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S1 Episode 7: First Attempt

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A divemaster prepares to search Holmes Lake before winter arrives ‚Äčand the lake freezes over. And John Gervais identifies the mysterious vehicle he saw at the lake the day Adrien disappeared.
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This is a CBC podcast. I asked it s listeners. Before we start. We want to hear what you think about the shell and how we can make it better pedal, the CBC dossier. Slash S k s to take part in a short survey, won't take more than a few minutes and will really appreciate any feedback you have now under the show. The following programme contains mature subject. You're. Listening to. Someone knows something from CBC. Radio in nineteen seventy two five year old, Adrian not and vanished, while on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario documentary. Indeed, region goes back to the small town. He grew up in searching for answers,
it's gotta, be minus fifteen appear today gorgeous, though very blue. Guy nice and clear low son winters coming up till now? Three days after Christmas, twenty fifteen, it's been a while
must December. I can remember in forty seven years, but three centimetres of snow has fallen overnight and there's another twenty five coming, and that will soon make this bush rode up to homes, lake that once again walking impassable, except by snowmobile or atv, at least until spring I have met you back and even this music, unlike most image MIKE Mike Regular, has driven from Ottawa, he's here to help in the next stage of the journey and trying to find Adrian, but none who mysteriously forty three years ago, at the age of five, disappeared without trace from this area, the trees overhanging, the Bush roads are heavy with ice and this
the truck as we drive by my name's MIKE. Retired, from the canadian coastguard, After thirty six years of service, My background is as a mariner and that, I was also we athlete diver in early eighties, I got involved with this: Chance about eight or nine years ago, when I saw a posting on one of the Diver Scuba Board site. We were looking for volunteers, to help train search and rescue dogs and that kind of my interest, because I really had no idea. How do you do something like that and that's how I ran into camp, makes a big guy with salt and pepper,
moustache and sunglasses, and he drives a big truck filled with scuba gear. Our attention is five red remembered stay poppies, pinned on the visor above his head and like him, Cooper who has also come up today, whether dogs, he wears a big red search and rescue style jacket, and he has a canadian coastguard. Insignia on its thick will have makes a qualified dive master someone who leads and is responsible for all the other divers on a site, any projects, a kind of amiable authority in everything it does Have you ever conducted dies or even a range of short answer? Not is yes, you done some actual searches for him and the people that we're trying to help would be the family members that are remaining
so when you do this and respect for the family, We do not advertise reviewing this because it builds a false hopes. We are doing here is very difficult, and our chances of finding anything are very very low. I've been worried about building false hope and family members ever since the four cadaver dogs were here all of them in evidently made intriguing signals at a location on the eastern side of homes? Lake? That's. Why we're here today is volunteers. We're we're not long if we do find something we obviously This is a crime scene, we re market so that
he's divers can win and actually do a proper investigation. We do not try to remove, touch disturbed. Anything that gets over to the police. I have to do in order to get a police officer. I must be able to describe something then actually makes me laugh for them to come up. We arrive at the parking spot near homes like places covered in snow and it's freezing cold, but still starkly beautiful. So the lake is just stare just down the road here. Fifty meters would you just have walked out and see the lay. All excellent Kim has brought her dogs breeze and grief, but for now I have a feeling they'll be just staying in the truck here. The dive sites, three four hundred metres away- because
the lake right here. Merchant last summer I have solid white recorded over the snow on the spot. The nineteen fifty six black and white Dodge must have in part the one that John, you re told me. He saw twelfth nineteen seventy two around midday. It reminds me that I've done a bit of leg work on that.
