life very, very uncomfortable, moron that, after the break slow burn is brought to you by brick. Linen seasons are changing, and so your personal taste fresh in your foot, with a change in the core, all well, upgrading, your comfort, that's where Brooklyn and comes in olenin was started to create beautiful, high quality homosexuals. They don't care an arm and a leg and people. What success Brook linen has something for your: every comfort need there so confident in their core products, They come with a three hundred and sixty five day. Warranty me am I
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mission with allies, who, he hoped, would support a campaign to get gates out. Began assembling a blue ribbon commission to build a case for reform, a blue commission is something politicians usually put together where they want to put off acting on an issue the commission listens to testimony, and here is a wide range of views, issues. A report that mostly ignored but Bradley wanted a commission that could make a real impact. He was looking for blueprint to fix the problem said a plague. The LAPD for decades any hope to build a damning case against gates so Bradley stop. The worn, Christopher Christopher was a national hero, a debt, earlier is Jimmy Carter, deputy secretary of state. He Nego The release of fifty two american hostages from IRAN fifteen years before that
He served the state Commission that it investigated the Watts riots. That group had assembled a thick report on the social problems that it fed into the riots with detailed proposals for solutions Most of them were never implemented. Chris four didn't want to repeat that experience his John Spiegel. who worked alongside Christopher his pipe. This view was we're. Not just going to have another commission and so when Chris took on the LAPD Reform we're going to make things happen and he knew that the away They need a radical change and you know it probably also knew he was the only guy. You could really make it happen with Christopher at his side, Tom Sadly was newly emboldened, the age of seventy three and then twilight of his political career. Bradley thought he might. finally be able to take down as long time nemesis the
After the mayor announced a new commission. He called delegates to his office. today I met with police Chief Darrow Gates. At that meeting. Our call upon GPA to resign as chief of police, Jim Newton I dont know at what point bread. Sadly, decided the gates had to go and whether this is really opportunistic on breathless part. Two fill a long standing ambition to decades out of their work What degree he just believe that the time has finally come. I don't have the answer that, but at some point. It became bows, two days later, the police Commission, which I ve had loaded with allies announced that it was gates on sixty day paid leave of absence gates was furious. I should have been disgrace defamed. I think it is a tragedy to heal the wounds of the city gates. The suspension didn't last long. He threatened
through the city. It was back at his desk the next day. first attempt to rein in gates had failed. Later that same day, gates attend the fund raising luncheon in the San Fernando Valley, the chief The crowded ballroom to a standing ovation focus at the city's heated debate, got a warm welcome. Metal luncheon, hosted by his supporters. Organizers, had to make room for several hundred extra people who showed up she gate shared the day S with George Holiday, the man who shot the Rodney King videotape warriors love homilies lying so this was the situation. The war Christopher, had agreed to step into a public, be between the city's first black mayor in power
for police chief with a strong basis. Support Christopher had to tread carefully. I know he was very sensitive about He b c, as independent because of the rivalry and because of the fact that, apparently The mayor already thought that the chief should go so, he was very concerned about that. That's. Andrea, Sheridan Organ. She was The ten members of the commission So for one it is commission to be seen as fair and impartial We face one challenge right away: Gateshead his own plan to restore confidence in the LAPD, including a commission. With all the members appointed by Darrell Gates look for any at all
that may have contributed to the development of attitudes and patterns of behaviour that could have led to this kind of gross misconduct gates and that put Christopher in a tough spot. if gates launched a rival group, his own comic, and would be seen as representing Bradley Side, so we set out to do something very clever and very difficult to pursue gapes this commission to combine forces with his own John Speed. served as General Council for the Christopher Commission. I remember the time you know. I just signed up with him to do the same Chris crazy, you're, never gonna get the guy Commission, to merge with are commission and let you be the chairman, Spiegel Links If we drove to Orange County to meet with the head of gates's panel, retired California, Supreme Court Justice, John Argius, we You know, have lunch in the restaurant in the office, building there in Newport Beach and Chris cut. This deal and so that was the
Smith. The unified commission had ten members, including our glass and two others from gates this group. They had broad mandate to investigate, most every aspect of policing in LOS Angeles, and his autobiography gate, said the two commission to merge with his consent war, Christopher, set a deadline of one hundred days commission member, Andrea, Sheridan Orton if, A timeline sounded ambitious, ambitious just to the extreme and beer. to the extreme ego. Even by that time, I've been doing commissions in at various reports, and so I I worked on these things before, but They didn't have that that that engine that this had war, Christopher was able and Bradley and others they were all able to say this is important. This is. going to be a waste of your time.
