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Introducing: Brainwashed

2020-09-23 | 🔗
Brainwashed investigates the CIA’s covert mind control experiments – from the Cold War and MKULTRA to the so-called War on Terror. It’s the story of how a renowned psychiatrist used his unwitting patients as human guinea pigs at a Montreal hospital, and the ripple effects on survivors, their families, and thousands of other people around the world. It also examines the cultural impact — how the CIA brought LSD to America and inadvertently created counterculture influencers such as author Ken Kessey and poet Allen Ginsberg. It’s an exploration of what happens in times of fear, when the military and medicine collide. And what happens when the survivors fight back. More episodes are available at: smarturl.it/brainwashedcbc
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Hi, I'm just block host of uncover escaping next from CBC Podcast. I pull back there, curtain on the secretive self help groups that experts call a called and follow one woman's harrowing journey to get out the Prague Castle featured in Rolling Stone magazine and named one of the best podcast of two thousand and eighteen in the Atlantic, listen to uncover escaping next year on CBC, listen or what ever, you get your broadcasts. This is a CBC podcast Co production would see, be sees the fifth state. Brainwashed is multi part investigation into the CIA, experiments in mind, control from the cold war. M K Ultra to the so called war. War on terror, learn about psychiatrist who used patients as human guinea pigs at Montreal Hospital and what happened In times of fear, when the military and medicine Collide discover ripple effect that the devastated experiments have had on this,
ivory, their families and on thousands of other people around the world and how they are fighting back, Are we right now in my town and we're facing wiggle university? That's it right. There. Miguel, I you gotta, help me a western somewhere, keep going right for an hour Ah you not long period there. Oh that's illegal lawyer, because on the island of Montreal we are not considered adult enough to make a right turn on a red light. Sorry about that! That's ok! I don't care! This is guaranteeing and he's a character. The I don't remember you never came to handing did you
Go back to him, photos that always look so ominous. Yeah I've, come to the Island Memorial Institute, perched on the side of Mount Royal. It's a dark. Imposing building adored the columns, chiseled, cress, stony faces and snarling creatures it formerly known as Raven sprung, Ravens Craig This was once a mansion built by shipping magnet, Sir Hugh Alan thirty, four bedrooms, library, ballroom and outback large horse tables.
His family later donated the majestic home to the Royal Victoria Hospital and Miguel University in eighteen. Forty three, it became a psychiatric hospital and Training Institute, no one as the hour for level patient, ok, he just wanted to see the lobby To see you, If only As the saying goes, these walls could talk what happened inside this building changed Alan Danny's fathers life forever
He was drugged, enforced undergoes so called medical treatments that are much closer to torture. His father was part of a larger darker chapter of history involving secret human experiments, and the search for mine control was really ugly mean they took basically healthy people and tourism. Them into vegetables day. They ruin piles of life. I was yelling. Our screening leave me alone. You can't do this horrible my life and shadow over the place, What
The only over half a century ago has consequences that are still felt today and not just for the psychiatric patients in Montreal and their families, but in how intelligence operations are conducted around the world in places where medicine and the military collide and no one has ever been charged. No one has been disciplined which allows history. To keep repeating itself. I Michel shop. And this is brainwashed episode. One ravens, sorry to dream of forty five minutes, I think in the garage downstairs really always unbelievable wheat.
Alan Canny, as now seventy two he has a large agree from Miguel University, but how to take over his father's business before he got a chance to practice law, and I know you ve done lots of origin. You talking or have no problem like his father before him. He turned out to be a pretty talented salesmen. His latest business venture is selling snow blowers. Something Montreal needs desperately in the winter months I by slow blowers, four hundred thousand dollars and and hope that I can seldom four hundred and twenty five and that nothing goes wrong and I don't have to get caught on the warranty. That's my gamble materials, a vibrant city filled with victorian era, architecture and lots of queen french beast.
But an since we ve missed materials golden age back in the nineteen fiftys. When he was going out at night, we sent Ass dick seriously. When I compare it to the childhood of my my children boy. Did they miss out on what we had a great god? We did whatever we wanted the weekends I would go out. There was literally a euro, maybe fifty kids to go and play ball hockey within. We would set up and themes, and we would play from nine in the morning to six or seven at night. You mom and dad do. Father read. What did he wrote a surplus business? He was. He was buying armies, applause, but he was into other things when they built a sailor. Our closet destroyers in the fifties, my other was manufacturing, go or having manufactured for him all electrical boxes and stuff like
He was bringing in ST lights from from Europe mother was helping him, she turns chinese. Business was booming in the nineteen fifties. This was after world war. Two the start of the cold war, when the? U S, Soviet Union and China were fighting for supremacy according to earn his father. Charles was a real work, colic, the kind of guy who never took a sick day, an prided himself on that you just kept his pet down working on his business and helping raise three kids. Life was pretty good until the spring of nineteen. Fifty six, that's when Charles Taylor s face began to hurt. It was a pain that started on the right side near
I and extended down towards his mouth excruciating pain. My father had something called: try: germinal neuralgia, there's a nerve comes down in here and down like that long, your cheek and the pain from everything I've read is horrific. The main treatment in those days was to cut the nerve and then you'd be disfigured on that side of your face.
