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2016-12-07 | 🔗
The investigation into the Adrien McNaughton case continues. Since the season finale, there have been meetings with police, two search dives and some discoveries.
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This is a CBC original podcast. You are listening to an updated from someone know something from CBC radio. In season? One David region. Investigated, the disappearance of five year old, Adrian MC who vanished, while on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario, this he's in finale was released in May, but a lot of them Since then, this episode contains spoilers So if you haven't already listened to season one keep that in mind, you can listen from the beginning at CBC dossier. Slash escape s, or download episodes on Itunes or your favorite podcast app. This is season one update
these guys are now looking at looking hard. Rapid homes like it's a beautiful November day at the divers here. Dive number three gets here. They get what you don't want to out, the silver Asking us using one ended after we finished dive and talk to police. After us care season. One ended: the police came Nonsense and talk to them during dive to which happened after season. One ended again in homes, Lake Minister Sifting, so
this is to try to see from the bottom up. Late dredged up by the divers here were searching for. Peace is a boner rubber. This is where the dogs responded with something you reach down into it, like you feeling bottom solid, unless trying that even here act going we're only let three feet from the shore easily going down into the mud. Solomon bottom and that mind is a mixture of binding three branches, sifting through the south, to look for remains of any kind like bone or what what's this Iris found a piece of shoe piece of rubber handsome rubber. Amid the sludge it looks like some kind of rubber,
Was around the end of a shoe like in one of those old kids back from the 70s and how many kids had them a little piece of rubber that went around the front of the toe? That's what I think it was. I don't know what that signify. Like the first piece of evidence. I bet this is what one of the things that the items that we were looking for. So what are you gonna do I'm gonna baggage evidence of putting your bag and thence guns gonna mark exactly where he found it more than history, but more focus their twelve twenty five we gave it to police said they were taken in an analyze. It get it out. Little piece of rubber divers were static over finding a solution.
It always skeptical. It is it. S, looks like an old piece of bumper off the front of a shoe. You know the old kids, the front you can take it and that was levelled by one of the diary will take. It will have a look at it. Maybe if we look at this peace that you found him, maybe somebody could data to her. You know say how old it is, or something like that. I know what they can do with a piece of issue, but we can acquire Please also told us, the OECD that they had never heard their Tipp, that we heard from drawn Jervis about the black and white car the neck introducing died, so they took that with interest. There may be some areas where we can expand on the black car was something that I wasn't familiar was annulled. The glory was so, do you think of any o p p canine unit would wanna go even just do a practice run up, there's something or disconcerted verify the findings of all these. I spoke to her one cannot answer here.
In the area after we asked them cottons if they would search the same area that we ve been searching with their own cadaver dog they agreed to so they sent one handler with a dog. The handler reported that they were unable to see any actions happening from their dog. So after that came, Cooper came back up with another dog handler and three dogs, and she noticed even more pronounced actions on behalf of her dogs with the wind, the direction the wind was going. She triangulated that place where the dogs were making their actions was pretty much exactly where we were doing our diet before so we decided we do a third dive. We ve gone through the plan or parts of it pumping sentiment from the bottom, forgetting that ashore.
And to get to the third dive go around the tree like this enough. Since there are so many logs on the bottom of the lake near the shore line, we decided to come up with the approval of the Ministry of Natural resources and took several of the logs out of the way move them shifted. Mary, had cleared the way. So in fact, a log. The dogs, crow. Odin. We moved out of the way and right now, as I'm looking, I, like the dogs, are standing right. There right, ovary, removed her logs and they've got a pump in a boat and they've got lots of tubes and basically pumping the bottom of the.
having a water into a series of screams, muddy water, lots of stuff coming out and were sitting in the things we can't sifter, throwing the piles of other dogs can come and sniffed them we had. Some luck. Number is like a tooth. Small cisely looks like it is cheap. Scottish
kind of a kind of light at the bottom darker at the top route, small baby to type thing that would have been. Maybe the not erupted you we don't know if it is, but it's gotta consistency. We found something. It looks like a tooth and could be a baby to like an uninterrupted babies, it worse below the gun line. Perhaps this is a huge in eight feet of water right about twenty feet from shore in location will disappear. We don't know it might not be. It is the main up your human too, but we ve got it in a bag and we're gonna. Look at it and we're gonna keep looking at things here. We ve got some other things in bags that look like
That could be bone fragments this organic matter would could. The court's could be some kind of mineral. What we're gonna keep looking for Adrian here you have been listening to season. One update the items that discovered in homes. Lake are currently being analyzed, will lead no, the results as soon as we have them visits We see dossier, Slash asking us to see a three sixty video of homes, lake along with more information on the Adrian MC, not in case someone know something is hosted, written and produced by David Region and mixed by sessile Fernandez, the series This is also produced by Chris Oak staff, camp and executive producer, our if New Ronnie are
in song is by Bob Wiseman, with vocals by Mary, Margaret O, Hara EM, just Reimer Something here is a memory. For more CBC, podcast go to sea BC. Dossier, Slash podcast
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