The commissioners were assisted by sixty staff attorneys, most from elite law firms around town. Therein the floor in downtown high rise tower and help Look hearing some local churches and schools shared Norden worried that that establishment make up the commission and its staff couldn't possibly address the concerns of the streets, nay, driven for years and never ever been stopped for a tale light or run a Winchell wiper that was not working properly the commission and its staff were largely white and white collar, but they may an effort to bring in other perspectives, Mr Chris yeah we're gonna do something we need black people, especially last students to get engaged in instead, engage in this drama. Given was president of the black LAW students association at the University of West LOS Angeles. I need
to be involved in it cuz these are the white folks had the power and are going to do something about it. Save you serious about make. change. You need to stay, engage with this process The commission interviewed five hundred current and retired LAPD officers and fifty expert witnesses, Community members were invited to speak at public hearings around the city. Now, first I'll blow those one at that. Ask a question: they want to tell you shit Ninety ninety one givens right a short prepared statement to an audience that included the commission and community members our continent violated every day about LOS Angeles, excessive first to audiences, one, the powers be the white folks to warn christoffersen understand at his black folks are concerned about this, but I want to people in the wrong is like preacher. one of them to be with me that data
Look at me like some sell out negative and law school, given close by telling the audience that he was well To give the commission a chance, as expressed this connection with scepticism Christopher suggested. Yet I want Is to know I got the same scepticism at you here and you're here. For the same reason, we all here, because we think this you're gonna make change, but we know been down his role so many times in it, I'd, be hope. It is a little hope of all animal Let's take a quick break.
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dot, com, slash, slow, burn, Friday June, Fourteenth one ninety one Darrow Gate set before room packed with staffers force Interview with the Christopher Commission a majority of people in the commission had become increasingly certain the gates needed to go. They believe that the lay peaty, had a culture of contempt for the public and that it gates, who set the tone. This in our view would be a chance to prove that he was unfit, delete the department so worn Christopher. Approach, the interview strategically. He decided the John Spiegel, a former prosecutor. would be the only one to question gates Chris I spent a lot of time talking about it beforehand and the point was to be there: deferential. So it was, the kind of Perry Nation, examination where you say: don't you would
to being a shitty chief of police like that, so I was very respectful, but no our theory, the gates would basically hang himself. Did you get it? since that he knew that was fighting for his job and ultimately legacy He was so supremely confident he felt impregnable without you. I dont have any initial statement. I'd rather just go forward. Does your nose up I'll probably do a lot of elaborating as we go forward? He's already told me that he will try and control the questioning, but that the territorial control has to say that I also as the session began gates was on his best behaviour. He spoke at length about The difficulty of police work and the church which is facing us department-
He came across this charming commanding coolly. Analytical the commission had reviewed more than a hundred thousand pages of messages that offices sent through computers and a patrol cars. they included hundreds of racist sexes and homophobic comments, some of them joked about beating in shooting suspects. Speak. Ass gates with the department was doing about the officers who sent those messages discipline, but that's not an impact and the answers are still using using it in a hurry, proper way possible. Do something its positive out of this array, something positive route and stop, and we will stop at the auditing it'll. Stop at discipline will stop it and that will take place very soon. Spiegel continued to press. Do you think that these some of these comments are reflected a fundamental attitudes, comments about monkeys,
Having time comments about, you encounter Nikko shoot first and ask questions later these like the one on the part of some officers. Obviously not all of us pressure. Susan Workin, the garbage pay all the time on their costly working, very difficult arena and the right of someone diverse, cynical, some get very hard someone summer, are frightened. Some more stressed. when you were frightened were stressed lot of these things. A lot of things come out perhaps ought not to come out Surprisingly, gates was index and he had more sympathy for officers accused of abuse there for the victims of their abuse. About an hour into the interview. Spiegel started. The push gates on the fact that here, already held his position for thirteen years, experts
Will the commission that that was too long for anyone to service chief gate suggests that he might have left already, if not forest critics probably lasted longer than I should and probably if people let me alone would have left some time ago. Gates was on the defensive, and I had planned grown three to five years. I thought that's that's gonna, be enough, be chief, replace it my biggest came alone. I wanted to go through that. I thought that was a real challenge. I want to meet that challenge What's that had virtue retiring and there's been one thing after another, Parliament has been controversy in parliament has been a desire to accomplish things that too, I think to be accomplished and I'm looking at things. gone differently. I probably would have been gone. In closing statement gates acts the commission.