So I will come back to the late John Purvis House, Calla Bogey Ontario, going to ask why car C4 imagery matches memory what he saw that day, twelve nineteen sixty two, greater Tarja has lit a thing of the early there that I realize I full of time. So I just want to go through a few. These images of Dodge a dodge, fifty six lacking weight and this one these images could be the car. They saw
Ok, so I just open Paul of these images. First Lazo Dodge had a coronet and fifty fifty six and I had the royal lancer heard top. Very similar, but basically the color combination was like that this is the Lancer and it has the black on the under side and the way on the top, and you could get the reverse. You get black on the top and weight on the bottom. And your black bottom, I'm sure you think it would be a model. Ok, some more like that one, the lancet, do you have any fifty fives and we can look
fifty five didn't seem to have black and ways. Option would have been an extra paint job at some ended, which I don't know something to do back. He did the police do this with you know what did they take you through pictures and stuff? No, no another day, just statement and road. No, never so does this. The curious to know feel that with the kind of almost element treating you think severe now anyway where someone will remember a nineteen, fifty six black and white Dodge. Won't they back to the winter chill of homes. Lake
there's not promising today, no like a plan to do a preliminary suit up and walk about a shallow scuba gear on, but the ice formation looks like it's way, garage thickness, worthy vice to break this and actually do something. Active is not worth so. I wouldn't I wouldn't go in the water and I will send anybody else into the water. Today is, unfortunately, sir, We can deliver a planet, but I saw to that. Ok, so, let's go!
So what are we working or do we take one five hundred metres yet go walk up to where the dogs indicated. You can see the lay of the land from air and maybe that'll help refined me and he sprang plans. You want to make the house with a thick a couple of pictures so that we can say ok, datum start here yet so, what's that on one of them datum is either we say. Looking for someone last known position that either person or a vessel see starts, become we're starting point for research in this area we don't really have because Cuz Adrian disappeared in no one song disappear. So what I use is datum is Kim's
position Dogskin, we also took place last seen, which is about a hundred fifty metres from where the dogs, Just up so let's go in here. Adrian went missing doing twelfth nineteen, seventy two, they were fishing. Sitting with a family here just up here and there I guess he had tangled is line, or he had gotten weary officially Adrian, was told to go, sit up the hill and Australia where they were just over here so he was down here spot last seen
careful here, everybody's really slippery, then he was told to go up. The hill went up the hill and he was seen playing a fear of stones, the moroccan fishing. It was between five and twenty five minutes. They notice you gotta started with the search this leak by. With divers we'd take you'd days, it be a phenomenon of logistics. You'd have to pull in here. The entire search, nine thousand people, including early and volunteers, and international resources, was two weeks to banking services like twice. We didn't have taken them that they were thrust adona, pretty quick, quickly, searches like twice you copy says he's not in here
hopefully he's right now, the only thing that would bring some like me: here's what Kim's dogs have said. Otherwise, I, with my faith in the New York, repeat ivory, do the surgeon I can simply to as critical as a possible that they must come back and acted. Senator like I've been situations worry. I lose a diver visually within a body length and he's got some of the brightest like that. You ve ever seen, and you cited him, so we could pass sometimes within a couple of feet and miss the target, and now has become more difficult because we're not even sure exactly with target looks like anymore. So what we're looking for is whatever remains of Adrian still exist. Esben, forty years plus you
Gonna have to work your way around all these trees and re. That's in the water. You just already think here a key colored water that This is your visibility considerably. I could swim ass you and not see. As we move back the data point where the four dogs made their intriguing displays: a passive oh you're, rock The pine tree with the plastic string wrapped around it over the little creek theirs. Blackened cooking grill on the branch, the charred raw around the fireplace I'm getting to know this place now and I feel like I could come back here and other circumstance and stay for awhile and think about Adrian Little five, you
Blonde boy went missing here and that it be okay, we can contrary pitcher would attracts a five year old boy to the water. Was he cheating and fraud? Hooker allegedly disappeared and not a sound. So how does it happen? What is the Bonn current ruthlessly look like he was very shallow water and then suddenly drops off five rule boy non swimmer suddenly find themselves into deep water Judas and where would you start looking I can see the gears working in MIKE's head. He wants to get into the water he wants to put on his dry suit, the kind that keeps you warmer in cold water, but the ice cannot be broken, grabs, a stove branch and power
the lake to if we didn't have lice problem. This was here and by the rock outcropping. I get you to proceed just over there s actually a battery gap, I'm not disturbing to the end of them sort of swimming quietly and just see if there's anything there. Rock is exactly all the dogs and laid it on the rock
look that way and smelt that way and done a quiet like that that wrong in this direction, this direction here that way and that's the way the wind was coming from its wings around here a little bit but yeah then, and I think all the dogs reactions on that coastline at different spots and quicker talking different day. So the winds, gonna change ever so slightly from one day to the next, betrays dramatically from one day to the next but tat. We had three dogs in here on the one day on the same day, and on that day, everyone was on that rock either indicating or actual
swimming inviting. That's that's how you, Sir, formulating a plan you take. What Kim provides me take with you of your computers have arrived in. These certainly can like a five year old kid in category a came. What could happen start now. Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old Raquel, o Brien ass. She had comes to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret, the seven parts, Greece includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Raquel and her family as they discuss their past. For the first time, what emerged was a much larger.
