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S4 Episode 4: D & L

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A disturbing piece of information about Wayne's past is revealed and the Greavettes meet one of the people mentioned in the death letter.
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This is a CBC podcast. tat at at me. Added to David in their cards from CBC ambition as if a good time, wherever after receiving at Gaelic juniors Facebook message, I arrange to speak to him by phone at junior lives in Western Canada, so it will take some more power. Turning to actually get him in person. But having among the line was a good opportunity to ask a few preliminary questions. In carbon neutral, pretty well right, I know very well you. I grew up with a mighty. Like my dad on that point I mean with my dad related with way, and that was the sun. Their enemy my body a very long time, but I mean Sergio that family back then with all uncles and brother than
only the I'd always drink any other party, and I mean you couldn't separate. Ok, I asked get Junior for his thoughts on wanes murder. When that happens, I was shocked I shall give I didn't know we all that well tat. We ve been waiting, disconnected grow up because you gotta understand that when I was doing I left surge right and I go to my own business and all that and I let my dad and well that's some years after we left he's been begun and I knew it was you hear the industry. I know its people do that. They got that new play Fair America in the spring lard my new, even a machinery that work and we'd run into each other. That thing I guess, I'd I'd driven by the house. While the pretty place we all know what happened: outboard away, a junior speaks quickly and with a bluntness that reminds me of his father Both of the ads were considered persons of interest by the police.
They might have been thinking I by air how many times the declaration in how much Dep wise, Deep, like somebody like you get your men if you're not on my door, either way often dominated away up. I have been in a circle for years. At that point, I'd say I barely even knew where we lived at that point, do you have any interest in coming on camera? I can help towards european data that I can't believe nothing than you know. You are listening to someone know something from CBC original pod inside
he's in for David Region, continues the work he started nine years ago on the Wane brevet case. This is episode for DE and l What a nasty dado right up here, so one partner as DR destroyed by a couple times, you can drive standard at all. No, I can't drive you home, maybe intervention we have on the highway, not refer now to eat or drink in real. Do
the class after speaking too little lead on the phone. And making plans for a more formal interview with him. Diane I searched for old friends and acquaintances who might be able to help with wings case recording audio and driving manual is difficult, so Diane has offered to take the wheel. Three on the train. Drivers rude also got a rowing following a raven grave season, proportional at the mall,
Diana and I are out looking for a man named Richard lap rates at lap rise as fragile but trucker and used to attract a lot of stuff around forest like machinery and equipment, and he was over at our house- lots you know, he'd go and have beers with the guys like any way. The whole gang from surge they'd all go drinkin and Richard is this again is another one of these guys them. I know some Richard is mentioned by several people we ve spoken to as someone I should talk to. Leaped was Never at the farm. According to Diane, some have said he bears a resemblance to one of the sketches of the two men asking for wines address at the act and post office, but that doesn't mean much. If anything,
He people I've spoken to have different opinions of who the sketches may look like You know you from Mennonite family, or he was raised by a minute. I will talk to any these people, since it happen guys, I know I don't want to call my mom. I don't want anybody to know where I live for nothing about me. Man like I get going on this long snow closure. At a time when think about everything that the police have checked in two we're. Probably talking to someone people that they may have already talked to a hundred times, and I ask my doubtful. What more would we get out of them? Then aiming to, please already got right wedding, that many years later that maybe just something comes up. You know
Diana and I couldn't find Richard laugh, but I kept trying recently. I was able to find an address for left, but the fresh on crack snow surrounding the place every time I visit suggests that no one actually lives here.
