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When a flashlight bomb killed Wayne Greavette in 1996, it also destroyed his family. Years later, Wayne's widow and adult children reunite to revisit the case and search for answers.
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This is a CBC. Podcast I don't know what have I whether or not the letter was inside the box or cuz dad opened it? I didn't see any of the packaging of the stuff that came and all he brought into the office was the flashlight and letter weighing push the a flashlight then just took me tried for shit, picked it up and get the flashlight work. Try tried it again and it didn't work. So he sat down on the couch and the bent over I was sitting right beside him when
the expulsion took place. Some tells me I longed for here. I don't know how, but I just believe I was onto the floor. Because I got up and I started to walk towards them. Then I looked into waiting and I'm gonna go anywhere else. It's a lot of damage. Halberstam air he was looking just kept thinking. He was lying near home. It was all terrorists win through Vulcan window
Neighbours is so windy and nasty that day and all I could think of him cold and it was like a blank. Get him again want to cover much to keep warm, Nobody says you are listening to someone know something from CBC. Original part casts in sea Then, for David region continues the work he started nine years ago on the wane growth that case this his episode one night. One one,
here we are I can safely say that nobody would ever find where MRS Scrivener lives this must be the place, doesn't terminal solar, doesn't work or gorgeous spot hello Diane. Our she's here, the urgency into
thousand nine. I met with Diane Growth that a widow in her early fifties to begin working with. A documentary by her husband, wanes unsolved case I've driven through a quiet area on Terrio popular with city com. Auditors and country reclusive, where birds are more prevalent than people. This is quite a spice there's only a couple. People pass me and tat are hardly ever up like their older. Really I get the whole back in pretty well much to myself a place where nobody can find her. Just the way: Diane likes it don't lie in Damascus, I've been paying due all sorts of Diana. Five foot to and has mid lacked blonde hair. There's a refreshing for forthrightness about her coupled with a friendly emotional way of talking, but I think help
certain negotiate the sadness and anger below the surface. She makes them Coffee has her cigarettes on TAT. And we had outside again down to a small lakes, Diane paddles around on an old surfboard. While I sit on a decrepit wooden dock with my feet in the water, the waters actually quite worn but you can't think in quite a ways you like here like a skilled people, such pain, and that sometimes
I got privacy galore here. Nobody to bother me nobody knows where I am good from my mind. Life in times of the girl way back in the blooming
let's just say it's lonely life pretty well, I wonder whether we would be doing today. The thing was still life, I think a lot. Actually. Where would we be doing right now? What we could be at the bar, where would we be doing, would be still be together? I think we word because I think we went through just about everything we had so much over there together as a team. He pissed me off plants, but still loved
you know. I saw the house, I put up the fifty thousand dollar reward and I moved to a little town and you know about forty that's an hour away from there, didn't know anybody. Diane had been married for twenty one years when the package arrived farm in the mail at their fair, my home in my four Ontario close to Chris, nineteen. Ninety six place. Nearest Wells Fargo still getting a gruesome discovery. At this hour, the body of a man was found this afternoon at a home in who's clinched township after some sort of an explosion inside the package. What appeared to be a gift, a flashlight, and inside the flashlight, a bomb Wayne Brevet Aged forty two
blown up, killed instantly in front of Diane Anderson, Justin, provincial police and the Well fairy are investigating what appears to be a letter bombing. Bombing. That is also a homicide. Mesdames again tat way. Tearing his whole family there see now and has boxes of files, paperwork and documents that she thinks may hold the key to what happened to win her husband like this. This is sixty four sixty five Wayne was born nineteen fifty four, so he was sad, ten years old, then
Well, I just the little guy was. He was quite the character him in school, apparently here pretty pictures I think that you know he might have had is ups and downs, but he was very smart guy. That's in their weighing brevet, never seen, but always heard from that's what they said. Weighing brevet never seen, but always heard. Diane, started dating Wayne when she was very young and was living between parents who had separated in lean, took me away From the very bad lies in, why,
When I started date Wayne when I was fifteen eyes livin with my father at that time and like we were transferred back and forth, worth and when I met weighing you know, he took me away from all you know I live was staying with my mom for awhile and thirst. This dream Guy, I remember, and so clearly and aim was lightened lean and over put his hand on my leg and wages, Ino gradual shoved unlawfully. And so I said you gotta get out of here. You know, like you have to get out of here and I ended up leave and with them the next day and that was waged lived. Other and moved into. A little place up in the together in waste. We were there, but not in I was sixteen. I was like sixteen when I left home. So by the time I was sixteen, then you know, That was when all that was going on Diane.
