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S1 Episode 11: Terminus

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In the season finale of SKS, David Ridgen wraps up loose ends, looks into ways to continue the investigation into Adrien's disappearance, and speaks with the McNaughton family about their experience of reopening the case.
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This is a CBC podcast. The following programme contains mature subject matter, You're listening, someone knows something from CBC: radio in nineteen. Seventy two five year old Adrian Mc Norton vanished, while on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario D, humanitarian David region, goes back to the small town, he grew up in searching for answers. You know it's it's a strange thing to have your family story out there, but it dawned on me. Then. If you talk to almost any family, you discovered they had extraordinary events, everybody story,
Did make into a movie, in everything we do we make stories because it helps the world to make sense and piecing together? The story of Adrian Macmillan's disappearance is no different. I fear they had a winter hurrah kosovars I favorite the next day of the heat. Taken her now but Mary. I don't remember that it was a winter court was heavy gold. I don't remember that offers a winter. I, Someone is taken of nuts and I dont know if I'm saying that that I hope that that's what has happened I really think that's what has happened we can trigger cells into believing anything filling gaps where there's nothing where a lot of people blamed Mary. Third-
yeah, I remember one was sad: Murray had just got out of jail, indeed murdered him There was all kinds of accusations made. There is really ridiculous things like some They found the males who the bottom of a more there was crap like that. Some. Like you and me directly, say though she knows that I did. I won't be refused to do something I didn't do. The one theory that I think it is most plausible. Is he was traveling alone, the roadway back to the term for something and another fishing purtier silken came round the corner in the current run, all room, Adrian's eldest brother Lee
Will they want resolution? We don't do well with the unknown, and with that we want resolution. We want certainty. We want clarity, but unfortunately, that Is not this life we have, and so I think all those people who had rumours and theories were, of course that's what it is. It's a conclusion for them? It it's an end. We don't have to live in this mission free of not knowing the guy still every once in a while sometime during the summer, if I'm in the right place. I'd like to lie in MILAN that night and look up and. The stars and see this vast expanse of interstellar space?
and there's this sense of, I'm just so little to this but in a weird way, I've comforted by this. Passive unknowing out there there weirdly weirdly footing by it. And in finding new information to try to fill the void of not knowing we Yet someone knows something shaped our own story out of the mystery it rains disappearance as I can, Our very first conversation I had with you. I worried what was your take? Gonna be. What were you gonna know? Did you conclusions that you are planning on, but I think you'd let The story tell itself in that way. I think the only decent I've had listening to. It is not listening to it as much as is it actually having an impact.
Is it actually the title is someone know something What, if no one knows anything yeah Throughout our episodes in the series we ve received dozens and dozens of messages from listeners. They knew something from taking part in this four Adrian, not nor knowing some who had to having there theories as to what happened, we started with what was known in nineteen. Seventy to one man Duggar. One remember two sets of footprints being found that lead searchers. Nowhere like a little boys running to and a man
Moccasin is it was flat, and you could just see there where the ball of the foot hip to heal a ball of the foot in the toes- and I remember those cracked well, another person's account of the search comes from Adrian's cousin Bradley. A tall skinny fifteen years The time who was Lord into a swamp with ropes around his body in case he got stuck site, probably hosting the Quicksilver her, but it was still China not think you can move around you. The wooden hold your weight. You succour to the bomb bay it I'd like to ropes on me. I just just use a stick. They tell me pull clear here pulled over there now walk this way, raising in the one I search, you know poking with a stick to feel for a human body and I guess, if you would have been in there, there would have been like article of did. I saw something.
