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S1 Episode 4: Hello, Adrien?

2016-03-21 | 🔗
Is Adrien still alive? If so, what would he look like today? Forensic artist Diana Trepkov creates a series of age-progression sketches to help SKS in their quest to solve the mystery of McNaughton's disappearance.
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This is a c podcast, You're listening! Someone knows something from CBC: radio in nineteen. Seventy two five year old Adrian Mc Norton, vanished while on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario material David region goes back to the small town, he grew up in searching for answers We can take a long time to be accepted in a small town, a long time for people to get to know you and another. Long time for people to think they know you and then you gotta decide if you care or not. The point is that for bed
or worse. Everyone in that town eventually thinks they know who you are so how'd. It go for a five year old boy like Adrien Mcnaughton, who, back in June, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two some say, might have been abducted from the nearby wilderness, a forced adoption a person or a family who wanted a little boy to raise their own so badly that when they happened to pass homes lake at exactly the moment, Adrian went missing. They took him away and kept him away for over forty four. That's a scenario believe to this day by some of Adrian's family members. Adrian second eldest brother Greg is that the monotony family home an arm prior along with his mother, father and siblings
I was so young at the time that I dont really recall a whole lot further than we were all out fishing Adrian locked away, and he just disappeared. Why think I really realized the seriousness of of what had happened, and so I was only eight years old. I don't talk about it very much, I'm an introvert with my feelings, so I just kind of shrug it off and say it's a sad thing and there's not a whole lot of people can say to make you feel any better about it, I think somebody took him. I don't think he really got lost. What surprises me. Somethin caliber woogie erupted it was lost, there's nothing, not a trace of anything to be found.
Mary has said all along. Someone has to give to another family tat, would make me happy to know that he was not abuse here. He was given to if he resumed for bad things that try not to even think about it. One of them is he's alive and loving someone doesn't, even though it was lost. How do you know you're missing when you dont know you're missing, Adrian's eldest brother Lee? I dont know if you do care. Ass, a memory can flood back hear stories of people who were snatched away, kidnap changes their name after while you start to think well, I am whatever the new.
Name is and and when you're as young as Adrian would have been a dream. Sister LISA Milan, even like I'm all that the places I've lived I'll, see somebody with and think could that be him, you know just by a certain le coeur, but there is a few times guy get talking to somebody in. I think after I walked away, I should set for you frown MAR. What's your name or you know what I mean when I read on the couch across from me next to a sister Chantelle, he's a larger framed guy of average height with that affable arm prior air. Unlike other family members sitting near by becomes most animated when talking about any possibility of still finding Adrian Alive, he points to a wall near a closet, and there I see a frame
Drawing of what looks to me like an older man in his fifties or sixties, Gregg, leans politely toward my microphone. Do you see anybody in our family with a cleft, Jim there's, nobody, the picture? Actually, a police sketch is supposed to be of Adrian as he would look in his mentally thirty's. It was created in two thousand nine out of the wrench or detachment of the interior, provincial police and its fast apparent what the family gathered around me. Think of it that face looks to me like a criminals almost now. Why do I think that isn't that funny locks, somebody's Magua. I think there are family traits thinner and there the high forehead and stuff, but I just I think he looks too old and other key looks to them.
There is a possibility that he could be at thinner man. But I think that is just a little bit too thin of a look for the payment order in this family. They could have done two or three renditions of different weights, different beard and in fact, and another in off. Somebody may have ended up with the family and had a great life, and you know and that's why I hope. That's all I mean the police released their two thousand and nine sketch to the newspapers, but no Adrian turned up Adrian and two thousand, and sixteen would appear to be forty, eight or forty nine If you're not satisfied with the drawing its another avenue, we could do. We could look at if he is still out there if he is still it there and he is
the family, then I believe a picture is worth a thousand words. As the saying goes, the striving to get Diana trap cough coherent, Ajax Ontario on the way to earn prior to meet them, not in family talk about sketches and oh ok. Try was bigger, So what do you think I have to go before we get in the car and you think she's exe
to meet the family in here their story, in C M in just give them some hope. Ok, let's go. I hope you ll die in a trap. Coffers of forensic artist shrinks, sketches sculptures for police and victims family, In missing persons cases or when under then a human remains are found. She also creates age, progressions remaking children, as they would appear as adults, something that could make a real difference if green is still alive and each progressions is my specialty MIKE Cole, Marines and tons of each corrections, previous. That's an old people case were wholesale. Still win for her to come home Wendy at all. Down to having empathy. You can be a good friends to unless you really care about people and in when you care about people about much You'Ll- do anything to help them and its IRA.
