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Introducing Uncover: Dead Wrong

2020-06-17 | 🔗
The latest season of Uncover: Dead Wrong dives deep into a botched police investigation, missing evidence, and a wrongful conviction in a city plagued with more than a hundred unsolved missing and murdered cases. Dead Wrong takes you through the twisting, unbelievable story of Glen Assoun who spent more than 17 years in prison for the murder of Brenda Way, a crime he did not commit, and asks who really killed Brenda? More episodes are available at http://hyperurl.co/uncovercbc
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It lists if you'd like this part cast as another one. I think you might like broken justice, a new five part series from PBS News. Our takes a hard look at the crisis inside miseries public defender system, one man's long quest to overturn his conviction it tells us about Justice in America broken justice. Now in your favorite podcast app wherever you get hunting warhead. This is a CBC podcast watched, police investigation, missing evidence and a wrongful conviction in a city plagued with more than a hundred unsolved, missing and murdered cases. Glenn soon spent more than seventeen years in prison for the murder of Brenda Way a crime he did not commit.
In the latest season of the award, winning investigative series uncover dead, wrong reporter and host TIM boosts, gay asks, did institutions fail, Glenn and who really killed Brenda since early March. First, twenty nineteen is a cold when D Day and Halifax its midmorning and I'm in a hotel room downtown. The room was full of people there. Making small talk everyone is nervous, expectant its glinda soon's run he's the only one in the room not talking. My name is TIM boost gay
and I've been investigating and reporting on the Glinda, soon story for five years, but this is the first time I've met him, he's a small man, maybe five for sixty three years old, then in her the glasses with wire frames, he seems deep in thought, like he's somewhere else I was the only reporter invited her. Also in the room to clench children and a preacher Linz lawyers, Sean Mcdonald until Campbell arrive, they tell Glenn what is about to happen. Maybe a little legalistic, but it's very important to us. When we get into court, the crown is going to ask you to elect to be tried in Francesca's Chipman
How do you do justice to ask me to charge? We read to you, second degree. Murder and you're gonna be asked. How do you play your ass? You will be I'd, give Glinda soon has spent seventeen years, and prison from her. He spent another four years under restricted bail conditions from them. Of his arrest through his trial, his ears and maximum security prison. Into this very moment, Glyn has adamantly maintained his innocence at noon. Today, a judge at the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia will decide Glenn The plan was to lock the ten or eleven blocks down the hill to the courthouse together, but it's too cold for Glenn. So someone drowsy.
I make my way down alone. There are lots of media here, local and national. I go inside the court and the whole thing takes just forty minutes. Justice shipment finds that Glinda soon had been wrongfully convicted of murder. He speaks directly to bless. You kept the thing with remarkable dignity. You work be commended for your courage and your resilience. You were a free man. I gladly can you tell us how you're feeling right now overwhelmed
big time. I firmly here today twenty one years all along you said. Were you are I work? Baseball gaps in prison said wrongly convicted. Ninety ninety eight sometimes regard you should take from destroyed about I'd, make another one world and again they didn't like it. A man you'll, never know why you want to know, I would like to publicly I guess you'd like, Finally, I would like to find out Why do they do this? To me? I like it It is my line,
I have love anger. Do you know what today's none day for anger, hits it s a day for fur, rejoice, wholeness alone and unhappiness ridge rejoicing and in an injustice. Finally, I finally received justice when I started investigating the story five years ago. I wanted to know how an innocent man could be convicted. For murder he did not commit when I found was at every level of the police and justice system and Nova Scotia contributed to this miscarriage of justice and took decades of a man's life. It began with a highly problematic police investigation, dubious wit, This is in evidence in a trial,
that in no way could have been fair and it didn't stop. Their new evidence came forward that should have freed Glinda sin, but it was kept from him when it finally came to light. It revealed grievous police car. So. What are the fall out from this injustice? anyone be held accountable we'll police officers be disciplined or charged were other women murdered because they can be did the wrong man, And if Glyn assumed and commit the murderer, who did This is uncover dead wrong
episode, one fitful Dartmouth is just across the bridge from Halifax Kind of a twin city. Both Halifax Andorra myths are viewed as nice small, safe cities good places to raise your kids, but they are also Navy import towns with a long established street in the sex trade theirs. Underbelly of poverty and people who live on the fringes who are subjected to hardship and violence in ninety. Ninety five, a twenty eight year olds. Sex workers name Brindle way, was brutally murdered in North Dartmouth. It was this murder that led to the wrongful conviction of Glinda soon
a short stalls at that time, Sol Brenda was a friend of mine. We run into each other. A whole lot stroll is the stretch of road where sex workers meet Johns downtown announced today, Linda grandly works at stepping stone. She provides outreach and court support for those in the sex. Trade she's been working there for thirteen years, but back in the nineties, she was her of sex worker on the darkness stroll and dumb Sal you, no money was good then nor slot today. So I just kind of started, hang in dogmas and living in darkness. I worked as a sex workers for over twenty five years. I didn't or the streets until probably the last ten fifteen years.