And I remember getting out of there and just going in the lake and getting all that stuff off I now well over forty years later, even the original searchers, such as former Ministry of Natural resources, employer Hugh allure, feel they know something that might help it was well covered. It like, I know the respect of the ground Warsaw by me, and I think he was taken. My theory is that taken by a beer or something what have been found like his cap is boast about it cap don't hear that in any those episodes we're not matter a kid that Asia would founders run truism. All that stuff and as we ve been continuing our investigation I also been tracking down any of the viable leads and tips we ve received in the wake of those episodes
A woman in the normal BC named Sylvia, wrote to say after the sky were released It seen and spoken to an Adrian look alike in London, drugstore in a later email. Sylvia such didn't, live in the imo. I hadn't been backed buckstone and what about the people of Clyde Forks, the minister on the list? Who is there and nineteen? Seventy Gale Campbell, whose house for sale I walked into or body closely oh, that the man in the trunk of Bucharest suggested, I speak to amend the First Ontario parking lot. TIM horns and I'm gonna call some of these folks that used to live upon Clyde Forks. So
first person, I'm gonna call is Gale Campbell. Please make your method, harvest Messages for Gale Campbell, my name's David written, never for CBC Television and radio in Toronto, and then Barker, the woman who was listed as the Minister of Clyde Forks, United Church nineteen. Seventy two has passed away, but the minister replaced her and nineteen. Seventy three Paul curry is still alive. To reach him on the phone at the time Hurry was an itinerant minister, Sir
several small community churches. When I was there from May two August serving the church. There, though it do, you recall anything that could be helpful as regards daydream. Five year old boy coming to Clyde for expect her to act in seventeen. I dont remember children at all, but I do remember, is few: the homes cost from the church had dirt floors and no electricity, wonderful people, but no children, and it wasn't because it was totally summer school vacation. I was there in May and June, just no recollection of kids. I did they are all hidden away or they just didn't exist. Hidden away s interesting to me when I say that, because when I went to visit in people's homes and on the farms are the
here too, there were just very dark places where nobody really seem to go out. Much. Do you think it's possible then that somebody could have raised a child their unknown to you old earth cited? Definitely because of the just things were hidden and Gale Campbell calls me back. Do you remember anybody in seventy two, any young boy or any new kid coming into the community? They know buddy. You didn't know where you are thereby lived there and do you think it would have been possible for anybody inclined for works of the area? Maybe flower station, even keep a child without letting anybody else. Now you all know everybody would
It is better to London and finally Buddy close, whether many kids up incline force your town, there was there a squid, feeler, yeah, but they all belong to people like you Nguyen that Ray you knew that they have had the babies and tat, Airbus is your ass where that come from? Suddenly, no, not really so. Here's a picture Here's a picture of Adrian as a young boy I'll show it to you. First, you want to have a lucky? I ever do them. I don't remember anything about that. Little boy, is a cute little boy. You know I can print out this little picture of him as a as a little boy and send galaxy and any time you come across some of whose, from the forks showed them yeah, oh boy power. Now, ok
I terrio let statistics confirms that there were not a lot of children living in Clyde, forks and the early seventies for privacy. They say they can't tell us the exact number born each year between one thousand nine hundred and sixty five and one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, because fewer than five babies were born overall since the number so small there thinking is that if they told us we could guess the names of the people and therefore invade their privacy. Despite Minister curries recollections of dirt floors and secrecy, I'm pretty sure Adrian didn't end up there John Gervase revelation about seeing a black and white fifty six dodge parted homes, Lake close to the time Adrian disappeared, brought back a few tips. We'd contacted cry, and asked for a list of similar cars and Canada and receive
back a number of between fourteen thousand than almost twenty eight thousand such cars. We even the serial number of the car, whose picture we used for our podcast since the black wait combination, we learned from Chrysler was accustomed job and there were likely not many like it. Then, and certainly not now but the serial number revealed nothing. Current owner of that car is not the owner who had a nineteen. Seventy two we ve been posting the car picture on various forums throughout the country. And a listener had done the same on a local form that listeners information. Let us hear low you down here: why are you
We think it when I ve David, I work for CBC Radio deserve and I got a story to tell here's my card for small, so I'm working on a case that involves an old nineteen six dodge car, and I saw online looking in this area that on a board that you posted your grandpa used to own one years ago, a black fifty six possibly now, do you remember seeing new that was we where I was born? Ok, and you just knew of it needed no doubt about it, is he still alive? You're gonna know my grandfather's, not you know what the case I'm talkin about dinner, Ok, so I'm working on a radio podcast, yes yeah yeah yeah, so sorry to interrupt sometime stemming from Toronto? Here's your worries.
