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S6 Ep. 5: The System


A year after they were caught on tape beating Rodney King, four LAPD officers went on trial. None were convicted. 

How did the prosecution make its case against the cops? How did the officers hold up under questioning? And what happened when the verdict was announced? 

Season 6 of Slow Burn is produced by Joel Anderson, Jayson De Leon, Ethan Brooks, Sophie Summergrad, and Jasmine Ellis. 

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A quick warning: this episode has some explicit language. John Barnett got a phone call one night in March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. It was a friend of his telling him to turn on the local news. The video of four police officers beating Rodney King had just come out, and he says you see the the cop who's kicking, the guy on the ground that your client borders friend was a lawyer for the LAPD's officers union. He wanted Barnett to represent Theodore Pacino. One of the four cops on the tape bar watch the video and formed his own opinion about what he was saying, the same, Everyone else did. I thought then, and I think now than it was a shocking display. you can see the brute the brutality of it still Barnett accepted the job. He had never handled a case that got as much attention as this one would. When we went to court we met
an underground place and they told us for on flag jackets. That was my first big clue: who's gonna be different because they wanted the lawyers to wear vast and not before, and not since, has there been a case where they were taking such safety precautions for the defence lawyers, Barnett had represented clients accused of committing awful crimes from serial killers to child molesters to a lot of people. In LOS Angeles, the officers had beaten Rodney king were just as unsympathetic. A poll showed that eighty one percent of potential their believed. The officers were probably guilty, as a defence was to have any hope it all. They need to find a much friendlier jury, pull. Here's Russell call an attorney for another of the four officers. The defence wanted to try to get the trial into a county where there was a better chance for a predominantly white jury.
no question about it. Did anybody ever say that out loud? No, not that I recall it's just the truth. That was not the argument. The offices lawyers made when they acts the court to move the trial at a loss Angeles. Instead, they claimed the nonstop media coverage had created too much by is to have a fair trial there. It was wall to Wall Coverage morning to night. Every commentator on every issue in the case held the same position. These guys these police officers are guilty in that's what the atmosphere was as we approached litigation, and so I felt that we must seek a change of venue. The defences request was a longshot. Ella saw plenty of high profile trials law,
is often acts that have those cases moved but judges seldom granted their request. The city had a huge into first, your report, the biggest for any superior court in the country. There were few places where you were more likely to find twelve jurors with genuine. open minds. When you file that motion. What did you think the odds were of it being granted Statistically it would be one in a thousand the case that many side superior court Judge Bernard Caymans. When he heard the defence attorneys request for change of emu, he waffle. First, he scheduled the trough Olaf's anschluss, then he said he'd be opened a moving it.
where the prosecutors were alarmed? They knew that a move out of LA could mean a wider jerry. That would be friendlier to the officers at this point. Caymans did something out of the ordinary he sent one of his law clerks to the prosecutor's office, to reassure them to say basically, don't worry. I've got this indeed, next day came and said again that he was sure affair. Jerry could be seated in a way that private message to the prosecutors had been. Improper judges aren't supposed to communicate with only one side in it well, it was very unusual and look it's a very profile case in everybody's trying to do the best they can, and sometimes they don't do the best. There is eventually an appeals court overruled Cayman's. Those judges wrote that there had been so much media coverage and Soma
political fall out that there is a reasonable likelihood that a fair and impartial trial can not be had in LOS Angeles county. A month later that same appeals, court remove judge came in from the case. They said his communication with the process. Peters indicated that he had abandoned his status as a neutral decision maker and focus the spotlight on himself. Three months later, Judge Stanley Weisberger was assigned to take his place. Weisberger first task was to decide where the trial would be held. We were given three choices. This very white, the lead prosecutor and the case riverside alchemy and Ventura of those three Alameda County is the most diverse its home to the city of Oakland, where a lot of black folks live. That was the prosecutions preferred choice for White Ventura was by. Are the worst of the options we did. You know above Inter County. If anything,
We knew that there were a lot of law enforcement and that community, I assume it didn't, look like it- would have if it was in downtown Ella S. True did not like it would have been downtown, LOS Angeles, I'll leave it at that and one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Just two percent of Ventura county residents were black. Here's another prosecutor, Rodger Gunston, just the population of Ventura County. Do you want to get away from crime and violence, and people equate that with black in this community is so they want to get out of LOS Angeles county? They want to go elsewhere, but where did the people go to go to Ventura County characterize it? Better schools, safer boys were or whatever, but they were all moving out over the same rules On November twenty sixth judge Weisberger did with the process you should have been dreading, he chose them