Story here: silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast. Go to this place for this loggers and then we'll talk to you about how many people on things like I'm guessing. The log, the only one that was big enough to of located on, in fact, in the distance from the rock we we keep referring to do here is only thirty metres MAX twenty five. There's three metres. How your meters accused or breaking up can dive to use ass of a dog was
probably half where, on that log riper halfway smelling tasting. It all comes back to where, where was the wind coming in from and is now in the winter that moment it in some way, linked as it is more of the wind has been happening for the past. Six hours was in the story, because it is a build up of molecules company and are so few of them come in, but they themselves to treat Europe or to an Eddie and when enough of them build up. The dog turner's at their em they're alert in their brain, coupled with a second thinking that order here. For how long do you think it would take to search what you see here, this area you could spend a day here without blinking, with with two dived he's, probably won't get,
because you'll get slowed down by the trees in the water and let you know and invisibility you have. These are things you have to figure out work around and you're awesome be bogged down with simple logistics and things that surprise you or, like you, put a diver with all that heavy gear in into the bottom. I don't know what the bottoms like on this looming its leaf litter and felt, and sediment suddenly got a diver standing in his knees myself. How do you get review you now? You need someone help getting its logistically remaining. There is no doubt that these guys ninety suddenly to face the same, but misery
pack Patterson is the dive master who conducted the dives in the search for Adrian in nineteen. Seventy two water. It wasn't it wasn't a deeply if I remember was mostly around that thirty feet. So do you just go right down to near the bottom, when you're searching artistic sort of do the water call him. You know. I do know on that particular taper day. We were started shore and we just not walkin, but is, if you or what gradually make your way. Don't he'll tell you, hit the level yeah yeah and sometimes like they say you might hit. It would be forty feet back. Are you had your lesson from up to twenty? I got pat on the phone, so my can. I could ask him
my sins directly when walked across the lake with the rope. Were you putting hands in the muck all the way across on the bottom? Now more or less you know he did it get close to buy my course. Nay, you shall love, so you didn't disturbing either way you get close to round you I'm going to see. You tried to steer a limit of two to three feet above the bottom. Taper thing you know, did you a lot of obstructions- and I gotta say not really. It was fairly clean, very little ways in the time of pure level, archer trees closer to someone, you sure you don't stop it. It felt fallen in net in years prior to that really had wrought it away. Yet there actually reach on quite a few dead showed in the bottom there that make a goin dead. At that time, you know seems to me maybe one or one of the lake might have been a little more swamp yourself. My weedy, I was intrigued to hear about
the number of times it of two or three times you search Tom's lake, and you said that the first search happened and then, a week later, you would have done the other search yeah. I knew it up. Would you three or four lakes within he wondered two miles that we go and check to you know and then eyes were taken arrest, we'll say well. Ok. In the morning we go back up. The arms. Let's do it again right, I see so you would start you started at homes, lake, oh you came out and went to other legs, then came back to housing, and then
timing when you first hit the water after Adrian disappeared, so Adrian disappeared, doom, twelfth and the evening nineteen. Seventy two, and so would you ve hit the water like June thirteenth in the morning? No, it would be, it would sit next day, but it would be probably more NEA. Around known, ok, some will say started MID day June thirteenth. I would say that me pretty closure pats version of the dives conducted in homes, lake and the surrounding lakes back and nineteen. Seventy two, sounds pretty girl, but was the room for error and what they did. important, is to understand the history of the case and history of the original dives and all that stuff like how much research do you have to do before is this much researchers, you put your hands on everything else, every shred of information, anything that the police terrorists can provide on
the symmetry, the conditions that they ran into obstacles debris. Anything like, as is, is helpful in search area how they conducted at what they did right down to for us now, looking at target was Adrian were or where the country Close Adrian's were right, and we do know that he had a blue quota jack and on Nylon jacket and he had rubber soldiers. How does a body work in water How do you use a body like it? If it falls on there isn't going to stay right there, or is he going to slowly with wave action kind of find the lowest point in the late is the drowning victims the body will sink, and then, after of
