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More than 80 women from around the world have accused the fast-fashion mogul Peter Nygard of rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking in incidents across four decades and at least four countries. He denies it all, and claims his accusers are lying as part of a vast conspiracy. Nygard had built a sprawling international retail empire over the past 50 years — but now, his professional achievements are being overshadowed by a sinister personal life, earning him the moniker, ‘Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein’. Evil by Design is a new podcast that asks the key questions: Who are the women and men who have stepped forward? Which systems failed them? And how did Nygard get away with it for so long? More episodes are available at: smarturl.it/evilbydesign
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Hi I'm Josh Block host of uncover escaping next CM from CBC podcast. I pull back the curtain on the secretive self help groups that experts call a called and follow one woman's harrowing journey to get out. The punt cast was Richard and Rolling Stone magazine and named one of the best podcast of two thousand and eighteen in the Atlantic. send to uncover escaping next year on CBC, listen or wherever you get your podcast this is a CBC podcast. more than eighty women from around the world have accused the fast food. I should mogul Peter Nygaard of rape, sexual assault and human terms thinking in incidents across for decades and at least four countries. He denies at all and claims, His accusers are lying as part of a vast conspiracy. The winner Pegre had built us. Brawling international retail empire over the past. Fifty years, but now nigh guards Professional achievements are being overshadowed by a sinister personal life
earning him- the moniker Canada's Jeffrey Epstein host Timothy Sawa. Has been an investigative journalist at the CBC for more than two decades for almost half that time he's been part of a team investigating Peter Nygaard and defending his journalism. Court now he helms the new podcast evil by design that asks the key questions. Who are the women and men who have step forward, which systems failed them and How did Nygaard get away with it for so long? The following episode contains difficult subject matter and accounts of sexual assault. Please take care When I grew up on a small island I move now saw when I was about by There is an apparent sounds
only an hour period Chechen when I grow up, but First, I want to be a model. There is little. We can tell you about the young woman, your hearing least of all her name she's, letting a share her story for decades. Stories like hers have made their way through the Bahamas, but only in whispers. After all, bohemians call what happened to her hush. I met her in a price, spot on a blistering hot February afternoon in Nassau, she's tiny, soft spoken, but also resolved because after hearing that happen to other people, I don't wanna good, contain Lafontaine today, she's nineteen with a one year old son in Aceh. We have two thousand fifteen. She was practically a kid yourself
was my sister, my cousin, I signed a moral on Saturday. This was during a somewhat us, whereas wasn't go. Watch a movie, namely, and now pass in the store fasten. The gods Lodestar Nygaard slims a women's clothing store named for the brands owner Peter Nygaard, the finnish canadian fashion mobile in his seventies had called the Bahamas home for the last four decades. This two ladys were standing outside. One We're tired out one was like sex, but she asked Does anyone that come inside the trial under funds The two women were models and invited the girls into the store. bent inside shacks this file sizes then we went back to the change in Rome. The Nygaard store was opening in Nassau, Marathon, mall and Peter now,
he himself was there Let me come a scientist along. we want to measure or less customer Sow Sancho, look affect them. Nygaard asks to measure her personally, Molly, took my magic rounds around my ways. It was big bang going down so like around how as a low tied round my ankle part was olympic too. She says he rubbed her in her thighs and backside as he measured her while he was measuring real ass. Well, asked me about the model then said. If I want start momentum, told them. I was squirrels. He asked what great she was in. She replied: ninth and we went to the Berlin the purchase and, I said,
the petulant Nygaard Nygaard left. Constructing one of the models of the store to take her phone number within days she received, the call from another of Nygaard employees, she's it's about a modeling opportunity now should be ready and address heels and make up She told me she was coming to pick me up another time temerity for she's, driven to the The edge of an exclusive gated community deny guards luxurious estate. Home built as a series of glass tree houses surrounded by soaring structures made to look like a mine temple. The view is of a private white sand beach. It's a place he'd named Nygaard the girl arrives to find a party, a kind of party, guard through several nights a week, here, we identify other people over there
long, cocoa, wet, nygaard I'll just analogue watchin after they were first found, will go. Taught me. Let's go somewhere acquires discuss business I thought we were going out this discussion about the modeling. Instead of talking about modeling, she says my God took her to his bedroom and raped her. She says: she's never had sex before this when it was done. She says she was given an envelope of cash. Ass, she left I got room and walked down the stairs. She saw another The young girl walking up I was in talking to no one, my it was just down solar. What's in my face when I was crying, she never returned to Nygaard key change me and I held it in.
