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S2 Episode 1: The Trailer Park

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When Odette Fisher returned from holidays in New Brunswick, she expected her daughter, Sheryl Sheppard, to pick her up at the train station. Sheryl never showed up. And Sheryl’s new fiancé said he hadn’t seen her for days.
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This is a CBC podcast, You are listening to season. Two of someone knows something from CBC radio. On December thirty first nineteen. Ninety seven at a new year's Eve Party, Cheryl Shepherd was proposed to on tv. Two days later she disappeared. Documentary and David Region, joints shells, mother Odette, on her search for answers. This is episode, one, the trailer park
striving on a road here through some grassy fields, is very green and coming up raining sunny late June afternoon on the way to begin season to ask here s my first interview with a family member. But these nice rolling hills are not the location where the case happened. Another case another disarming, Ontario country scene. I pass a film company shooting a popular period, tv series and field its magic power for them.
Lone ELM trees horizon was perfect characters quaintly composed as if on one of captains oil canvasses, but to me today feels like murders, hidden beneath all the brushstrokes while police and Hamilton Wentworth needs your assistance and locating missing person is then stationed at active they're, asking for any information pertaining to the whereabouts of twenty nine year old Cheryl Shepherd Sweeney from Quinson Road and Hamilton. She was last spoken to on New year's day and was reported missing by her mother. Yesterday, Cheryl Shepherd Sweeney is described as five feet: four inches tall, one hundred and five pounds blue eyes and blonde wavy shouldering here.
Anyone term should becoming of any military career, so trailer park. Here s, location, looker, kitty. At the end of the road and this trailer park. A woman named or debt is waiting to tell me about the disappearance of her daughter, Cheryl Shepherd from Hamilton Ontario in early January of ninety. Ninety eight she was twenty nine one of the sticky IST impossible to put down tragic, compelling cases that I've ever heard about gotta rhetoric, which he said, look for the rhetoric
No, no, no trouble at all. What's your name, hello, Murphy, usually little dogs. Bark is quiet mark another. I am David nice to meet. You thanks for meeting new to me How would you run a wrong? I swear to you. Do what you like a coffee. I could make coffee are you sure you know come and record you making the coffee. Odette Fisher and wrong retired trucker and her partner of three years live in a narrow white aluminum trailer with a little pressure treated porch nailed to the side They, along with Muffy, have been we.
For my arrival under an old son umbrella sellers, it's nice then you should have been held in lake That's now, almost seventy was born into a large french speaking. Katy family in New Brunswick, but has lived in worked here in Ontario for much of her life to live on King Street to help he has set in and they can avoid. Yes, yes, I found your address their from there here or dead moves around her tiny kitchen with motherly attention and the worn, steady pace. Some one who is labour for decades straight with few breaks I sit down at a petite square kitchen table. I she prepares the coffee maker beside me in the adjoining family room, stuffed heads of a once: bill, caribou and white. Tailed dear, are mounted
the opposite walls. What wrong, whose a pretty quiet guy would call trophies from one of his yearly hunting trips and next to the unfortunate dear with a plastic staring eyes just above the tv, a huge framed Oh, it's! A picture of Cheryl O Debts, youngest daughter, Cheryl Shepherd Blonde big head blue eyed, smiling confident, looking she's about twenty eight in the picture and then Odette notices where my eyes have been drawn from the snake? India. They sure didn't deserve this Like she saw my mind all the time, all the time I got a picture there, you know in the face of those. On the contrary, a momentous think you know like why went through this had happened to her
forget it! You know one Odette, slides and organised well from stock of albums from a low shelf near her souvenir spoon collection and places them on table in front of me inside dozens of, auditors, notes documents and news articles about sharing case many of the articles, feature Odette herself. Slain, girls, mom copes with pain mothers, anguish, mom, hasn't given up hope. A mother cries for help. She's done this before Hamilton mother leave for the return of her missing daughter That's for sure, I'm sure shepherd smuggler. If anybody could see. Knows where she is, can follow me ass soon, ass possible, please thank you. Twenty nine year old Cheryl Shepherd went missing on January. Second, just two days after her boy.