There had been an escort worked in massage parlors had always managed to stay away from the street, but then one day crack cocaine entered her life twice now device. El tried this try this and I wouldn't try it and then one day I did in after the first time I was I was that was it. You know the dragon. Took over my whole life. You know it wishes all. I did. For years and years and years was commit crimes or make money to get high. You know you got in the car, you turn the date. You wrote and gone. You know, I'm saying so was fast money tell sex of Dartmouth, but pretty much everywhere in North America had a serious crack problem in the early 90s crack houses began to appear in poor neighborhoods and many sex trade workers, drug
with addiction, the drug problems, field, violence of all sorts and for anyone working the streets like Linda Brandy and Brenda Way, there is always the danger of getting into the wrong car getting picked up by a bad date, and I think that was My biggest fears was always leaving and dying from some violent death. That was always a big fear for Halifax. At that time, had three strolls wonder town one near Halifax is north, then, and one particular to gay men on top of Citadel Hill. The historic for that overlooks the city, the darkness stroll was new. Brenda way was one of the first to start work in their a tiny forfeit ten woman Wayne in ninety five pounds.
Brenda had a big personality. She was known to everyone in the area for being funny and feisty working. I didn't know that with the darkness stroll until I saw Brenda, and I afterwards, what are you doing on this side of the bridge? And she said it, sir, she said is just as much business and safer ironic up. This has been the Thompson she grew up in Northern Dartmouth. She knew the scene, and even did outreach work when Brenda Way was work in the streets were not was reporting the story in the Halifax examiner. The online new site. I started in twenty fourteen Thompson. Contacted me. And I actually matter, because I was I was going universe.
De and I was also doing volunteer work with dumb women's alliance and support of sex workers, because the how affect police will really acting up. At that time, I used to fear downtown Halifax, and sometimes I pick her up. I thought you'd Brenda Thompson lived on Hester Street the same street were Brenda's pimp lived during my volunteer work by sea. Her because I knew she was gonna have a street, so I said you wanted to lift sour that deed hop in the car wheat chat. We saw in the prince when I pick her up and patents, and I always had my Cosette deck going and she asked we used to Rocco too little red corvette, but the Darwin store. That was Brenda.
That's right, I waited burned away invented. It renew was well known on strong jet black hair, which she typically kept at shoulder light and often died with a red handed. She had to turn to a flower above her left breast and about fly on her back. She also had a nickname. Brenda was known as pitfall of her two theories as to how Brenda got this name. One was the version that Brenda Thompson describes. I think she was proud of it don't mess with me, I'm known as tit for tat kind of thing. I didn't see that side of her personality if it was because she was an angry person or not. I just knew her as Brenda and I found it to be
no fun and energetic and time. Well, they got kind of under always had good things to say. The other theory is that Brenda had the nickname, because she had a pug knows she didn't have kind of a pug knows, but now I want him in so much capital and people. It makes sense that Brenda Way wanted people to think her. Nickname was due to being tough sex workers. Had a lot worry about Brenda Ways, pimp was a man named Bobby runner. Ringer was a biker who lived in the old family home right in the middle of the darkness, Stroll Brenda Thompson, new runner Bobby Bandits, relationship with Bobby Render was not good render dictated what Brenda would wear and she was.