Buried Wayne when she was just seventeen and together they had two children, Justin and Daniele. They moved around Ontario dead following jobs in the beverage and packaging industry, molten rock would to act and then, finally, to a new place a farm near Moffit Ontario in June nineteen, six, It was a large property that held it a great promise of freshwater spring. At a time when bottled water was becoming popular. I saw you found Why was going through the paper? The local newspaper that came from act in? I was going through The real estate section and I seen being advertised that there were some piece of property with they spring water on it. So I told way- about a nice did look at there's a piece of property that brought springs on it
it's fine, the house but waned, ensure much interest in it and I ice foolish score and have a look at it. We just walked- all the way down, and then we found it right back in the boyish, and you can see all the water coming up from the ground and not, and so he got excited now and it was beautiful and I forget exactly how much he was asking for both pieces property, bad. We low bald at the end. We we got the farm and the hot springs winger vat had spent much of his life working in the beverage and packaging industry. Installing repairing and selling things like bottling lines, Capper's fillers. Palatine users and conveyor belt. He was mechanically gifted and experienced with eggs exactly the kind of equipment and know how the family would need to get
spring going Diane. Logistics and business, mind and handled the offer. As well as some installations. They worked well together and Bottled water seemed like a golden business opportunity, so it was. Right up. Our only way, you know too, the farm in the springs in what we discussed is that first we would start to bottle the big jugs first and work in the big five thousand square foot building. That was, there on the farm we plan to run a bottling line, but at first we were gonna jump, stick out one of those things right out the front line there that people could just go there and fill up right there. Only a couple people knew that we had the spring Santa. We were ah so excited and the potential with Wayne Smartness and my big mouth
I wish you know between the two of us know. Siri like we were a team, you know like big dreams and together as a family, they worked hard to get their plan going from applying for all the payment They need to installing new buildings and equipment, starting at the spring source. As tests state banks, we look through Diane's paperwork from their purchase of the farm and springs. So that's at their first thing out the property- and this is the farm. Lionesses sprang lie here and then the spring light went way back in there. We all work together to get all the piping up there, and I wondered that way back then, whether or not I really believe that somebody wanted to put a stop to us. We were
location and we had excellent water. In all honesty, I like what I feel I think somebody wanted to put a stop to us on that springs. Could the potential development of the springs into a profit powerhouse for the grew vets have had something to, do with wanes murder, or maybe something indirectly related it's a theory, curious about Wayne. This family had only just moved into the farmhouse about six months before the package arrived in their mail box or what the families arrival at the farm in the spring, only a coincidence, and here I got the reward that I had put up for weighing further fifty thousand dollars, and I went on I posted these up everywhere. Like
I point put him my at all over all the posts in that important, sir any place it. I could. Finally, although some place where there be a lot of people and there was wanes bite. Is little eight hundred and eighty three harley, and he was so proud of that thing. But the thing I know kilometers on it, but he pulled it right into the basement there. That's where she stayed for the winter. He was so excited to go, get Justin his dirt bike and Justin was in the hockey we had to have the best gear for hockey for when there is a new had her graduation under New Weenen Diane's daughter, he was very evolved. What two kids that we're doing it did yells Pierre with her horse back right I did, she was: is everything
You know his little sweetie and we spend a lot of time together Diane tears up and breaks down ass. She looks through the family papers and photos, pausing for smoke, breaks on the deck and coming back to the boxes, driven to the task she's been a primal force behind trying to keep wanes case alive she had assumed, a website built to host information about the case and provide for Tipp submission. And at one time she offered fifty thousand dollars of her own money to be added, the police reward area, oh my god look at this. Look out small you and there were just yea does Sunday.