Mid December sluts snow on the ground is twenty. Seventeen week before Christmas have come down to the same Southern Ontario town, where I was looking for Richard LAB before he worked in the beverage and packaging industry. New Wayne and some people have said that he may have something to say or now here's the hearse didn't appear that anybody was living there. Last time I was here and that looks like the case now see any footsteps in the snow,
The package delivery slip here for richer lab and seemed to be answering the drawings, no footsteps, except for mine, leading up here. I dont think Richard Lapse living here, but his mail goes here so I sent him a courier letter about have yet to receive a response. I am hopeful that the pod cast of this case will rise. Each the right sort of years if you know anything about Wayne or his case, please get in touch or keep looking for Richard Laugh, luckily, there are others to find and speak to light the two surge employees mentioned by name in the letter. You did some work for a company I was with a few years ago although you won't remember me, LISA
and your delivery man, Joe most likely will We believe that the letter writer named to people we knew to love him and a false sense of security but if the murderer knew of Joe and LISA was the reverse, so also true. Did they know of the murderer, Joe you ever Jos Land, maybe I've got teach
but even the final were whenever I believe the teachers are now really Jos, given name, I discovered later, is actually Giuseppe, but everyone calls him Joe each UK. Where did he give you to live on that fish farm and then move somewhere? I dont know where he lives the lads. Commissioner, you will find them. There was a fish farm next door to the groove, its farm house, where Joe happen to live in a trailer, live on the fish farm property before you move their gap,
You never tell you about spring property. Did he ever tell you about it before he saw the otter? Now I will only just going through the paper sit meant that we can act in an app and fear ten advantage. I very thorough create thing I mean being that we were all involved in and rigorously and very coincidentally, nobody left there like her, and he was also one of these guys mentioned in the known where police say that it was just a coincidence that Joe lived so close and was also mentioned in the letter, and that there was nothing untoward about fear that he had a trailer and that their and Gatt now. But he didn't tell us about the property at all, but it is where that they would mention you. But you know there again. You know he worked for Herrick Andy work for DNS. You know how to get a delivery, guy's name already, a railway while less you know it's hard to say, but he was a great guy. He was dry. Verity would get her up to their places. Then you know he was a good man and I hope is well. Ok, Josiana tough one to find so if anyone the audience for members or knows, Giuseppe Jos teacher sought it
please Writer, said ass, K S and then there's LISA, who spells her name. L e g s a differently than how it appeared in the letter ally I essay a LISA worked for Wayne and add at surge and all became close with Diane? I got to be friends then she started coming over lots and then we always go every year for girls weekend where a bunch of US girls would go away and tat. She was my very close friend at that time. We did everything together. In fact, when the governor began their own company, it was called. Do you know, equipment, Locators D for Diane and Ill for LISA, and it was called DNS for her to come and be.
Part of this company. Could she is my best friend and I figured will all do it together like when weighing got let go from surge after whatever happened over there? You know I went out that we thought the company registered in did it in. DNA but board after wins, murder and the subsequent police investigation. Diane discovered that there was more to wane and leases relationship just goes to show you don't know, people do Ye Wayne turns out had an affair with LISA for years I just toys really disappointed to find out. Apparently I guess set you. She had been messing with Wayne since she started at surge. In Milton from what I understand, and then I guess she carried it on when
tat. We were in acting Jean spent a lot of time at the house. She was always at the house. I started getting a little pissed off with Wayne because of his foot. Anxiousness weather and saw them Wayne and I started argue a little bit in regard to it. I was liking. How things look then he just thought it was just you know, although like always waste than this time over some so trivial, Alina late, so stupid, right and police discovered that LISA wasn't the only woman Wayne had affairs with while It was Mary to Diane, I mean I knew him since eyes. Fifteen, like twenty three years we were together. And by the sounds of it to me from what the police he was a very active man out there, with a lot of other women. So I just like him where he found the time to do it. For Christ's sake, plague at first I was the stated actually, I felt like a real twit. To be honest with you, I like how could-
all that go on in may not know and then You'll find out all these things, and you think that you knew somebody so well, and yet you didn't No them really and sometimes Sunday ticket come on, it would be the next morning. He would walk through the door. Is excuse would be that he had too much to drink and state over at summits plays lots of times there. I question that you do baby he was messing around ed. He said to me, Why would I take that chance? He said I ve got you with the kids. Do you really think that give all this up. Just for the with that woman. That's why I don't understand, as that he had like each time the police will call me and say what do you know this girl, or do you know this girl and Branford? And you know
wayne- had a thing going with her in one time nearer the police had said to me. They called me. Regards to this girl and Branford an apparently way had stayed there for a couple weeks and what I was told was that he confided in her that he had a problem and so now I mean in their dig into my. What do you mean? Like you mean he told her early, wouldn't tell me his own, why you like? I came home from the police station? and you know I was my eyes out- and I found my girlfriend and I found and girl. I knew because I wanted to find out who out steady. It was almost like he was like a predatory was spreading on my girlfriends, so I thought My girlfriend, I says I just come back from the police station and I told her about Lee sign. I said I got ass, you I said: did he come on to you too?
