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S6 Ep. 6: No Peace


In March 1991, Black people in Los Angeles had seen the videotape of Rodney King being beaten. In November, they’d seen Soon Ja Du sentenced to probation for killing 15-year-old Latasha Harlins. On April 29, 1992, a jury failed to convict the officers who beat King. That was the last straw. 

Season 6 of Slow Burn is produced by Joel Anderson, Jayson De Leon, Ethan Brooks, Sophie Summergrad, and Jasmine Ellis. 

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A quick warning: this episode has some explicit language on the afternoon of April 29th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two TIM Goldman was running errands with his best friend. It was a mostly clear balmy day. The kind of LOS Angeles is known for first, they went downtown to sell one of Goldman's cameras and grab some lunch after that they drove to Gardena to Hell Another friend move a few things with their truck, and I would not listening to the news: we're gonna music in having a good time just ride in a truck when they arrived at the friends house. They could tell something was wrong, gotta go in my gay nearby, looking all sad, Michael, Without that face has hit me. What's goin on government and his friend hit me some very big news and they said, and caps
can't get off my stomach man just like I was turned him when innocent of all charges, Chad foreseen of innocent of all charges, state innocent evolve, just wait and lords Paul innocent of all charges would want and the jury deadlocked on that once Gomin was astonished and months, leading up to the trial heat, what George Holidays videotape over and over again, he felt certain that the officers who beat write me king, we're going to be punished for what they ve done. When the neighbors down demonstrate Mister young. And you know I was talking to me one morning. I would let you know that I think the verdicts going to come out today and- and he said nothing to happen to them- cuz I'm like how they got caught, They go to jail, he was that's, gonna have to them caps. that older man had been right. Nothing did happen to those police officers.
To my mind, is man like no hope they need Videotape beaten, however, some of them are killing, That's a message. Then I will be the hell. Are you in Dayton enough flaws in front of the time When we met method, gonna happen to us, government was thirty. Two years old, he bent little kid during the nineteen sixty five watch riots. Only memory was of a tank rolling down the street growing up. Go we heard about the LAPD sweeping through south central to hassle the residents most of them black. He told me that when he was thirteen, a cut detained him for pulling a fire alarm. Gomin says the officer pointed a gun at his head in handcuffed him to a telephone pole mannequin any light caps to that end. It care, if why were just didn't like him, so he was under no illusions about what the LAPD in its officers were capable of, but now he
learning a lesson that had been imparted: generations of black Americans, the criminal justice system guaranteed black victims, especially victims of police violence. Nothing Gomin, understood that now deeply. It felt gutting and format but also kind of liberating. Now you got a more useful group well? Who were interested in in the outcome of this? There is true We're not gonna sit back, and I would like here hell. No. This is now a wait week, Who are we gonna? Do some matters that Wednesday afternoon people all over southern California. We're coming to terms with the verdict, a lot of them. Young black men. They were angry. minutes. After the announcement. More than three hundred people gathered outside the courthouse see me Valley,
other three hundred showed up in the San Fernando Valley, near the site of the king, beating others converged on Parker Centre, the LAPD's headquarters, downtown TIM Gomin, headed back to his home and self centered he was. There are only a few minutes when his friend started shouting from outside I can hear him yelling TIM. We gotta go some gonna floors and Normandy and a rush at the door. What my camera man, my mistake, was the camera fully charged lucid, peg battery on it, and I ran a jump in his truck. On April, twenty ninth Gorman kept his camera running for about
Two hours now submitted, as my colleague the intersection forts in Normandy was about a half mile away, Gomin Airforce veteran could tell there was a big commotion. We can see the police Attica maybe they're, making tight turns with me. There's something some serious go anonymous. A maze like in the combat zone combat like are time. They turn a real tight, they didn't know it government and his friend were headed for the epicenter of the largest of a disturbance in american history what they saw, their electrified, their neighbourhood and horrified the country.
