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S1 Episode 1: The family

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What happened the day five-year-old Adrien McNaughton wandered into the woods and was never seen again? How does a family grieve for someone who may still be alive? And where might he be today? SKS host David Ridgen returns to his hometown to investigate.
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This is a CBC podcast you're listening to someone knows something from CBC Radio, in nineteen. Seventy two five year old, Adrian ignored and vanished, while on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario documented. And David region goes back to the small town. He grew up in searching for answers red,
Hello, Aria, Duval Iron, estimated nice to meet you are, you guys have seen you and I worked with your mom for many years solving cold cases as I called him so called cold cases as something something we're not good at and when I say we I mean we because I think that we all think that we can solve them its natural. We to impose order where there is none, so that any puzzle has a solution we Try resolve chaos
there's another microphone, but I would like to put on Murray so before we start menu that my guess, investigators are compelled by time and budget pressures to follow the strongest impulse because its less risky, cheaper, but sometimes the strongest force in any investigation can be its weakest point I can tell you very much because you have to remember a whole lot of back, then I just stay with you, I've been around doing this a few years earlier.
Memory was a bit better, barbaric non lost her son Adrian, almost don't wanna talk about it because I dont want to relive it. I think I have talked to the back of my mind and I dont think of every day, but every so often I'll go to say something and I'll say Adrian and weak points are built on and our vision is telescopes.
Either we find not the truth, but what we want to find an enduring was vocal boy. He could speak, he was not mute. He was able to scream and yellow and use quite normal furs. I got quite normal five and a half year old, real busy go lad. Who is a little guy shy? Didn't guy Ruth Mchugh is a MAC not in family friend. He couldn't ties shoes, he was only five, so he would have lost two shoes and that push it was very thick. Bad things happen too little nice. Sometimes that's what we figured hat, because I was just no sign of anything anywhere in their had to have been limerick. Norton is aid,
and the eldest brother being a nine year old. Why wasn't very reflective people would ask me all your brother last? How does that make you feel my God would sink when someone asked me, because my brother had disappeared in utter mystery, no idea what happened it's, because we're fallible or I am anyway. Sometimes I imagine the remedy screenplay because it makes things easier to take. Recorded that it Sir sound here at the stick around her too long and its in moments of weakness,.
That were prone to point fingers. A lot of people are said. A lot of stories was true: Merrimac, not Adrian's, Father ever imagine that, I believe, is the truth. It metal institutions is there, not true what you're saying as people might have thought you are responsible Oh, yes, I've gotta be pretty hard to take Terroir self toolbars person, Tibet. The stories that where there is we're just why out that, the children belong to Marie, where a lot of people blamed Mary for it.
Yeah, I remember one was Mary had just got out of jail, indeed, murder them, I couldn't fondly shops, could not believe Barbara Non used to nurse with my mom at the opera hospital, I'm sitting at her place with her husband, Murray. It's open concept with a big kitchen. And a newer construction, because their previous house burnt down and with it virtually all their mementoes of Adrian's life barf, does come through some severe health challenges and is resting at a large mechanical chair. That sounds like a garage door opening wouldn't lose and she adjusted often defined a comfortable position for the memory she's confronting she smiles when she talks, even when describing the worst in its an optimism that must have carried out
through many storms. Thanks have run through my mind. Could it have been when you here today of the sexual predators? Could someone have taken them? For that reason? He was some little boy and I've thought about you know. Murray doesn't think that, but I dont know I would pray tat. He wasn't. Abuse are tortured or anything like that. You know, but if we just knew even if it was something like that, if reaches new, I have prayed tat before I gotta be with my Father in Heaven. Tat, I will not but saying all that we also find killers, we're fine, Then, by comparing the geography of a case to the where bumblebee visits flowers will find them by using x rays and thermal scan
dna and and will find them frankly, by simply looking back of the case in going through it. So pudding, chaos in order has its place, and often everyone knows something and for sure someone or something there was nothing ever food nor the jacket nor the shoe. Not the shoe lose. Nothing really upset me. I would like to know what has happened to that guy not reasonable. That case, Somebody's involve violently father was unlikely, suspect turn his back for fifteen minutes, never after that. That's a murmur crab. We ve been living. There are a number of years and and my parents are still there There are long time, I'm prior people, and so people will know
all day last a child that that will be just part of the myth? Ology of a town Yeah the first time ever heard about someone being missing. I was forty Jordan, living in the Ottawa Valley in Eastern Ontario. It's a place where everyone talks with a bit of an accident. Combination, irish, scottish and something else to think, and when I go back there, I always slip into better that way. There was logging in the valley back in those days, white pine, mostly nice, to run on the booms with my friends in the Ottawa River, but there's none of that are now boom and bust, but it's a beautiful spot surrounded by great rugged wilderness, and it was into that that aid rain MC not and disappeared. When he was five years old, he was small for his age hair, more white than blonde hair. Just a year older than me, he wishes.
