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S1 Episode 8: Clyde Forks

2016-04-17 | 🔗
Two psychics pointed to the remote town of Clyde Forks in their readings of Adrien McNaughton's fate and whereabouts. Could the missing boy have grown up in a secluded town an hour's drive from his family home?
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This is a CBC podcast, the following programme contains, the subject matter: You're listening to some one knows something from CBC radio in nineteen. Seventy two five year old, Adrian MC not and vanished, while on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario D, Material David region goes back to the small town. He grew up in searching for answers. The ice has started melting on homes, Lake and Eastern Ontario. It still eighteen in thick, but only about twelve solid. The rest is spunky crystallized and shows you footsteps. It was a clear
eight March morning, when I last checked it with a nearly full moon, still hanging on the sky and under that moon across the lake. The rocky shoreline still covered in snow, where a few months ago for cadaver dogs had made intriguing indicates, and I wondered if there was some way I could somehow will it to all melt faster, I have looked at this in two years. There are envelopes, in here with letters from people or else. What else do you have a more sholto? This is another letter, but this is from psychic investigation. International got proper letter had never known here, Sean, tell not night is pulling letters from their old archival satchel psychics just and they all say letters that her family received from psychics.
In the months and years following her brother Adrian's disappearance, heads at almost looks like the album cover of, as at present are pink Floyd here anyway, pyramid with an eye on it in someone's hand, raise coming off of it. Dear sir BT, please forgive us for not responding to your case sooner. We ve been overcome with an enormous amount of work, as you can imagine, Oliver. Impressions are not necessary. Correct. Please keep this in mind when reading the following impressions BT. I feel the boy still alive, possibly taken by a couple that want to child very bad. He is happy and possibly loved and cared for like his own parents for men, The other nationals are ef. I believe the child wandered off track. By an animal. He accidently fell under the water drought, the boys in very good protective hands in the Spirit
and then the initials s m by our standards, the child is dad's. My first impression is the child was abducted, but not a human being take that for one of his horse to other We feel that the boy is dead by drowning. This knowledge, is correlated with our reported impressions from these facts. We can then establish an approach, proximate accuracy, since this is as far as we can go at this point. We are closing your case if you wish, for us, remember I don't even remember this latter. I don't remember anything yeah. I don T remember I don't know few figure this out from this family. But most of us don't like to attract attention to ourselves This is very difficult in itself. God, it's on radio quickly Let's go because people have asked, how could you not be searching day and night and trying to find answers and-
as we want answers by We want the attention if we could do a while, we had in the background somewhere that integrates that is the way we are familiar. Aside from what homes Lake mayor, more likely, may not reveal when it finally thaws There are other theories as to where Adrian might be and there's one theory. In tickler by psychics, that Murray remembers well Murray, I remember you telling me about Clyde. Forks are Clyde's fork. What does it called trade for proper people read your future that sheds foolish. If it trademarks area
when they say he was in the area today, talk to each other before coming to the conclusion was that something they both came up with independently today, then ok TAT gave a new each other. Far. As I know, one lady came from England, she told the whole story just about the way was homesick all authority, the agent had walked away, and there was a guy in their luck, confer herb sir Route for something and then take factor. I'm carried about abortion figure. That's why the dog search dog. What so far I lost assent, and she said he was she saw. The site where he was killed in a low, no loss? little involve further eleven and it was too dark. Haired, copper, darker boys.