But despite our debts public, please and appearances in the media over the eighty years since her daughters, disappearance, Charles, never been found and no arrests have been made- and you know I got pictures, she then shall I put them in. On girl guys we have modern down a banquet showers then the parade I'll show you some pictures she'd been Santa Claus Parade because she was given the baton me. We did allotted, let us up together and I took them all over the place in MECCA for day trip penal here and there tarred tourism as a single mother, but I manage I never complain. You know new. I have travelled taught him because I got my people doubt go sit. A dentist does a peaceable
second now than they can have to cut it out at once letters he said, but she yeah she was pretty. People would turn my head and looked at her. You know and this one guy that work but the please he wanted shower to go for mantling and I thought no, I don't want that because I just want to have a normal life, you know me the idea of wife, you know be close by you know and you should have kept she'd look kid. It hurt her. I know she would have been a fantastic mother. I know that Carol had cysts that prevented her from having children Odette shows me one photo of share opposing with a newborn daughter in a hospital bed, but the bay, is not hers. Cheryl had kicked the act, your mother, one of her relatives out of the bed and taken her place. Holding the baby
You could never have while beaming at the camera. In another no she's dressed as a unicorn one of her favorite creatures at a Halloween party? other seen, shows Cheryl, posing a leopard skin print dress by a giant drawing up the planet Saturn. Written and signed in her own hand, on the back, a message to Odette to mom. Well, here, I am looking a sweet as ever loved. It's your daughter, Cheryl Exo, Exo Exo shows that go into pound IFOR, blonde hair. Sometimes you waiting upon a town, you know I mean at for work.
Because they had to wear man, she used to go to for a spike running. She did painful, but because she was so tiny. She was padded good because you know if things say, I got pictures of her room jumping. She was not afraid to stuff like that. Exports or debt is not only shells mother, but also an important witness to events that happened before and after He discovered Cheryl missing. She settles. Really beside me with a box of tissues, and I press forward into the case. So that tell me the about the day that she disappeared. Tell me about everything you can remember about the day and what happened that day to erect recollection. Ok, she saw me new year's day. New Brunswick Choose spoke
when she said mom linen, would tell me you were hoping to all. I told her she'll be there to pick you up. She spoke to my mother and my sister an and came back she Mummy and only enjoy yourself. You known should I'll see you when you get me something New Year's day. Nineteen. Ninety eight, yes, ok, so January. First, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. She calls you in New Brunswick and says what time you coming to Toronto I'll pick you up and then what, when I get to Toronto I come home Sunday, it was during the fort, because I had to be back to work Monday, son Saturday and Sunday, because it the train home at the time that was addressed, refer Darts, an organization, the transports, the elderly and handicapped around the area. Greater Hamilton near Toronto, Odette had to get up at four thirty each day to get ready for work She arranged for Cheryl to pick her up at union station in Toronto on Sunday,
afternoon January. Fourth, ninety ninety eight and where does went and luggage comes in Does a little cafe there and went, and I had a coffee and didn't because she wasn't there yet so I thought where I'm, where I'm sitting I could see when she comes in with the luggage is, I would see her. So you know I'm trying my coffee had took my time and I drink at the time and have no should have been here Toy form the house in, and then she entered the com in NAM. Without came, maybe chant trouble come nutriment driving. Could have a flat tire. Have problems the weight of a bit longer. Since you pick up the phone they said, and if I fear not there then I have to find a way home. So I will another hour enough annoy gotta get home because I felt tired because you know you on a train
for twenty four hours. He and I had to be Yup early in the morning for were in. Turn around area you home and show Not there. Nobody was there. That's weird! You know but this time share lived with you, yeah. Ok, We have to get a year on Clinton Mood, you ok, so just I'm we're back up a bit so new year's day she called you and said when you coming and then you came in on the fourth of January. Yes, ok issue is expecting you on the fourth. Yes, yes, when you called your answering machine or when you called you're home and answering machine picked up. Sometimes can you tell if there had been other calls
with her again as it yeah yeah. That was the message. Yeah there have been other messages there. I only got home and didn't see Cheryl there did you push play on the messages and no, I did not have the code number. She then came because she was home at three thirty from work. So if there was any message for me, she would run on a piece of paper neither there by the phone. I never asked for the code numbers unable to get the message is off your own from no. I couldn't do that because here I make a note to follow up on these phone messages with Hamilton police, my first interview with them as booked for a week from now, in a way when I got home that night from Downeys, might came in or debts talking Michael, avoid or Michael laugh. Why, as he is sometimes called, he was shares boyfriend who had Living with Cheryl Ando debt on and on in their seventh floor apartment at eight. Fifty one Queenstown row
in stony creek, now part of Hamilton he put shows key Corky. Then House came a gear as it will show at actual displaying game eliminate hiding when she came in and save you, I'm sorry, mom is something in only I can make it whenever better. Let's not know he said I haven't seen her since Friday. So all those four days didn't know at all levels. The time was twenty, seven years old, around five foot eleven. Hundred eighty pounds had greener. Ice glasses and brown mullet cut. Will learn a lot more about Michael as we proceed because he fit This prominently in the stories around Cheryl case and another important detail and another important detail out there. You put your name
Cheryl disappeared shortly Michael avoid proposed to her very, very important question to ask this December thirty first, nineteen. Ninety, seven new year's eve, bash being. The Hamilton Convention Centre and telephone I live on the province wide station known as on tv.
