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S5 Episode 3: Helen Betty Osborne

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Another young woman was brutally murdered in northern Manitoba in 1971. But unlike the Brown case, a perpetrator was eventually brought to justice. What can be learned from the Helen Betty Osborne case?
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This is a CBC podcast, the following Programme contains mature, subject, matter, listen discretion is advised, you are listening to someone know something from CBC part casts in season. Five David region travels north to Thomson Manitoba to investigate. Nineteen. Eighty six murder of carry brown this is episode. Three Helen Betty Osborne strove several kilometers out of the PA down some gravel roads, unmarked side. Until you come upon it
there's nobody else around the end of the day, cloudy There was no markers at all. That would indicate that this is the way to the memorial for Helen, but he Osborne Look it up online. There's gps coordinates here where the memorial was laid and is walking up to here, the concrete structure, in Clearwater Lake Provincial park. Here, a northern Manitoba, here we are bronze plaque embedded in the rock there, some pennies around at some sweet grass at the top in theirs.
Trivedi Helen Betty Osborne July 16th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two to November 13th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one This plan is in memory of Helen Buddy Osborne who died at a young age of nineteen Betty it and at school here at Guy Hill Residential School in nineteen, sixty nine our two attending Margaret Harbour Collegiate Institute in the palm in October, over here this another rock that rock is his guy indian Residential School, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight to nineteen. Seventy nine. Is the sight of. And then this Horace residential schools,
but the canadian government forced aboriginal peoples into Helen buddy was killed in November of nineteen seventy one and the first dressed in hellenes case came in. Tobin, eighteen. Eighty six just before carry on Brown was killed in Thompson and the second arrest and Helen Body Osbornes case came the same month after carry, was killed. Coincidental! Ok, the island. you ve seen the movie Dave,
think I d long time ago, either to traverse referring here too a conspiracy of silence, tv series made by c, b c and ninety ninety one about the murder of Helen Betty Osborne that murder scene still bothers me out there on the in the woods. I watch the movie this past year in it. It really bothered me that scene of him killing her clearly its it takes me to carry in some way shape or form an Frances, we went through the memorial is pretty lonely place out there and the other thing support important. I think it's important to remind people but Helen Body, and I think it's important when thinking about your sisters case cause cycle. It can be broken. People can know. Who did it and still not talk, but then, eventually, you can break the silence right and you can get the truth. So you can just imagine
the average citizen who isn't involved directly, but has second hand, information, perhaps even first hand, information on who did it and just The only reason they don't come forward. I know for a fact way. Those that do know I've never come forward is fear at the end of the day. That's it there's nothing. There was no other way around its fear. Whenever the fear is, and who knows what kind of fear it is, but it's fear and that's it- you have to build willing to walk through that until you're willing to walk through that nothing changes. I don't think He always so many years later, to was sir. What was shameful there fifteen years later, you know that justice started to happen in this case and in what shameful about that case in the pause, how many and want to get involved? eyes a town in Northern Manitoba about four our drive from Thomson and Couldn't you bother to share because they thought someone else would say would do it they wouldn't have to if want to be brought into court
they don't want to be labelled as a rat, whatever wrath really flock I want somebody who knows the story of how somebody Osborne to give me the story. Because of the pressure of air safety a nosegay urban ascii from there. Everyone ascii, who is Eastern Thomson but worked in the past. It was a dormant Kay it's like an early eighties. He live picked up the file on that. Nothing had happened, I've already met with Robert Bob Urban ASCII about his work on carry browns case in the nineteen nineties, urban US, He wasn't our sea MP officer based out of Thompson in the early nineteen eighties and his main clay. The fame is actually his work on Helen, Buddy, osbornes, murder.