Child in and he was a handsome little boy, big brown eyes The blonde hair he just beautiful Murray used to column is little his power and I get up beside marine. You know you're back again and his hair was white. I remember how ya gotTa Lee was how excited he'd be for among to come home in the morning and sometimes a crawling with me waiting. I remember that I always like yours, my shadow, I dont dwell on the time on it. I never wanted my friends to think I was looking for sympathy, so I didn't bring it up alive. We have talked about that much a tall.
Also pointed out. That is something other than the obvious reason: slow, there's the pain of it, but it's also in many ways it it's done. I never knew Adrian, but I moved into the area with my family. Shortly after he disappeared on June twelfth nineteen, seventy two while he was on a fishing trip, and he was from our prior- that was my town, a place where people are concerned about getting their cats licence, but not their guns, and it's always had this kind of frontier feel to me. Isolated as geography and its own particular sense of destiny.
Adrian this case, it's hung over the area like a dark mass ever since I must have absorbed the cases if by Moses, because I can't remember people talking about it at the time, but I remember the fear and the basic detail a little boy out there somewhere. Like me boy, you collect the clocks for twenty years and they feared that got the run. He got that I put that together over some parts, he's gonna recorded, walk all get great. I took out ok
but Adrian's disappearances, one that the locals have talked about and wondered about. Even people who want to live at the time have been raised with an awareness of this case. Organised themselves, unconsciously around like and unchanging contour that you can't help a go around because going over to them hard. Very few people in this town of now close to a thousand we're unaffected, my friends, my family, so I'm starting here.
Its mysterious and its perplexing and my hair is standing on end right now to thinking about where we're going to stop. There were returning in their old, your own vague Adrian's, Father, Murray Monotony is driving. This truck wherein is packed with tools and the odds and ends of someone mechanically minded someone who instinctively collects things: saving them for unknown future projects marries a short man, a few words now eighty three years old and much slower, and he was, with Adrian the day he disappeared, but it's almost never spoken about it. Since his daughter, Chantelle has come along too Chantelle Mcnerney was only too on the day. Her brother disappeared and state home with her mother. Barbara. Today she decided to come along for the first time to see the scene with her dad she's com and thoughtful.
Order in stature providing herself on a daily work, I regiment and like the rest of the family seemed suddenly stricken when confronted with the moment of discussing Adrian's case. I don't it. All I feel, like I was robbed, I don't have any memories of em. I just I don't remember, I hear the stories it and it makes me think I have a memory, but I dont there's nothing at all that even I see the pitcher of em, but that's the only thing I know of him ass, a pitcher.
I do feel like I have a phantom sibling somewhere. What do you think? I don't know, sir? I guess I don't have much memory of any of it, so they have a lot of doubts on and, to be honest, not at the moment anyway might be different once we get there, but Limerick, was it homes like that day, Adrian's eldest brother Lee was nine years old at the time and is now an anglican priest I voted for MRS here it's my mother. He looks like his father Murray accept four times the size,
his hallways lined with floor to ceiling book shelves and later he quotes. Dostoevsky is perfectly as I've ever heard it before. We begin our interview We talk for awhile about why I'm doing this podcast on it and it gives me a chance to go back over the reasons for it myself, I tried to explain that I am not a media weasel looking to dig a hole in his family, and I think you believe me somewhat say from a catholic perspective. Natural law says that if someone has done something horrible like that, we need to be found out and that's why we like murder mysteries. We want something solved because there is truth in the world and so someone did it or someone didn't do it.