for a very long time, without telling anyone. today, this young woman is known as Jane DOE number one. Her account is the first in long list of anonymous allegations against Peter Nygaard. Some, nearly identical others spread far across time and place, but each helps reveal the picture of a predator hidden in plain sight. Ten women have filed a civil class action, lawsuit against Peter Nygaard. They allege the canadian Fashion executive, rape them in the early months of twenty twenty velocity did Jane DOE number one, eight other women from the Bahamas and in a mirror can former employee. Soon we found out There were criminal investigations into Nygaard. While more and more women joined a class action from Canada, Europe and the U S, then as the year came to an end. We have,
Breaking news for you, canadian Fashion mogul Peter Nygaard, has been arrested. Nygaard appeared in court this afternoon, shackled and dishevelled. He didn't say anything about. It authorities as the oars gnp to arrest. Nygaard West he's been indicted in the southern district of New York on multiple charges of sex. Ethical minors, racketeering and other offences or the FBI investigation ended with Nygaard behind bars and Canada awaiting extradition. Nygaard is denying the accusations and his lawyer promises a vigorous, Hence the CBC has been following the Nygaard story for nearly a decade till last year, Peter Nygaard was known mostly for his fashion brands, but some listen heard alarming stories about sexual misconduct and rape going back twenty five years and we ve been trying to tell them ever since I've been investigative journalist, the CDC for more than two decades, and for almost half of that time I've been investigating Nygaard as part of a team at this.
C program to fit the state through it. All my guard is used is vast resources and the courts to deter us. It hasn't worked but this is a story about more than the fall of Peter Nygaard, the story of those who protected him? The systems and cultures that allowed him to thrive? the women who may, in the end bring him to justice. I'm Timothy Sawa, and this is evil by design episode, one the Jane dose two You remember her telling you her story. Yes, a couple of years before she'd become a plaintiff and the lawsuit against I regard Jane DOE number one spoke to denounce Cartwright. What was that like.
He was so tightly and she was still in her uniform, allow well you're in the Bahamas, to nets firm represented some of the women and girls who were the earliest to make allegations against Nygaard? She was one of the first people to hear their stories. I don't have a daughter. This was so dramatic for me because I said demanded a sister. This could be my tat. She was in her school uniform. The tiniest person you could ever beautiful young lady and she came in to see us. Still in high school, she told lawyers. She was fourteen. At the time of the rape, she was gone, but she shared her story. She was brave and her The reason was that she didn't want it to happen to other people. She wanted to get that release of not having the secret anymore.
whether there have been very traumatic for them, especially when they have to keep telling the story? You know they had to repeat their stories a few times even let us make sure that this is consistent. Information that daring keeping us for many of the girls and young women invited Nygaard state visits began with registration. Get into that whole community. The aim has to be on unless you have to know who you're going to allay check the lazy said very secured area. Natasha Gardner worked Nygaard key for years, beginning in two thousand and three white, thereby society. You name your email address it dollar. Forty compound yeah, I've tried, and also we take to my short, like you had shot
a public body. Shy though she was a coordinator in the corporate communications Department, Natasha says part of her job was to find an endless supply of young women to spend time with Nygaard. I guess he signed their men, you spend a mini. Merely a beer is computer awaiting the treaty, email. What girls commentary who did already register? He will have to give it ok if they were locations, my lad, iron and so forth, but her she s very solemn. Under one hundred and thirty two a thousand looked like a model. He'll make your turn them back around. You know you gotta, go where you give them an action story. You don't know what to do. For you. I've been make up a story. Teller logger lie just a couple of them since the late eighties,
Nygaard staff of maintained a database of the young women and girls who visit nygaard key? I database used to invite them to come again if you live in New York Yard early. I knew commentator behind me how we are cutting back on me out. Thousands and thousands of girl became incurring back rather than I got a very timely typical day. Will start off by called at seven a m? The now can I am you, love the star Rico young ladys to come over for dinner for seven o clock tat night, though, basically, all day, you will be on the phone call. Girls trying to get them become more for him by name but they're, not every night. Some girl, you D, come in. They don't show up so you'll have to keep calling man it makes you Let me every hour to hour, took a long time coming
They are one there. We might say no, but you have to convince them that they are coming up with nice town, trying time sharing in talks. Why? So? You have to contend chime, untrammelled say: ok, no problem but found me love look evidence them the combat. Typically, for Monday to Friday, I love to look for like a ball carried it well girls, but there now, but on Sunday, you'll have to look for hundreds of fifty to one hundred girl tat the pomp of party up. But if ever expanding. Paper parties that was Nygaard name for these Sunday gatherings. They were a nygaard tradition, open almost exclusively to female guests dogs for three o clock, but a gale.
