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S3 Bonus: Return to Mississippi

2019-09-23 | 🔗
In this special episode, David and Thomas Moore reflect on their search for justice and what they’ve learned in the years since their investigation into the 1964 Klan murders of Henry Dee and Thomas’ brother Charles Moore.
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This is a CBC podcast. By their diet, coke with price. Or do you want us to be a person? You want anything on your pc. This should allow people stop it not really no. No. What is it asked? The Memorial Bravo Longbill figure Kayo right there we got the job. Was you remember, some bad, more power
The government is for lighting and that's why they were picked up there. They were taken bow to the home to the motive Force veto do Bob plan here and then a load them in the trunk of the car and drove across the river who are listening to someone know something from CBC podcast in some three David region teamed up with Thomas more to invest. Eight, the martyrs of Charles, more and Henry DE who were killed by the. Puts clan in nineteen sixty four as a result of their investigation, Clansmen James Ford Seal was convicted.
The crime and later died in prison in episode, some of which was recorded during a lie. Presentation in June, David and Thomas reflect on their search for justice and what they ve learned in the years. Since this is a season. Three bonus returned. Two Mississippi you're talking about You talk about people are bound to arise, all day All my days, I very much welcome everybody, so many people, you know, I'm usually in the dark talking on my own into a MIKE, I'm not usually in front of a whole bunch of people like this, but a kind of like it People always is asking the question: what made you get into investigation
The seeking of honesty became one of my lifetime driving forces, and I speak here in a way that makes it appears if I know we're a bean and I, where I'm going, but I'm not. Pretend my opinion is that we never really know why we do most things: everything else is the story filling in the space between to me, the empty space always filling the space, the story, the this basis, what drives everything human, how we fill it, how we make it make meaning for us and the definition of honesty in truth well problematic, But let us agree that seeking honesty starts with being honest about ourselves starts with understanding that the act of telling others truth can offer a kind of release. Some people bran themselves authenticity to make money, because anticipates cells, but it's not the same as truth. Authenticity is the blush of truth. What do you find it? You know it and it will change you. I was changed by working on this case with Thomas more the nineteen sixty four murder of Henry Dee and Charles Moore by the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi
and today we are fortunate to have Thomas here with us, one of my greatest friends and one of the smartest people. I've ever met Thomas Moore, Our beggar war for coming here and over there. I wish I had the time to tell you how I feel over him and he had to put up with me. Bye. I return on the motor and I will never a good life, comfortable taken about job more.
No, no I'm effects who were well. Why Liver or rule. They were written, contacted me like that. Actually sometimes he picked up a right which is finally, I send my Fedex letter because it was some route for so what was gone that well The same like every year, someone take me lol, saying this time Abc news I asked me there are some details about the case. Here I don't know much about the case of a no seem a document. There are more than one talk about this ladders got title people. Ask me what help us all. I just up ass in Malta. They were Helmut Kohl,
Then I would have won the mellow cruising at the little. Did he wrote some months ago and he made a plan to come. Cholera brave to meet with me, our reluctant to me with him because I made Oh no, not about goes out and ass it down or whether this guy's a clan well enough, what? Then he showed up with his wife and the song. And ass we will. I think I can take them all out. If I have to go, then we're gonna tell me what is planned while the girl, Mozilla, he asked me what I gotTa Mississippi with here Our plan also denied them What can I expect to get out of this trip? It will never. We will get a local, true and that's door, ajar
bought that far more time. But I'd better go home. Told me. I gotta have a bad day. Something about what they were and I was able to do they turn around. Often urge master when I told him David amid a minute what ill. But they were asked me to go to MRS until done what ill I said no Mr Livin, in pay. What about us how will understand him. Because I'm free just
Please try to highlight what do they do this lady? Not knowing anything about the memorial, it's about forty feet, firmer front door. To forget this.
You, don't wanna know. I guess. There's somebody got across look right now, that's a good physical highway fighting! He thinks I'm surprised at. You never took the time to look at what's right across something you can look at the front window there staring at the whole time or one and was stopped the day. We roll down this road going to find a common state about. We was real job markets. It do. We know what the internal market, where we all right now we would we pull seal was still doesn't mean we would do well to follow through with this law. This is a picture of Thomson. I standing asked one of several memorial sites. We put up and around me belts changed since then several adoration, some of them were ripped down
then without war war. Untrue. Remember job more every day A certain way there, so many peoples, well. I didn't want to come to the realization. So we will have a memorial. For a long time until two thousand and sub, though the principle of every day Family just split up. What do I value would be present for referral. Allow me speeches to people than out until you do. I tell them of the memorial day without bearded, not which are more numerous d. Is you. To remind you ever done, repairs butter spot that discussion. Copyright here. Another forever two months ago, invited me or tool And the civil Right Museum Montgomery see Work so hard.
To get a state the more bill, The other jobs more heavily and will replace Right bought one a day without poodle, this this is decide whether memorial is where and radiant Charles more were hitchhiking on maids, Two months ago, invited me sixty four Charles and hundred, were murdered by members of the White Knights of the complex kind of my second my feeling is that some of the sort of more insidious aspects of racism still exist. In the South and in the north. I don't know if you feel says this changed much since we left. I think there has been some chain. The paper that warning to change their may sometimes we're, not know them up but David. I will go run around over twenty times the Mississippi, noble don't bother those to L a hamburger light,
They wanted to stay away. I begged us the affair. Amateur look. If we look at him rather right now, we're still separate. The other. Blacks will reveal the otherwise over here. After you have no small cup that moment used to pull a purse. Then, when the meal, the distant water from about their worries, red color, why they don't have the now With their steel, separate. And we know tat
We'll Javelin eroded everyday nerves and seal the trade barriers to the well, it all count afraid ground now, for a time I made, I would do Rebecca Data battle over get there and you should leave new family law, but it is the hospital to write and they moved a little taxi. The rotating, rather than take out a plan on my planet was go. Then pausing to take your body leave with Jake Water for meeting will be imported doubt they will lose a force of downtown leave your civil last day of job more life. He walked or die. You shoulda star.