We want the truth to come out back on the winding Unifil caliber road. We just passed the birds much near some power lines, Murray slows down and seems disappointed power. I woke up turn round and ass. You can see at a glance there are, even if he tried like how far a five year old guy like Adrian gotten ground. Like this, you know Surprisingly. Small lake Somehow I imagine something much larger and you can see most of it from any place on the shore line but the area around it, I suspect, holds both the key and locked the case with apparently parked in the place where Mary left his vehicle. Forty three years earlier
from there. We make our way along a sublime pine needles path with red squirrel and canadian shield accompaniment no farther than I thought Murray move slowly and with effort. I think he's anxious to get this over with its can tough on he and his family, especially so because, as any victim's family member will tell you the first order of business in any investigation is to rule out those very family member. As the perpetrators refresher I long left and right that tree. I was the last time I saw you was that cloth
He said in more efficient and more shall I were often got the wrong program. You walked up there and I didn't say, oh very well, and I think that what you think you are that way. I think so I dont know. What makes you think he went well is Murray tells his version of the story. I watch Chantelle slip into a few state in the background. It seems too suddenly have become hard for her to breathe, shot out. What you think me as a mega here, but the sight of me. It is now. You know here in after you asked me earlier to striving in looking around thinking he could still be of here somewhere than is possible, anything not in the immediate vicinity. Until now.
I did so big area and adds a lotta bush. Just when I went back to get your camera and came back, I walked right past the path and equate is that were supposed to go like two seconds and I turned around and while those that of a strange feeling in the player stomach when he disappeared. That stopped all of friction between January, and I were fishery here, fishes respect, respect of truth. When I walked away over the lake, what the kid yelling about petroleum stop yelling, an aquifer own, so like wild animals, Try to say hello here and see if there is a lack of a low, substantial echo,
sounds over to the West, like a dead before a law. Allow well versed in the West guitar anyway, where I was there you your documentary, I hope it works. I really do, but if it doesn't turn out. That's not going to surprise me if I would have assumed if they do not gonna show up, he would have showed up by now, but because it's been so long unless one person Who knows exactly what happened and their conscience? Has weighed on them unless they
themselves say I know and come forward and say I suspect, we're not gonna know, and if there is that person look into your heart. No, that there's a family that has for countless years and over a generation now wants to know where their son and brothers gone and if anyone know Please say something having their living from escape. Having another elaborate further off now I'm gonna go get. It was a long day for Murray, then, and now- and I know
I've. Had he and his family hard. With my presence and my questions and predictably, I feel like shit for it, but there's new information. Murray said that there was a second bad out there on the day. Adrian disappeared, a fishing body named Danny and he's never been reported about before I'm certain. I wonder why
I do like trying to figure out the process and it is a kind of intoxication to find out who did it, who might have done it? What happened, and I think it's also a kind of arrogance, but I bring to these cases where I actually believe that I can put two and two together and get four. Instead, I should be wondering what the hell are too is, anyway, a symbol for a number, the symbols. We follow the create the narrative because we make the links between them. The fishing trip taking clocks the sound the truck makes us. We drive to the scene, they're all connected right, the townsfolk who work there, but no and the family who doesn't talk and the boy who was small for his age and the people searching in the woods in a careful grid, work with their dogs and the army
their hope and no body frustratingly few details such a simple chain of events leading up to a blooming catastrophe. Murray's five year old son walked away from him that day on a fishing trip and homes lake in June nineteen, seventy two and disappear into thin air and where did Adrian go start memory next episode of someone knows something so tell me about who else was there with you
Well, I don't know whether you are better mention his name or not. Danny read more efficient body. I've read a lotta news articles about the story. Ray of Adrian TAT. I never heard anything about another guy being there. I guess that important Visit CBC dossier, Slash S, K S to see a photo monotony and news clippings from after his disappearance. Subscribing Itunes or your favorite podcast app. If you like, the show, tell your friends someone knows something is hosted. Written and produced by David Region
there was also produced by actually Walter's Santer, Bartlett and staff camp. The music is by Bob Wiseman dogma. Memory. My love This is for more CBC original podcast go to sea BC, dossier, slash original podcast,
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