And plenty of people, including some people that I knew had it and did it. My father did not wish to do that. This is not a man who got sick, it's not a man who would take a day off of work, God forbid, and here he was instead of going to work. He was sitting at home, lying out on the couch and chewing ice cubes all day, long to try and freeze it from the insight, and he had apparently in nineteen. Forty had had a similar attack that eventually went away this time. It was months long Charles TINY went to his doctor in search of relief, but with no success. They tried all kinds of things and I think they finally decided that it was psychosomatic views working like a dog and he was under a lot of pressure. So it was. I guess there was a lot of stress and he had this attack
and so tat her Charles, TINY ended up at the island. Psychiatry at the time was relatively new. Food and mental illnesses were deeply stigmatized insane. Asylums were essentially where people were housed to be out of the public, cite the bodies doing comas and shock therapy where some of the Lee Treatment options. Hospitals were chronically underfunded. Large english hospital outside of Montreal. There was often just one psychiatrist for every three hundred patients. Though the Island Memorial Institute was going to take a new approach. Charles ten, he felt fortunate he could afford what was considered to be too best most cutting edge psychiatric care available. Am I
mental health, though, still have a long way to go. But here and there are models of science, of intelligence and of compassion. Model. Is the Element Memorial Institute of Society of Montreal? One of the foremost mental health institutions in the world, the prison terms to the Island Memorial Institute comes internally and leaves long term no bars there no locked doors. Perhaps it was the airlines,
lofty reputation that made no one question. The hospitals and orthodox treatments or father got admitted it up put to sleep for fifty six days being asleep means essentially twenty one to twenty two hours a day. They wake him up to use the bathroom, although they didn't want him to use the bathroom they wanted to go on in the bed. Incontinence was very important to them. If they wanted to bring back to the stage of being a baby. The family did not know exactly what was happening to Charles while he was in the hospital care that would take years to find out. I brought some documents with him for reference, even though he knows there details by heart. There is fathers, medical records and, if drugging, patience and putting them to sleep for such prolonged periods, so.
A bit excessive for nerve pain. It gets worse. There was to machines that they used for the shock treatment. According to these hospital reports, Charles was also given around after round of electro shock therapy. So much I was on the first one and then. Doktor went in road is daily report and came up with the very alarming problem. My father asked to see my mother to even went monies in asleep room here comes out, and I thought her ass to see my mother. They were horrified that he actually remembered that he had a wife That's when Alan says they up to the intensity of his father shock therapy and a second more aggressive round talks were administered the guy
Will it seemed was to make Charles forget everything for instead of giving one shocking ends, but was it this one would give like six Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang this extra. Form of easy tea or electro convulsive therapy was known as the page Russell named after its inventors, been running at the rate of two page rustles a day because of us are still living in violence. He is struggling against eating, it has to be tube, said and will by day forty one Charles Tanneries medical chart, notes that he is confused. And occasionally incontinent. This is forty eight day of sleep he has no knowledge of weary is a lot of the time he is pretty cheap, full and childish, though at other times so little bursts of hostility. Tenure not take the medication willingly for the most part, his record state. Yet
see that by injection he was very heavily Dalstan on drugs, all kinds of our vigilance, but, unlike most patience, he did not get LSD, unlike most patience, he did not get LSD, There are many patients at the island who did they receive if the new psychedelic drug without any warning or consent was all these extreme, so called treatments started out with LSD. Sodium am at all They gave me electric shock treatment, from what I understand. There are a hundred times more powerful than what was considered acceptable, and then they put ministry for twenty three days throughout the nineteen eighties strange phenomenon with sweeping North America.