Urban huskies, largely credited for reviving hellenes case and getting it into the courtroom. It ain't gonna go to my place. I can change or done here I want to hear from urban ASCII himself his version of the story about how and why He went about re investigating, Hellenes murder, maybe that along with his familiarity with carries case can help Trevor and Jim and I in our own quest, but first Norway House and the people who knew Helen Betty Osborne best serve arrived at the fairy for Norway House, the Sea of James, Norway, house, cable, ferry fatigue and Norway have cable fairy daily service, twenty four hours, departures every fifteen minutes, so the fairies
pulls itself along a cable. This is my first visit to Norway, House Cree nation warehouse. Betty Osborne was born and raised the small car harry I'm honest crossing the Nelson River, which flows out of lake when a pig Norway houses on the Eastern Bank of the Nelson further, the road and about three half hours drive from Thompson. God's leg, nasty, sixty gods over three ten Oxford House. To six I didn't know you could drive the gods like narrows. Maybe it's a nice wrote, that's beautiful here, it's beautiful because of the trees the life in and around the rivers and swamps, and to me, feeling of openness. That's are defined in the south. Okay, so here we are coming into. Norway's
welcome to Norway has coronation, and God we trust in this big pointer boats on sort of blue splash, Blue Rock Bali, Top of sign is a system kids walking with books and stone schools over the large school they are coming from constructed in two thousand. For It goes from kindergarten degrade twelve and his name's. The Helen Buddy Osborne Resource Centre I don't really want, go running around us all. My record. Everyone targets for the proper dispensation to do that
thirdly morning pressure. This is the band office up here since the band office. Ok, good! Looking for Darlene Osborne, yes this fund is how I see that darling is on her way, Olga Great yeah, Leslie, I'm taken into the circular room where the Band Council conducts meetings at a monolithic table in the Middle EAST, The edges on the walls, art and photos? from the community featuring eagles and wolves. I see the pointer boats or york boats as they are called
were used in the early days of the European Free Trade on the Nelson River and lake. When a peg hello, our last meeting mentioned. It means you, darling. Osborne is banned, counselor and a major force behind the two thousand for Amnesty International report called stolen sisters, looking into missing and murdered indigenous women, her husband John Helen Buddy, osbornes, first cousin, council, Osborne arrives with a friend named Marian. Hello, Marion, stillness, that's Helen Betty's, cousin. Thank you for coming. Both women are sixty four darling, as taller with shoulder length, dark, hair and glasses wearing a blue blouse with a dream, catcher embroidered on the shoulder
and Marion, shorter and older seeming, also and glasses, with shorter wavy, dark hair wearing a green raincoat over a light. Blue jacket played as yet let's go see, yard office One is evident. His warm and quiet. Here we into darlings office, I'm struck immediately. By a wall, size, quilt, half, yellow, half blue, with a giant turnover in the middle circle. A brave sweet grass, with five feathers along the bottom around the quilt, photos of sixteen young women. Of the missing or murder from northern Manitoba and four of them from Norway House. For not how somebody osbornes photo is prominent near the centre at the top written and giant, yellow letters, never forgotten
the centre in red, missing and me murdered aboriginal women are formed. Girls from house standing here but sir, my granddaughter here. And this is another one from Norway House clodded iceberg still considered as missing, these are the other ones from all were Manitoba Geese just a few pictures that we could never forgotten that's good, seems like a lot of missing women and murdered women s Manitoba Helen buddies up there Felicia Solomon Osborne very well said the plaudits Osborne title
The list of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada is long and sickening Felicia Osborne Aged sixteen disappeared in March, two thousand three from one a peg, her remains were pulled, from the Red River a few months later, Hilary Wilson Eighteen, was last seen alive and the north end of Winnipeg on August nineteenth, two thousand nine, body was found in a field the next day, clodagh born disappeared in Winnipeg at the age of twenty one in July, two thousand eight. She has never been found. Three osbornes up their users. Must be a big family name in Norway is, and they are all related darling and Marion move into talking about their friend and Cousin Helen Betty November third Nineteen, seventy one this when they did this her body
outskirts of the poor man. I told my letter clear water lake- cuz. I remember we avert forbid to go into the power we were afraid upon period, because what had happened because we were afraid what happened to her Betty was in the people on the reserve, but it was the town area that I was always afraid of and then when that happen, they had mass lay inquiry at that time. Nineteen. Eighty eight, the and government, created the aboriginal justice inquiry. It was the response, wants to Helen Betty, Osbornes murder, seventeen years earlier, as well as the nineteen, the death of a man named J J Harper, who was shot and killed by when a peg police query investigated how racism played a role in the cases and in broader canadian