This is slow burn. I'm your host, Joel Anderson in March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one black people in LOS Angeles, has seen the video tape of Rodney King beaten. In November. They seem soon dot do sentenced to probation for killing fifteen year old, Latasha harlins the not guilty verdict on April 29th
One thousand eight hundred and ninety two was the final straw protest: bread from the San Fernando Valley to downtown LA to South central we're Goldman waited into the unrest. Those first few hours are crucial. They would set the tone for the disastrous days to come. What happened when people took to the streets? Why did the LAPD retreat in the midst of growing chaos and how did the city's failure to prepare accelerated to collapse into anarchy? This is episode, six, no peace. Elsa powerlessness. If you like me, you are taking a step back through history, to see what major news events of the past can tell us about. Today, funny thing is the moments that was
about twenty years from now the ones that make us stop and say that was where it all change. Those moments are happening right now, every single day recommend to show from CNN that is keeping track of those big moments every day and putting them in context. you dont lose sight of the big picture. It's called five things in each update is simple: straightforward indigestible the five story: shaping your world in five minutes or less their covering the and white House and tracking the fall out from January six. They ve got top medical minds, like Doktor Sancho Group explaining where we are in the fight against covered nineteen, and if you know CNN, you know they have exclude reporting from all around the world and what great? But this show there come and get you with multiple updates throughout the day. So. can check in or your schedule whether its before breakfast before bed.
Things has covered, see in it. Five things find it. Wherever you get. Your podcast black leaders in LOS Angeles, had been making plans for the verdicts the day before they met at one of Ellis oldest black churches. They called their plan operation, cool response. It involved a peaceful rally, Davis, Danny Bakewell, didn't expect a lot of trouble. I was under the impression that there is no way these guys are gonna be vindicated. So therefore, we will accept, you know, he's a verdict that, in our best interests
violence will not win? I just ran a you know: spark into violence for violent sake. Lapd chief Darrell Gates figured that at least one of the officers would be convicted and at the city would likely remain peaceful. But if there was an uprising, gates believed that he and the LAPD were ready in nineteen. Sixty five gates had been charged with leading the departments, responds to the civil disturbance and wants, although the police, it failed to keep a lid on the violence. Gates's profile grew. He gave speeches and wrote a training manual on riot control. If things got ugly again gates assumed events would unfold like they did in nineteen. Sixty five with most of the writing happening at night. So that's what he and the department plan for
He set aside one million dollars for police overtime, any recorded a five minute, video that was shown it precincts around the city in the message gates told us officers that it was their job to maintain calmness. He also told us officers that black There's were threatening unrest in Ireland. Asylum law in our community, supposedly responsible leaders were low, suggested the verdict doesn't come out the way, but I believe that we ought to come out that some water the streets, and there may be some violence in the city. Some people thought those comments. Weren't helpful. Maybe gauges and trying body sending shock waves through the community he's telling the police department They were all those people out there. We want to stir things up here.
chose to set us against each other. The police against this abeyance lacks against white after the jury render LAPD lieutenant Michael Hillman was in charge of the metro unit. An elite team used for only the riskiest situations. Human wanted to deploy the metro team before got dark buddy. Deputy chief told them that wouldn't be necessary. I mean I was always a madman well in advance of this, because people were not paying attention. That's Hillman! In an interview a few years after the riots somewhere like it'll, never happen. Sixty five will never come back when they were have a situation like that, because you probably didn't have convictions. If we have convictions in there, probably will not be any type of some sort.
They were not mean the size. Somebody was a lot of people didn't was away times reported Jim Nuclear spent the afternoon of April twenty knighted Parker Centre, LAPD's headquarters. His job was to cover the departments action to the verdict? It was tense. The administrative offices were up on the sixth floor, but I down on the floor, that had more rank and file. Folks, where the entrance was excetera and all of that kind of came to a stop as people gathered around television sets to with inverted, it was three hundred and fifteen p dot m. the jury. Anna was Angela's voice, beating a black motorists. Rodney king returned verdicts late. Today, not multi on all, but one count and that at that moment that I became aware that people in the Doha round me worth delighted that word mother offices, around Newton pumped their fists and exchange high fives.