and you didn't say anything for a minute and then nice like did he come on to you too, and she said Diane? I don't wanna talk about it on the farm. She said, I think you know I'll, grab her husband and will come up together and she said what I'll have to explain it to him first, so they came up both of them What she told me was that she was lying in bed and weighing had come in there and crawl. Then beside her and started to neck with her and then she realized it was waiting and told them to get there. Allowed or whatever that's all she said, I dont know if it ever went further than that could Wanes affairs have had something to do with his murder thinking that we think in it's all there springs and everything, but then I also think that maybe it's a part whether so jealous husband and the husband.
I doubt that wins been after did these girls and I talked with the police and not about it because they said like. Maybe if he's excuse my phrase fuck that many girls in one of their husbands found out. For a I: do my life was way I loved him, and you know what
Does he was a really nice guy? Sometimes he was it all very. He was very dominating tat. He could hold. My lies at a pretty. Well told you what I could do it, what I could do, but he was a good father. He was a good has been at the top ten. So much like he was so smart because we were a team at how I looked out. It's always we were a t, went through a real bad depression there and I'm working on it. I just thought that maybe I was such a bad way, everything else
That is why we would ask do all this stuff to blame myself for bread and took a real person for awhile, because they interested undressed kid. You do the end tat so bad and weed but another feel sorry for pay southward. Nothing That said, I had a light fit. It was to the way you do it, even if it was miserable. Sometimes it was bride by weight choice to be there. Somebody took that choice away from me, the air they took her there waiting. From all of us really. The news of wings affairs though difficult to hear
hasn't deterred the family search for the truth. Behind his murder Daniele question detective COM Paul Johnson about this area of investigation. Team that that's the area that you have the least amount of information on is his affairs yes, we ve got weaker bankers. Ass is full of business vectors and we now business is business related. We have the files, we can walk, we can go on talking to people, but the private science life. The site is lacking to himself will have any information, but are they say you guys would have fun? it, because obviously you know that he had affair. So you would know that somehow by people who have come forward and said that they had affairs with him. So we have talked so yeah, The potential morning,
that's the case and what we're hoping for is for somebody to come forward and someone needs to come forward. Even if confidentially police say they investigated all the affairs they knew of to no avail, but maybe there There is one out there didn't know about. Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old, Raquel, O Brien, as she attempts to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret, the seven part Series includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Rico and her family as they discuss their past for the first time, what emerged was a much. Larger story. Here, silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast.