but in fact too so I told the envy of everything that the term kill kill. You could get. You must side, you get. It play ball at all deterring and then they ll be there all day, and you also tell them coming a swim attire, because it's a pity then shall we get them. Distress can be in fact became. Natasha says for those who didn't have the appropriate swimwear. My guard had stockpile of brazilian cut bikinis to hand out they would shrink drink. One party going a swimming pool, the forerunner to fight back
tell everybody made their way to the disposal and that's where more rum is for drinking a lot taking off, tops and dancing and having a good time. Those good times rolled long into the night. But finally, don't stop the discord I'll start to mere good. Don't stop blaming have time you six o clock my name morning you to. Let me play a little people learn back and what is wrong? Natasha says when Nygaard had a guest in his room, a security guard was at the door blocking entry to others. He called back and forth on nitrate, defraying wrote.
The hunt was always on to find new girls and women to come to the pamper parties and they had to fit Nygaard specifications. Dns Cartwright, I think he definitely had a a file of the type of women that he wanted. A lot of them were very dark skin, so he obviously lead. I seen women. They were very slim. Every time is in advance for your pictures of what they look like back then, and they could easily be models ever beautiful young girls, Where did they come from both of them, a lot of them ass from the inner city, sofa, these girls being invited is like a treat. Oh, my gosh. You look forward to what you want to go to those parties, but I M getting to leave a hole where they probably don't. Have running water. Inside you know their circumstances differed their parents,
wouldn't play the lead bill. They were probably living in darkness and you get it that is to go to where they have written famous live you're, not going to turn that down. In fact, one person described his bedroom, the bigger than her entire house. But I asked enough: how did these girls and rapid Nygaard Private stayed in the first place? Ok, so they were mainly recruited by other guards. Some of them were he staff. At one point. There was even a shuttle. Bus are transported party growers to and from the key and then there are others who were invited through various events. There is a popular night club would visit and arm. He would take hours with him and they will invite some of the girls to the Popular party and sets all your beautiful were in bed, Thank you to a party on Sunday. I have her
most persons being recruited to smooth as well, and his store was a case for recruiting some of these girls. No. There are some high schools that are in the vicinity of where his store was located. That's this door and marathon Mall, which is right smacking between two large public schools, one of them a junior high and what about social media? Oh yes, it was frequently used. In particular, Facebook was he was to recruit girls, they would send a message, is inviting them to their property, and there was a page was created specifically for that. As part of our investigation. We obtained hundreds of these Facebook exchanges. Here's how many began hello, how are you you're, invited This Sundays pamper party at night guard key. There will be free food, massages, manicurist, jet boat rides and much more.
You are allowed as many guests as you want. However, You are only allowed female guests. Other message, make clear that that wasn't my guards only restriction. You have to be set, a pretty and slim due to the fact that we will be scouting for models. and on the rare occasions male guests were allowed their work conditions. no men are allowed unless they come in a car with five sexy females. In the Bahamas. I met another young woman who we will refer to as Jane DOE number. Three She says it was a Nygaard employee who invited her to the key sewers Neighbourhood person died. Rigour in the neighborhood like every other thing, and she told us that we could, if you wanted to go to the kids and make money for
though we get me out of the girls decided every it all away and other I got employee drives her to the key, along with, for others I have never been on that's out of diamond, so it was amazing. I was excited, never saw so many beautiful palm trees, a lot of water. the properties everything was S. Election Yes, it was so beautiful something I ve never seen before. Arrives at nygaard to state to find a party in full swing. So a lot of people come in. There was whereby the endless just walking around Please could invited her to the key takes her deny guards room, Sir, me into this area up the stairway, When I walk into the room, he told me that I got off the sea. He offered me.