Because I was afraid of death growing up and I couldn't even look at a scholar, can watch horror, movies, convention exorcist. Anything like that and the now I'm working on actual skulls, the real skull building faces. You get past site, it's not it's! Not scary at all. It's actually really side and you're, just helping the victim get their name back and when aid slain people what I do. Sometimes there like. That's really morbid whom I it's not morbid. Aids is helping people You know that's a child, her, you know. That's somebody out there between to go back home as we drive the lonely highway, seven to earn prior Diana, and I swap called K stories who disappeared, where when timelines victims, families that break apart or stay together, who returned nearly to the places where their loved one disappeared she's like an emotional sponge and
I am not, and I feel like she's been through a lot in life. Diana seems incredibly organised, bright, blonde hair make up a cancer survivor with per
ready for Adrian pointers. Somebody knows something about what happened to him, whether he's dead or alive little where gearing VERDI's alive. But somebody knows something and nobody keeps everything in forever. So sometimes when people are drinking showing off, they say stuff miracles happen. That's what I'm shooting for with this one, I mean to say with the family and get a feel for them, a minute, listen to their story, listen to what happened, share some of their pain, because I'm sure like hit me in the higher when I see, would see the expression on her face and what they went through for all these years, and it is it's a real natural process and then and then one I'm ready. I would start trying first I am Diana quickly minced meat, you cool.
The warm heart they say during that year would be the biggest miracle here that that we find him We get answers the truth, all five closure to find them yes, closure is it is it close, urges the healing can begin, because it's been a long time I think that's what closure resource now. You can restart the veal until you know I honestly believe is alive because there's nothing in my heart saying different: Until their site that concrete proof, national anybody can say anything or do anything in the safe they have. The Croat might have, little bit, you know when, from what I hear We don't know just say someone took him. And brought him up. He would always feel
Something doesn't feel right and we do the age regression we get it owed and then he? be like rainment. Something never did feel right with this family. That's how it is its investigative tool that is put out there, and then people start talking and down unless you know. Otherwise, there is a very good. Inside he is alive. You know assets, one thing I think: will he s chair in such a lot and not be the same Little boy did he was here anymore. So how would you? How do you vision him today, not like that picture on the law? That's an rendition that I don't feel looks like a little, not in France who did really obesity, Ask me aside backlash Jim
Even when I was Fenner, I never I didn't catch him. I think personality. Why you're not gonna see rockstar an inkling TAT king cat, maybe wasn't facial here but clean cut, maybe a goatee he's with another family that depends on the cut of the family. What kind of life he had growing up with her if he's going to be clean, cut or if he's going to be thin or if he's going to be heavy, but that picture was just not a picture of him to me, conditioner, drawing just in It would be nice to have a couple different pictures like in all then, with a beard heavy with America. DES Moines with you guys, I'm or I'm looking at everybody, the more I'm listening and seeing pictures I'm seeing him. I'm seeing him like right now what he would look like. So he go on Facebook, though, and roughed up a green on Facebook to see. If maybe I would
and there is only one, even look close back just the age wrist off and everything, It would probably be a different name to have. Somebody has Emily, but here's His eyes will be at eyes. I mean they catch into name and he could have. Short here no hair, but these eyes are going to be his eyes, no matter wide. It's amazing how generics do I remember I was twenty tee for something and I coughed- and I thought my father was in the room because it was his car. But I'd sounded like him really weird things. So I knew I was my father son. Might that that that that genetic connection, do you feel there is a good chance he still alive they. That's all that purely speculation. I dont know
so K, I'm just where we're your feelings, like my feelings are yeah, I'm I'm hoping he's alive. You no different I know I know, but I'm not I'm not his brother you're his brothers, I'm just wondering lake growing up we're. Like I feel he still alive he's out there somewhere, I would say I probably hoped he was alive- was always a chance. He could be alive, but beyond that I dont know as our visit comes to an end, Diana gathers. Some of the few photos that still remain of them is not enough. As children most photos of Adrian were lost in a fire. That's right when I was younger. There should when she was younger. That's Sean tell with. I don't
which one should I do and like she takes her own pictures of the family, one by one, the back in a corner lit by an old tungsten. Maybe a pencil, so just ignore the flashes just for face, shape and stuff, and maybe a little bit of a smile. Very little cannot be linked. No no engine, you put your Harris away, ok and then decide profound and perfect. Thank you and with that
We get back on the road and you can't give out because a lot of these people there found their way to be soundly world out there. And unfortunately there is none too many people. We can trust relating to say you know someone who couldn't have again and then they see a cute little child. Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old, Raquel, o Brien ass? She had comes to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret, the seven parts Greece includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Raquel and her family as they discuss their past for the first time, what emerged was a much larger
story here: silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast back at home and wasting little time. Diana starts to draw she's working in a home office, surrounded by the artifacts of past cases. She's worked on practice, skulls sketches. What Franklin Expedition members might have look like based on their bones, convicted murderers and what they might look like on the run news, because featuring Diana sculptures of people based on unidentified remains it's a forensic cold case. Paradise gets, will start with the most important in it eyes. The eyes are the mirror of the soul number. One thing I always say, and I believe in you can tell a lie. From a person through looking at them.