society, I knew Helen Betty when I was young so after that, when I had a very was some discovered- tat the many years to find out the killers were or hold a killer was and I remember the time when MRS Osborne and other people went think it was in Vancouver when they went and met one of them one of the men did this to Helen Betty Dwayne John said. I think it was doing Johnson they met one on one and he did a pause ties to her and the family. Of course, MRS Iceberg you know, what a very kind one She accepted the apology
and if you knew MRS Eyes Bernier Noise, who was she suffered? Silently because what happened to her daughter Nothing came out of it and those other men that were in a car with Dwayne Johnson. I think they got away. They got away with, just laying Johnson that served. The inquiry was not acting as a trial to determine guild so they're, fine, things are not proven facts. Here's. A summary of what the inquiry was told. In December nineteen. Eighty seven, sixteen years after hellenes murder, oh between Johnston. One of the four men who were involved was convicted. He was, then to life imprisonment. James Odin was acquitted. Lee Collagen
received immunity for his testimony against both Johnston and Houghton. And the last man Norman Major who was allegedly drunk but present at the time, wasn't even charged I don't know if they served because you know we're trying to I guess it was Helen. Betty was forgotten, nobody cared what happened so when these guys finely were were known, that it did this too then Betty. I don't even know how many years doing, Johnson served it or a few years, not very long Dwayne Johnson served only ten years of his life sentence and was released, in October ninety ninety seven, you knew she was
so many times she was such a sweet little girl, like you know it was very brutal. The way we lost her at all less were in high school at tat time. Marian like Helen, went to guide here the same residential school in the pass and you went to the one I hear were are- and I went to school together there was about sex. One of us from Norway House. I remember that day when the first slowness, Sir Justine Aspirin, said We have a any citizen, look after my little girl for me of you been interviewed about how and buddy before have you ever talked about her before they asked me, but I didn't want to this about three or four maybe three times- and I said no-
remember that morning, when she got murdered, I see my landlady crying Marian, come down here and as yours crying and they didn't tell me what is going on and then ass was standing. There said like to ask you a few questions about what we'll talk in that part of the amendment to the police state. Tonight that time and this started asking me, do Helen Betty and I said yeah- that's my friend my covered so did I mean this wrong and then can you by what she wore out night. So I started a terrifying, her stuff and it s, you started started, showing me I'm pictures what they did to her That's my black! Don't I guess that's how I found them.
So the police showed you pictures of Helen. They showed us pictures shots at the clothes with the her boots and nerve fast and stuff, like that it What did you find? What you are that night here soon after they found her body? Did you see Helen Day? She disappeared. Yeah. We actually seen her arm tat night. We are all down town clear all allowed with them. Sky, no, while intoxicated sorry to say, but We were all bringing that evening that we can't she was. To them. I forget how she was what she was with somebody else. A friend that guy says to her I'm gonna take her home. Now he says So what
After that I must have been about tat. Third eleven o clock. At evening we Siena after that we all gathered at this. Cafe we used to go to Well said he said by the last time we senior. What you saw, the fellow that Sir I'm gonna take her home was that one of the men that was arrested later, no, no, no, no stuff red when thereby schoolmates. I don't know I really lap and what I heard he sat. He didn't A right to know where she is the goal of this. You see the go somewhere or something like that. Instead of taking right on the door This woman wrote a book about tat, but- She wrote a nurse not true that LISA priest yeah, so macbook MA am
Some areas where she said we went then parted in a shack where we burnt a shot down will never happen, and there was a lot of stuff in their. She wrote. I don't know she got her information from the residential scholars severe that clear later, but further down to who the plunder the little boy that found her body endless chasing a rabbit or something that bump house sort if a body they dragged through there, Sudan in boys stumbled in the body. The memorial that's. There are now the big concrete memorial ass aside other school, ok! Yes, I was there I stopped here. We are now to be kind of residence. He went there. We went there. We were therefore to two years: So what was residential school likened the par three?