a county, he announced the trial would take place in this We have me valley anyway, Vince or a county would have been bad for the prosecution but see me valley, might have been the worst possible choice. Eighty percent the city was white, only one and a half percent was black assuming barely had a specific reputation for hostility to black people. nineteen fifty signs were the city that red know now There's a dogs allowed the head of Turkey's counties in CP chapter said they would be better off going to Mississippi for the defendants. Frontier county would do just fine Russell call again You know it was the sense of relief, if not being pleased that we ended up and see me valley. Everyone was surprised. It was like wow,
oh, hey, ok, all right! That worked. The prosecutor, Terry White, did his best to be optimistic. He told the early times that we think we can get a fair trial in frontier accounting. I extend black man to blackmail If he had really believe that I would say, I believed it up until the time we were starts lightening the jury. Why did judge Stanley Weisberger pick such a white place for trial were race was an important factor. He didn't respond to our request for an interview, but after the trial he said he wasn't thinking about demographics when he pixie me valley only the cost of moving the trial. Further away. Terry White told me he thought the judge had a personal reason for choosing frontier accounting, the prosecutors and defence attorneys lived out of a reticent hotel, a semi valley for the duration of the trial, but Judge Weisberger. He lived in a home near by
Weisberger said that didn't influences decision. I'll say this: he drove the cord every day. It wasn't easy drive for him. This is slow burn. I'm your host, Joel Anderson, in LOS Angeles, the trial of the four officers charging the beating of rotten king was all anyone was talking about. From City Hall to South central despite The move to see me valley, lots of people still felt the justice would be served after all, the whole incident had been caught on tape, So how did the prosecution make its case against the police? How did the offices hold up under questioning and what happened with the verdict was announced, This is episode. Five. This system, slow burn, is brought to you by Melcher membership is in the business.
Of growing businesses. So, no matter what stage you're in Milton Smart marketing platform can help you grow and get your brand out there. You more than a small business and melt she's, got intelligent marketing too to help you grow it with marketing automation, design, tools and recommendations that all work together to help you sell more stuff, Melcher built for growing businesses, offices, lords, PAL Stacy, Coon, Theodore, Pacino and Timothy wind were charged with assault. use of excessive force and the beating of Rodney King Cole and Coon were also charged with filing false police reports. On February fifth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two jury selection in the trial of the officers started at the EAST county. Courthouse and see valley. The jurors, who must decide, will be selected from a pool of two thousand people.
gonna, be very hard to find people who have not even a videotape or not influenced by two hundred and sixty potential jurors showed up at the courthouse over several days of those two hundred and sixty only six were black. Joe Ellen Demetrius worked as a judge we consult and for the defence and an interview and ninety ninety three. She said she could tell that those six were uncomfortable because there were so few that were there, the ones that were there, obviously we're going to be under a lot of pressure and again They live in basically a willing wide area and other. so much publicity surrounding it that I think these people, just basically for scared and figured out way to get out of it before they actually guy into that battery box. Those six perspective, jurors will all excused. No black people would help decide if the officers were guilty for the prosecution. Their problems with the jury went beyond race. Potential jurors were asked about their attitudes towards the case
Terry White, the lead prosecutor after we went through those questionnaires It was clear that we want Gonna get up a pan on that. We would have liked perspective jurors, who thought the cops and George Holidays videotape used. Excessive force were eliminated, so your life for people who basely say I have made up my mind as opposed to most. the people who saw the video and said this is outrageous the jurors, who remained we're more open to the officers version of events, they included one latino, one asian american and white people and ranged in age from thirty four to sixty five on the questionnaires. Eight of them expressed strong support for law enforcement. It was a dream panel for the defence and forgery consultant. Joe Ellen Demetrius Reactionary Rank ass to her,
basis by number we had four of our top Tangiers Naturally, we had no wonder I never Tudor whenever for ever so the remainder of the other eight years when the top fifty percent and I tell you when I walk. I have I have never got it though
slammed on. This was a slander. The trial of the for police officers began on March. Fifth, almost a year to the day after they ve been caught on tape. Beating rotten king moving to try to see me valley, didn't diminish the media spectacle, newspapers and broadcast outlets set report is to cover daily developments. The proceedings will also broadcast live on a local tv station and a new cable outlet. Court tv station offered gavel the gavel coverage that was available in most major. U S, cities! This was one of the first big trials. Were hundreds of thousands of people could watch from the comfort of their homes on a fourteen second delay, the prosecution called twenty one witnesses, including one of kings passengers, bride, Balin and the nurse who treated king after the beating, but the jury didn't hear from king himself. The prosecutors thought he wouldn't help their case. You looking back on a now. I think he's here PTSD. I think the trauma of the incident.