Mere monsieur. I will write their. Why? Don't you through the looking glass of this origin. Grainy video remnant of Suzy, Hamilton Winters night. Eighteen years ago, we see it crowded room of parties, enter frame Michael Voice stands wearing what looks
a white crew net cotton sweatshirt with a golfer on the front. The voice smiling and he already has a ring in his hand when he draws Cheryl Shepherd into the cameras view share with Smiley dressed in black and silver metallic striped outfit. That forms to me what looks like a giant butterfly nor chest but suddenly flourishes. It's me. Things she moves, she's wearing a gold, flecked, maple, Leafs, tiara, and in her right hand holding a plastic cup with beer at a cheap noise maker both avoid an shepherd are wearing what looked like identical crucifixes on thin change around their necks Cheryl, doesn't answer Michael's question when he asks it focuses, instead on the ring he places on her left hand ring finger the male host, anxious for tv moment to happen prompts There are for her answer and she says yes into the night.
The hosts com Hence about soft porn come when MIKE leans in turkish Cheryl with his mouth and eyes open. Both avoid an shepherd, seem to say things in the video that her off microphone. Sure. Also hands Michael, something that looks like a phone follow sheriff disappearance these few televised moments, some of the law Where sure was ever confirm. Seen have been studied, many times for any clue. Understanding of what happened with this marriage proposal make he told Neither would I arrived at night. He said when gauge I said what he's doing. I propose a hunt, TB, He was tender and dumb convention centre and its way took place. I have a tape of done. The police make gum taken. They make me a tape.
She already told me: mom, there's no way we're gonna get moon unless he gets a full time job. That was it calls you and does not tell you No, she did not tell me why She tell you that Michael proposed her. Do you think I think that she I've had an argument, him say, does no one we're gonna get me unless you get a full time job because she always told me mom. Doesn't we're gonna get. Maybe you want to get married, but there's no way Don't you think that she would have said to you, mom gaudy proposed To me, but I'm not gonna merit marry. She would not see them to me on the phone to would said that You still have any thought that you might be alive somewhere know. You know what she was so close, there's no way
no way. I know that I guy I couldn't listener, show how to throw accident, or maybe she was sick or something at this. I know where to go in turnover. Prayer in Euro invested hurry. You know the cemetery some aspects of the stories we here can be verified, while others cannot Oda. Recollections and experiences and beliefs about her daughters. Disappearance are no exception. Her Mary, she says, isn't what it used to be its being almost Ten years, Odette was physically there in the house, what an apartment on January. Fourth, nineteen, ninety eight Michael arrived and told her about the new year's engagement, but she wasn't there when she theorize us than an argument must have happened between Michael and Cheryl some time after the engagement
it's up to me to examine all the theories I can including this one. Maybe it happened this way. Maybe it didn't right now we don't know what happened to Cheryl and on balance, through the course of the investigation, I'll try to separate the known from this backyard of and to use first hand, accounts of any information given over anything else and while the store it was covered in the media. Extensively be hearing many details that have never been reported before drawing another tissue from the box next to her. Odette continues mining, her memories of that time, while jabbing her eyes Saturday, I lived in, morning. I arrived Sunday in Toronto and when I got home, find it because I had no, to pick me up- saw him to get home runaway homey. He can.