Justin was twenty one when the explosion changed his life his mind he so traumatized by at all that, Do you know where we didn't even talk about it for many years? We didn't, I never brought it up to him. We didn't discuss it because he just went off the end and then slowly we started to be able to talk about it, and you know the frantic nine one one call Justin and his mother made that day A sense of this profoundly disturbing moment into the brain morning. What you are about to here is graphic and upsetting
no This nine hundred and eleven call that can never be unheard, was made just after one thousand two hundred and forty five p dot m, twelve. Nineteen. Ninety six. I feel sick to my stomach. We we live. We all lived here after
for a while. My mama, my sister, were quite a bit braver than I was. They stayed longer, but just being back here right now, I feel completely on edge. I feel I feel sick to my stomach. I feel pissed off now I meet with Justin and he agrees to return to the farm with me to walk through that day. Again, it's. The first time he's been back here for more than a drive by in many years. Believe, oh god, let this place go we're on a long, gravel driveway between cleared fields? That law to a modern, looking farmhouse without buildings in the distance beyond that would have here's to be the new owners, junkyard cars trucks and all manner of appliances and equipment
Elden rose around the property in the other, direction down at the main road and all style, metal mailbox the kind with her red flag on the side stands till on a wooden post. We make our Way toward it I came down here. I met the truck on the way to get diesel and I'd stopped to grab the mail I hopped out, came, I grabbed the mail and there was a package in there was dressed. My dad was close to Christmas, so think much of it hot back in the trunk. Through everything in the passenger side, all the male, the box drove to the corner store. Godson diesel came back.
Pulled up their originally went right inside. I knew my dad with work it out in the shop, but I figured if it was a gift from my mom. I wouldn't go, give it all my mom. I didn't know what it was. So why. She had basically sent me out to go. Get him. Let him know there is a gift so he came in and not just in presence has focused quick witted and weary. He's average it was an athletic build and has short almost military cropped, light brown, hair a nervous, ten belies everything about him, and it's no wonder he's never spoken publicly about his dad or the case moving back toward the house. Everything seems overgrown. We passed
the stagnant swimming pool filled with dirty water and dead turtles and frogs floating. It's not what this place used to be but it adds to the bleakness of justice memories. So I ran out to get my dad and we came in my dad and I sat down in the living room. He had opened up the package. It was like a wine box quite a bit bigger, but was wrapped in white, Robin Paper, so my dad opened it up. It was a Duracell flashlight, my dad gripped the letter and he started to taking a look through and giving it a red ass. He grabbed the letter. I kind of grub the floor like from human. I tried turning it on a couple times. When you go, I
a little shake, wasn't turning it on. So I tried to open it up, it didn't open, it seem to be either glued shut. My dad read the letter in the letter. If it's basically somebody who is looking to do business with us. During that time, I was still trying to turn the flashlight on and we actually at that point walked into the room, and my dad had to explain to my mom what it wasn't a package in my dad and I sat down radiance I bought window right there, he sat down, and I sat down to his right. My dad grabbed a flashlight He actually set it down first and said. Maybe with solar powered, like my dad got, the flashlight picked it up again and you press the
the buttons it exploded- and I don't remember, running out I'm ever- we all ran out into the kitchen and doth whence we got out there. It was all smoking in everything we do. We had no idea what was going on and we had. Nor my dad was still there on the couch back into the room. He had seen what had happened, the flush
Flight was immediately ran over and grabbed the phone and dial nine one one. My mom had taken the phone, and I went and kneeled in front of my dad and I could get see his chest moving and I thought he was still alive. So I was yelling to my mom that he is still alive and my mom was trying to relay that information to nine hundred and eleven. My mom and asked me to hop into our truck go down to the end of the driveway so that when the emergency vehicles did come that they knew where to go to when I was down there, I thought it was so real. I didn't even know what was going on anymore and I felt pain in my arm. I was wearing a work outfit and a kind of.