Often seen in freezing whether, where an incredibly skimpy, clothing yeah, she usually had these little tiny skirts on and it would be called out at last comment, more exact from had a white dress like some. You can put something a little warmer they'll still be around. Nobody wants me to wear the little skirt, some All that stuff right after how was how was tonight in all was rough, was it ok in our house Bobby treating you conversationally sticks out me with me. The most was the boat, the shoes because she was so pregnant and she was on the Dartmouth, straw and she was wearing high heels. Stockton had Brenda. For God's sake, said: you're gonna kill your back put some speakers onto the Bobby. What let me and I said, tell Bobby go back himself and The next time I saw her, she was on the dark withdrawal and she was, I beat didn't haunting way,
then she turned away back in and point it down to her feet, which had sneakers honor he yelled at our lot was abusive, but mind you she'll back at him too. She wasn't. She was just taken at laying down. I've been working on this story for a few months at this point and was still trying to get a sense of this. World so I friend Bobby, render on Facebook, dropped him a message ass. If we could speak, he got right back sure, Gimme, a car. hi is Bob. You got him about. Temperature guide, I'm watching Annabelle mechanical luxuries, You got a couple minutes I gotta. Could I get all time the warm until the day I die,
I still don't know much about Brenda. What could render tell me how Bobby Runner talks about Brenda is very disturbing. Listeners may want to take care All about a great great check, you know she was talented, Norway, a hustle man. She was a hooker right. He was a great personality. Dubai task bar is a whip and all her character, like you, wouldn't believe thrill Joker. One time
You know in ninety. Ninety one health ex police charge render, with living off the avails of a prostitute, Brenda and controlling Brenda's movements in such a way as to show he was a bedding her prostitution, a few months later render, was also charge with dealing Hash Render rose convicted on both charges and spent four years in prison I never ever mistreated moment can be what are called coat when they did make money on the saying of you. If you know about me, you know I had a stable pownall, now give or take her I'd, probably thirty or forty you're from women that wasn't the way Brenda Thompson remembered it Bobby Render did not happen.
Table of thirty, forty women Bobby Runner had turned up. That was said. He so full of shit Bobby been bullshit all the time bullshit than out not life. So military affable there, certainly, but he's lying, do what you would. I support a backward looking at me like I'm in all respects back a guy, I back in town, but when they all want me right, but it came the facts, but also more nerve anyways. I think Bobby first time and hung up. I've had enough of this phone call, and I now knew I was entering a very dark place. The darkness stroll was different than the ones and how fast because a bordered on a residential area and the neighbors were happy about it. Linda brandy remembers
Well, I led the housing. You know you walk down the street, you dress for work and get your high heels new many dress on, and there would be one or two people standing on the corner in one or two points over here. You never thought about it. One night I was on my way home and I was walking up windmill road and it was like three thought more or less in the car Then all of a sudden do was like ten fifteen people. And they surrounded me, and they were saying stuffed me like. If we fought catch you in this neighborhood again things. That and I remember somebody walking towards me nicety becoming closer Mason, you you know like I was really afraid I was more afraid of the residents in the area that I was the bad dates. I mean you walk up the street and people would throw rocks at you drove chains at you exit. You you know, come out the house and tell you if you don't get off my corner, I heard you and things like that, sell
the police never did anything to stop that in all the cops tree it s really bad saw people felt on was cell to treat this really bad. The police should have been a force for safety and security for the women but Linda granted the Nazis, That way, you know if we had bad data, something we shared it amongst ourselves, but actually darkness trees. There were very dark. You know what Didn't really have any one else look out for us, we just kind of wash over each other. So if we were nervous about women who work the streets and those who supported them knew that sex workers were gone missing or be, found murdered. I think personally around me, there was probably four or five women a lot of it. Went missing, but their bodies were not found four years later
at the drop in centre. Where Linda Randy now works. There is a dead education, water, sex workers who were murdered. There are twenty two photos of women, These deaths were only reported in short articles in local newspapers. The chronic. Oh Harold and the dead. Hooker killed. Read the headlines were breathed the second piece on the tv news, the kid Sex workers simply wasn't a big deal and yet happen all the time it was an epoch, no one Halifax or Dartmouth was talking about and one cold November morning in ninety ninety five. Brenda way the most well known sex workers on the darkness sign was found murdered. Another sex work or killed and this time in a very brutal and horrifying man,
throughout the nineteen eighties astray. Phenomenon with sweeping North America They were in a panic and like people in a panic, they want solutions, allegations of underground, satanic cults, torture, and terrorizing children. The thing is: there were no satanic cults, preying on children and near Thirty years later, the people touched by at all are still picking up the pieces to work affection. This is a work of history, Satan, Panic, the late CBC uncover. Available now. I told the courts will emerge from this to my he's, goin small me
giant we'll cut, but I do wish to say that official, but ironically, uncover season seven dead wrong, asked me to kill people if they had been available on CBC, listen and wherever you get your podcast. Working. The streets can be a deadly business experts who work with prostitutes say a woman has about an eight year. Life expectancy out here this week And Brenda and way ran out of time. The body. The twenty eight year old mother was discovered behind this Dartmouth Apartment building, her clothes had been torn off. Slashed with the knife.