Some. Why a glass of wine, which I never on Frank, the whole thing just a little bit. He asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. We axel me standing in for my link on track and some other questions. I It was personal glass at night when I got my every single day, Nygaard asked if she had had sex before she said no After a few moments of answer, a question I fell really NASA's. I felt sick like I was myself. Let's go back to end, it was bedroom area, Floral sheeting, I got remember there were the very lives Marion ceiling. There was a baby you where you could see. Frankly, there was like the one was surrounded by water, he's only to sit onto the bad. He
was pulling on my honest up and I I thought so uncomfortable I was confused. I had started spinning I felt like I want to show up and it wasn't coming up beside a push me and I thought of this Stop, and, I guess, a big feeling, the whale boat It was more like I was doing a hundred percent, but my body, feeling. Otherwise I felt that way before not ever satisfying stapi starts. I thought big. It was then he went into an area, the room while out at all, and he got something is back, was turned to me and I was it was like looking at something like everything was spinning rotating? He came back towards me. I had on us we're friends you thought of pulling down on my plans.
he took the spanish penetrated mean you have one of my hand and ice cream, stop song and thought it took him about ten to fifteen minutes before you actually did p dot m to a complete stop and he seems to be very, very angry. I remember at one point made a comment light, while acting so afraid, as if you don't know what we're supposed to happen like. I was supposed to be a part of this and I had no recollection off and he threw whenever abundant when our roaming rates I was feeling sick. Definitely, I was scared. I was confused,
It does like everything, was going on a ride into the bathroom and Rihanna lock the door and then a knock to the bathroom. Then I got employee had returned to lead her out of the room. She had her approximately two hundred US dollars and I was confused. I didn't ask questions I just want to get away from now. I quickly out of there. I didn't talk, anybody on my drive home. I didn't talk to anybody when I went home. I just isolated myself from everybody for those who worked at night guard key like Natasha Kodner exits like these were a familiar sight.
when they got me on the neck wonderingly than like seven, eight o clock in the morning. They look this orientated like shit. What happened? What went down- and I can't remember anything- and then you talk to them. It is not by human Colombia to soften gate. Let me out there have been gate I just wanna leave I think I'm them back he's wonderful. What out, but Jane DOE number three had no idea the ribbon. Others like her and she endured the trauma alone, but the next day I was still said. This time I actually saw things that happen After what lady had bleeding below is will offer. I was thrown out All I want to do is lay in my bed. She was fifteen years old. They have never been a man before it was all force. It was some, then not intended to happen. I think people at sea, but eating
on the new coins are wrong, but someone, but that's not how I looked at it would be years until Jane DOE, three learned of the many others today she says she isn't surprised that the number of accusers is steadily growing No one does something for the first time. No one just stop you continued because we are continuing to get away with it all the time Michel Shepherd host of uncovers Germany from CBC Podcast in nineteen. Ninety nine fifteen year old, shoe armenian and avail disappeared on her way to a job that police believed in exist. For months later, her remains were found in a wooded ravine. I revisit the case that a state with me for over twenty years ever since I first covered it as a cup crime.