Man, you know maybe around ten o clock the subway Cheryl. He said I haven't seen you since Friday, as it will mean he so that jobs are often no I should really mean nightfall and you dont know here sheriff boyfriend, Michael, the boy tells us a story that I'll be looking at in detail throughout this investigation, and then he sat at the table. So I questioned him. He said I job her off a conqueror and like MRS for what he said, what you want to dance for the weekend. As well, which do that when she's got a full time job I send another. She was finished with the dancing shoes for a year, and she said you wouldn't do it no more because I was after her for that, because I was now I didn't approve of it. It's not mine. Michael avoid certain statements to police that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Cheryl Shepherd
he also says that on January second, ninety ninety eight- he drops- a shepherd off in the alley if the Concord hotel at the time, a strict club in Niagara falls between six forty five p m and seven p m Cheryl had strict before, but had not and so for at least a year Odette says, and at the time of her disappearance, had a full, time job as a baker. One of Hamilton's many TIM Hortense coffee and donor shops The voice story about dropping Cheryl at the Concord raises many questions. As does the. Police and media treatment of that story and shares disappearance. I'll look at all of these questions. Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old, Raquel, O Brien, as she attempts to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret,
The seven part series includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Rico and her family as they discuss their past. For the first time, what emerged was a much larger story, here, silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast. Or that continues her questioning of LE boy after discovering Carol hasn't been seen since late Friday January second, ninety ninety eight, he was agitated questioned him in a civil, I'm gonna pull a priest As you know, this is not shells. Nature shown a neighbor very, very close share will not do what she did. So I found a police and they question. I told the police, what happened? I said I I said I'm just talking to my dollars a boyfriend S. Apparently he said he proposed to home tv which had been
I was not aware of that and was not told. Instead, I just got back from Downeys. And I sat down. He said he hasn't seen us it's Friday. He said he dropped off in nice. Fall and he took it. Maybe they had an argument and she left. I says I this is our home. I said she if something when I happen. Between them to I said she would a kicked him out, because this is our home now his he is It was not on it at all here. He said well, wait overnight. Nothing in the morning. You have to finance and will have to put a missing person. Well, you wouldn't believe me. My homepage is prompting you wouldn't How I felt like I felt like joined on something just like I felt no I thought I need some sleep, because I was on the train for twenty four I would say, that's a long time and
went to bed left by Adam Door open another bed, I thought ass. She can come to in the night. Maybe I'll hear her. So went to bed and I laid then listen, and I heard him MIKE and I could hear him probably well with some papers, so I dont know what type of paper hubris before and then he laughed and then I guess he was watching tv for while in I must have just I fell asleep that were set I didn't hear him go out in. Hear him come back when I got up and get ready for work, What's up what am I going to do it like it's? Five hundred and thirty eight? I have to be at work, and so I went to work and I said I need a replace. They knew tat. Something was wrong. A I've been crying my face, which I was drawing down, and I told him what happened
is it? Ok, you can get your spare driver bundles. Paper half an hour, you know before signing a gun. Car. I went home turn around now he was kidnapped too, were to go out. I guess Michael Michael I should like us and where you going he's, I'm going to have a coffee when my mother was just talking to her color voice? Mother's name is pat another person on my list to speak to later in the series and then I found a plea no said notice after she hasn't been home yet, and I told them on the phone, the police, but I told the officer the night before on the phone This is what you have to come to stone created. Station, because it was close there and put a missing person. A court to adapt. She then goes to the Stony Creek police detachment, but they don't have
right forms to fill in for a missing person. So they put her on the phone to central division, so didn't have the form and everything else indeed switch me on a phone spoke to send the Crimean it on the phone for stomach to central in it told him what happened before the phone call him made me said what you know. Why should you go home would be there? We have to gather some papers, yet it before we come down. But he said, don't touch anything else in the house, but something was different. When Odette returned to the apartment from the police station, many Michael, a belongings were gone by the time tat. I went to the police station but a way forward. He must have been watching me because when they went to the police station he went in How can we move on his clothes from chose a closet, all his
lucky equipment and everything else and he had to work equipment duffel bag? miss missing weather, hockey bag was or wasn't. There is something we can verify but it is something that I will be asking police about later so tell me about the hockey bag, because if you- What is that one of them was missing. You must have been before he took everything So tell me about the hockey bag that you said you fucked, you thought was missing. He had two of them here we had one there and what so When did you notice the hockey bag was missing. When I came back from Downey's. I came in the house and then looked around and the phone was flashing, so I knew it was message there. So I need you, did not come home, but I went in the spectrum to drop off my mind I get in.