Brenda stir work in the streets when she was fourteen or fifteen, obviously tore her death, which is Cross Victoria Road Alber like in the first, building on our left as one oh, nine, and that is where Brenda was killed behind parking lot. So I'm going to park have a walk behind the building to see the murder say. I am now behind one, oh nine Albert, like road and a gravel parking lot, there's three giant puddles that are frozen little ice on top, probably exactly as they would have been back and ninety ninety five
because the weather was almost exactly like this it surrounded by on the perimeter by some trees and brush. There's garbage strown condom hers paper bags, it sir a terrible place to die. It's kind of strange because I seen her the night before she was murdered, It just happened that I had called by drug dealer to buy some crack and dumb Ask me to meet him down important street. In also I had this friend of mine drive me down the part on a side street and when I get out higher shattered Walkman Street Brenda get out of it was a big black truck. She had got so we walked down the street together round the corner bought or drugs. At the same time, we walked up the street. She got in the truck and I just kept going in the car. So I did
see her that we don't know now and will probably never know. Ever thing that happened. The night Brenda was killed. We Linda grandly was not the last person to see her alive. Her french shaky said that and it came by his place around two, a dot m and left at four, a dot m, a taxi driver, so Brenda hitchhiking at four hundred and five, a dot m by the four star. Motel Which is about two and a half kilometers from one? Oh nine Albert, like Road Brenda's body, was found. Just after seven, a dot m the morning of November 12th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five by a woman passing by I'm going to talk about some of the details of the murder in the state of Brenda's body. I remind people that this was an awful murder.
It may be difficult to hear Brenda was found wearing a tank top her black leotard were removed from her right leg and had been pulled down onto her lower left leg A single white sock was on her left for a black shoe was found near her body, but its mate was never discovered. Despite the condition of her clothes. There is no indication. Brenda had been sexually assaulted. The pathologists who investigated Brenda's murdered died some years ago and the medical examiner declined to speak with us. So I talked to Michel, Patrick and who teaches in the forensic science program at Saint Areas University in Halifax. I gave her. The crime scene photos a videotape of the autopsy the autopsy.
Report and a transcript of the court, testimony from the pathologist Patrick and spent a week with everything I gave her and then I went to her office to talk about it. First thing I see is that you assume are sure to read and we now know it was white and it's soaked in blood and she's soaked in blood and looking at the sort of the trauma that she incurred. I just noticed that it was very much focused around the neck region and that seems like a pretty important spot to hit if you're trying to you know, do the most amount of It looks like a brutal attack in the final conclusions, the medical exam.
Now road. It is my opinion that Brenda Land Way a twenty year old white female died of blood loss, examination from a severed, juggler vain. Besides the trauma to the neck, Brenda had other stab wounds was beat And had suffered an extreme blow that ruptured her liver. The force of the liver blow. Even the medical examiner said, He hadn't seen it in domestic. It was more something he had seen in automobile accidents and things I asked Patrick and how long it took Brenda die. I can't speak to the amount of time, but no, it would not have been. Quick- and I ask her what other thought she has. Where's, the shoe is November. I've attacked on outside. I think there
pictures. Look like this is the end spots, but I'd like to know more about the beginning spot. Remove the sheet. I can see the direction that she was going serves to. If I was try to get somewhere. I be facing the direction I was trying to go and the closest thing I saw was a building and I don't know although she was at the building or of that was homer what it was, but I'm definitely heading in that direction. Police arrived at the scene at about seven hundred and thirty, a dot m. Well, the uniforms would probably be the first units on scene. Tom Martin is now a licensed private investigator. He had a thirty year career with the Halifax regional police.
Fifteen of it and homicide he retired. In January two thousand and eight I asked Tom Martin how police would process a site like this. They would close down the scene secure the scene. They were. Check for signs of life. If there were not any signs of life than. They would secure everything they would lock everything down. That's when you start seeing tape in the ribbons going up major crime would be called in. Debt would be called in. The police knew the women who work. The strolling Dartmouth they would have known Brenda and who the players in her life were. Some officers would take it upon themselves to start doing a canvas. Some patrol members are very organised and very good at doing canvasses and starting things off right away.