rapporteur for the turn of star. You can find uncover Germany on CBC, listen or on your favorite podcast up and the fall of nineteen nineteen, eight an elderly woman known as the cat lady went missing. She had a very, very distinctive silhouette and very recognisable sincere walking into town handkerchief on her hair long overcoat. Like somebody lived on the street Please could find where her thirty cats shy I always knew something had happened to her. Did this vanish like that uncover the cat lady case from CBC podcast. Cross decades, thousands of young women and girls were lower tonight guards to state with an invite to a party with an offer of work, with a chance to be a model
In many came from Nassau communities like over the hill, over the hill is a location. It's a location, demographic now huh black is a long time. Bahamian radio host recalling show tackles local politics and current affairs. in british colonial times over. The hill was a settlement for freed slaves It's an area rich in history, but its buildings and streets have fallen into disrepair So back, then it was ended as impoverished as it is now back. Then that was where all of us, you know what's good hardworking black people would be. but today, over the hill, the same as impoverished the ghetto, because once you ve made it you move out of over the hill, that, neighbourhood is only a few blocks from the beach and luxury hotels. It's mostly a cold
of tiny rundown homes crammed side by side stretching as far as the I can see. Listen, it's not enough. Brochure, they never show it to you in the brochure you will see dilapidated buildings. You will see two and three little houses in a yard yards. They don't have grass, but you know dust you will see outside water pumps, roads that are too small. because they were meant for horse and carriage. You will see. Kids outside running about some that should be in school, and you will see people who are living page after page act. A hydra had heard rumours about Peter Nigh guards, pamper parties when she herself was a teen, some twenty. years ago it innocent of theirs big discussion other than all well nigh gods having
is probable bodies and all these little girls up their modelling, and then you know scantily clad in. I thought it was just like these modeling sort of parties you see on tv, like IE news, you know, sort of way and then later on. You in here but more about them young girls in sex,. when allegations of Nygaard sexual misconduct hit the headlines and twenty twenty, she right away, thought of one place and what's your understanding of bitter Nygaard connection to the community over the hill, using our poverty against us? That's that's what it is. him using an grooming and sending people into the ghettos to get somebody child. How vulnerable are the?
young women in the Bahamas. Because of these conditions that you describe well, I gather that again, I know very vulnerable, very vulnerable. I mean I I can tell you stories of myself when I was in high school. I remember one of my friends in this public school said to me that she- and she was destroyed, It is the first time I never encountered anything like this in terms of a decision and we, as fifteen year olds will be facing, and she came to me and said Natasha. My mom wants me to sleep with her boyfriend so that we can get a new fridge this day. That still sit with me, I'm like no, you can't know. I mean people who don't necessarily understand the context and the situation.
We will you do, might ask: where are the parents, where were the parents in these situations with these young women, his youngest fourteen, ending up nygaard key? How do you answer that question I think a lot of us who acts that question a fortunate to acts that question, because, probably You had parents who and life Never would have allowed that to happen to be these decisions. You know what I mean we ve been fortunate and fast enough to not understand, not relate. There are models, who are in those our levels of poverty. They were molested as children may have been continual inconsistent and no reprieve no help. So the parents our broken children who just became adult somewhere asking broken adults who messed up from children.
parents and not all- can do that, but a lot have and they are doctors and lie is and teachers, but. Drivers. Alot have overcome and they protect their children and their soda lunch there don't and haven't, because it spend so dramatic. My guess I wondered about those who are bus drivers or might have multiple jobs and trying to kind of whole things together. How happy that happens? All the time We have to trust your kids in a place where you dont trust your kids to be, but you don't have anyone to watch them. we ve got a lot of issues where you know the God parent the young co on the brother, pastor or somebody its advantage, because Mommy has to go to work and we our tourism nations that you have a lot of women our parents who work shifts first world questions or idea, hills presented on.
Third, world realities presents conflict, The lawsuit alleges that the envelopes of cash given to Peter Nygaard victims contained more money than most of them had seen at any one time in their lifetimes. That's very the common throughout a lot of them got money, and I guess it was hush money money for them, not to say anything. We had instances where the money was rejected and their innocence is when they took the money and down when back for more.
How many say Nygaard exploited the poverty of the islands? I wondered: did he also take advantage of the country's attitudes towards sex and sexual violence? I'm also only about consent. How is that talked about wow? Ok, how's consent talked about in the Bahamas, men. We have to protect men from lying women. That's the whole argument I see here and also that men in this country can be held accountable for the fact that a young girl looks like a woman, even if she's not of age right. Oh she so fast, though, and and fast means fresh and fresh means.