And with him, I see- shy boy, maybe a little mysterious, a gentle Klein boy, and on it was important to know about about the story when in dreams, I could get a feel for him and I can be as true his character, one m, drawing him upside down. Sometimes to get a very accurate drawing. You would turned something upside down as a reference, so that your drawing using the right side of your brain on the left side of your brain. When drawing using the right side of the brain, your drawing what's actually there. So you can see things more clearly once they turn him upside down. Something will tell me if it's off lake re here, studying the lot you know like for his mouth. It has almost site s shape, so I make sure I got that Little bit. To smooth out with her different degrees. For more realistic.
Movement of sideburns here just cause both brothers have them. These forty nine this is very comfortable for me to draw upside down those hairs trunks, and I would love to meet him until we find him- and we can see him eyes, are so important to make sure it's real. Dark inside then the lion the eyelash is piecemeal but he still has eyelashes, whose interest to an economic fiend teardrops in here make
and I would the way I would draw Adrian was bird music. I have this nature burden. They can be plain that five in the morning, on and on, and that way I just liked play pretend I'm in some tropical place and nobody's around and I'm just drying, so I'm drying what's there and I'm not being distracted at all and it's important to get the shadows two through here in his chin. His mum's chain. Here you know but on his sisters Chin, I see very similar on the chin, I also see a Liese eyes the men and growing, but I see him close with Lee. And on the enclosure sister here too
So what I'm gonna do is I'm an age eat him and going to more crows feed more under the ice to get him to forty nine years old and he has the scar the two inches across his eye, a real person, is taking form in front of me it's Adrian wearing the same little boy hairstyle he disappeared with its age, five, but an age. And that looks about forty years older someone that someone could nor think they knew businessman and he's around a bit more strokes I wonder then enter images
I'm gonna do it's gonna, be like really receiving through here and get some facial hair. It's gonna he's Alex so different and then also one with glasses. You look so different. I think this one will touch the parents and families heart the most visits I want to leave similar like even went to the Bay embody men shirt with stripes, because I wanted to give that feeling that he still in that shirt. So very little. When do you think
looks a little younger, four thousand eight hundred and forty nine to me. Can I never really tried with anybody around me, so it's still Adrian I'm just following process. Looking at brother is because of genetics. They made age very similar, so I will stop
This is the master and Adrian you're there we're gonna find you will get all these sketches of Adrian onto our website at W W W Dot Cbc dossier, Slash ass, K S and also into the papers on the web and social media to see if they jogged someone's memory or even cause. Someone to remember who they are a process I can only speculate, would hit the affected person at a deep. Perhaps even unconscious level limit. Norton, there's a whole area, false memory staff there that I know there is false, may so there we must guarantee that after Toby people, a couple people coming forward from who knows, I'm Adrian yet will happen.
Well, India, that's where you dna and stuff. Oh, if there's one thought I have had over the years would be. What kind of relationship will I have if he shows up he's my other and will always be my brother, and so that That would be an error, green interesting experience to add a new person back to the family. It can never go away where who he is doesn't matter. He will be my brother, my dying day. And the next episode of some one knows something: that's all just
totally conflicting emotions. You know what I'm looking around and you think these could be horror movies, where there's somethin sticking out of the dirt, like really you want to find something it and if you do, how do you want to find it? at sea BC, dossier, Slash S, K, s two C4 those related to Adrian Mc Nortons disappearance. Grab in Itunes or your favorite podcast app to catch up on previous episodes. If you like, the show, tell your friends, Someone knows something is hosted, written and produced by David region. The shows also produced by actually well Sandra Bartlett staff, camp and executive sir artists, neuron music, is by Bob Wiseman vocals Mary market, o Hara ingest, Reimer.
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