Never was never a good question record question: you, never incidental school Hill was open from nineteen. Fifty eight to nineteen Seventy nine and during that time, was run by Catholic missionaries. The decree language was banned at the school and brutal corporal punishment and sexual abuses, The indigenous students at the hands of faculty were common I remember we ran away from their main, daddy and now who, by service, we ran away and now I don't know trying to bomb, but I remember I will arouse city in the camp fire at night sitting on a pencil branches to warm up, and we can hear these words and we support the dragon factors: what's worse, the wolves, the school.
Otherwise we run away and now one time in those in far from that, what they used to be cabin Sorry Your wider link. And right we in away and start getting hungry. So we look. Cupboards how we define those dried macro region. Thirdly, the evening news, but did we ever get a strap after when we got back? You know a strap made out a metal in the middle hit. You area in our hands on their hands swollen eyelid. How many these it was always you and Helen Runaway NEWS about for violent S. Heart beat Other stuff, I know I do remember tolerable we in times and bad times and health.
Helen Betty and Marion transferred to another school on the PA. That was integrated with non indigenous students from the town, those sky- sad were involved in a murderer. I think it was, Dwayne Johnston uses it? in front of us in the classroom for them. Real brought in this room. Thing is Dwayne or one of those guys. These from Venus, named glasses, us that's cool yeah that market Barbara Collegiate, only when the skull and their use all the savages you dirty ideas and stuff like that, You guys are so. Why are you in a classroom for but Herod was smart use of very creative person. Every intelligent here she was sent MA. Am she used to sue. You need not be a doctor, a teacher or a lawyer romanian here, but there are lots of raises
that school, where we went to The feeling in darlings office is one of tension, mixed with emotional release, the experience as our raw and horrifying the murder, cold, heartless and brutal here's the findings verbatim. Of the aboriginal inquiry for what have And Helen Betty Osborne on the night of never Four slash! Thirteen in seventy one. The description is graphic while walking along third street in the PA on that call Saturday morning, Betty Osborne was accosted by four men in a car, Paul Hoddan, who is driving? Stop the car and TWAIN Johnston out attempting to convince Osborne to go with them to party she told them: but she did not wish to accompany them. She, then was forced
into their car and driven away the car. Osborne was assaulted by Cargan and Johnston as Odin drove Johnston, ripped at her blouse and Lee Coggan, grabbed at her breasts, in spite of hers, dreams and attempts to escape Osborne was taken to a cabin belonging to Houghton's parents at Clearwater Lake at the cabin she was pulled from the car and beaten by Einstein: while the other stood watching and drinking wine, they had stolen earlier Osborne, continued destroy go, and scream because her assailants were afraid they might be heard she was forced back into the car and driven further from town to a pompous. Next to the lake. Least some of her clothing was removed by her assailants in the car at the pump potion, was once more taken from the car by
one or more of her assailants and the beating continued close. Those which had not been removed earlier were taken from her wearing only her winter boots. She was viciously beaten and stabbed apparent. With a screwdriver more than fifty times her face smashed beyond recognition. The evidence suggests that, two people than dragged her body into the bush. Her clothes were hidden Four men then laughed returned to the PA and went their separate ways. Her body was discovered the next morning and the r c m p commenced its investigation.
