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S1 Episode 2: Mr. Ring

2016-03-07 | 🔗
Another witness was present in the moments leading up to Adrien’s disappearance. SKS host David Ridgen ventures into the backwoods of Eastern Ontario to find him.
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This is a CBC podcast, you're listening to some one knows something from CBC Radio in ninety. Seventy two five year old, Adrian not and vanished, while on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario, humanitarian David region goes back to the small town. He grew up in searching for answers Have a recurring dream about, bears its not the they recurring dream. I have, but it's the one I remember with on occluded clarity. It always Arts and I'm wondering in the woods in rough country, on a beautiful sunny day but I know it soon to be interrupted. And even so, when I see the first bear, it's always a shock, it's always just a few steps away. I can touch it. If I wanted huge brown bear.
Even though I grew up in an area with black ones and for some reason, may sometimes have six legs, but I'll always get away from this first one without being seen I'll, get that false sense of security. To maybe this time it will be different. I sneak past the first one and maybe the second, but by the My luck will run out. There's always one that seized from far away and comes from me without hesitation, like those infected and twenty eight days later, moving so fast, I run and run, to finally find a clapboard cabin hidden amongst the spruce and pine, but the doors don't shout right and the boy we'll find its way in any way. I get into the last room in the cabin, it's always a bedroom. That looks like the one that one of my best friend the diet of cancer, is to have, and I find a gun- that's not mine and I'm rifling throwaway paint, flecked wooden drawers filled with cartridges bullets that dont quite fit the gun
the bear gets in and I fumble the bullets cock the empty just a few. Assured sure I guess then I wake up like the animal that I am I've heard this dream twenty thirty times and it's terrifying, but I do admit, I'd miss it strangely, if it suddenly disappeared forever If it disappeared, I would never be able to wake up with that euphoric relief. Again. Discover and talking to the monotonous, but their missing Adrian became a dream of a different sort for Adrian's Father Murray, a dream that he wanted gone,
This is something I remember in it. Just came back to me of Murray, sleeping on the chest field. After it happen we ve been home. Maybe have we ten days and he was lying on the chesterfield to feel they make it up and said. I'm going to home slate register. Wait a minute said I tat a dream, and it said come and get me I'm still here its through mining. These memories and looking back a case is that new information can come up and I soon realise as the conversations proceed, of the dream, into the facts and back again.
But there was another adult male on the scene. Today Adrian disappeared back on June 12th, one thousand nine hundred, and seventy two so so tell me about, or else was there with here, while I George Orwell ICE, whether you are paid Immenseness, name or not, Danny Ring christian bunny? He was with us to have a problem. It was quite a fisherman news, all euro dollar wakes. So I spectators like d there before. I've, read a lot, a news articles about the story of Adrian and I've never heard anything about another guy being there. I guess not import who wouldn't be entry, by Danny Ring or Donnie, as he's also called the the other addled reported to have been a hollows lake on the day of Adrian monotonous disappearance.
Could be wrong, but I don't think anybody back then or now has ever interviewing if that's possible, but why? Why would the only other adults, the lake that day never have publicly spoken? And, Mr Mr Ring, do you think that he would talk to me I don't know if we would arrive as us up whether we want to talk about a lot. I have been talking for quite a few months. Adrian's brother limit. None tells me what he can remember of Donnie Ring Donnie ring. Remember him telling the story that quick tragicomic garbage gets left behind in you know He would bring sometimes a garbage vague and pick some of it up himself for something Donny Then, where fishing buddy several years, he was there that day he's still alive. So I have to talk to him
I need to start building some theories of my own some avenues. Some percentages and my thinking about what this podcast can do here. Its noon and I'm pulling up at a house in the Backwards near Renfrewshire Ontario, not that far from the calibre and homes lake in fact, Donnie rings and driveway near his atv located far greater. Where are you going. Care. If I leave my shoes on he's been out at his dear stand short, walk away and he's wearing for camouflage hunting gear and big boots. We sit on the back
deck near a collection of bird feeders on what is because. The warmest and most pleasant November day. I can ever remember Donny cross for me, I wouldn't deck table and chickadees shuttling, gracefully back and forth from the surrounding trees to the seeds and then back again, for some reason I enjoy knowing that they are there. I stony talks the day we went fishing we had planned to go the following day, but Maria had an appointment or something so we change and went up tat evening. As I remember, everything, was going good, I went around the shore line to Iraq and I think LISA and
Adrian and one of the other kids came with me, leases Adrian sister and would be closer to him in aid. And we fish there for a while, and there was nothing going on. So I came back and Murray. Satellites for Adrian right down at the shore there all dead tree it in the water and the other kids zero Had they set their own lines, are old enough and. I tried fishing a little bit there and then I thought well I'll leave their space for the kids and all the way to this other kind of a point. There was a cedar tree on it and I claim no they're nice fishing there and Murray set the line,
for Adrian right at the end of that tree and Adrian decided he wanted to play with his line here. Appalling is lying in a little bit and a little bit, and finally, he got to up in the tree, so Mary told them. Just go on sit down and he will get. It the NGO Forum, so. I heard Murray telling the kid this everything was good. I look, over and I say Adrian sit enough on the rock was kind of a flat rock like a step, so he sat in the Robins legs down Anne Marie fiddled around the line on done, and then I believe it was Lee went out to the care not sure what do you want for, but even to the care.