Sexually forward our advance medicine. I everytime, I think about these things. It breaks my heart. We have this issue right now, where we have a lot of young girls. Thirteen fourteen, sometimes you say the police are saying o their missing and we would find out later thereby some old man's house and so the story issued by man. Mrs our vernacular. She by man you two fresh it'll forward. Never taking due account that's. The young girl may have been groomed one to what is the penalty for the man. Why is his face not being paraded on the news? Why is it always the child If grooming is rarely openly discussed, there's an even bigger taboo around the subject of rape, how's, it related to rape. The word hush,
hush em out, don't talk about it. It is what it is it happen. You hang on, get no justice hush and depending on who raised you right, you can make this a big thing. It's not a big thing you going to make it bigger than it is. It saddens me to know how many women will today say that they were raped or sexually abused and when they told their parents, their parents told them to send keep it to yourself will deal with it inside house will deal with it as a family or you telling a lie. Daddy didn't do this to you. What the hell is your says is backed by others in the Bahamas, including women's rights advocates and sex educators. We spoken to and the government's own task force, which was created to tackle, quote endemic levels of gender based violence,
And are you have police officers? You can go into the station and depending on what is a society with some politicians son, if it's some business owners child, you know whatever they won't even take your your complaint in the Bahamas, the documented lack of faith and local law enforcement in two days,
eighteen, a local watchdog, reported that the Royal Bahamas police force was viewed by citizens as the countries most corrupt public institution and had the highest bribery rate reported across all public services. How much confidence to the average person have in their local police force? We have confidence that they will, if they need to day, will harass you if you're minor, our regular citizen. We have confidence that most days there probably sitting down in their office getting fat and not on the road. But what we are confident in is justice and is unfortunate, because there are good offices, but the issues of so many poor one. So many
officers who are being bought off of my god. Our police force is not. It needs Jesus yeah, let's keep praying, as is the case in many places. The stigma associated with sexual assault and mistrust of the police can prevent victims from reporting their attacks. The nest. In general, when people are raped in the Bahamas, there very hesitant to go forward while, on average hospital report greeting more than a hundred survivors of rape each year in two thousand nineteen, please said they were. thirty, seven rapes reported to them in the whole country. In a lot of instances. They were telling me about it. I was the first person that they were telling the details of what happened for Nygaard. victims. There were even more barriers to reporting the guerrillas will enable it to the comfort passions would seem police officers as security.
And so a who. Do you go too if the person who was raped, you is very intimate with the police. Dns says that at his party's nygaard flaunted, his high level connections, Univee thought he was very powerful because it wasn't just the police, their police, politicians and air as members of parliament sofa them. It was fair, yes of seeing this very. powerful man. We saw very well connected both politically and socially. How do you go against him They blame themselves are having gone to a Panther party, but how would you know you go to the time for parity and let your guard down, because you're so naive, you'd find one girl said. I saw my tv. I thought he was this person who would protect me. Not someone who were trading me, and so that's how it is. Rape is not always someone,
walking down a and someone for them to decide and that's how some of the girls rape was. They didn't realize that look, I'm fourteen, and even if I said yes or I said no, but he forced me a little and it happen. Then it is rape bathing because they went there. They caused it on themselves and that's very common, and there was one in particular who was reached the floor and because of how the police responded to her. They victimized her all over again. So they were asking questions, Where, were you were you there, but why are you wearing in this? The police may not be alone when I was in the Bahamas report on the story in early twenty twenty I came across some of these attitudes myself, I mean I remember going four run one day while I was there and it was on the front page of the newspapers every day and there were
an older woman on the side of the road selling newspapers, and I asked her. I said what do you think about this, Mr Nygaard person on the front cover the newspaper and she's. Tat all those girls they're all lying. They just want money. Yeah we encountered that a number of times in the Bahamas. Where does it come from her man? That's a great question, and now that's one of my biggest disappointment at the lack of women supporting women, but I I would say that I would hope that younger, educated Amiens don't share that sentiment from the women that you encounter. One of the things that I needs me is that we always knew you talk him over. The warmest of foreign is no. I don't have time for that. Because was your worrying about how we proceed