Silent waves tells the confronting true story of twenty six year old, Raquel, O Brien, as she attempts to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret. The seven part series includes raw and brutally honest conversations between Rico and her family as they discuss their past for the first time, what emerged was a much larger story, here silent waves at silent waves, podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcast When you ask Book Helen Betty Osborne, I mean it's file that, of course, for me, he was Sir one that stands out, as is being one that can shape my career. I'm with former Arcy MP investigator Bob Urban ASCII at his home in Ontario, I came across the helmet,
they Osborne case serve Musa. My partner, the time actually had possession of the fallen was the investigator from the genus section and over coffee. In many discussions did told me about this case and I became just so interested in an unelected. This is incredible case. Why can we get to the point, where we can play charges. I try to hear all of what urban ASCII says in a kind of parallel, thought process with carry browns case? How can one I was telling me about Helen Betty Osbornes case help. The cases are different and the victims are different but the violence in both murders is similar, the kind of location both victims were, after is similar, maybe there's a
profile or investigative strategy somewhere in urban. Ask his experience. What was the date? You took care to the case and I would have taken over probably around eighteen, eighty one eighteen, eighty two and my involvement was to review all of the evidence that we had all the exhibits and laughter about six months. I looked at this I shall get. I think we can make some headway in here. I see some investigative strategies that we might be able employ. Hanta were simply assigned to it full time and said: okay this before we get into your solution. Our strategy. What were some of the problems with the filing absolve second hand? It was all rumour there was no one person that we could say. Ok, you have this bit of evidence. We can take the court. Ok good example is six months after the murdered taken place, there cp received the letter anonymous letter from
market Michigan market, a city in northern Michigan, on the coast of light, superior, a drive, of over seventeen hours from the PA and in their it stated that they'd been at a party and had been speaking with one of the individuals who dignified himself as one of the four and that he was distraught and he was talking about his involvement in other people's involvement, and the letter clearly gave the investigators at the time the information that they needed as to who- and that was that sort of the breaking point that was there was a bit getting of being able to piece together with bits of evidence, but that was anonymous. The other was no person standing behind that letter. That said, I had a confession and I can give this information or as evidence in court, so there was lot of that, a lot of rumours around the town, but nobody, those coming forward that actually had first hand
other than an anonymous person coming forward in having first and evidence of a confession. Sorts by one of the perpetrator. That's right- and that was one of the things I wanted to do- was to try figure who that was because that person head key evidence that could put this over the top. That was the starting point
one we can find another, so anonymous tips work. Well, I mean it brought the case for the initiators of the time. Nobody was coming forward. How many people knew we don't know, but clearly over the years since that time, a lot more people began to, I guess, get first hand knowledge through discussions over a beer or something or somebody would say something of that type of thing. But that was really the breaking point and in that person was key. This would have been writing seventy one. Seventy two then cracks over until spring of seventy two. The latter comes and goes about June, or so the perpetrators hadn't had priors like that before there is nothing that indicated previous convictions or anything of that sort. Heaviness appeared to be, for all intents and purposes, a first time event for Rome for all of them not top
reveal that there is no indication of a sexual assault, but when you look at the way she was found with no clothing just boots. Clearly that was the intent, but even then there in the seventies they're trying to profile intranet who would commit this kind of murder, the viciousness that was involved and they came up with certain characteristics of they thought that might be involved. The chemist, every mental hospital in the province, trying to figure out who has been recently released because they thought clearly. The personally did this was was unbalanced, They looked at it need themselves, saw this as a broom An author LISA Priest wrote her book conspiracy of silence about the Osborne murder in, Eighteen, eighty, nine, the main premise of the book and Subsequent film was that much of the town of the PA knew the details of what
happened to Helen Betty but said nothing for years. I wonder if it's possible that Many people know about carry browns murder and for whatever reason are sitting on the information, urban ascii and the aboriginal inquiry both suggests that the whole town of the PA at least did and now in Helen Betty's case, and I think it's easy to look at it and go well. You know all these people nor nobody's talking. I may I think that is what it's, probably it, probably an accurate title for a book. If you look at it from the perspective of here's bunch, people at no and nobody came forward
and you say: ok, why did they not come forward when we have all sorts of people today that are afraid to come forward? They do want to become involved, they figure. Well, you know what somebody come forward. Five heard it so somebody else if I've heard at the police must have heard it because as common knowledge- and I think when you look at it from that person active in indian start, saying TAT could be a conspiracy of silence if you're really looked at it said, but but an entire town every single individual everybody's. Bob and this conspiracy, everybody thinks ok, you gotta look a little deeper and I think if you look a little deeper and his high look deeper into it, I found reasons for people not come for people than had been I reached out to lease a priest to ask her if she felt it was accurate to say that the whole town of the PA knew the deed. Else of Helen Betty's murder but priests, said she was unavailable and that she didn't have the time to look through her material.