Sometimes they wait for major crime to come and start directing police officers and police dogs search the area looking for weapons evidence clues. Nothing was found police, blanketed neighbourhood talking to anyone who had any connection the Brenda saw. The next morning I was at home. I was given a twenty one: Jackson Road at that time and the police came knocking at my door, so that when I found out about Brenda Junction Road is the street parallel with Alberta. Crowed Linda's apartment was about one hundred metres from the murders. Why I think there was a lot of shock and in a mean you know over the years.
There is many people that I had come in contact We have spent time around insect that women who left the home and just never came home. When Brenda died, she was the eleventh sex worker, murdered and Halifax and Dartmouth. In ten years, the page three had nine red prostitutes. Murdered body found behind north in Dartmouth, apartment building. My first thought when I left the house was kind of like Emma gonna get make it home tonight. That's just how bad the streets were back then, and it's just the assaults, and you know D, the rapes and killings that happened at that time.
Not only were a lot of women being killed or going missing, but those murders were not being solved. Most of those women who are in the sex, trade and most were killed in the nineteen nineties. There were a lot of murders before Brenda's and there a lot more. That came after. The last time I looked is back in two thousand and twelve thousand thirteen and Halifax was, if not the highest one of the highest for unsolved We had way way too many and we still have way too many unsolved, and for me it's it's very, for because I believe and my heart that there is
next to nothing being done in those cases, while I'm at them eight senders, one Rebecca is a pity her municipality or whatever the hell. We are in a province with roughly a million people. With over a hundred unsolved cases, the society a lot too because it showed us to me, it sure- does to me. I knew clan, but men was not somebody that I really liked or trusted you so I didn't really spend a lot of time around him. Linda Brandy, New Glinda, said in fact Glenn
It's almost as well known in North Dartmouth as Brenda Way, and this is how Glenn fits into all this Glenn was Brenda's Ex boyfriend and they had broken up only a few months before Brenda was killed, Glenn and Brenda had been together for about three years and had lived in a number of different places. Early on, they moved to Alberta for a few months to escape prostitution related charges. Brenda was facing, but Brenda was missing. Her family so decided to return a Dartmouth and clear them She was sent to a year in jail, but serve just three months in ninety. Ninety four, the couple moved Cape Breton to be near Glens family, while their Brenda broke her diction crack, but she again got lonely for her own family
So in early one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five Glenn and Brenda moved back to Dartmouth and moved into a room on the second floor of the four star motel. Glenn would later right in a statement to police. That was when all this shit started and then, when she came back, you can she'd been clean for final vows. It is healthy and she looked amazing and then she started coming to my apartment. At that time I did live. Another like road and Of course she was. You know she was there to get high and then into a lot of nervousness around Glenn, finding out that she was there and then all of a sudden she's by all accounts, Glenn hated burn. This drug use. And would go out crews in the streets and nor Dartmouth. Looking for her, I dont think you treat Brenda very well And Brenda was, she was sweet you now she just I did her own thing and she was always like just nice and sweet.
You know any time that you see a man not treating a woman. Well, then, it is in our it doesn't set by with me. In July, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five Brenda left Glenn. A woman working at the four star help Brenda take her stuff out of her room. They carried about fifty m across a parking lot. Two restoring apartment building. Brenda was moving in with a guy named shake shape. He had seen Brenda out on the street but two didn't really know each other. The place was a mass, but Brenda clean up. The apartment put curtains up and even taught shaky how to use a vacuum cleaner.
Brenda was still seeing Glen, but it wasn't working out on October, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five Brenda called police and told them that Glenn had beaten her in a written statement, Brenda called Glenn her fiance. She said that just before Suppertime Glenda drive drunk at the room at the four star Started punching her in the face and through her onto the bed, he asked me if I wanted to know what death felt by she wrote. Brenda said, Glenn only hit her when he was drunk. When he is sober, he is a nice person.
I am only a little woman. She wrote. I am tired of the threats. The next day police charged Glenn with a soft in November Brenda asked her father. She could store some things in his apartment on Victoria Road and he agreed. She'd, come by your father's place from time to time, maybe take a nap or spend the night, but Firstly, she was semi nomadic wandering the streets turning tricks and getting high And Glenn was hovering around looking for her. We try to get in touch with David way.