Was such that he just In recalling the prosecution wanted to call an expert on police practices to make the case that the cops it used unnecessary force but the couldn't find anyone willing to testify these national experts. They train police officers, so testifying for against a police officer is going to affect their business there gonna be able to do to train police officers anymore. If there are any testify against police officers prosecutors. It also hoped that LAPD, Chief Darrow Gates would take the stand gates. It publicly criticised the officers conduct and promised they would be disciplined, but testifying against them in court was further than he was prepared to go. The district attorney's office decided not to subpoena here
for fear he might harm their case. I just think it was very similar to code of silence because you, the chief of police, was willing again understand and say what these answers did was wrong there Thirty years ago the I want too many chiefs of police. Who would do something like that. Because they realise that their officers are not gonna like it. The prosecution did have high hopes for one witness California Highway Patrol officer Melanie singer. Singer was part of the husband and wife team that pursued king and try to arrest him before the LAPD took control. On her first day on the stand, she offered a detailed recollection of how the night began and then of the beating itself. Her testimony was shown live on core tv and Katy TV.
ok, it was the first public account of what happened that night from a law enforcement officer who had been at the sing, then officer gown, came up to the right or wrong In a matter of seconds he took out his baton. He had any power swing and struck the driver radically the top of the chief old splitting its face from the top of his ear to his Chin wavelength spoke out, poured out Terry, why you she's very emotional as most people were, that saw this, so I thought she was an excellent woodness.
But when the defence put singer under cross examination, she stumbled- I didn't. I gotta have a degree of success than I guess. I was able to make a foolish. I think. That's MIKE Stone, an attorney who represented officer lords, POW singer HIT testified that king never try to attack the officers now stone handed her a copy of report. She submitted the day after the beating and which she wrote. The king had kicked and punish them for those who were following the trial closely on tv, this was regulatory. Singer was to be a key witness for the prosecution, but here she came across his uncertain even confused. Secondly, the last sentence where it says the subject became violent and not faltering at all in his steps. continue to take swings at the officers. Whilst Winchester, why swings. Yes, sir, takes
it says to take swings at the officers I'm saying I howling but it's u swinging wildly. One of those people watching get home was robbed me, king. In an interview after the trial, Terry White said the king called him as soon as singer front her testimony and he was very angry. He was using. He was very amusing. Melanie Senior and what for struck me about that was used. From the trial. because normally you know you don't have these things on tolerating you're not supposed to witnesses, are normally excluded from the courtroom. So
MRS gives. The other one is. This justifies allows the pursuing this drug. Well I'll do you shouldn't be watching the trial? The prosecution didn't have testimony from the victim or a strong expert or trustworthy eyewitness, but they still had the centre piece of their case. George holidays tape, we'll be right back. The season of gifting is officially here and if you scrambling defined just the right presents for your favorite people. Do yourself a favor and check out Brooklyn it. Even if you waited until the last minute and hey look, no judgment, we ve all been there. Their gifts always seem to score major points, whether your shopping sense for candle lover are grabbing a gift card, a gift it keeps on giving this kind of comfort is always a hit for
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Brooklyn and dot com, promo code, Sober George Holidays videotape seem like the saloon into a persistent problem and police brutality cases. Finally, there was concrete and visceral evidence of violence that police couldn't deny or downplay Terry White made that evidence that because of his case. The crux of this trial is the videotape that caught the for officers in the at this morning. The persecutors picture spoke as strongly as his words you have. A man who was down It was not aggressive, a man who was not resisting yet those blows from our Sir PAL, now sir where's battalions continue and continue and continue in his opening statement. Why plate George Holidays entire eighty one second recording other beating and not the sixty eight second edit, that was aired over and over again on tv white thought, the full video made it-
case even stronger in part because of the audio track. It was always incredible me that the defence did not try to exclude. The entire version of the tape, because an entire version of the tape you could hear people talking were Cross street talkative How bad the beating was. The defence attorneys thought the extended video actually help their case at the start of that longer version of the tape it looks like rotten king is maybe lunching toward one of the copse most people. It never seen that the edited version shows the officers beating a submissive victim. The full tape is still brutal, but makes them more plausible case that the cops felt threatened by king. The defence repeatedly played the tape hammering home that point of view. There is another reason: the tape,
bolster the prosecutions case as much as Terry White had hoped. I had seen the tape so much glazed overnight lose looking resent indifferent, that's Rick's Dorado other allay times. He covered the trial every day, sitting right behind the defendants, so the tape Brasiliano exhibit a all the way through this trial and error. and yet you need to get desensitize by. That was part of the defensive strategy. The hope was to none the jurors to the brutality of the tape, Defence attorney John Barnett, when you see it ten times, then you sort of no the ending. When you see it a hundred times, and you see it in Slow motion- and you haven't dissected by using for sex workers by each witness. When you look at it framed by France, you lose or one loses. The effect of it.