I didn't like its tell, but I was heard my arms nothing to serious. It seem like. I was down there forever. Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old, Raquel, o Brien ass. She had comes to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood. Sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret The seven part series includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Rico and her family as they discuss their past. For the first time, what emerged was a much larger story, here, silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast.
The emergency vehicles, came and die. I drove back up here to the house and, as we got back in their fire crew came in there. Just it seem like they were just taking no time man, we went to my mom and I were in the living room and the fire fighters came back out said he was. It was dead. I fucking world gloves Absolutely unreal being here, We ve moved up close to the house now, just a minute.
Peering through a narrow window into the room. Where are the explosion happened on the box, at the windows were the cracked everything was saw was destroyed in the room, was just absolutely filled with smoke. There is debris everywhere, all stuck in the walls and historical we covered up the body and we're after that we didn't once they reach. Sixty got your. We just wouldn't even go in there anymore. He left
as we continue to walk the property. Justin looks out over the field toward where the spring would have been more. That building is this. We had big stainless steel tanks set not there that we will come up with spring water, where more fear to work on the spring Rinaldo supplies to kind of do what we needed to do. What we didn't have no sir, with the means to go back there so easy. So we ended up having to carry everything my hand as a family. You kind of youth debts that one house that everything was great daring and for that six months of being here, everything It just seemed like there was a purpose to everything that we are doing. Everything had a good deal to it. I mean we will working hard. We were trying to achieve things and days we were.
What down, because the spring would have stopped door nowadays, got some good successes. I think this is where the mature of my family really started to bond where all working really close together, sure a strange now, though, they had happened. Our family really pull together and tried to complete the springs, because we never got them completed and die. You're, so scared, I. Why would I do that anymore?
want anything to do with any of it anymore. It's one to want to go away. I was scared. We had no idea who did this, why it was. We have no idea if it was because my dad said something wrong or if it was because business going bad or if it's somebody that was upset, because we were going to be selling water and no idea- and I was scared jealous I can understand how hard it was far too. You know for him. If one of
the emails to me was that you know just him, given it drew his dad in you know, he feels responsible. A lot of emotions came up for him if he had gone and dad would have been there and to look after us and take care of Daniele, and I he feels aligning guilt about not have been. Around in and been there for us, and I don't have any hard feelings or that it all guy went through Hell right just stated he was best. Pay was set up, really passed up there, so How do you know I had to? Let him do is able trade.