The predominant mood around me seem to be that they fell vindicated and that the jury had a say through, but many people were many officers regarded as a politically motivated prosecution. This celebration didn't last long about ten minutes later protesters started gathering outside of the building from inside Newton could see the angry crown through the Bank of windows on the ground floor and things germ sour fairly quickly. He protesters did storm the doors of partner centre and you can see they brought the day about the glass at last everywhere and that people are getting more more agitated availed at the great ravage. The objective that buildings during an amiable. They gave the old pay to continue to it
You and I were in the red black people in the country- and I consider my home and just watch it on television. I hadn't come here. I let my boy is Newton Kryptonite the windows he talk with two members of the city's police commission. One of the commissioners told Newton that he hadn't, seen or heard from delegates I became aware from them. The gates was unaccounted for. The house He had been waiting for this verdict for a year and then some I was there and the chief was a wall. It was becoming clear that of Gateshead a contingency plan. It wasn't much of wine, and very few people knew what it was I assumed that gates would be personally and control of this, because this was a high level so that there would be closely washed and at the city depend on capable leadership. to discover that he wasn't there
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do so in ways that brain honour to ourselves in our communities. We must not bury the. change we have made in the rubble created by destructive behavior. Everyone have been looking for Gerald Gates for the past couple of hours, waiting for him to take charge, as it turned out. He'd been sitting in his office alone, he finally emerged to make his own public state. About a half hour after breathless. We have shown that the services we are prepared to deal with that I didn't go into any detail. Our job is to maintain peace and order on the streets just as Darrow Gates addressed a public. Some of his officers were on the streets of south central facing a precarious, duration refilled attention among people of your driving De Rivera shot with law enforcement that samarova he was a sergeant and the LAPD you can, if you anger
or customs at as a lift they're just a backdoor Andrea. What does a Russia and its partner one patrol south central after the verdict, as they were driving the officers received a call for assistance near the intersection of forts in Normandy, for police officers were being pelted with rocks and bottles angry mob and we were actually the first to arrive at Florence in Normandy one. officers identified a rock thrower sixteen year old boy from the neighborhood You know what that beer hush below he's going to jail we changed. Understandably, first in Normandy, then we ran irish banks through the street. He ran through a down trailing France. I continued through and pure surrounding the fence. Psychotic image.
Another strutted ousted right behind them. We re have to take him to trust him. the Russia and other arresting officers, press the boy into the ground and put him in handcuffs. The boy yelled out I can't breathe, Oh god, I noticed as were handcuff. You know that crowd was formed around us. That's when I did to realize just does maternal we put out Jeffrey unites, request more showed up. The patrol showed up with that with trash, which was our Gagnon. It ended detective roads two, we're from everywhere man, I'm telling people coming from everywhere. That's him. Golden government arrived at Florence in Normandy with his friend. They both have cameras and started recording as soon as they pulled up. There were thirty five police
This is on the sale and nearly two hundred angry residence new faces me for museum point. You figured animal they were really go on ass black ass. They really go anatomy, you- can see a big come cadmium say they would definitely scale You can see it in your face, and I was like that's why I was like I was. I was like right up in their face and you can see the tension You see it a similar guys do. As I mean this, is this They didn't teach this at this at the academy and governments put it from the scene. You can see a bunch of officers forming a lie. That group is protecting another set of officers while they finish array,
the teenager who, through the rough, some cups, are holding the times, but most stand still and place the arms in front as the crowd aggressively confront them as a helicopter words, overhead people, you're fucked, the police and at least one woman spits and a female officer and calls her white bitch. The office's didn't respond, arose a concentrated on getting the boy into the squad, car I just want to make sure that you didn't get taken away from us, because that would be a total embarrassment for the police department. Commanding often Sir Michael Mullen from the seventy seventh street station arrived at the scene, defined as officers being pelted with wooden boards and chunks of concrete. They didn't have right gear, no helmets, no bulletproof s. No facial
He later said he was worried. They might have to use deadly force on the crowd. So at five hundred and forty three p dot M minutes after Gerald Gates was on television saying, the department was prepared for disturbance. move and for retreat as the office rushed to their patrol cars and drove away till Goma, soon they plan to regroup, returned to the intersection I thought when they evacuated they were going to come back and right. Gary shut that intersection down the aisle. I stay, that's why I stayed and continued record cuz. I know they were coming back, is that they will go. Get right, you know, go, go regroup, cub. in force be there people get out this intersection and asked there they never came? Never came back.