So the video wasn't the game changer the prosecutors it wanted it to be, but it did present the defence with a difficult question: why did the beating go on for as long as it did? Even if saw the images of king lunching at the officers and believe that they felt threatened. It was hard to understand why they continued to beaten. Kick him for more than a minute after he had fallen to the ground. That was what the for defendants had to explain when they took the stand or march nineteenth. The defence called Stacy come to the witness stand. Who was the LAPD sergeant? Who took control of the arrests that night? He was the first accused officer to publicly share his perspective on the king. Beating Coon began his testimony talking about himself. He spoke about
growing up in southern California, burning masters degrees and providing for his wife of twenty years and their five children. He said he joined the LAPD because he wanted to help people. Then he moved on to Rodney, king and the events of March Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one has a tardy play. George holidays videotape, the tape that seem to incriminate him Coon used it to make the case that he was not guilty of using excessive force using a wooden pointer. He broke down the video second by second, he pointed to moments when he said king was trying to get it an attack, the officers cool, sounded, confident and coolly analytical he relish the attention. Then his autobiography, he claimed the tv audience more than doubled when he was on the stand.
I directed them to hit Mister king in joints. I ordered them to his elbows his wrist his knees in his ankle. I did you do that because from my perception, the blows it is unusually struck his arms and legs and torso we're not having effect at all. When you say any effect at all. What we trying to accomplish sergeant, trying to get Mister king to submit even paying compliance. And what made you believe that he had not complied, He gave me no indication either through facial or through any non revolver. He would feel in any pain, Jump Arnett Use, one of the best witnesses. I've ever seen anytime anywhere he's in the world position. He's been characterized as leader of a bunch of thugs in uniform.
And he was the best witness I've ever seen anywhere for current cross examination. The next day, Terry White, seated the floor to his Co Council, Alan Yokul son, that part of Coon's testimony made all three network news broadcasts later that evening. Underclass examination sergeant Stacy Coon conceded that the beating officers under his command gave Rodney king was the most violent use of force he had seen and his fortune and a half years on the job? At the same time, he insisted that the use of force, some fifty six blows was necessary. Watching the video take now. Is it your testimony that every one of the blows it you see on? There is a justified use of force, It's a reasonable and necessary using a minimum force. Yes, it is my testimony cool said he believed king was able to withstand the blows and the electric shocks weakens taser because he was high on pc p. King never showed a trace of the drug in a system. The prosecution was arguing that no one deserve to get beaten this brutally by them.