Guy passes, shrubbery and and just decide to visit LISA to talk for the first time of the case and about her affair with their father front or side How do you know as I go with you, I was here what we think we know if we would have come diva daily, Phronsie Artie, around LISA shorter, with curly blonde hair, sleeveless d
pictures and hoop earrings and perfectly manicured nails she invites us into a kitchen for a chat. I'd like you to speculate like what would be The direction you would say I want to say it like. I'm scared of saying the drug part is always smoke was don't like pot. Because I, At one point, maybe Richard had something because he was the driver. I don't know about right. Richard Richard? Something happened. Orchard letter yeah me ray, Richard Lap, the man Diane and I were already looking for, comes up again and an coworker of wanes someone to try talking to Justin asks about another name that has also come off at Gaelic Junior. Also known as little Ed or Eddie. What about little laugh
very bad habit. Like you, a very bad way, I just didn't work together. They fought along in the quotes and pricing weighing monitor their rooms, a certain way and courageous did at his wife. Were there any major confrontations between yeah yeah? no, no physical, yeah. They they had good fights in that building I do know that when it came by Wayne it didn't matter about which took over the socially the last time when things start to get going. This year. The term here just Daniel ask about the odd behaviour that Senior says he witnessed in Wayne and how Wayne seem to change at work
I I found you don't got ways: lazy, for sharing he was having trouble answering Fallon SR one day. That goes with it, a lazy lawyer, but You know I was there always are people never angry to you? Oh yeah, yeah angry because even returns house, it was always vote. First before doing the job we're on the fifty four and fifty four already ten meaning that DNS would ask for a fifty percent of payment up front before it Rob commenced, then forty percent, upon delivery and then final? Ten percent. Thirty days later, at gaily, said that in some cases we would take that fifty percent payment and not complete the job so you will take the D. Just not let me just like you gave up yeah. I gave up then
That's why? I guess I know you did sell things and pocket it yes about. We forget what he would have brought it there. He would have done it on the side and better results through search reporter I'll know it wasn't, even though it would be on his own. It was you just do cash came on I don't know who you deal with Canada. Mouse whipped will really talking only do I was silent. I know, but I know like maybe five thousand it wasn't big huge amount that cuz your dad wasn't greedy. I he just wanted money for the family and basically not with the boat at best friend outside maybe things that he didn't want to tell us why we didn't talk about things were
he was always doing business. I mean yes, he would pick me up and go to someplace. You would drop me off and pick me back up, so I wouldn't be seen or I do night like a place that was broken down so see? I thought about it, you guys and see its unfortunate cause. I pray from the downright so whenever they did after I had broken my wings, I've lost. I want a year or two years, How did you find out when I came home and there was a sergeant detective card on my front door really I didn't know you were asking position after My friend or two ways in the house,
what was your eyes for ass light with us? Oh very, intense it as I apparently rocky was the jaws boyfriend and I was jealous. That's where it came a rocky a trucker had also been seeing LISA. Play by then I was rocky a night like I broke strings from your parents, so whatever they did like that's totally up to them right, you know, text without rocky Guy Gimme knowledge of where he might be interested talking the charter a longer since cross country, What are you saying rocking prohibition signal? why would he leave me with that eight page letter saying that he's having an affair with the lady down the street? Why would rocky be jealous of Wayne? if Rocky was also seeing. Somebody on the side today
They grow you pretty hard did you know, I don't know yeah yeah, I see a horse or you work absolutely no reason why wouldn't lie when night not discouraged, called heroin, my have other just for DNA. Lisa also says they took rockies dna by plucking, his hair. Just
then turns the conversation back to win. The letters were once you have them try. We would like to take a look at them and there's gonna be letters with you when you find out that you're gonna say scrapper, because they see this range of luck right, we're how I found knowing that your dive was gone and how you guys must have mister. I feel like this big. I thought that secret, but never ever ever come about answering it happened, but I'm sure I'm, as you know, I'm not the only one absolutely and just break it off. Somebody else LISA is open and helpful. Even though in the wake of wanes murder. She was and remains frightened her name
Was in the letter Finally, I will as we can. You're talking LISA, remember something else why Look I won't get outta this way. My computer. I have that old. Two hundred and eighty six, I don't know either pull it out and see. What's on the police us this year it's a long shot. But if there are files on that ancient computer from least days at certain DNS, maybe they'll, be helpful to police were not upset with you for that stuff. That was dead. So we just like us
Thank you very much to see you, like, I don't say, is frustrating waiting, twelve and a half years and one of the aspects, even the police, think could possibly be ass, his affairs stuff. Yet after twelve and a half years they would ask her. Five year affair. Whether or not he wrote letters or check UR computer or check to see if she had a typewriter. Possibly like I mean just it's me: it's free. But LISA is unable to find the letter. She thought she had found, father and son Oh Diana decided that she too would like to visit LISA on her own,
if she can draw more information out of her. That could help the case. Way to go, see LISA yeah courses pads, it's gotta, be downright I'm looking forward to it, but in one or more with that, because I want to get this case solved, tell you what you gotta do rain, I'm ready for any ways. Don't worry. I won't freak out on her well Now here goes
side? Don't worry hell, no stranger to high either ragged, I oh, my god. We ve arrived at leases and early evening down. You know really. We need your help, so we were hoping that maybe you could sit with us for a couple minutes. Would you mind? Ok, that's great, not as awkward is predicted, at least on the surface. Enough. Time has gone by that Diana LISA are able to begin delving to win the past and the case almost right away. Thus, when we were everywhere together We did everything together. We went everywhere together we knew How each other was feeling We were sisters
if you don't mind me asking how Who did it to end up being with you away like hounded. All that address did he He was the aggressor towards that day. Just remember Dean Member, my boyfriend yeah. He made me break off with them new year's eve. When I went up tat now, France was so mad and then every time- came over. I'd have to hide the car in the garage version. She was gonna, fire me, oh yeah and I need that job losses as the Wayne was angry, that she was also seeing a man named dean and that Wayne wandered to break up with dean or way what fire her leases as because she needed the job she complied and broke up.