My name is Henry Keith Watson and family. Flange call me Kiki, You know why folks COM, Henry watching kicking Watson, watch the verdict on tv, like millions of other. I was why do once they thought the judicial system was gonna work and it didn't. What's. I grew up in south central and lived about four miles away and Inglewood. He worked to jobs. He was twenty seven years all married and a father. He served in the marine corps. He told me. once applied to become a LAPD officer can mean I was a service or the type of individual you don't you know what the hell are. You ok, SAM. why didn't work out like was agenda. It will now dots ride. I mean I've got to go exams in like five. interview Geological just too much bullshit. Do we obstacles? So you know
Obviously I would say and what they wanted me to say they one here and you know from What they wanted to hear when Watson saw the news about the verdict he caught a ride with the friend over to his own hood. He arrived at Florence in Normandy. just in time to see the police pull out the sitting number ginning made. They were used to obtain. It was a massive crowd. No, like what would people stand in the streets? What's with was happening they leave and they roll low levels a of relief like celebratory door jail. I really did somebody knows that we stick to our playing, so we want a bat with offers has gone from the air Florence in Normandy became ground zero for some of the boldest and angriest agitators in LOS Angeles. One boy through a street
pull through the window of over liquor, store people flooded in and took what they could looters rushed back out their arms full of large bottles to home and caught the scene on tape. Say that once the your store was looted and- and I was literally loaded- everything came out at at- let me know a lot of liquor in there. The attacks is the five mapping the clouded directed its anger at the police, but with the cops now gone from the intersection, the violence against civilians? Who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? A crowd of young black men started throwing objects of vehicles
pass through the innocent. The first victims word: latino family, the Bahamas, their car was it with rocks and bricks A phone book in a metal binder crashed through their windshield. They were rushed to a hospital. Their faces, bloody from broken glass, Kiki Watson found himself drawn to them. Action in any Dana came to any section, there wasn't black was asked out on wake up on April. Twenty nine is it. I'm will make history today by June, fuck it up the entire city. At six. Forty three p m, almost an hour after the LAPD, had fled the same. A white truck I've rename Larry Carbon drove a delivery truck through the intersection target didn't have a radio truck. He didn't know about verdicts and the king trial, or about the violence in it. Area. He was driving through,
before he knew what was happening Kiki Watson. It pulled him from his truck thrown them. the ground and started beating him? Other people joined in Gomin captured targets beating on his camera, Why Tarzan was beaten? Bloody then fell unconscious for more than a minute. In a later interview, he said every time I try to get up, they knocked me back down. Watson, Larry, charming worthy victim, like antibiotics Do you like twenty one victims or fourteen seventeen victims, one after all, it did map out of jail has it taken bans eventually Someone help carbon drive away in his truck, which have been picked claim about a minute later, another white truck driver entered the intersection. His name was Reginald,
Jimmy would then he saw the mob he thought maybe he could get through, but then he heard people yellow get him to stop. Rucks came flying through his window, and here I was stuck in the middle of something and didn't know what to do and stared well under way. Get out of here as quick as possible. He doesn't remember much of what happened next, we'll talk about that after a quick break war be Parker was founded with the rebellious spirit and alone. you go to create, would take quality. I wear a revolutionary price point offering eyeglasses sunglasses contact lenses and I exams worthy Parker is committed to providing exceptional vision. Care online and in stores are recently took the home. Try on kit and ordered for pairs appears sunglasses because I live in sunny California. My vision is perfect and I don't need eyeglasses in place
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I did I expected to happen as a helicopter pilot and ninety ninety two. She read a freelance new service, shooting aerial footage for tv stations and we flew to Florence enormity and waste, Where did flying at a high altitude We started descending a little bit and over time we saw the very first, rocks being thrown herself after was about seventy feet up when she spotted the attack on Reginald. Any wonder that terrible That's tourists, voice, she's watching the beating unfold from a co pilot. See Turner did the gruesome same lie for thousands of actually knows tune again to tv station, Casey, O P in radio station K, annex and there's no police presence down here. They will not enter the area terms Neil footed starts with Demi Underground, surrounded by four men.