police, no matter who they were. Stacy corn was saying the king wouldn't have complied otherwise. The king had been the aggressor that the officers had been the went under attack. Let's take a quick, bring slow burn, brought to you by better help, is something preventing you from achieving. Our goals would interfere with your happiness, check out better help that calm, slash, slow burn burning help will assess your needs, a match. You with your own licence, professional therapists, connecting a safer private online environment. You can start communicating and under forty eight hours send a message to the council at any time you'll, get timely and thoughtful responses. Plus you can schedule clean video or phone sessions all without ever having to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room. I want you to start with. The happier life today as the listener you get
percent off your first month by visiting our sponsor at better help. Dot com, slash slower went over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health. Again, that's better help. Eighty lp dot com, slash slobber. So far, a lot of things have gone well for the defense. They gotten a rare change of vinegar and what seemed like an extremely sympathetic jury. They'd neutralize the prosecution strongest evidence and the defended with the highest profile had delivered a persuasive performance on the witness stand, but not everything broke their way of the for defendants. Loris pile was the youngest and the most vulnerable. He led his division and arrest and it developed a reputation for being more cocky than competent. He landed the most blows
king and the prosecution, has some damning evidence against him. They had shown the jury, racist messages, heaps and honest patrol costs, computer and the messages in which he joked about the beating and when it was his turn to testify, he was no Stacy comb. Terry white move, the thing about lords powers: He just add a lot of explaining to do and here, he didn't explained very well on April. First pal testify that he was following Stacy Coon's orders. He said of Coon when he tells me to do things and therein department policy, and I feel the reasonable. Then by all means you do them or you're in trouble. Terry White Press Powell about who is to blame. If the beating got out of hand, power was evasive for those turning into the trial, it was a joke to watch them spar and news reports. Most correspondence who been in the courtroom lead their stories with the clash between the two
hypothetically speaking, if there was excessive force used other that night work be responsible for that excessive force. There is no question that can be answered. It doesn't make sense, it's not a question you one answer. Is it any wonder the trials most competitive exchanges, white acts, pall about one of the computer messages and an earlier incident poet used the term guerrillas in the mist to describe black people. It was the first time race was directly addressed during the trial and the confrontation was later replayed on cable news. It was one: To read their exchange and print, but quite another, to see and hear it on tv, even though he is a suspect and even though he is suspected making a crime is this man is still a human being, is any yes, sir, It deserves to be treated like a human being. Didn't yes, Sir he wasn't an animal was he
Sir, genuinely like one he was, he was acting like one is also acting like a gorilla Nasser, Terry White, he was a horrible witness, terrible. He didn't do very good at all. How did a poor job defending his actions, but one of the other defendants Theodore Pacino, try to separate himself from his colleagues entirely during opening statement, it has become clear that there would be a break between Persano and the other officers lawyers for Coon power. when Timothy Wind argued that everything those officers had done to king was reasonable and appropriate. Brasenose attorney John Barnett said that the beating had got out of hand that is client to try to stop it. My story was gonna, be dead. Procedures has nothing much to do with this, and you can
make whatever decisions you want about the other officers for the prosecution. This was an opportunity to play the officers, Against each other, when you have one defendant basically saying that the other defendants are guilty. That's that's fair rode to the to the prosecutor. It was clear that he was selling out the other three defendants or the witness stand. Brasenose said that he yelled at how to get the hell off king and then he called on Coon to intervene, Personal testified that when the beating was over, he returned to his patrol car, his partner, a rookie who Hatton participating in the beating was waiting. Their personal said. He told them that the other offices it gone overboard from his seat behind the defence Ellie Tom's reporter Rick's Toronto thought brasenose testimony by
fill the officers fate. You could see detention, maybe Poznan giving, but I'm not I'm trying to say my skin been a mega role on this guy and but he saw then that a blue or crumbling right there in the courthouse closing arguments in the trial of the four LAPD officer started Monday April twentieth, Terry White ended his case. Wait started almost two months earlier. withdrawing holidays videotape in a three and a half hour presentation white plate, the tape several times and refer to more than a dozen charts and diagrams He reminded the jurors of the injuries king suffered at the hands feet and baton to the LAPD White was beamed into millions of homes across the country on the National NEWS, prosecutor, Terry White, told the jurors that the entire case comes down to one question: what do they want their own eyes, This is a man in paying. You can clearly see that on the video and yet they contain
strike him again and again and again and at some point you have to look at their videos say enough. Is enough. The next day lords Piles attorney MIKE Stone had his opportunity to address the jury during final arguments, lawyers on both sides erupted repeatedly with anger these officers, these defend dance, do not get paid to lose street fights. They don't get paid to roll around in the dirt with the likes of, me? Going King Stone X, the jury to sympathise, not what the man being beaten, but what the office is doing, the beating he said we leave it to them to take care
the main streets, so that we can safely enjoy our lives so that we can raise our families and neighbourhoods. One writer called stones argument a masterful appealed to the prejudices of the white, suburban seamy valley, Jerry John Barnett made a different case. He told the jury that his client have been ostracize for taking a stand against colleagues, he said foreseen, o stood and stands alone against the power of the state. Barnett told me he figured at least one officer would be found guilty if the jury believe that Rossini had tried and failed to stop the beating, the other officers would be convicted if they didn't believe him they'd be likely to find him guilty.