The truth is that we have issues and we need protection and rights. However, what always gives me hope is that I am not alone. I am not the only one who sees in that says. We gotta tell the truth: gives me hope and why I love being aim. It is that we are hopeful. The processes that we ve been using has failed us, and so we need to change the goal is to not be hopeless and that too back in the midst of it, but it is the truth that the Bahamas is still fighting with a faint beauty. We got it open secrets. We have this open secret not protecting our women and children in this country. It's easy to judge but not taking in this context that we are still struggling with sense of our past and their forefathers and colonizers ended things that we consistently have to deal with because
as we have not changed the system of our repression. So we look good out in the sun buddy. we're look great body inside were running to the goal, and we need some serious healing and some help as we continued him as to getting the story. It became clear that, even if a girl or young woman overcame these obstacles and reported being raped the police, when it came to Nygaard, it might not have made a difference what he hears Natasha caught her again, the police officer, you come on a daily basis by the loves Monday's with eight a Vegas baby got that pay out day for me: Edward Money and the envelopes good. Whenever I issue- and we always deal with cash- turned back no check
because if you don't want nothing die, if you didn't catch that Natasha says, police were paid in cash to avoid a paper trail. There is no indication of the Jane those we spoke to for this episode knew about these payments, but the question is what it mattered, I felt afraid of everybody. I just want to be by myself all the time. After Jane DOE number three assault, she told no one. What happened then one Key friendly, didn't wanna, talk the boys it and want to do anything. She simply said she had gone for a job at guard. Key but when a young cousin averse heard there was a job opportunity, she wanted to go to Jane DOE number three tried to convince her not to, but it didn't work she felt like I was trying to sign off on the opportunity her cousin pushed to go and she couldn't let her go alone.
I went there along with another family member because she wouldn't understand the fact that I was trying to do hey, don't go there because of this. Would I directly what was it well? the Emerald City and that now eat in? But this time I started to feel sick again I went back home and she when I came back. She was gone. I thought it asking hey. Did you see my cousin to see my cousin no one's interview? I left her not willingly Her cousin is known as Jane DOE number, four in the lawsuit in her how'd. She says she was approached by Nygaard asking whether she had ever considered modelling and he let her back to his room there, she says she was raped According to the lawsuit when it was over I regard handed turn envelope with fifty six hundred. U S dollars. She.
was fourteen years old, allegations of Jane Doze number one. Three four and many others who have come forward have not been proven in court. Neither have the allegations made by the witnesses and whistle blowers people like Natasha Corner. I could speak the truth. I didn't do anything wrong. If anybody out about it, I can tell them my path nygaard through his representatives vehemently denies all of it and says as acute There's are lying lawyer, death, cart rights as the Jane Doze, who first came to her, continue to suffer more may a lot of girls let us acknowledge resources colleges, but I am sure that, as the trajectory that their own for some of them they said,
They didn't poorly in school. They never went on to college. You guess they had to be the end. Some resorted to drinking. There are few sectors taking us. And still not their pain. They are not able to farm relationships, meaningful relationships and I wouldn't to see the girls received damages- are some kind of compensation. Until now they went through their lives back in order They have been. Don't want that and they'll tell you. That's not my motive. I don't want to. I just want to see him punished for what he did who who is Peter Nygaard how The canadian retail mobile rise to such prominence and power in this time the island nation and ultimately, how did a group of girl
and young women without wealth or political influence, bring his empire crashing down. coming up on evil by design criminal for four decades at least, and that better and better and more extreme uglier and more ram pits in his attacks. He said he's richer than gaudy problem, He owns the police, he owns everybody. He owns people. This was the first time a story had been spite for nefarious reasons that some outside forced had intervened. There were hundreds of people over the years that were knowing participants in this enterprise. I'm creating two, the enablers stop helping this man. He didn't yes pony break me. He asked
built me because, if that didn't happen to me, I would have never had the heart to pull the Monti, women that I did together to speak up against you. I remember these like seconds forward vividly look in his eyes ass. I was thinking to myself, who is this guy and I said, in Cardiff, is really really sick. We as a society need to look at this is what are we gonna do differently with the next month. Stir that comes along. There will be another monster, there's always Gonna be a wine steamer and Epstein or Nygaard how we learn to deal with its faster and better. This is just going. On and on and on, and on If anything you ve heard in this episode is left you looking for someone to talk to. Please visit, see you see, dossier, slash, uncover We have a number of resources there for those in need of help and support.
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