Plan on one fair, haired boy or somewhere around Glade forks. There are three different ones. There was one The commission came forward down. Ro Ottawa on he could take a map and worthless. those slowly equipment used. He could tell you, Zack were waterworth without even going to the place that was a major and kept going to trade marks. What is true or not with all our neighbours another ready centres, ladder feud, also matches the same thing can make I believe that maybe they're gonna Clyde forks your recollection is the two psychics didn't know. Each other both said Adrian must have gone the Clyde Forks near and you went
Tell me what happened. Tell me what you did. Did you go there and did you talk People in Europe that I went there No, I didn't have the guts to go around talk to everybody. Ask your boat. I'm thinking, I might go, and do it too, to attain. the idea that maybe there's something to something So now is why not yeah Do you think it's not me? They go do that. How do you, my daughter, regular check up every lead me wonder check up. I take tat are not, they don't believe in psychics themselves. There are actually quite against it because of their face. But in moments like that you grasp and destroy you. Can
standing here in the parking lot of shooters bar How about you again? It's an emergency. Actually, these two weekend this waiting there for Chantelle monotony to arrive. replied forks worthy, two psychic said that during monotonous may have gone too. golf one thousand nine hundred and seventy two or around that date. When he disappeared from up on Holmes Lake, see what happens You got the sketches, got them maiden, The posters Chantelle should be here soon, doubtless, but they sent out so via this back up and leave your car here,
I don't know what it is about this place. We always get awesome leather up here, thanks are due to illness. I thought we were just walk through if there is a little town of Clyde Forks and if there is anyone around I'll, just talk to them and we have the posters and show you than here and you can pick which one you think we should forefront, we saw through the Box of age progressed sketches that we ve made of Adrian and decide and the bawling version of him with no beard. And the one where he wear glasses and a beard as the best reference. It has to show any one we might meet and Clyde for Isn t. So I think we promised to take this forward and do that. You look at ports
I've asked permission to leave your car here I'll drive. Now, I'm not exactly certain myself.
We're Clyde forces which was fresh and then I think, the next road returns com, Campbells, Campbell, rude or something and burying your uncomfortable fairy. Why so, just the attention alone is extremely insider conference all, but with it being so personal, it's just takes into all other level. Some interactions of people and a good where people just curious and wondering is that you without your family, dentist asked me I generally, and I wasn't even see the high generous she came out when I was leaving and asked me about it, which is fine. I mean that. Doesn't I guess bother me. I mean it certainly spreading. You know that the plot cast story it's definitely reaching far and wide reaching further than I thought it was. My sister in law had a point just about how world dealing with it or not dealing with better struggling with gas, and she said you know, even if nothing comes of it right now. Yes, even years down the road Adrian words surface, and he knew that this effort was again to everything to still be looking for him, he's gonna know we never forgotten and that he was left half hearted circular forks was fifteen kilometers on the roads are getting smaller man. This is this is back here, wouldn't want to run over gas anywhere backer, definitely becoming for by four terms: no winter maintenance. Beyond this point for see anybody on us, no labelling and a flag about three collar, so someone spray painted and orange paint the kilometer markings on trees as we're going approaching her three kilometres marks or guess, where three kilometres from something c, o my god, you're kidding, was actually a copy, Clyde Forks. We just want to do. We want a circle and arrived back on the main road, but just turn right on the railroad might forks producing kind of weird to psychics. That allegedly didn't know each other, you say the name, Clyde forums even to me a stranger than fiction. It really is, I know your dad was quite anxious, serve anxious, but quite interested to know from once and for all for sure is inclined for, say your parents kind became more religious after Adrian. I wouldn't know, because I was only too right, but I also, I believe I believe they reference their faith back then too. So you know, I believe, have always had a strong faith. Maybe they turned to it or so after I don't know, I couldn't say I posed the same question to aid Rience Eldest Brother Lee, who himself became an anglican priest in my
parents desperation they wanted to find him? and so they tried any and all means. I remember used to go to some group called metaphysics, because they we're trying to come up with some answers, a what happened to him then maybe some of the more Phyllis no questions. Why and it was because of that that I believe they started go back to church. They to fail because of the trauma of the loss of my brother in their son, in your situation, our your yearn for east, yes, and so how did you get there research shows that families transmit faith to the rest of the family. So often children inherited
faith and it doesn't become their own until they work it threw themselves, and so I went to church until I was about for teen. and like almost every fourteen year old, Now this doesn't interest me Then it was later on. I started my own journey interface.