One of them things to be trying to pick his rear pocket. Another is Kiki Watson, clearly visible on the tape in a white t, shirt genes and a cap with the tag still attached what's an holes. Denny sat down with his foot. Another man lives the heavy object over his head with both hands and slow sit down onto Danny's head. I asked what and about that moment you you come up with. Reginald any he's already surrounded industry. Do you remember what do you mind when you saw him there no night, all night, It was in progress and savage shit. This is attempted murder is Denny, tries to get up another main approaches from behind a kicks him in the back, then that Man hits Denny with a hammer, there's no shutting down hearts. What shut Florence Boulevard down? That's the answer we'll get it. the LAPD to do that now, Joe LAPD shut Florence, of our Dounia enormity, because people are still
I've been through here, man throws a brick Dennys head, knocking him unconscious then he is lying on his back. His face almost unrecognizable with all the blood Several men celebrate as they circled Dennys body, one digs through his pockets at least one spits on him. is, is moving he's a lot of blood gushing from there from the man's head. What standing there taking a picture taken, a video Of the man lying on the street, but nobody's helping that man with the video camera was TIM governments, brother Gomin was still fixated on what happened to the other truck. For very Tarzan added. No! What had happened until I said I was to know they show the area for the region and I saw that any attack an outright ban for south central residents, who seemed the attack on tv, rushed over to rescue Denny. They loaded Denny into his truck and drove him to
Hospital Watson told me that he stuck around the intersection for a little while, but eventually went home after it got dark. Was there any point which you thought regional Denny might die? Yank, of course,. that's right there in the street or like later I don't know, but you know it didn't matter. It was a southern Albania about. I was concerned about Rummy. You know from our helicopter seventy feet above the sea, so we turn felt helpless, it was killing me not being able to save this guy. I was so fucking anger, at what I was seeing down below Reginald any did survive with permanent injuries and Kiki Watson. Looking back, he told me he'd been swept up, the violent energy of the mob mind I was she was there. on that was, you we want days you. I've got some Garth Brooks tickets right
an idea. You owe me Otto do no guys Brooks Doggie larger budget for a ruling on floor. You know they're free, you know what the fuck in our shale gas. You taught me, do let's go right and forty five minutes into the show. the dawn, and here I would rather be muzzled whether the video soda so they went in with the right in Europe. I just got slip up into the moment for know shit. I was looking in jail, sticking removal move, everybody else, body out. The attack Denny happened only a few hours into the madness that we consume allay, but it became the
During the image of the riots, a white man being beaten by group of black men, the video that it set everything off showed a prone and powerless Rodney King, getting the life nearly beaten out of him by a lawless, powerful gang Reginald any was prone and powerless to, and the men who beat Denny merely to death would definitely lawless, but they weren't powerful. I imagined Kiki Watson and the other young black men at Florence in Normandy saw themselves and ride me. King ordinary people. At the most here, the state at the intersection they cease back some of the power wielded against them and it didn't matter who was, on the other end of their blows as long as it hurt and all the people who drove through the intersection that afternoon they pay the price they shouldn't have had to pay. Kiki Watson was convicted of assault and spent eighteen months behind bars a month after his release, he apologized original Danny
gonna parents on a day Tom Talk Show, but Watson doesn't apologize for the anger that fit as cruelty. Even today, he says, cops are getting away with the same things that drove people into the street there, years ago. They just pull your when, in fact, which you in and Jack you're me who We reject jacked up men for no reason the biggest gang in our city anyway, around in a bank or motherfuckers, will show you don't fuck the policeman I don't know what I would have been doing. If I didn't have a camera my hand, man, I'm probably, would have been out there be the hell out of people to as he filled that day. Tom Goma could be heard on tape, disparaging the cops an egg on some of the beating. I'm surprised I didn't get charged for inciting a riot cuz. I said something I said something over the years. You know you get. You know you live with that, and you kind of regret it. You know I may have had some
is by wise and Asians, and you can hear those comments on it- takes two, but almost thirty years, later government has come to see us outburst at Florence in Normandy is a response to more than the verb. I, like I, had a range of emotions, are very low. You vacant about Julia. Screw there's another had was a white guy to be the bag and hear what abode in class? I guess a spending cannot turn round agreement gonna cost. they town walking down the street. When I have like the international Daytona. Five hundred people as a nigger. You know she passed beyond this very difficult You never met me before you they're my life as though you were here we're not their man, an added sanction, sanction it or anything like that. But you know they happen. Ballistic equip rig.