help rebuild public support for him and the LAPD it the same request made to the city council almost three months earlier, then he carried on of what the swagger now He seemed concern that the commission might be a problem for him. I think the job It was true number of confidence, I hope the effort of the commission is aimed at that and not a total.
disruption and transient modeling of the bridge to Bob it ass a travelling time and said in LOS Angeles. I wish it were not so dates as appearance before the Christopher Commission didn't help him, but another LAPD veteran hurt him even more me. I open up honestly be evaluated. Girl gave her performance. That's David Dodson his servant, the LAPD for thirty three years, rising to assistant chief gates described. That is one of its closest confidence. To tell you the truth, I got some sleepless nights com. I just trying to figure out what I should do well to thine own she'll, be true love. It keeps forward. We may feel all right. I have
I will carry it, sir, that I'd like to make it the right began, then, is that the funding adopts the engine for me or my opinions in the past? Doesn't it press reservations internally about gates's approach two policing of south central away. even in a senior position, Dotson struggle to be heard. Now. We finally had a receptive audience, essentially brings robot brush but essentially, in the last ten years, the blessings Police Department with a gun notable exceptions, we have not had, in my opinion, at the top very effective leadership. I thought the girl your usefulness achieve. So I was not real came to him and talked about gaiters inability to hold any one accountable, that's what I believe
fail miserably in his heart problem. However, for the actions of their people, how high is that accountability go all the way, I'm not your accountable Scots things up and, Firstly, there has apparent expression on his face. That's it. Plainly stated what he thought needed to be done to fix the department. It sounds like what you're saying. Maybe this boy, you too, regular user within Burma needs new leadership. that very difficult for me to say that, but that's exactly what I believe exactly globally, Spiegel guided that testimony with Datsun it was really refreshing to have somebody commanded just tell it the way it was think it had a big impact. It was like holy church,
a later interview with another assistant chief Jesse brewer. Bolstered Dotson case to his retirement a few days before the king beating brew. Was the highest ranking black officer and LAPD history. His words carried extra weight How would you rate? leadership for the parliament during the years she gave way subject requested I I would not give him a great and his handling of this about what great where'd you get it probably give him a d be generous and giving I felt the way out of this one is really not. for the best for further development of the city. The test mony of doubts and brewer confirm that something needed to be done about Darrow Gates, but what the commission, partially, pointed by the chief himself in a
a charter that hamstrung all of the political forces in LOS Angeles. The question was how, let's take another break. If you're listening to this show, then you're probably a fan of unique, an interesting story, I want to tell you about pocket. It is a website and that finds the most interesting thought provoking and entertaining articles from trusted sources around the internet and puts them all in one place. Low on time it lets you save article as well as anything else you find online like videos, recipes and shopping pages to your personal pocket, for digging into later pocket will even read the stories you saved allowed to you, like a pot cast of back to back articles. Wanna go deep on a topic. They have incredible curated collections that our pants elected by pocket, edifice or expert pocket partner like me, want to learn more about what we discussed on season. Six, a slow burn go to pocket that car
slash late and check out slow burn to see my collection. Worn Christopher one of the conclusions of this commission to be unanimous, the majority The commissioner is one of the call for gates disaster, but a couple of members who gets it originally appointed to his own commission, more ready to go that far and proceed. You focus on the evidence. Let me worried about that. So he these guys one by one and of He brought them around. One of the whole doubts was Richard Ma. an attorney who served on the commission that investigated the assassination of John F Kennedy Chris, would go running with him at five in the morning. Is they lived? They both liberty reach uttered Beverly Hills, and so Chair MA eventually sided with the rest of the group. The crew
if the commission, even those who originally appointed by Darrell Gates, would call for the chief resignation what's Christopher, had finally got everyone on board. The commission started. Writing the report but together or two hundred and twenty eight page document, one tightly focused on the use of excessive force. what they found a significant number of LAPD officers repeatedly misuse force and the department me little effort to discipline or remove them. The report, also found evidence of an appreciable number of disturbing and recurrent racial remarks, an organizational culture that isolates the police from the communities and the poor will they serve the offers, wrote witnesses. Witness testified to unnecessarily aggressive confrontations between LAPD officers and citizens, Secondly, members of minority communities: The commission laid blame for those problems and supervising officers.