back on the road to Clyde Forks was there that brought a fork in the road runner. This may be Clyde for greater of all places than to psychics would have named. Why would they have named displace annexes noticing the valleys and I believe they met the valley, can't be my discovery. The forks up here, it's beautiful, I'd, be interested to see and to talk to police about their use of psychics, because I know that psychics do become parts of cases and case files. I'm not sure that I've ever heard of a psychic having solved a case, though maybe I'm wrong, but police, to entertain it detective sergeant, Stacy Gallant from the eternal police called case. Homicide squad in
Amber cases homicide cases I've had over the years I've had psychics can reach and you know offering reasons why something happened and In my opinion, I read These things almost four entertain purposes really why, if you are having that sense over you know, maybe there's something to it here. going into more worker and trying to uncover. Things that likely don't exist in all. They talk, what things that are just so far out there that is totally fantasy world. I haven't had any of these cases where you know I've received a tip like that. a psychic that was anywhere close to resembling anything that really happened in the case or lead me to any, two, Since all the case, I am instead as an investigator, because I don't find it of of any century value and it's not something I could use in court or would be to use in court, but I think they actually could do some damage in terms of they give a false sense,
hope to some family. Sometimes police who took part in the search for Adrian back in. Seventy two approach, the differently Bob argue now, eighty and living is summer trailer year round, was there at homes, lake as a member If the Ontario provincial police, whenever ignored anybody, but the clairvoyance emissaries within so much a distance go this way about. We do it. We are suffering not coming home. We searched everywhere, it was suggested The army searching nothing with some of them. I wouldn't bother butter spheres of Jack knows a genuine usual Clyde. Forks is at the top of a rise near where the Clyde River branches off into two major tributaries forming a gigantic valley and wetland.
we cross a low bridge and pass a single green paint, cracked sign, Clyde, Forks, lifeworks and there's a few houses watch for children. That actually is a little settlement here to get a lay of the land and see what we can see here. Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old, Raquel, O Brien, as she attempts to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret. The seven part series includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Rico and her family as they discuss their past. For the first time, what emerged was a much larger story. Here: silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast.
so many practical reasons why a child I just suddenly start existing here certificate, health card identity. look like to act of a town. It was a church there, could a place even so remote allow for this. What we'll do is we'll park and we'll just walk around, and I can go up the doors and see if I can talk to some people here see if they might have any idea or their memory might be jogged by the sketches I'm going to go into the church. were outside here and Clyde. Forks says club Eriksson added church, good overdrive where doesn't
look like. Does anybody could possibly be here because the tire tracks aren't that fresh Naser, I'm good Did you not off while we did? Actually we lost a person, we're for a guy who disappeared and nineteen seventy two. An ASEAN was Adrian monotony. I've heard that need per Adrian's name yeah dwayne- and this is Chantelle Mcnerney Nightwing. Thank you. I've been up what's goin on ten years, what You stole my role to Gollop rewritten the fibre eleven rate straight from here. to call bogey pack in hand to know I'm really promote out to Commissioner Kinnock. Drug Riyadh there in a dream which operate out, so I am anything in over thirty years of poetry. I just heard fifty smile good for you. I work for CBC Radio,
So I'm doing a broadcast. It's a village with less than about twenty houses. And luckily we stumbled across one of only a handful of Clyde Forks permanent residents. If not its friendliest, Dwayne Babcock Slater frame. Unshaven wearing asses and a loaf hand: war hat with thick dangling, eyes down each side, he smiles aloud and he reminds me mostly of a helpful ski lift operator, so I'm doing a podcast actually about this. Fellow Adrian Mccartin, who went missing and seventy two and we had some. Ex say that he disappeared and came to Clyde. Forks lawyer and a right spot, is the monument rate there what's a monument dots, it's called the highest peak? county, also who were whose sort of a more full time resident around here here