Get himself on his feet. Our lives are all falling apart in I work sword toy. Keep it all to get period us posts to be the Bob supposed to be the world's care of everything it was work, so are to try to do that. I just deeper in hall, aired wheeled everybody liked Diane tried to make a go at the spring water business after weighing died. But it was incredibly hard tat day the older than I lived there I'll buy yourself a red it everyday life insurance. So we did ass. He does. We did have nobody. He had heard. I we really worked hard to keep everything gone occurred, so I could
get any body to buy or wider, which we had beautiful for clean water, and we take a bite. Take her oh said, a lot less price that they would get it elsewhere from they still went by and large. I just thought back there was because they don't want to be involved in anything to do with us and everything to do with the Springs Ed. Whether dots wrote the industry after when I happened to wane. I'd sure had put a lot of them in different frame of mind. I take that nobody wanted to talk. Could nobody wanted to have happened to them? What happened to us and if what he thought that we ended up with all kinds of body,
life adjure than all this stuff, and we had a deal that I will know I draw we note of both the only eat that we sometimes was working for the fireplace in the Boolooroo Ed every said that ideology I bade with it to try to keep the house it we support. We really had was the police. He didn't just kill way. You know we took the part of all was a big part of me. The big heard other just didn't unluckily Daniel was it there, but never forget her scream like when they brought it to the
please stay certain and trust me. Sometimes. I wish I had just gone to because to deal with all that stuff. You know. Sometimes it would have been easier, just go because violence you all this stuff afterwards. It's not very nice big reverts the family were torn apart in the wake of wines murder over the years. The spring wins work and relationships in the beverage and packaging industry and other theories of, why this might have happened, have emerged and want to take a careful look at all of it with them. And Diane Justin and Daniel have agreed to come together to join the investigation. There's that surface,
feeling that scars could start healing just by trying, but sifting deeper through wanes past, is bound to bring unexpected results main goal right now is not really about us? I don't care what pain causes me if it means that gives us that much closer to the people responsible for that I would do anything and I would hear anything- and I would look at anything because this person destroyed us destroyed us as a family. Destroy us as human beings, our own personality and the p, but we were before that and were very Can we tolerate the way that we feel that we want somebody to have far fewer than a talent like you know, just get the fuck out of our faces. Like you know, What I mean that's what people say that they like a boat
myself any ways. People I know they'd, like our wages, get right to the point, but we all have faith in you and we'll believe in Daniele as well, like I talked with her this morning and she said mom, and I just want you to know, I'm coming there for one reason and one reason only and she goes on- That's the case, I'm hoping that it may bring the two of them closer together. There not real close those two in I'm thinkin their working together on this, may be dealing with this? Could help bring some peace I love it. I know it favours and car not too long ago, Daniele lives a plane ride away. Having moved on in her successful career years ago, we spent a lot of time.
I am speaking on the phone and it makes me feel like I know her she's been talking today. I am about personally taking part in the end negation of wines case because she won't do it without me right. But anyway, I pretty much talk with her and she said you know if you wanna, do it I'll go with you. Do we together Daniel flies in to get things started on the day she arrives Diane just in and I drive in advance to the airport. This will be. The first time in a while. The family has been together, So if it's supposed to get in at two hundred and twenty eight that means going to be in earlier, there
I am Daniel seems laid back in person in a way I wasn't expecting tall, and confidence seeming with brown. Hair and eyes she like the rest of the family has developed a mistake. Of newcomers to her life. So You came down yesterday, intentional yeah. I've done you're, probably around six hundred and thirty. I stopped at Mazda. It was her birthday, yeah, yeah, she's, looking a lot better than she always shown a lot better. I think she's breathing a lot better to joy. She seen
Soon after her arrival, I sit down with Daniele next to a river in a quiet nearby park to talk about her experience, starting with the day, her father was murdered that day I was driving around with my boyfriend, and we were driving around with coffee. And we have heard on the radio that there had been an explode and they list it off the address on the radio and I remember turning around to my boyfriend at the time and saying Jesus strangers rate by my house- the swing by there and see what all the commotion is about when we got to the edge of our road, they wouldn't let us pass you know and in
retrospect. I should have known that it was my house, but nobody figures that that sort of thing would happen to them. And we went local coffee shop that we always hung out with with our friends and the girl at the counter said to me that people were looking for me and At the same time my friends mother came in and she was crying and she was shaking in freaking out and said that I had to come with her I jumped in the vehicle with her and she was shaking shoe shaking so hard. I just kept on thinking to myself that some things wrong in you're, not telling me anything, and I still then put it together about what we have heard on the radio and what what's going on, I mean who would succeed, owing to the police station and