All the way up to gates yours, commissioner, Andrea Sheridan Orton there. Lots and lots of paragraphs that are very careful to to balanced. All the way through I mean all the way through. I recognise that, but with two maize, roughness of language, the what we put in their doesn't look like it thing I've been to anybody. I think right now, but at the time this was this was explosive so for commission may one hundred and thirty recommendations, among them were shifting a community oriented form of policing and overhauling the Police Commission to give it more power over the chief, but what captured headlines, was the commission's recommendation for chief gates to step down and the change the city charter to give the police chief term limits we believe commencement of a transition in that office is now appropriate. The report Red
the commission's recommendation was a significant victory for Mayor Tom Bradley who put All this in motion. In the first place he hoped tat. He had only found awaited the post delegates. This is no time to tinker with the commission's solutions or to let polluted Differences block our way. the commission's recommendation should be adopted as written without change, but Darrell Gateshead other ideas. He read the commission's recommendations closely. Anything used on one line. We hope that achieve gates will remain in office, while his successors being chosen. The little bit of wiggle room gave gates time to figure out his next move his attorney told the news, our the chief would be a no rush to leave. I dont see where their urging and immediate retirement on the part of the chief city councils gonna have to look at this report. They're gonna have to approve at her reprove
portions, they believe necessary and then we're going to have to submit it to the voters. Gay His attorneys argument was a little slick. Some The commission's recommendations would have to go before the voters, but gates could At any time. this position was that nothing could change until they had been a referendum which wouldn't take place for nearly a year. Christopher help I am of the report's recommendation here. He is into the news, our just after the commission. report was released, the programme voted nearly half of their nightly broadcast to Christopher its findings all I can say is that our commission consists of ten members three of whom were appointed by chief gates it on a unanimous basis that the trans action in the office. The chief of police should begin now, but Gates was made it the drawing this out He immediately retaliated against David Dodson, the assistant chief, who testified to the commission. A day after the release of the report Gate Strip, Dotson of its powers,
as the head of internal affairs, which worry up here, you told me you were upset you asshole. We all know of on line. angels, was finally ready to move past gates, but the city was still stuck with him at least for a while for Denmark Givens it? proof that the commission was a waste of time. Oh, we gotta have hope for the future will flood that building a whole for the future. What about today, walk out here. The police goby bargain with me. Can you knew anything about there. It was hard to nine LAPD largely remained intact. Gates was Dylan Charge, as the department was still only instantly accountable to the cities? Elected officials at the closer as autobiography gates, boasted no one had run me out here is gates his attorney and in fact I think it would be very detrimental to the citizens of this city into the police department
he was to leave at this point immediately. The chief has always said there is a point in his career that human retired. I think that things have to settle down gates what remains for another eleven mice, defiantly lingering in the job, in a time of deepening crisis, in LOS Angeles during that time. No, this did not settled down thirteen years are being batter, Bush and otherwise. Tormented is a long long time. On the other hand, Support that I have within this organisation in which the community has been just outstanding and minorities, run away.
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