There was only one hockey hockey bank. There ok didn't think nothing. I thought that he was a hockey game veto and maybe she was with him. I dont know until he came home in a question. Him and after a while he was agitatedly. I look away from that. To give her a bit of a break, and I see that the sun was setting outside casting an orange light through the trailer windows that refrain sure this picture and a model glow I'm watching me and smiling and nodding. Odette is waiting for me to continue so Michael lived with you often outfit for the past two years. It was a
I feel we need to shape, and so did you witness examples of rocky relationship between he ensure that you did you witness any kind of aggressive behaviour between him and your daughter, she would be crying, and you know in I situation you could do better than that. You can, find someone, you know, and I couldn't pressure her. You know and her age and I know mom, you know in. He would turn around say I'm sorry I'll get a job. How many times you said down in all ITALY. He wind cook for her. He would down on her back by flowers by a bottle of wine, you know anything how falling because- and I could see what he was doing just two
when her back and then he would start out again, he would get into she had a big can and she was saving all her chance. She had her can was full and Ethel and choose among that can be my holiday money, and I thought, if you could do that of double lived for her. I told her that many times of double it, but he would dig into it and play online alarm about Michael announced. Michael went home. She hid her Wallen under my motorists among because I don't want to turn to my ear My wallet, so did you ever? witness him hitting her no human, because I said something to him. And did you ever witness Michael yelling at your daughter? No Debt never witnessed LE voice physically hurting Cheryl. She does claim to have seen the aftermath of it
Odette recounts, an occasion where she drops by the TIM Hortense, where Cheryl worked Michael, avoid. Fourthly, wait for long hours in the shop while Cheryl was there. He would sit differ as to how this new, but with her bottle son, had to tell him to me in a television report from the time Cheryl's boss, Gary Valeri, appears on camera. They almost the same thing. Might I would spend a lot of time at the TIM horns when Cheryl was there over her
eight hour shift shovels when life she enjoyed talking to people. She was above the girl she was at important, make she had to do muffins and cakes and everything else that when she was finnish, she would corn behind a content. Helped me in now MIKE would be there so having coffee and shovels was talking to somebody more than the amount of time, because enough talking to her, he would go. He would clear historic, Missy You're talking too much, you know he was still possessive and one time it was. I went unless in a in the morning enough, I had a coffee, so I went to where she works in I got it.
And when I was going in ship was coming out crying since she'll? What's the matter, you don't feel good to know. Mom said he comes in she arrest me. I can't even concentrate on my job and I should all be careful, and I was so given that couldn't take time off in a move? My shift you know was worried and I, for one am I gonna do so when I was finished, beggar. My car, I went home, and you can tell that she has been crying and there was another baker that was at the house would show us that will happen. Should please just last month, the stern argument you grab her throne and it was squash. Really bad here was bleeding and anxious and tried to stop him in his craft. Vermilion on the town in this shall be careful chill mummy fees, the phone rings don't answer. It was that incident report
did she go to the hospital and have that choking reported denying known know Report doing something else to follow upon with police across. Where we live, there would have been a hall there. She leave a note sometimes because, if I finish surely I would go and have my maintaining a warm up, she would save the table for me in case I I do show up and I would go and meet her there. And now, after a he would show up, he would sit so close to her he would so closer who have her around her make sure everybody knows she's mine, she said. Well, you know need room to play my bingo way. He had to move a bet because he was calling her so tight centrist.