It was hard to see how they can all be acquitted. I was very hopeful. Tat would be found. I killed because I thought really he was not guilty now the jury would decide and despite the change of in new the favourable jerry is diminished. Impact of the tape is still seem like the prosecution would prevail kid. Can you take back to the morning of April twenty nice. When do you remember where you were when you found out that the jury had reached averted a nose and courthouse. I think we got toad the jury. Verdict before noon. and then the judge wanted to meet with us in chambers prior to the vote being read, the trial run for fifty five days.
And the jury had been deliberating for seven everyone in the courtroom at Saint George Holidays, videotape from every possible angle. Terry White says that when judged, namely Weisberger, called the attorneys to his chambers, it was clear which way the judge thought the trial had gone. He tells the defence Her clients are going in custody because normally when someone is found guilty, the only question is you gonna, be remanded in custody now or not, and he was telling them you're gonna be remanded in custody. In that moment, White felt certain that the officers had beaten rotten king we're going to be convicted. Let's take a quick break.
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And on their faces. I just remembered the judge looking at the verdict forms beforehand to the clerk, because it as normally will look the verdict forms and I remember the look on his face. Told me this may not be good. because I remember he will he looked stunned when he lonely. He looked at the verdict. Forms message, Stanley Weisberger the bachelors cut to the core room right now with a jury and action find the defendant warns out. Guilty of a crime in the sovereign. yeah. I was. I was stunned, like everyone How was it was the study
It was surreal the jurors had acquitted for officers on all, but one count they deadlocked on a single, excessive force charge against Lawrence POW Judge, Weisberger declared a mistrial on that count. The office has turned a hug their attorneys, while their family members burst into tears behind them. John Barnett I put my hand on TED's shoulder like you would your kid. You know one something very. importance. Gonna happen, you know it's a it say, instinctive reaction in theirs relief. The officers were among the few people at the court house in the mood to celebrate in the parking lot outside anger was building reaction to the verdict started to play out on local tv, just like the trial outside the courthouse. Angry demonstrators gathered to protest.
And some taunted the former defendants as they left to go home and celebrate, had virtually no was quickly hustled out to a waiting car and was escorted by then Pour Accounting sheriff, Basically, I was surrounded by protesters as he and his lawyer made. Their way to win made a quick exit from the side door and had nothing was age reported across southern California. Thousands of people took to the streets in protest minutes after the trial was over more than three hundred demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse. Angry crowds also started gathering in south central allay and near the view terrorist site were ruddy. King had been beaten, thus left. A modern dimension. Odd is better
everybody in committee have spared. I witnessed the thought, my job dying. I would not call it boy called for king had been watching at his home and studio city. He wrote in his out of aggravating the when he heard the verdict. His shock enrage was so overwhelming that I just wanted to close my eyes and opened them as another person someplace a thousand miles away kings civil attorney, Steve Lerman, had gone to the trial every day after the verdicts he issued a warning to the city of LOS Angeles. It's a good time. Folks. If you get a plane ticket cash, you didn't get the hell out of Dodge this going to be about. a place to live Terry White trudged outside the courtroom to face the media, the you have to be composed because you don't want to say anything, there's gonna be inappropriate. Well. I'm not gonna sit. I dont want to employ This is a miscarriage of justice. This is the way our system works,
the evidence to a impartial Trier fact, and I try that comes verdict, and sometimes you disagree with averted, but that's the way system works. I asked them how it felt too have to stoic, in that moment, I mean why don't what am I gonna? Do I'm gonna go out and say how these juries wrong in this job horrible and this year, terrible, I'm not gonna. Do that the way the What's that you work with jury trousers is you have to respect their decision? Even if you disagree with it, you have to respect it. Why do you have to respect that? I mean cause? It's not uncommon. For somebody to say this is a miscarriage of justice and so on and so forth. What did you think that the jury's decision was worth respect him I am a prosecutor. I am a trial attorney. ultimately the jury makes the decision. We present our case. The defence presents their case. Ultimately jury makes. It is
I am not going to stand up there and disrespect the system. Terry white may not have been willing to go that far, but plenty of people were is LOS Angeles and the nation will soon find out next week and slow burn Ellie catches fire and they say them caps them. Calves got off my stomach man. Just like I was done. The streets took over. You know. Redefine Bays channel straight fucking anarchy, you don't have just pure Wallace slumbered, as a protectionist, like plus Slates membership programme,
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