Lee as Adrian's eldest brother Murray Tall I guess he turned around to tell Adrian than his line was ready. They were sad again forum in that, and then he says, whereas Adrian Nobody in particular nobody, no Marie shouted out to me at the care. I'm pretty sure was the EU within the care he's yours boy, I'm pretty sure, and he asked Lee. If Adrian was in the care of you. Sleeping or something like that, and they said yes because I was actually closer to Lee and the care I am saying yes, so we thought no more of it. We want head fishing, oh I don't hang me ten minutes.
Maybe at the very most they came back to where we were fishing and the Moraine asked Ashley Adrian was sleeping. And LISA said no. I didn't see him or something to that effect. Right away, Murray said well, is in us keeping the care. Did he get something to eat or what did he do never seen him well right away. We shared and looking ass, Donnie Ring speaks. I find his littleton cadence oddly comfort, even though, is obviously confronting his memories for the first time in a long while and is possibly the furthest thing from comfortable himself, Simon
Waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old Raquel, o Brien ass. She had comes to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret, the seven parts Greece includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Raquel and her family as they discuss their past. For the first time, what emerged was a much larger story here: silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast. Everyone present so far agrees that Adrian stopped fishing then went up the little hill, astonishingly short distance, away, to sit on a flat rock Donnie says
Adrian starfish causes line was snarled Murray in Limerick. None say that Adrian simply got tired of fishing and then went up the hill to sit and Lee thinks he was the last person to see Adrian. He must have got bored with a fishing and he got back just behind me on the rock and he was playing there. Did you see him yet playing and then, according to all accounts, gone within minutes after that throw some things commander. You know it was turned around. He was putting away sort of as a five year old wood, and then I went back deficient the moment, one Murray discovers Adrian's not on the rock. He asks me to go check the car and then both Danny's and leaves account at that moment are effectively the same.
And this is where I an odd thing happened. My father believes it wasn't that far away, show TED. Is he there and sometimes when you respond to someone I wasn't respond. I said yes, meaning pardon me. What did you say as he misheard his dad and the other accounts support this and no one has ever had any reason to doubt that are suspect him in any way. But the likely Miss hearing allowed Adrian's disappearance to continue for another precious few minutes without the family. Actually knowing he was gone. What what a day without amendment when you noticed he was gone and then you started looking, I believe, to be around problem We five hundred in the evening we started looking for Adrian, and made a curfew. Manners me money around. I went back over the riot in Iraq at the first checked.
Way back over there, and I call here and there on the way over a couple hundred yards anyway and Murray. He, toward the care hung down the other road towards Centre lake calling listening for an answer. We never got any, has so I met up with Marie again a few minutes later as well. Maybe you better get some help. I went down the jackals an Iphone NEO Bp from there it doctor oil. They get there. Tat. We are back in there and then we share and searching again and then it just escalated from there. The word got out and That actually mean there's people everywhere there, Sir
no sign of him no sign of any of his calling. There is absolutely nothing when Donnie returned from his trip to seek help. He had the police with him. He said that he waited for them on the caliber Gue Brood and that they had to have their headlights on when they pulled in at homes lake. So it was dark. And after nine thirty p m on that late spring evening. The remainder of MC not in family meanwhile stayed behind now alive, I say where no booth or road here that gets worse. I recall a moment I went up around to the walked up her own, then the late when I came back and said, stop cholera because of their voices echoed through the Bush. I think he was up there in cars Echo over there already fallen away over there, so the monotonous continued to look without yelling for Adrian into the night,
very shortly and on into the next day, the numbers of searchers increased George You will be peace in there too, and the Ministry of the manner was there. The eminent would be the Ministry of Natural resources, the kept lakes on crown land like homes, Lake and Centre Lake stocked. With fish there was also stuff phone number. Adrian S. Leg was probably shall hunters a drop in their official change. Adrian wouldn't have especially and I ve never been able to figure out what happened. I've been back, there are quite a few times and he always look nothing. He said
oh sorry, I had ever good friend of mine at head. Bothers me. I just I just don't know what could possibly happened. He beheld forty six now weird how he could disappear. Just each time Downeys emotions rushed to the surface. I feel it I'm looking at a man who hasn't allowed himself to cry about anything for forty three years. And the lump in my own throat keeps getting larger for a long time in all I've. Found myself going back up there walk around looking in every little hole in the ground. I couldn't
cutting are not undermined at the time. Mrs specially have cared myself at the time I'm and Murray, like they idolize those kids just.