I just wonder whether someone who is so possess. If, as you say, Michael was of Cheryl would destroy her off in an alley. Let her go. Back to that Sunday evening when Odette returned home, you looked in shares room at all to this point. They did ok and a decent notice, anything out of place in her room. No, no, but the police took glasses. Was there who contact lens shell needed either one of them she has to have them in
That was there who wanted we find who wanted peace a night in who caught in a closer by her new called for Christmas interest. He called it was in her pocket facing a wall inside because we search ever Wendy moved into reserve. Do you flip the bit the mattress they check into your? They checked everything the cocky was there anything your credit card, her driving licence. Everything was there, so they took that with them. You said that when you got home from New Brunswick Michael walked in and put her car keys on the counter. Yes, that's when I web. How come you got her corky? He said when she got up occur when the driver of the mega fall she left and on the seat, so he had his own car. He had a ban, She had her own car. Yes,
Her car was in the parking lot at your house, yet it is concerned with a band and his van because they occur tonight fall. He said so they took her car her card, but her own key. So how could you should leave her? He had to speak he for crises, but he'd never talk. He had a mail box q key right right. According to your dad Michael put Charles Personal set of car keys on the counter when he walked in the door or debt knew they were Cheryl Keys because her mailbox key and house key were also on the ring, la Voices Cheryl left her keys on the car seat when he dropped her, the alley of the hotel and did do you notice and do you know if the police found any evidence
of a struggle or any hair or blood or other kinds of you know what I had to leave the house for ten days when the police- came the turnaround were hit. There were Monday. They would dare Tuesday morning it clearly for me not to touch anything, they came down, They bought a commander, Troy people are parted and back down. I have to pay him a bank I had to leave and then that's when they said you know like what you have to give us a place for ten days they hand
commander, check their and didn't frantic tests. The whole wall, my bedroom door, shows by known door put devolved, appeared. Dub was ten days after before me. Word said they gonna meet me at my place
Current return Gimme the key and that's what they told me late. They can be kept everything clean. You know like him in there were different ten days. Then, though, but limited further tests, it was all circles the wall from them home to my bedroom, like the hallway. My bet on the show an he. Someone did her time to clean them. But it would be good, so did you see the circles of pen circles on offer is all over the whole whole, not just on the whole. We, my bedroom, shows bedroom door. And where would you say more of the circles where that is the whole of it. It was a long way from O Keefe where
the living room was, and it was my bedroom, but my bedroom store was there right close to hers? Like you know, there was a wall there, but from the from here down, but with please, I guess what the stuff they have. They could detect that it was. You know, and that's what upset me and know how high after ground, where the circles about here so show was five four. So that this because we're or say for five feet off the S and all the way to the ground. There was more so there were more lower nowhere heiress, but none higher God. No, no, there are, about how that blood got on or if it is Blood at all, but Odette
certain. It could only mean one thing I just could cope with it. I just couldn't mutual skull, replace was afraid if I could take my life because a death, as you know, I shouldn't strong enough for that. I said I want to find out where she is. She didn't deserve a third occur, but of course, going to hurt us
Magic power has long since faded into night. Oh debts, tired and sad and convinced in detail that Michael the had something to do with her daughters, disappearance. We do not know this, though far from it. He may very well have had nothing to do with it and there must be other suspects we do know is that sheriff case is still called that she needed glasses or contact lenses to see, but they were found in her apartment, Charles Wallet and the entirety of its contents, also in the apartment, the circles on the walls, the missing hockey bag, the answering machine,
the Concord hotel, these questions and more than all revisit without debt and others, including next week, the police and also the question why a few days after Cheryl Shepherd disappeared was Michael, avoid her newly public fiance found in a Hamilton storage locker with the door closed, inside Cheryl, Shepherds White Buick, unconscious overcome by carbon monoxide fumes. You have been listening to episode, one the trailer park Visit CBC dossier. Slash S k s to see a video of the new year's Eve proposal subscribe I've been Itunes or your favorite podcast up. If you like the show, please please tell your friends.
Some one knows something is hosted, written and produced by David Region and make by Sessile Fernandez, The series is also produced by Chris Oak Ashley waters. Steph cap and eggs kit of producer overflow Ronnie our theme music, is by Bob Wiseman. With vote by Mary Market, o Hara and just Reimer, maybe one day we will
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