With dean. I dumped him on the phone, and that was never saw him again. Never call them never saw nothing never ever again, and we made today, not least the says she finally broke things off with Wayne. But now until she had already left DNS. According to LISA Wean, didn't take it very well. I thought he was lazy. The cap funding. I went into the phone. Can I wonder at the door? He was not happy in an hour long without a ban before heap castaway. Do you? Do you think that you broke off? now, because I broke it off I had last year now because I got laid off it was Then, when I said that this is enough, I have can, with my yet- and I had said that
it's over. I can't do this anymore. No, no, I would say of ninety percent LISA says she ended her relationship with DNS and following that, with Wayne and may or June of ninety ninety three or ninety ninety four, but they sporadically don't touch and least even visited the farm property once in ninety. Ninety six Diane continues talking about wins behaviour around the time of the farm purchase and after moving in and I know that when we bought the farm Wayne had been quite depress prior to die and miserable, he wasn't very happy you know and then, when I had found the springs and presented him, what that first, he had no interest and then I got him in mind to go for a drive and go over there and take a look at it will. Then you know he was all key
gap against Diane didn't learn about wanes relationship with LISA until after the murder investigation began in the wake of wanes December. Ninety ninety six murder, the chances of the two of us ever ever getting together at back. Then I find it jumped out here. We are unable to sit on the same couch and talk about a man that we very much cared for, which obviously you did too, but I won t break things many many times. Many many of you wouldn't let me what do you mean you? Wouldn't let you just kept coming over and kept criminal. Did he ever get physical with? No, never never qualified early times were now on Amazon of island. No, that's not necessary. You knew how we treat me some to all her, but he wasn't via no not fly later that while he had, but he didn't leave lark. Sir stuff, like I you know, I mean I fight at a good few shots man. He didn't know that no oh Jesus man yeah,
not thrown out of the house. I got so many things, but you know one. It was just. He was the only man I ever knew. I loved him. You know it. He was my everything and Yeah. I got smoked a couple of times. It's in the past. Now only want closure from me and my kids. I don't give a shit now anymore, because I've heard so much about always relationships is not a big deal anymore. It's hurt my big time, but you re now just want closure, you know, and I want to move on and so do the kids and we need. We need how, ok. Diane's visit with LISA comes to an end and, as we draw if away way its clear I heard it has been honor
I'm taking that I'm really I don't have to say Oh I didn't really. I don't know how I feel like this, We drive to Diane's home in silence. Investigations like this one bring for. Information that can be unknown pictures in your head You cannot on sea revelation about people, you thought you knew that for or change you and its through this process. That cases must be approached by family members,
like wilfully walking through an unmarked minefield, the aggravates keep moving forward, but stepping carefully and I can see that part of the reason is that they need to do this. It says much about freeing themselves. As it is about anything for Wayne you have been listening to episode for DE and AL visit CBC dossier. Slash S, K S the crime scene photos and to find out how to submit a tip to the part cast. You can also join our listener community on Facebook and twitter and be the first to hear about new content,
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They were gone. Ok, we're ready will be interesting to see what these guys on this computer all birds, evidence The money we're here to see Paul Johnson, Everything releases computer here, and this is the computer she used back during the time she was written. Yeah maybe
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