For a case she reported on more than thirty years ago, clearly. There are probably some people involved in this than that were racists and they didn't come forward because of the inquiry on that there was generally an atmosphere of prejudice and bigotry against aboriginal people prevailing in the PA at the time of the murder, one which formed a backdrop to all social relations and interactions. Between aboriginal unknown aboriginal people, however, the inquiry, also found that, after hearing all the testimony and reviewing the evidence we have concluded that racism played a significant role in this case, but it did not come. Cuz any delay in the investigation of the killing or in the prosecution.
Those responsible, barber banal, ASCII letter writer. Why be anonymous you're scared to death? She told the story to her brother and her brother said well, let's write a letter descended anonymously I'll, send it right now, while right now happen to be as your driving through market Michigan, everybody had thought nor people look them said. While why wouldn't? Why would this letter come from market Michigan? If you look at market Michigan and if you're driving from one a pig or deriving from the PA going to Toronto, he got to Asia Anther. That's really what what there are going to Toronto. There were Canadians and they wrote the letter, but she was afraid she stated that in the letter. So is there a conspiracy for her? No there's no conspiracy. She scared to death
She was a young girl, very young girls. Time come up to the PA working for the summer. It come back to the PA to visit and at a party and lo and behold, this information was laid out before her and me and was not. Our state. She was threatened Joe. What do you do if you step forward being a young girl and that environment, this person's already been murdered? Betty husbands been murdered? Would he do you? Go underground, your hope that maybe somebody I also know, and eventually her conscience, she told her brother and they should list. This is what we can do. We can help and he wrote the letter. Is there someone out there now who could write and anonymous letter to help solve carry the Brown smarter, paid off. Person came for
and the person was one of the keys to us being able to take the case forward as were others, so shut your strategy, then to pull these people into. What did you do the strategy, clearly was to get people talking to get it back out there. It had died off over the years and discussion about it. It may have been mentioned from time to time, but it was Real chatter, there was no new information. Nobody knew was coming in in saying I heard this ordinary, no rumours going around town, and I wanted to generate that. I wanted to get that chatter gonna cap. But I wanted to go from the perspective of a model. Can for somebody who has something that can give me evidence in court, because I mean that's, that's the ultimate goal but when I spoke to the media in the past and will release the the news release, I said we're lookin, for any information
any information that you might know that you can hear that you may have not have heard directly bud even information of of somebody who might know so You might know somebody on the street that had mentioned and before I want that name Just give me the name of somebody who might know urban ascii and the Arcy MP wrote press release looking for information and distributed it across the country to local newspapers at the time apparently unconventional. So the newspaper ad It was an ad it was. It was a news: releasing hey we're. Looking for information, we put it in key areas. Where, where we could see some benefit, and we made sure that was Cross Country Cross Western and as it turned out newspaper in new bug, tussle Scotchwoman are
writers, father, no southern appeal and came forward. She picked up the phone and called said, come the letter writer and it worked. Fostering an environment for anonymous tips and getting people talking about carries case should be the easier mountains to climb with our wide podcast distribution. But am I try something more direct along these lines. As the serious draws to a close bob tells me, there by looking at the human body Osborne crime scene. He was able to differentiate the degree to which those, present participated in her murder. I want if the same approach could be applied to carries killing where As we know, there was more than one person present. Could there be