They were in a panic and like people in a panic. They want solutions, allegations of underground, satanic, cults, torturing and terrorizing children. The thing is, there were no satanic cults, preying on children and nearly thirty years later, the people, touched by at all, are still picking up the pieces. Into work affection? This is the work of history, satanic, panic, the latest CBC uncover available now. High shall shepherd host of uncover charming from CBC podcast. In ninety ninety nine fifteen year old Charmaine Armenian Mandeville disappeared on her way to a job that police even exist. For months later, her remain we found in a wooded ravine. I revision the case that a state with me for over twenty years ever since first covered it as a cup
Rapporteur for the Toronto star, you can find uncover charming on CBC, listen or on your favorite podcast up everybody out before in my life and when My daughter, I became very depressed in those days. We didn't know anything about post pardon depressed. I just do that. I didn't have much. There were learning. I went to the head of the Department of the Treasury and said: look I want to go away and get better results, the hour, I remember. Having helmets isn't football helmet loudspeakers ears? I remember sitting on the floor. It play tapes ongoing all day long, which went on a little over a month, such re, a syringe and
the card on it. Had my name, so I looked a little more closely and it was like search gas, it dies, valentine and hospitals, druggist and I knew a lot of drugs, but I've never heard of that one. I took the intention and I didn't like it, and it really did create a poisonous psychosis during than I did we got up and give us a better ass glass of bills became very distorted. And I thought my bones were all melting. Well, I was hallucinating and they kept telling me you're getting smaller and smaller and they kept bringing me back in time and asking me all kinds of questions. I was just an app. Nightmares, absolute frying for hours and hours and hours when really from deep inside of me I was in a comatose states, for seventy two consecutive days
and in order to get me into that state, I had over a hundred nine electoral convulsive shot treatments. Their object it was to white my my memory. Suffer. I suffered like in former patients Robert Loki now article. Helen Macintosh, Jean Charles Podgy and Linda Mcdonald,. There are over two hundred patients who receive these extreme forms of treatment, saying at the island for days weeks months many. Were women with mild symptoms suffering from conditions we identified today, Post, pardon depression or anxiety, most emerged fundamentally changed. This is held a Bernstein. She was at the island for three weeks
I didn't know my husband, my children, my brother in law and his wife in it my sister, nor that time when she saw me she cried she's a registered nurse too, and she said she'd never seen such a change in a person in three weeks, and I we really dreadful and Linda Mcdonald. I had to be toilet trained. I was a vegetable I had no identity. I'd know no memory. I'd never existed in the world before like a baby. Just like a baby that has to be told, In view of the clue. At one point I thought I would just go out and sell them from a car before I stood there waiting for quite a while and then decided that all that would happen would be this with my love, this bastard physically back to contend with, but I don't know
Very difficult think about some time brain injuries, memory, loss, crippling, depression, unable to re, learn, basic life skills and suicide. Allentown, his father, Charles left the hospital after three and a half months. She was a completely different man. Ellen was eight years old when his father returned home young, but not. To remember what it was like before he entered. It was really ugly
your eight years old and your father is there, and you know you have your whole life right with him and he comes back three months later and he's not the same person. It's like you, look at him every day, but he's a stranger. How is he different in terms- and I was completely different- he was lost the sense of fun. You wouldn't do anything, it's not like you. It wasn't a great athlete, but before him throw a ball or I will never happen again. Going to football games are going to a hockey game intermittently. We used to have a season tickets for the canadian soup used to tell me take my sister one of my sister's. He had no desire to go but which, like for a chance to have lost somebody who said
right in front of you all my shrink spent a lot of time on that he said is devastating. Is its very, very difficult to rationalize for a kid he told me is worse than than from a death. You fathers gone, you note you adapt to it, but here your father's gone, but you can never adapt to it. You can never really deal with it because every day you wake up
look at it very is in case you were wondering all these drugs, the induce coma the shock treatments and of a cure trustees problem the nerve pain in his face about twelve years later he had another attack, and by that time there was a drug Caltech resolve it, but my father Integra Tall a week later, was gone. So could this have been allowed to happen and why part of that answer lies with the man who is running the Alan one of the war, its most well respected psychiatrists, it was, very, very impressive man, and I was told it was the best doctor in North America, possibly ever to aim for
whom I am doing this great man John, always bar thinkers and boy. I better go hard, and I've got to do everything that he tells me to do and I don't want to lose this opportunity to get well. He was constantly on the go. Rushing about highly articulate always seem to know what he was doing commanding in his personal appearance and in his manner self assured an extremely ambitious his ambition shown through just about everything else. He was an authoritarian, ruthless, hungry, nervous tents, angry
Not really lies and he strode the halls like a giant and people would say oh there, but for God goes God. Everybody in the hospital was very much in our abduct cabin. On the next episode brainwashed, the Nuremberg code, secret CIA projects and a doctor named you in Cameroon. Would you describe the new treatment This is essentially an attempt to modify and improve our methods of carrying out psychotherapy this type of recording playing. The reporting back to the patient. Open again? Sound Sunday lay the conditioning technique in the brave new world it have any similarity at all. Do it all to come? Spain washing for instance, know it
Doesn't brainwashed is written in Peru. Spy, LISA, Elmwood Chris Oak and Meet Michel Shepherd Ceremony, Is our associate producer sound designed by sessile Fernandez? Our digital producer is Emily Canal The senior producer of CBC podcast is Springer and our executive producer is our if neuron special thanks to Alina Gauche, Keith Heart with CBC Radio Archives and the CBC Reference Library for discussions, posts, videos and pictures find us on social media just search First CBC, podcast son. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our theme song is desert. Novel by key witness. Brainwashed is produced by CBC Podcast and the fittest
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