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S1 Update: Final Response

2018-03-29 | 🔗
In March 2018, David and his team of volunteers conduct a fourth search of Holmes Lake for Adrien McNaughton. It's the deepest and most thorough search to date and, with the help of cadaver dogs, leads to important discoveries.
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This is a CBC podcast, China, India, my headphones Earl, frozen setting up the homes like here seven in the morning, The snowy road fight Your old Adrian, like not disappeared, late day on June twelfth nineteen. Seventy two, while on a family fishing trip here at this lake early March, is trying to catch the lake the ice and still are. For attempt to look for Adrian, but not in an area that before cadaver dogs indicated
augur some holes in it. We ve got a course ampler that we're going to insert into the hall at regular intervals on a grid SAM mighty bottom of the lake throughout the year There were. The dogs are signalling, so hopefully, will be able to get much deeper into the sediment that is key emulated over the years Mccombs Lake? During the dives, the first three, we were barely able to scratch the surface of the mud, so it could be by far the most thorough search of a I've done turn a fine Adriana he's. Ok, let's go!
You go on Lake homesick, Overcast Grady everything on sled by near Chris Oak SBS Medicinal pulling up there sampler device and a big pelican box. Like regular coming in whose dive master on guys. Three other journalists later in life. We're going to start by marking out search area should be about eighty feet from shore
a hundred feet with another agency back in a rectangle replace the samples next to the holes on the ice and later Kim Cooper and Pauline will come in with their dogs separately and sniff. At the samples and we'll see, if there's any indication on the samples- and we can get up to four feet of snow so we can actually get right to the bottom of the mud. In the search area. Here's, the spot where Adrian was last seen where Mary, so they were fishing and looked back and where these studies Adrian playing back again, and he wasn't there not very far
my place, This is the area right here with the dogs are stood and look this way like I'm wondering whether we can it's on the area where we think he might be and then expand out from there. If we, if we were to start where we think he fell in death and then serve fan out from that? As research there were the dogs indicated the eighty foot market there so, but our first all right here, using a hand, powered eyesore about fifteen centimeters in diameter. We bore
into the ice of homes, life, the ices clean and smooth enough for a game of Shanghai about forty seven years back. So let's get the sampler. Now, let's get the alcohol wipes because can cook said that I should sterilize whatever we sampled were tested. The theory is to sterilize the unit before we use it and then anything that it touches here is all fresh from Holmes Lake and anything it's been through before isn't represented as something with the dogs smell, the core samplers made up of four detachable cylinders about thirty centimetres long and about three centimeters in diameter with a butterfly valve that traps a column of modern side until we can get it to the surface? On top above,
tubes. We screw on an increasing number of rods to get down to the depth necessary to find bottom like how much more likely a broad enough to go that thirty, two thirty three key bottom that helps to hold the sample hinder us rate. I think we just leave it as the dogs smell at a particular hall and with his mark that whole comes might granular they might receive. So were like what fifteen point wealthy from shore
and we're down about thirty five year already into the silt yeah, there's a sutler and then there's an a mat and then there's another layer underneath have an opening like open area of work. That is another. Let's wait out so there's like a layer cake, probably a lot of the old growth in trade what we actually like twenty feet after the actual about like after the bottom, but you feel it was another twenty feet at the sound. There is true listing guide. I mean you can't even tell us either, it is pushing against certain think it's sort of bottom, maybe below that events like actually does the sub bottom wholly mackerel. So the question is: how did those divers back in the day
claim, wherever actually say their search, the probable their Terry would have been on top of the salt or underneath the tree, like caught economies or underneath under each one of us now sober thirty, thirty five feet. The number that we got communities. This has gone, although we know in their already about life, but I can't get down further. So this is, from the very bottom least, basically risk the dog account they'll smile. They find they find. Then we must. All right. What we would keep going, I wanna get at least this area covered, so we got a pretty much push
that's really easily captured a whole bunch of mud looks like we got myself on their two yet sample there so flats, thirty, three feet of sampler in the ground. But we're about twenty feet from shore and were thirty three feet down and were at almost at the end of our pipe and we brought and we're going to several layers, astounding! Really, it's unbelievable by means of Adrian or anybody's remains are in here that could easily within the layer cake of silt in and tree barking debris twigs and observe the movie
we driven sample over thirty holes, then in the early afternoon, Kim Cooper arrives with her group of cadaver dog handlers, The dogs are all waiting back down at the main road in warm trucks and will be gotten one at a time from their here. So I don't know what you guys think, but where we have thirty three forty pipe about fifteen feet off. Shore were right down to the handle, so we can't go anywhere I was and how ugly? Third, you can't get to the bottom with thirty three feet now, really it's really different than well. I guess we place a long shot up again with present that it would make
No sense that he wasn't that he hadn't come layers of crap. I was time you guys have what you want me to do. Put more holes in and do more day or even got enough to herself what did you pulled Guncotton you bladed it's yours. I don T at all, it's probably most efficient to get all the holes done before being the dogs as opposed to running them back and forth back and forth. So would you do one of the top like you guys, would hang out over their kind of thing income and that's a good idea. How many sets to have of dogs the three so you're too young and pulling nice okay, so whose common for our first, so we were going to do their best to run them blind good, meaning us. So so I won't tell Pauline what happens if anything happens with my great social come up. Not no one we want so I watch her dog work. The third dogs tells me ok, so why don't we do a couple?