Walk into Dwayne Semi, detached house to see his kids eating supper. Dwayne himself looks like he's still in its work, close it's a busy time of night, which is why I chose this time, but still I looked and he's really eager to help and we ve never met before, So what what happened? You know if you listen to think so. What happened anyway was already yeah. Ok, let's go so my thinking is who, on black and white car, because they may have seen someone else there or seen something or have some key. So the case you know like it just check everything so think back in a minute, I'm a car guy. My grandfather, I can predict every kind of ever had not just in my thing, yoga, modest first knew her in sixty nine, so would have an afford. So you wouldn't ahead of fifty six back in about seventy two. Ok and then he got rid of it yet years and years before a case of the car
The blackened blacker dodge the he had he got rid of before said. Oh hell, yeah Dwayne disappears downstairs with this kid still cheerily eating supper in front of me. He returns with a target You got a girl places. This is just one that I can find quick. So that was what fifty six, nor by the then dwindle, phone to his dad verifying? What he's told me about his grandpa's car? I finding out something else: books everywhere, a cushion for it. Gravest fifty six dodge Black and White Street blocked, ok, anybody else in town. Have anything like that black fifty six large did you would not. So You said he knew that there's another one in town, blue and white, but those living wider wonder who allowed
he's dead now Leonard. Who is a sign that Sir Dwayne finishes up giving me the blue and White Dodge owners phone number, that was your os and I'm off again and will look into it down the road. Ok, take our guys night. We expect to continue getting tips like this as time goes forward and new waves of listeners discover the story will look into anything we think as viable. Back to limit not so what did you think of a dive episode? Well, it was a difficult thing, but these dive It's the needle in a haystack sort of thing and hasty, it's under water with Paul Visibility really called you know, you're. Putting a lot in this basket which may come to fruition. Then show something or it may not the process of fire
information in an investigation can help you to focus the narrative of what might have happened, but sometimes the force of that trajectory can take on a life of its own. Hence the dogs, the dive, the basket, and now the next step until provincial police. If you are calling from a rotary phone, please remain. The line and your call will be answered. When FRO Bp Centre speaking, oh hi Artemus be too dark matter. Collins slight, please factors like speaking Spectre, slight, its David written calling from my Toronto CBC radio I've been working on the Adrian, but not in case with soil. We re actually just downloaded your part kept from the weekend.
Having listened to them yet, but I have downloaded some, I think, they're, a cup of the crime unit members have been listening or listen to some of the naming. Ok, well, that's great, and is it. Is it possible that after you listen to the episodes that we could have a conversation about it on the record that the aid so the here the opium poppies opinion, or at least your opinion on what you think of what found so far: I'd have to check a figure authorization from it. It was not my case Finally, I don't have a problem speaking with you, that's if the yet provincial police or Opie P, as they are now Our listening to the series they'll know what we found. Adrian's cases, allegedly the only unsolved called case and run through county and are evidences solid, but will they help.
Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old, Raquel, O Brien, as she attempts to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret. The seven part series includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Rico and her family as they discuss their past. For the first time, what emerged was a much larger story. Here: silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get. Your podcast asked great before I talk about the police with the family gathered once again before me, reveal a new idea brought to us by one of our listeners. Anonymous voluntary dna matching. Last time I was here, you told me that the police took your dna right
while I came from when they were doing the full enhanced drawing, wasn't it so they did the other sketch the rent for detachment that that's catch, that we re did in two thousand nine and then they got your DNA and Murray's and they, how do they do it? Males the cheeks walk takes we're getting a finger cut off or anything. So somebody sent a tip in to us not a tip an idea, and we thought it was a good one and ask do a dna. So there is a company in the states called twenty three in me and what twenty three in me does is they take in DNA, they put that in their database. So what happens then, as if somebody out there thinks there's some been missing or adopted, or you know something in the similar situation is Adrian they'll go oh and say here's my dna, and so then they match any dna. They try to match it. So it's an opportune needed to store your dna there
some day, somebody walks in, I've got dna and it might match? So it's something it's an is a positive step towards the direction of perhaps Adrian still out. There So if you guys are interested in that it's a great idea beyond any chance of finding out where you were It just increases the possibilities The onus is on the other party to potentially living Adrian to come forward and say to twenty three in me: I don't know who I am just as good feeling and then I ask for the monotonous opinion on the podcast experience they ve had so far. What's your sort of summit of ideas that you ve had through the pro, us here and may I say, or do a wonderful job of my a failure and keep up the good work Chantelle whose done the most in
build work with me seems hesitant to speak, and I notice that she's tearing up a bit I've been trying to thinking about this coming because, as last week's episode censored, Tuesday was going to be the finale of the season, and probably since the beginning, I've been thinking. I can't wait for this. Be over. But now when it's actually happening, I do have some mixed emotions. It's not I'm not upset the podcast, his ending I was thinking so then what happens is all the investigating going to stop is is the is the momentum now going to stop? Is it going to be over again I think that said, I think set at all really I've had dreams and things from now on and not always good. Now
pretty well said at all my think? You've done a good job and I quite sure. It's not for anything for show. You know it's a good time to introduce the idea of going. The police, so the next thing is, I have made a formal request to the European Renfrewshire to discuss the case and talk about what we ve come. With say the black and white card. The dogs what's happened up. There said the new sketches we want to talk, o p p and ran through and say now what what? What do you want to do with this? What do you think of what we come up with and hope that they can carry the ball. You know, like, I think, Collins slight as the inspectors name and he, you had to get permission to give me an interview. So, any minute now, actually I'm expecting an email from the opium saying we're going to do this.
Caution with you or were not. Wouldn't you think that We should have some say and to go with you now before I go, you can all come. Ok Do you wanna does come with me to run through, and I think that any help. All ok is it? Ok, if I take Murray in my car, all right well, will See you later Barb and Curtis We are so. Where is the one I'm going to that just on right, right, mainstream, ok, Socio, the Corners street
RO, we already. Ok, let's go our dialogue with Morocco. We said that our sun Sliver picnic table about thirty feet from the entrance to what looks like a large seventies era. Brown, brick, building a fading, yellow, o p p sign, watches over us near here that our provincial police, if your calling from a rotary phone remain on the line
Your comment will be at one moment: please wrench, obligate, understanding or hardness me. Two inspectors slow, please, you ve been a meeting at the moment. Could I take amendment you have four triggered off your tone, David written from CBC called and were outside here. If you could, the police station, we want stuck in your car outside the wrangling. I'm sitting right outside her with the family of Adrian Monotony and that's the case. I wanted to talk to our great thanks you for my life. We may be here for a while. I suspect this lad will come out rather than call me, but you never know hello,
David yeah inspectors like being I expect a slight our you. I'm fine negotiated under the nine I'm not gonna, be an amendment to the programme, management area. We by ok. Inspector slightest sand that the case is being held by the Criminal Investigation Branch of the o, p p c. I be headquarters in a really Ontario. Almost three hundred kilometers away inspector slight had told me that he was going to speak to the current investigator on the monotony case. So the third, the detector that you saying you were speaking today didn't come now. I did
is not available to you today, but from my perspective, I never had any do it because it is not. My phone book ensue its sea ideas file, I just I'm here with Mister MC, not an industrial talons, trying to relay it I am so they understand they require a major caneback managed by the idea that they are the ones that have the skills enemy. What about negation and that's why they have the carriage