that's a you guys are the full time. Reasonable time we ve been here longer is really an era. They also this murdered on India. I've heard it. one night when I moved up here make nine years ago. I've heard of this person we're all have to do. I have to get a hold of my friend that lives here. You ve been here for all who say fifteen sixteen year. Buddy born raise up around here, you'll, probably end up known this person, so dont does the trick. The reminder of anybody here. Yes, it does don't you think hoo hoo There is now no ready guy white goatee and they keep is 80's 90's. I think I'm not so Adrian at this time would be about four thousand nine hundred and forty eight four thousand and ninety eight. The boat daddy gave the Wanna come up here come up around here. Three times we have some other,
exercise can just to show other versions of pictures we have here. So we ve got the virus Adrian was sort of bald, with no mustache and we ve got the version of Adrian with a mustache familiar amongst the one with glass. You might by hang on me now. I'd love you to hang onto the whole good, because I was going to all the people appeared to have been here for ten twelve sixteen years later here. Campbell? Who or what are we leave out with you all? Do you mind if I get a picture of you in front of the churches? No, ok, our goal. What was at stake? School Meeting Hall Church in earnings, Makin dating high price of this building as a centre of everything? Yes, sir, yes, Sir
as I take the picture, allowing kneeling in the snow in front of the tiny white churchyard he holds the sketch of Adrian wearing glasses. Next to his face, but it's only when I get home notice Dwayne actually has a slight resemblance same glasses and beard, and maybe something else- maybe my imagination, Chonta spoke to him and looked at the picture mentioning no resemblance. I think It's just me wanting a conclusion, a kind of work with diminished reappear. I look up everybody, I glowed nighttime and I just keep an eye on everybody's houses. I walk of knowledge Dr Gonna legally blight show me in my I got here, but while it cannot drive Dwayne. And see up close and appears to have little problem, seeing the sketches of Adrian. So what the wondering this church, who has always been
always another any photos of parishioners, though, who people used to come to the church, ah daughter so go inside the church here does know it just at the hallway. I don't have the key to get in St. Mr Mrs Thomas, I'm not too sure, Yes, it's a whole kind of family tree. I think you re here away I think you re there now embarked and whose She was the minister. We should take a picture to try to get the list. Some other Maybe if we can find the old minister who is here, nineteen, seventy two, they might know something I take, a picture of the ministers listed from the late sixties, honoured
this would be the graveyards planned justice cemetery plan. It's all everybody's sort of always go into this church rate. Who's down the nine years ago that last minister with your right and we just passed a neat little church from the gate, yellow, yellow yell rate up unlucky inside there we get out of the church and Dwayne sets us off to the top of the hill to see Anna apparently, a long time resident there meet noise extracts where, in my Hers, one stop shop. We can go to It is, you can hope for her has some was the help and thinks he might have recognised them. Better thing would be is
so, I think, will go up and see if there is here. I don't think this year only some of the posters here, though she's not here, take a selection lethal here, woman Anna, pretty pictures boxing I got really tastes like there's nobody here. No, it's some kind of place. It seems like almost an abandoned place
We visit another house with a confederate flag and the front window along with some snappy, no trespassing signs this house has a confederate flag and the window will see what happens. Like the truck. That's actually used to drive in an onus, but here Sir no trespassing violators will be shot. Survivors survivors will be shot again and the other sign says the average response. Time of a nine hundred and eleven call is twenty two minutes. There's what time of a three hundred and fifty seven is one thousand four hundred feet per second, We will leave this area
for all these in the mailbox cookies nobody's home, so more posters go into mailboxes. We staple some. The few hydro pause that we see in town contact for somebody's people. Thinking is you're walking up there. I get the feeling that look like they're not inhabited, but that curtain simple, Rockaway, lots of people. The privacy download here for a reason
people may not even leave their houses. It looks like it s. Interesting ones like that is common stay forever to think about the church or whether it feels like it's a place where they might have been here. The missing man- I still here. That's why the churches of interest, if it's usually this place for pictures of all the grave sites and names on both sides, which doesn't mean anything to say Adrian, but none but as were driving out of Clyde Forks, I notice a house for sale on the left was driveways active and there's people in a sort of is. Are you the honour, the house now see you guys, don't own,