Renders Father and we weren't having any luck. Then we found a phone number and through reverse, look up. We found where he was living.
It was a seniors apartment building. My producer, Janis Evans, found him in the lunchroom and David agreed to talk with us. When I arrived at his door, his motorized chair was parked outside allow. Mr way, I have your time. Thank you. David way, senior is, in his late seventies, he's wearing suspenders and applied shirt rate. We sit at his kitchen table his tobacco and rolling papers between us, a big cat wanders on the counter behind him. Mister way has a labored voice and is sometimes hard to understand.
Mr Wei, hello, thank you for your time. Before we start, I just want to say, there's nothin. I know that I can't know, but there's nothin worsening loss of a child, and I know that it's been all these years, and this is what we're talking about. So I just want to let you know. I appreciate the gravity of that I want to learn more about Brenda. Can you tell me about her. She was a good kid. He always were so you new that she was get into prostitution You talk to her about the design nicer than she is my life. I should never survive, but there is not. The waiting up did bring the talk to you about Glenn hitting Hearn a year now again, the iron nine over their prices by field.
And I said to myself: that's no way to treat a woman she's, not none of your business. Where are you ok,. I asked David way about the morning of the murder. I already did. And their rebellion. He come now Now to my door- and she said there, you are as yeah he's What's going on inside all coppers I'll, better one watered down our way back. When I was a cop curse, Bunch of people by the other velvet and Scotland He had there. They are
Why is that her? He should there I'm not saying tat to happen here, our top she easy chair You sure you want to go and unaware that the chairman of our range on a cop ass David, if he was Brenda's father, he said he was David asked if the victim had attached to above her breast, he went over and police lifted the canvas off her and there.
Now I'm back love. Oh geez, I must be horrible for love. I had forgotten that afternoon compels come on earth in the days before she was killed. Brenda was staying in two different places at shake his apartment across town and with her father in his apartment to fifty two Victoria Road, the back door of her fathers building was about fifty metres from
Brenda's body was found in the parking lot behind one? Oh nine overlay crowed. If you walk along the street, the two buildings are around the corner from each other, but behind the buildings there's a short cut that connects them a footpath through a small stand of trees, Michel Patrick, can the forensics prof knew nothing about the case when I asked her to if view the crime scene. She said that when Brenda's body was found, Brindisi to be reaching toward salvation or Hall Brenda's hand was pointing at that footpath, the one that led directly to her fathers building later that morning, glint showed up at David Ways, apartment building looking for Brenda, he came those any not my number
I went down the door. Yes, you were reading it, as you know where she is. You did lack of buildings, nation. Newly again once again left. I will learn from up here. You saw when he knocked at the door. You were certain had he had killed, burned or less union. I think a lot of people assume that he did it. May because he was the boy friend. So I think that This probably an assumption in know dead. Oh, we was blind. I did it
When a woman is killed, the boy friend or husband is often the first assessment. Especially when there's a history of domestic abuse in October. Ninety ninety five, a couple months. After Brenda left him Glenn moved out of the four star. And in with a woman named and Moors a friend of Glenn's Ex wife untold police that on the night The murder Glenn was at her place and done lay. He rode about three blocks from the murder scene, but Glenn had slept through the night said. Anne Anne had to roommates a couple, Jackie, a nurse and Mustapha a taxi driver, and they confirmed to police. The Glen had been at the apartment that night. It appears that please
initially accepted glens, L by at least there's no record, that police searched an apartment or glanced car to look for bloody clothes or weapons, or anything else that might connect him to bring this murder. The police had no physical evidence related to burn the ways. Murder. There is nothing at the crime scene. No fingerprints, no hair samples, no dna, no murder weapon. And there were no witnesses days turned in weeks and weeks turned in the months, and it was beginning to look like Brenda ways. Case would become another and the long list of unsolved murders and Nova Scotia. That is, until a chain of events unfold. That will take this story in a stunning new direction. There are psychic vision
the miraculous appearance of a potential murder weapon and a new lead investigative parachuted in from the Halifax side of the harbour, who desperately wants to solve the case coming up on dead wrong with four jar? We know my father didn't do it and I mean when that happened, mean dive and I'll kick and Anders picture anyway, said body through it in my face with her throat flat, and We asked resisted vision, you Hatteras back she turned round holes This is fact Isn't there something about a broken tip on I've? The sister had gone to a psychic o goody. You ve been listening to the first episode of the latest season of uncover dead, wrong
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