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to see my collection of articles to dig deep into everything we talked about. It was a pearl harbor fur for delay in for me, Maybe it was it was that big deal, that's Xavier Veslovsky here. a member of the Ellie City Council IRA, Luckily, you nor Darrell Gates was neither the riots got started while regional Danny was being beaten in the street, Darrell Gates was driving to Brentwood. He had quietly slipped out of Parker Centre at six thirty and headed for mixer in one of the city's most a fluent neighborhoods eight months earlier. A blue ribbon commission, chaired by worn Christopher, had called for major changes. rain in the LAPD? Those proposals will set to go before voters in a month and gates without raising money for the campaign to defeat them. If there is anything any metaphor for this whole fiasco, it's the Darrell Gates,
Chief of police was not on post because he was out raising money to stop the reforms. That would prevent something like this from happening in Brentwood about twenty miles from Florence in Normandy, gay was greeted with applause. It was an intimate affair with no more than fifty people. This sound from the event is distant in math, If someone hit recorder in their pocket, gates's voices instantly record I suppose, welcome. James two questions, nearly half an hour, including a hand. about the riots there were happening on the other side of town, so I know this is not going to
do you know about better a lot more about control. Jake's did his best to stay on message. When is it became clear. He was needed back at headquarters, Everyone will have to go on money if you think about it I love you. You don't like the rest of us gates didn't get back to the cities, emergency operations centre until eight fifteen p m by then the Ellie Skyline was filled with smoke. The LAPD dispatches were overwhelmed with emergency calls by nightfall dozens of buildings were burning, firemen could not get most of them for fear. They would
attacked. When one crew tried a fireman, was shot and wounded. There was so much smoke over the city. The planes landing at allies Airport had to shift directions. Fire crews reported being attacked with rocks and bottles a crowbar, a pickaxe Anna Molotov cocktails, and even the fire department couldn't get through the phone lines to request police escorts gates. Missed it all before just appalled, Ellie Times reporter Jim Newton, please she's really expected to do remain aloof from politics. So start with that, possibly going to a fundraiser to do his money to defeat police reform, even if there had not a riot that would have been the wrong thing to do and You now it caused him to not be able to exercise leadership on the department. I mean you almost couldn't script it that way,
in a way that would be more devastating to him and his reputation and for that to be worry, was as the went on the nation watched in horror is LOS Angeles descent. into fire and lawlessness. Zoe turn her crew could see the devastation from their helicopter hell on earth. Look like flying over a wars known it look like it just plumes and plumes of smoke everywhere, This is the kind of help seeing that we all were afraid. We see one day in the city of LOS Angeles. We we thought everything was on fire and there were no police and there were no fire fighters at these. At the de these building fires How much this. Can you shoot? I started looking like one fire
like another fire that look like another fire. A little before nine P M Mayor Tom Bradley declared a state of emergency. He ex governor people. Listen to send in the National Guard, Jim Newton. Again it was humiliating to the local leadership that it could not handle this problem itself, a problem that had braced or that it knew was possible. So my senses that there is lots of breaks on violence and that especially or in the early hours the failure of anyone to try to do try to combat that in the sense that anyone could be anyone anywhere could get be violent and get away with then, given months to prepare LOS Angeles, it shown itself incapable of coming together to solve the most pressing threatened it faced in twenty seven years, at eleven p M mayor Atley made another television appearance,
advise residents to stay off the streets and, let them know a curfew would be put into effect. The following night. We re the situation. Now. Something really my gender governor, assisted US decoration of emergencies. Of it, any of that system is needed, respond once again, the p The valet streets would have something to say about that. there was the worst there
we got slow burn the city collapses, god dammit relief that finally fucking happened in its like the whole cities, fucking exploding, there was very urgent, very, very origin, we're running out a bullet. Where are you what he did and abandon me? Is that cause? You know not again like this. I never told nobody to go burn down that the city that they live in slow burn as a protectionist, like plus slicks membership program. You can sign up for sale. plus two here bonus episodes in this week's bonus episode. We are hearing from so we turn head over to sleep. dot com, slash, slow burn to sign up the now it's only a dollar for your first month. We couldn't slow burn without the support of slight plus. So please sign up. If you can head over to slight dot com, slash slow burn.
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Terrorist attack Oklahoma City, and a muslim American stands wrongfully accused what happened to it. until you breathing guilty or not the jungle here and you treating me just like an animal Nation, discovers the world wide web and gets hooked on an online soap opera and our people really putting their lives on the internet. What he would do that a bilingual pops up takes over night club and firms its way into our brains. Then I start getting folk. Oh my god, Are you hearing the solemn parties there what's on them, got anything, you guys did everybody. crazy they, I would have a little tired of it. Josh Levine, the host of Sleep podcast one year, be bringing you all of those stories and a lot more in our new season on eighteen. Ninety five
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