we drill and sample a few more holes in some random spots for good measure, then the first door grief arrives with Kim The dogs are brought over the ice rather than through the Bush, which is confusing for them at first, but makes it far less likely that they'll remember the location from their previous visits. Grief passes the horse and samples without much fuss. But then he passes one further out directly opposite the campsite area, where all dives were based from the data point and hooks backdrop.
Adequate sliding on the ices and try to turn around quickly grief bite smells of the water As I have seen, the dogs do when they're trying to get a better sense, and then he walks too, can then back to the whole market. This is what Kim the final response- and it is different- what we ve seen before? It's what the dogs have been? Rain to do when they confirm human remains to their handlers. I was I was interesting. Hey man, there was a major wing back and that this one whole here at the middle horror it there was a right back,
He smiled again and then came around and see. If I notice that dog trader inhaler, I noticed solely with the other dogs, do that was the least experienced dog holdings going to bring her dog then it's Quinn's term, and body language shifts at the hall. Where grief indicated at the very next just a short distance away, but further from shore in a straight line from the data point, he indicates as well just like grief with a full final response something we ve not seen before. Quinn actually lies down on the ice he lay down. This one is colonel with what does that mean?
what he sits down like getting my legs time. That's what he's trained today when he spoke cadaver. His funnel responses to lay down boy, certainly call me later, but the same voice, toys, rights, yeah, give us a ruler, I'm telling you the other day so then comes coming if she's coming later. Ok, so away till the whole, oh yeah right, first full sit than we had that's the first for action. In this last August, the most experts breeze gingerly sniffs past the long line of horse she passes by the whole world grief indicated
then Quinn's whole nearby, nothing, but then she returns First Hall and begins licking the water. Breeze to gives came a strong indication and lays down all three dogs with final spawned indications
and seem to be drawn to those holes down there now really everybody's hooking back content continents did the deck window earlier hook back when he came to this whole intact and ass, I did notice it a change in Bali, language and you can carry out. There was a sudden going on. There is that's what I was thinking of those walking back down three yoke assist he's. The guy will not indicate must have lines up to us to check all the boxes of everything is experienced before and if it doesn't, he won't indicate grief. He came in the first thing I saw he really heard. Dressing is party.
Speaking with a mere three completely independently and choosing basically the same when sat there and then lay down there and barked or yet we call it an indication or a train. Final response. Final responses groups, young eighteen hours between farmers, so what could be called Greece's responses are the same thing you ever yet you for both of us anything are condemned so bruising Greece, both out of my sight, loathing declining. Doesn't it with what we ve always pretty much power. I have I'm I'm thinking that that the whole thing with the poor goin in thirty three feet over there, that just to me, just when
everything just opened up the possibility of greater. Would you ever we ever find anything more than this, because it is still possible here well, but I wouldn't think so. It's you does suits you awake at night. Why we're here at all we ve taken triangulated measurements within a few centimetres of where the halls of interest are I've, disgust everything with this dedicated team of volunteers who have been here from the beginning and we forced to agree, there's nothing more, that we can do or should do given We all believe there are human remains in homes, Lake, Definitive proving that it is Adrian in the lake will be more difficult or impossible, given the depths and volume of bottom material, but any further exe
Duration of the lake should be left to the Ontario Prudential Police to see it YO clip of the dogs at homes. Lake visit our website at double W W died, CBC dossier, Slash S, chaos for more CBC original podcast, go to sea BC, dossier, slash original podcast
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