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S1 Episode 9: What we know

2016-04-24 | 🔗
The investigation pauses as the search divers wait for Holmes Lake to thaw. In the meantime, SKS revisits the people, information and new leads that have been uncovered in the case so far.
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This is a CBC podcast. the ices. The melting on homes. Lake and, like you waiting to find out what, if anything, might be revealed their? But while we wait, You should really listen to some of the people we spoke. When examining Adrian's disappearance over forty years ago? There might be something you missed. You may hear something that stuff so differently or leads you down another path. So listen carefully This is where we ve been and where we I'd be going. He wish our child,
and he was handsome little boy, big brown eyes a blonde hair, just beautiful Murray used, miss little his power. They get up beside Marine, you know you're back again and those here with White I was so young at the time that I dont really recall a whole lot longer than we were all out fishing I went around the shore line to Iraq and I think LISA. Adrian and one of the other kids came with me and we fish there for There was nothing going on, so we went back and Adrian decided he wanted to play with his life. He kept pulling is lying in a little bit and a little bit. And finally, he got tangled up in the tree, so Murray told them
just go on sit down and there he will Untangle forum, so he must have got bored with a fishing and he got back just behind me on the rock and he was playing there and he just disappeared, while we're sorry column, calling and waiting in there. For an answer we never got any has so I said. Well, maybe we better get some help, so when you left, which way did you turn, can go both ways on that? You remember if you went to work Calabogie or if you went out to wear black Donald on that road, when I left, I went out to highway fibre weight and turn left. Madame De L, Abbadie. The military was there. We lifted every rose Bush, we looked up
every tree with everything I was a district diver. Though you did. All three legs needed them. A number at least how many times have you say assertion? Homes is late for sure at least twice actually reach on. Quite a few dead showed in the bottom of the lake is going down that pay. No heed to me. Maybe one one of the lake waiting more swap yourself weedy and you were the only dived him doing this twenty four hours. Looking at the time I got there, there is no way to trail again. It walk to death, anything rough. Everybody goes round and knew how to car in there. Anyway, that's how it was done, So I came home thinking, listen, this is hopeless, just while rough country there was nothing ever found.
All the jargon nor the shoe not a shoe lose. Nothing really upset me like to know what has happened to that guy. I think Do you have that way? What makes you think you were well or worse and worse over their natural homes, belly face all these little tracks, but it could have been some other kids patient. I don't know, look suspicious The one theory that I think it is most plausible to me is he was traveling alone, the roadway back to the term for something and another fishing purtier. Something came around a corner in the current run, every based
saying all Variegatum, the Cougar got them this. That and the other thing we would have heard him screaming or something of a beer out of tacos I'm or we would have heard the noise and bear would make you know back in seventy two in that area We blackberries near Mount to Patrick another. There wouldn't be definitely yeah Would they have heard a sound of a bear had attacked? Would they have found any remnants of a bear means they wouldn't yeah? That's where I think somebody's involve violently. Bakers have no trace of those no sent for the dogs and what I mean I can be taken. As far as I am concerned, Do you remember any talk of a black and white car that was seen up at homes like that was never part of the police discussion with you, They never asked you. I remember- and you of course never saw
black and white car up. There are any other car than your. I don't think so know we we about the curves black and white and ensures fifty six sure fifty five to dodge we'll talk about it because with such good shape, refreshing and whose care good us, but it was I without terror, still a strange. Nothing was never seen again. Carol before or after and the police, when the police and ever tell you anything about whether they had found the owners- and I know that other things tat still run through my mind. Psychics gave us about the stories. There are three different ones. Malala was one lady came from England. She told the whole story just about the way it was homesick. She told the story
Asia had walked away, and there was a guy and thereupon he picked them up or somewhere around played forts. There was one fellow than he could tell you exactly were waterworth without it will go into the place. He tried that were there and they said it kept going to trade forex on the explorer radio see it also matches the same thing. Because I believe that maybe they're gonna, Clyde, forts silent waves tells them confronting true story of twenty six year old Raquel, o Brien ass. She had, comes to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret, the seven parts Greece includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Raquel and her family as they discuss their past for the first time, what emerged was a much larger
story here: silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast, I think somebody took him. I don't think he really got lost. Brain has said all along someone Hasn t may have ended up with, family and had a great life ass. The one thing I think will he has changed a lot and not be the sweet little boy that he was if he is still out there and he is with us- only then I believe a picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes we're going to get three sketches or go to main sketch and then add three to that before. I guess
Adrian was beard glasses, a ball. We don't know just say: someone took him and brought him up. He would always it feel something doesn't feel right and we do this the age regression we get it owed and then he would be like we meant something never did feel right with this family. That's how its is its. Investigative tool that is put out there and then people start talking. Clyde, forks and there's a few houses. What we'll do is we'll park and we'll just walk around, and I can go up the doors and see if I can talk to some people here see if they might have any idea or their memory might be jogged by the sketches we're looking for,
a guy who disappeared and nineteen seventy two and its aim is a dream, but not in I've heard that you ve heard Adrian's name yeah. We had some psychics say that he disappeared and came to Clyde, forks, you're right, but so does the picture reminder of anybody here. Yes, it does I'm just trying to think who, who preaches knew. I would try that he wasn't, abuse are tortured anything like tat, even It was something like that if we just knew I feel like I was I don't have any memories supper. I do feel like I've. I have a phantom sibling there is another strand. A possibility is biased,
There are some are and searched simply miss. That's actually probably my assumption. This is the tree. Dad worry Seti last right here and Adrian was standing right here said he didn't more efficiently. Morn is dead said he took the rod from an Adrian walked up this hill here and disappeared. Many here have tremendous drop off right here: see that's the lake there that you're looking at the water there. That's that's actually so Bilbil looks like it looks like a bottomless pit, is it possible that they miss them back and ninety two in the lake
situations worry. I lose a diver visually within a body length and he's got some of them. Just like that, you ever seen. And you cited him five rule Boy non swimmer: let find himself into deep water Judas. And where would you start looking? So what do you think about commissioner, could ever dog, for example. I think you'd have to have something miraculous happened to for a cadaver, probably find his body, well. That's interesting and love. Doesn't overcoming receptor dogs through it
exactly the same place. Don't get any doubt, that's all in the same spot, both breeze and grieve guy on one rock, the same rock and stood facing straight out into the water something's happening here we don't know exactly what the sickness worthy vice break, this inaction,
you something productive is not worth a wooden. I wouldn't go in the water when suddenly videos- and today is unfortunately searches list, we can deliver the planning, so I will do so and I serve foremost just think about it, nonstop for the next three four months and then come up and check at the lake air every second. We can enlarge until it breaks up so from here. The lake will open and may reveal its secrets and if there's an ending or not, how will we know it? It may find us for more CBC. Original pod casts go to sea BC. Dossier, slash original podcast,
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