GA been revealed at the time, but they're out there died when I was today refusal a more one there get on the welfare. The master we see when I was eighteen, well I'll hit. I want a real life. There is, on the whole Molly the walk and rode away people like Robin PIG producers, What also glad, among. Rachel Movement to respect each other and respect which the diverse you wanna talk about it, Experiences in drawing up this, I always wondered if Thomas knew about the clan and was it like. Everyone is re the clan, and I was surprised by your answer- replied gone for David Hour by hour. Later was actually plants. And every last time we Plaza God they invited us anti death. When we,
And TAT really would they'll there. In the back, what they call a green cornbread chicken. Data on a black museum I don't know what they were plan. Let all I am convinced that everyone unfriendly black and white knew what help. And they were diesel plasma. The problem of sub, above afraid of the plan that was frightened come. This all was open, like sitting right. Your face and that we will Mama look and see? all the way up walls was open. Up to the role that wishes
Thought you won't vanish rules. I tell Mommy, he won't come back. What was that? twenty nine. My too Some so now come in I don't know she. Would there. I draw down is wrong: We want to see how I see it through to carve cars parked in Lebanon, Oh you, sick. From the sea and see the hospital water, Molly was door. The boy Mamma. Do Got to the church, uniform or for her feelings. Water for the hot cask until church.
So from working on this to be Mississippi case, the Thomas I developed all the hallmarks that would become part of my later work in investigating murder. I learned. Much of what I know from this case, Europe It's really and after I started any the other work about for US chaos, so first family must form the main pillar of any investigation integra meaningful family involvement can be proof against exploitation, because its often levelled at podcast like me that you're just exploding cases to make millions tell her to my sardines. I brought my trip with me:
And, to some extent, I see family and their confrontation of darkness and potential healing that make him out of this is the main reason to do this on a really doing is true crime or whatever I core and justice can only take you so far, once your suspect is convicted and everyone goes home still have that empty space. The mill right. How do you feel about the experience working with me. The songs, astronomer carcinogen. I mean I'm not really plan this question. I never will be able to express the friendship. That we are now back I told him that he just place, job more.
What is more, these more bursting deal is amazed at that time that we came down near never were peaceful man enough to hear a modern version is a valuable piece of amazing be completion. Now you can visit to the morgue and worse than death. Died paths not read a lot worse, they were normal, David, no what is there and when they were kept this principle job more school for years after we met I tell you, will come back.
But I had made a chain. They were made sure that we want the Mississippi and had a territory twelve gay saga- they were, nobody will go to the port of prison. Real snatching are an avenue without into report of president today, I'll see you I was there, they tell you I'll put you helped produce however, may find a shoe, you produced herself the difficult
Would you like that current hunting, but otherwise our most pressing? The fact that we were able to come in here? Let people know we're too common in a bid to do a thing like this telecoms, always good girl, she's more or be about how do how people find justice untruth for themselves, but a different kind of way of looking at allegedly true and the air was not able to deal with it in this day and you get more comfortable like Doktor King GEO have available have. So how does it feel Alabama will say this to those stalls, but I learned how to do so. You don't get over. Please try. We talk about meaning you bob what we will be able to go out and do experience novice carpet. Does all that, but we never talk about. You will no doubt about what that case for your post grow. Wild live nobody. Nobody talks about. The most important thing for me is just as I was able to make something happen, that there was something that I did had some ripple effects beyond us as well, right also with other cases, other people, other journalists. Other families made me feel like there was a wave that we had formed a kind of splashed against the law to different shores. That's what's important to me, and people wanted me to do more. True crime. That's for sure the personal satisfaction of actually helping people like yourself and other family members is what makes me interested in these cases, even though they are taxing, as you know, for your own reasons, but for my reasons there taxing as well, because in every kind of Andrei remission with no just a continuous day, but we do whatever, but it has been a great job, but it does have a sense of finality to this driven got the flowers back we're coming into this grave error. It many times we are living through data would Ribby had he mumbled Brad.
Social, more the real issue at issue ok well,. You got a whole. That's your God and looking down on me. I keep failed. Calls it out and to press on Peace, Please this hope. You all recently. President John Malkovich
I will cut away social thoroughly. Lot of good work have come out of you. Do so I'll, be back. I come back, I'm all I'm having people come up here and show me the trees shuttle Bush down to sew more and more been built,
That was already there will not put up a member view on Hydra. Ok, there is also another trip.
Who have been listening to a season three bonus return. Two Mississippi Episode was recorded, live a crime con. Twenty nineteen C, B C dossier, Slash S, K S to hear how the d and more case unfolded and to see images from the investigation and subscribe to escape s on your favorite podcast app someone know something is hosted, written and produced by David Region The series is mixed by sessile Fernandez and produced by Chris Oak. You, Skin cholera time. Springer is our senior producer, our exact. Producer, is our if New Ronnie, our theme song is terrorized by Willy King. You're talking about. You talk about p lab entail,
all day, Ah, Oh my day,
law jus brow. We do brought me my law. We love me from my way. Man we, day to day, to day my way, man, we had to see you my way. We sergeant major.
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