They ran out of time over. Do I guess I'm just trying to make ends meet the kids were well looked after her nerves and have spoken about this to any reporters. Anything since that time, Ashrawi at the time, while I was talking to the OECD report, was written in the garage. I said something he just up my words and wish them all around. I thought that's not what I said you asked me a question of the top asked me a question I gave my answer. Don't you try to tell the cop what I said. I said I told a garbage stays in the care. I'm not save another word, and that was it. I wouldn't talk so.
I just don't like people trying to tell me what happened when they weren't there. My timber was really short a lot of people. Soon, as I said well, you know I was there. I know what happened where the hell did you get your information they shut up, they knew they were talking nonsense less, but there are still some that was just wouldn't stop asking. That's when you walk away, you can do I mean, Adrian was only five years old at the time. If I remember rightly enables a very tiny child, very tiny, very quiet about every answered, not always heard em there was enough of. It-
One of us should have heard him answering, but nobody heard a deeper retried meaner than we scour that Bush, like every answered, so I have no idea what happened to him. I am only speculation. But I think they might want to their own. Somebody picked him up. That's the only way to despair. We say it all away our on the bottom, this that We would urge scream and are some of the barriers that are we would organise. A beer would make in my hearing was real good. There is not a good now, but has just.
I wish I know I'm sure Marie and like to who. So why didn't Adrian call out or if he did? why didn't anyone hear him was somehow incapacitated very shortly after leaving the fishing area, had he gotten so far away under his own power or someone else's that he couldn't hear the desperate calls for him. So when you left, which way to turn you remember, if you went out toward caliber gear fuel toward Black Donald on that road, that you can go both ways on that when I left, I went out to highway fibre weight and turn left. Madame De Gaulle bogey Mr Mccartin and Bob said that afterwards there were a lot of suspicions cast on the family. There were like people online things. People were.
We talked a little bit about that time, and I bet you suspicions were cast on you as well, because you were there oh yeah yeah. There was all kinds of accusations made There is really ridiculous things like some but he found them nailed who the bottom of a bold, jocose or one of the other marinas there and gallop. There was crap like that. I shouldn't say this, but my yesterday, one girl opponent, because some relax. You may directly side all. She knows that I did my sister, no aided yes, monsieur, not about poverty long gone now. There were so many stories that I like. I can't it was speculation
Somebody got these stupid ideas in their head. Why people do that? But they do. I had the whole myself back a few times too I used to go utterly all whom our hotel and I M prior. We sit there, and yet here people, Talk and in all the damned story, you could imagine you wanta get up now that I'm habit, but it had to keep it keep your mouth shut traded. Just
nor because if I had stuck my nose and there would have been fish, why I know that I won't be a few to do something I didn't do it just a way out and so to the chances of Adrian still being alive, and things like tat, monotonous, hold out. The hope, of course, that he is still alive and has been raised by somebody else or is unbeknownst to him is their son in some other situation. What do you think of that sort of scenario? Well, I have often thought about that myself and I if he was picked up by somebody, and it was a family that couldn't how children alone or somethin than they raised him. He may be
doing well. Today, I don't love, you know, That's not the good side of things I guess, but if he was picked up, let's hope was on WWW treated him right ass. He was. He was a good kid The only person the good know where he is is, if somebody picked him up, they would know, and if that happened, they should go forward. He gets to adjust.
It would be so nice to know one way or the other in our heads. I your shoulder. If somebody tell them this time they never do. I can't believe people would do that though I can. I can believe people would do anything, but what's the probability, what's the percentage chance of a bear being picked up being lost dead alive, I have some of the above, at least one of the above. While Donnie says he turned laughed out of homes, lake and we'd assume he'd have seen Adrian on the road in that direction. If he had gotten there and also turned laughed so that narrow that possibility- and there still people to talk to and information to sift, but right now a picture swarming crazy quilt of some possibilities.
Adrian, could be or might be allowed on the sunny day in the chickadees and the quiet lake. The still here, despite it all, gives me heart Adriana Adrian Adrian on the next steps, If someone knows something we were fishing off the rocks. And we could hear people shouting on the far side of the lake, but we didn't know where the people are shouting at the time we found out the next day. That that something missing up their son. That's not the whole thing started. Is it see
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me stop thing here is memory I will answer MR
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