live here and no one was the real estate eliciting agencies, unmarried also whom I know I might ok go by. What's the listing agents, awesome experts tell us Brad here you're, the listening age right yeah So I work for we see we just happen. Violence, as some people were looking for people that have in this area for a while. And wanted to give missing posters out to people that have lived here for a while. This fellow Adrian MC not went missing in the early me too, and there's been some maybe up here on the real issues like I could give the order issues. Firstly, ok the awful. What I'll do I'll give you a number of these
You know how long they leave Turkey all bullshit the revived for years without a deeper so we'll give you wanted me to the poor. People appear to think of the show you something yeah I have, I have some in the car told you that to the south was. He could be up here, exactly State aid is going to give the posters today Owners who have been here for forty years is my CBC card. Foxy, perfect, David original. Then there is the one with the glass as all the other one. The family felt was also a really good, likeness, ok, Even though I saw a lot of real estate up here, look if you can't, maybe I've met the guy
I returned to the church to give Dwayne my cdc rather like are carried on, and he talking to another man, much older, looking, who has driven up in a big black truck can we get nobody around now merely zol new people from all the awful die? I soon learn that his name's Doug Viewer he's also relatively new here died while everybody in every house here has either passed away, so died moved whatever be the old folks live dear, they retired into Perth. Now, when there's still alive, one his name is Buddy Close what is real name is. Nobody knows real. We all everybody is called embody and all, but then that is how long would body of litter our entire life he's in the seventies. Now, while
season? Personal took some no Homenas wipers, his wife still with a man that they ve got an apartment in birth, a thing with buddy close You have to get together with demand is way together because body as a hearing problem manned understand what I'm saying I hear his voice, so you really dog, inviting you know. Marie his wife was there she held view, so they may knows so. We're gonna get the information. One way or the other who, whether some new person came into town and not end there
the mission. I think it's a conflict. Okay, so you feel satisfied. Do you want it? Do you want to go anywhere else right now or do you want to disconnect than I thought was going to first conquer always does it kind of forget. What brought us here in the first place, I don't mean daydreams disappearance, but that it came from psychics. You know, Other than that, it's just interesting to talk to the few people that we have and just interested to see where it goes I guess that is mentioned by being here for an auction and he spoke to people, but I'm sure he didn't come out and say a psychic told me, my son, that disappeared was here, whereas you've
broach the subject itself, so I think that'll. I think that would please I'm in a Perth Ontario Grocery store, buddy Since number didn't turn up in an online search and have asked the boy the customer service counter for their phone book, because I'm a phone book here, like a personal awesome facility totally free those lemme manually.
No answer at Buddy closest place, but I'll come back and I'll find out. where that Clyde Force United Church Minister went to and among or tips coming in. There is at least one about a nineteen. Fifty seven black and white died. And all the while the ice up at homes. starting to melt faster. We still, the big dive to undertake their, and maybe possibly we'll come closer after at all. To answering the question. Or did Adrian go. And the next episode of some one, knows something. If someone has done something horrible like that, we need to be found out and that's why we,
murder mysteries, because there is truth in the world, and so someone did it or someone didn't do it. We want truth to come out Is it CBC dossier? Slash S k, s and click on this week's episode to see more letters from psychics received by the Mc Nortons to listen in the beginning, go to sea BC, DOT, see a slash s, K S or download the pie, cast on Itunes or your favorite, app Someone knows something is hosted, and produced by David region. The shows, also produced by actually Walter's Sandra Bartlett staff, camp and exit You'd have producer artists nor on the music, Bob Wiseman vocals by Mary, Margaret O, Hara and just Reimer I will never
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