when I walked in my mom and my brother and my answer. My uncle's world. Sitting around the table. My brother walked up to me and he told me that my dad was gone. And didn't really sink in at the time and My my mom and my brother were not very. They weren't well, Ask them what happen. They said that somebody had sent a bomb to our house and I think that I really thought that somebody deliberately sent a bomb to our house,
until later on. I ever saw him worse than I do. Actually, I guess you know a one way. I feel that I was lucky to not be there, but sometimes when think about it in the turmoil met my brother and my mom have been through switch that I could understand that aspect of it and you know now all I can do is be strong for them, but I feel like I'm missing something because I wasn't there and Same time, sometimes sue? You conjure up things in your head: what had happened or what it was like to me there that day they could could be worse than was actually what actually happened or could be minimal compared to what happened, but you
play that out in your head and it becomes hunting. Almost I relive the way. I think it happens all the time. It is very difficult to not know. But I am sure that if you ask them it would be a lot different. I'm sure that their glad that I wasn't there it's hard to speculate because he was such a normal man and we were such a normal family. We weren't bad people, and when you think about such hatred, towards one person and towards his family is really hard to see something that he would have done to warrant that my boy, There was unable to a mouse
Believe me around the farm. For obvious reasons, so my mom and I stayed at the farm and we try to make the spring work because there was my dad stream his dream was to make us wealthy. Through the bottling water industry and my mom kind of was very focused on that and she thought that somehow you know it's almost like if we couldn't do justice for him, because the case was going nowhere that she could somehow do justice for him by getting company running and making a name for him and it was very difficult for two women. Who knew nothing about
water to try and make that work, and we were unable to We thought really hard to keep going it. It was impossible. We lost, we lost that way, but we were to verify that. Maybe there was another intended target. You know we. Nobody can promise us that Mom wasn't a target, or my brother or myself Nobody can say that you know they. They said that they thought that the target was my dad, but when you send a bomb to somebody's house where their family is You don't know what's going to happen and you don't know who who is going to be heard, and it was very hard for us to get out of our head. That's why?
why in jeopardy, and we were in danger afterwards and invade living up at the farm by ourselves very difficult. It was scary a lot of times. I don't think that I've ever been that scared and probably will never be that scared again in my entire life, Ernest time. My sister and I get off our asses and stop running from it. Try to do something about it, ourselves, it's not an easy decision, because you shot this often your life to the best of your ability every December at socks, every birthday it comes back I think, just in and I have come to points in our lives where we don't want to ten years from now. I think we could have done something more. My dad deserves
justice. At the end of the day, he was a person that lived and he lived a good life and he was good to his family and he deserves somebody to speak up for him because he can't do it for himself, but I think that some money know something and they can come forward with that. Little piece of information that would help us go on with our lives in let him rest in peace for once. You know want justice for my dad, but I want justice for my mother and I want justice for my my brother. Daniel, unjust and our thoughtful and methodical not being present at the x, Closure may have saved Daniele from some of the after effects of her fathers murder, but she, Justin an Diane have all spent the intervening years playing endless,
through the scenarios but may have led to that fateful day. I'm not sure what he's been involved in I'll do what caused all this, and I know that neither the kids that neither do anything wrong. He don't. We were death this will it ever. What can I say that I have heard what ever take he was evolved is something that would hurt us as a whole, That's the whole thing that I haven't understood. We started to look at some of what we'd was. Do it at that time, like yellow there before I saw the telephone at dawn
but take any calls a dead. You don't t do really what is there anybody yet all at that time just figured. It was the pressure put on the springs and they try to deal with the costs. Where's, that weren't so happy that he was get the job stud ed afterwards, I went through it all with the police. They were put two and two together, I'd say that they believe that way. Do something was wrong. What I did understand is more. If we do so was wrong, why would they be before I can start looking into the theories who why are was theirs, Something Wayne wasn't telling his family. I want to talk to police and follow the trail of the package.
Photos from the crime scene show a grey metal mailbox decorated with a red ribbon for the holidays. At the end, the farmhouse Lane way there was early any snow on the ground that mid December of nineteen, ninety six and the family. Hadn't been their long but some one knew their address some once hands types. The letter someone's fingers wrapped that package someone's arms lifted it to be delivered to wane gravel. You have been listening to episode, one nine one, one, visit CBC dossier. Slash escape ass to see photos of the grove at family.
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