four days depending on temperature, the body will rise again because you build up of gas in the body and is there some theories says the smaller body may not may not enough gas to rise as much. That could be now we're working well outside my area of expertise when it comes to, those kinds of opinions. My task is to go in to actually find. What's there, though, in the body thanks? Does it find the lowest point until I get snag You could get enabled eldest rest on the bottom. We're looking at bodies from Russia incidents it'll be comfortably laying Adrian. If you Olenin here shallow area. It would have had a whole night to cut a subtle, more and more and more before. People were able to come and look again in morning,
if there was any way at all policing, you'll move further into the way. That's that's a possibility, but what do we do that we will get it? I dont like me speculative, but I feel like I have two or else nothing makes sense boy. The timing be the first melter like how would you do that? are you a real one, liver vice, slides its thin, and we can. We can break through it Why are better for visibility, lowers the seller. Something has less bacteria. Similarly in like a right after the ice, getting would probably best for your perspective, so visibility is better in cold water, actually visible, generous the ice, usually
pretty spectacular, but now you're into all another level of risk to put people and are right or left. Sir I've got saw me. I could be the middle of March as it does break out it's an only new year. The ice keeps wave action with a zero and sediment doesn't stir into the water which keeps a clearer also in winter. There is less bacterial action in the cold water and that improves this ability to, but will still need to wait for spring thought. So what we do for my services- and I just think about it- nonstop for the next three or four months and then come up and check out the Laker every second weekend in March, until it breaks out, We had back to the trucks and leave the unknowns of homes lay under the frozen ice. I would have liked to have gotten into the water, but it is
because I know the goals that you and Kim had would be to have a miracle by some fluke by some miracle. I find something my goal, it's not that far different is actually put together plan New York, Greece the possibility of finding something. So would you say, estimation, we're going to do this diamond swearing and don't fight conclusive, that's the hard work. We can go back in the spring and we can do a search again and
take a virgin, lend approach and not find anything, and it still doesn't mean that Adrian's not there. He could still be there. Part of the story will have to wait until we can get through that ice? We have more to explore on this case before then, so we're working on this one being the operative example whom so, yes, minorities. Now you it's an. Was black and white part of that and fifty six people, That, too, must be color combination. It there were. The people at work,
their hanging around the corner, where they like sitting on a rounded or dust anywheres nearby do new by business. Counting radio. Do we didn't we stopped to. Second, stamping walked ahead, passionate it was a day. So do you think I was there? A tent anchor was a tent. They, There are therefore for the day was it no one? They re over the weekend happening base of the bonfire. Thankfully, that emerges to fish for an hour, or so they were set up per capita and soda Fire, black and white car and the people apparently camping around it are important. We, an image similar to the nineteen. Fifty six Dodge Lancer, the John Jervis.
As you saw that day onto our Sks website and out through social media also and a bit on a tangent, maybe even a far fetched one, I've read of an abduction attempt nearby within a month of Adrian's disappearance, another youngboy and yes, the psychics who told them at Non family what they thought happened to Adrian back in nineteen. Seventy two should they actually be looked at. But as I head back to my home, my mind. Movie is still at the bottom of that frozen lake, and I can see myself looking down through the sheen of ice and cracking it open with a sledgehammer episode of some one knows something for dollar flakes.
Gone through my mind. Psychics gave a similar stories, all kinds of things. For the psychic say One lady came from England. She told the whole story just about the way it blows. Homes. Lake teach all sorry. Asia had walked away and there was a guy in their pick them up visits You see, dot, see a slash s, K, s and click on this. Weeks, episode to see a photo of the nineteen fifty six Dodge Lancer similar, to the one that homes, lake the day Adrian disappeared, subscribing. Itunes or your favorite podcast app to catch up on previous episodes? If you like, the show, tell your friends, someone knows something is hosted, written and produced by David region. The shows also produced by Ashley Walter's, Sandra Bartlett staff, camp and Executive
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