I see so when can we expect some kind of response you think, MR slave? I have no plan to give. Your response is not my intention to do that. The file is open and will follow up early their brought to their attention about Tibet, but I'm ok, so bleak bringing leads to attention. I have to send the pot to see eye to eye really are then, as I would suggest, detective inspector Rob Haggard and have the courage of the game. Ok. So if I discuss or send to rob, Hag Rob Dodd Minute Opie Feed, I see a the podcast than that might get things going. You think
about, I would put you in touch with him. Ok need one that would be able to talk to you, because I don't have the information that has the gauge managers therefore addressed in our organization. The detachment does not do any media relation with respect aggregated: they they manage their ameliorating, but the sorry didn't you tell me that you would be able to talk to if you got permission than that, as I said, I see. Ok all right thanks for calling and will love what will certainly be back in touch. Acts like wasted effort is typical of the Yeah conundrum of dealing with Iraq, bureaucratic police, Nobody wants to commit to anything
until then, the boss, as it's ok to some extent its understandable but discouraging as one work. My thoughts are too the big deal it's a forty three year old case, spite we're trying let's keep trying we're, not here to criticise anybody or or how things were done, we're not make anyone look bad either, but I mean ok war. We just have to hold that the officer he named when he listens to the podcast. He sees his way fetters. Under the family. Ok, an answer will get an answer. Eventually, we will ok, see agenda, There are significant evidence here and the police should pursue it and there's also something significant on the dye front to add to everything else. Also the diver. No surprise we were prepared at that point is to just let it go
actually the divers contacted us, they were prepared to. Let it go a week after the dive we conducted for human remains at homes, lake, but dive where we found only a sock that almost for sure did not belong to Adrian, not Kim Cooper went back to the data point with fellow handler Pauline and their dogs, breeze, grief and Quinn. I was going to ask him in the divers to consider another run out, but before I could ask the divers ask him to go by and so they asked if we could go check it one more time and if the dogs again showed an interest in that area than they would make plans to return and dive, perhaps in a different manner. So we went, back up to the lake in and run three of the dogs, free dogs from the Ottawa team and sure enough. We got body language changes, we got interest on the shore and we've pretty much feel that the the wind
in the direction of travel of the Oder all are coming back to the same part of the lake that we drove the first time. So we had a grief, when and breeze all three ran again, all all the same spot, all three dogs over six months. So if we take our direction and we draw lines back out? That's where we did the dive two weeks ago by Kim's occur. The wind was coming from a different direction than in December, but all three dogs, one at a time alerted very distinctly once again to assent of human decomposition. In an area that only slightly widens the original dive site. As a result, my grumbler and the others are planning a second dive with this in mind that I approached this finance, of sorts to the first seas of someone knows something if there Our more discoveries will be creating additional episodes. I join my grumbler and came Cooper.
In believing that there are likely human remains in homes lake it system. Finding and then identifying them, and while police involvement is important going forward, we have a responsibility to general. We all of us to not only try to help find the truth in these cases and push for them. Solutions. If someone know something, but also in the process to try to solve ourselves I haven't like this process. It's not easy it's not comfortable, but I'm glad you ve done it honestly. I hope that something will come of it, but if then comes of it. Hopefully, apparent will hold a child closer
for each other more and all us Realize- that each of our lives are quite extraordinary. I'm tragic some beyond belief, but it is. What is that life that we live. You ve been listening to the season. One final episode of someone knows something Is it CBC dossier? Slash S k s to see an interactive piece about what we learned this season from David Region. So proud to announce that we'll be back with a new season and a new case in the coming months subscribe Itunes or your favorite podcast apt to make sure you don't miss it. We want to thank you sooner, who found us spread the word and joined us in this journey. We also liked thank the entire team that help make the series happen, so
knows something is hosted. Written and produced by David region. Show is also produced by actually Walter's and Santer. Bartlett, an executive producer, Aref Neurons Director of CBC Radio, new programmes and original podcast is Leslie Mark linger director of pvc. Radio digital is Jeff Ulster and executive producer is Paul Corbould as Kay digital producers are Craig Deston and Chris Oak. Additional thanks to Philip Long also to retain a pension and staff Camp AC row and the sea BC reference librarians. Our theme song is by Bob Weizman, with vocals by Mary, Margaret O Hara and just Reimer I'm too its Langer. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for our next season in the coming months, I will never.
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