bystander who didn't participate, Carryin Brownie, you! I don't think he can split it only at least not based on what I know of the crime. So I would, I wouldn't venture you can't profile based on that, because you know how to split the evidence of the crime scene is definitive enough for you to be able to say this belongs to this type of individual example in dna in the two people have left dna buying from DNA. More than one person participated and carries. Murder oh, the other evidence gathered at the time is not as distinct but carry
case has something else going for DNA, and the potential for a weak link is always potential for a weak link. There's always potential for somebody having some some conscious looking out in going. They did something wrong and I'm gonna live with it for the rest of my life, and I think, there's probably a good example of that is in very Osborne its own. He had some people that were very strong and in one individual is very weak and it bothered- and he Drank- and he told the story
and we capitalized on the anonymous letter. Writer capitalized, so you know the more people involved, the better chance you have, but only if somebody has a change of heart or has a conscious that says I gotta say something or it bothered me to the point. We have to talk about it to somebody and if they do, there's hope that those people who come forward, but you know who the people are You don't know their personalities, don't know what happened to them afterwards. You dont know if there's one personality and that whole bunch that says you do not say anything rival come for you. I think when you look at the two different cases, different cases, we know who what where? Why? How when carrion Brown, we don't know who, but they ve got a powerful weapon.
Still in the arsenal and that's that DNA and that's not going away. You can't change that, no matter how much you die at the end of the day, that's not going to change from the dino for the day you left that the day you die that's going to be, that'll be what's gonna. Do it? That's the reason, the hall and that's what they're gonna exploit. That's what they're gonna use to leverage for try and figure out got it urban huskies work, the eventual lifting of Helen Betty's case into the court room and the resilience of the people of Norway House gives me the brown family. Some hope that carries case can be solved, but even with a solution. The damage to the community and family can be deep and long lasting and then I remember my parents were good friends with Missus o hesper back darlings Office in Norway House we started the talk
the Osborne family, and the aftermath of hellenes murder. And when I remember when Helen Betty got murdered after that, the family speak came very dysfunctional. Separated from her husband right, a name: the sons and daughters they became very angry and You know a lot of those sense and end up in jail, in and out of jail because they didn't know how to deal with thereafter sisters, Sir death, because they were snow help for them at all. Nobody help them. Now. But he paid any attention to them. Nobody cared and it was just MRS iceberg night- did her best raising
her kid Syn being a single parent. You know that had been really hard for Missis Osborne, She was so kind and suicidal forgiving Can you imagine how she used to feel at the end of the day when it was time for her to rest? She always had Helen Betty on they're mine spastic when there was nothing that happened just been justice at its heart? Helen Betty. Osbornes brother Calvin was also murdered. Two thousand eight at the age of forty two in Winnipeg Buddy. The generation, it's their kids. Now you know if we help those siblings when they first last year's
because they were very young. You know when they started getting into trouble in school, they would be suspended and they left the left to high school than there never came back. Are you getting into alcohol when you started getting into a fight and they ended up in penitentiary's? You know it could have been really deaf for these families, now it's their children now still nothing is nothing is done. We have these treatment centres all across Canada for addiction. The problems that we have is the loss of their love. One like Helen Video
I spend lost her, she was our friends. He was her cousin. She was her sister daughter if there was a treatment, a family treatment focusing on a loss of a love one through merger just took over there. You know one talk about, or just to be, Sir, made by people that are going through the same thing. I got a good idea. You know when we were growing up. I remember my late tat saying because They knew about Helen Betty. They were talking increase, They said no more. You know. Don't worry, it won't come out. Eventually it will come out and and that's when people start healing that any
I hear anything here about what might have happened. Nobody ever said anything of residency. Nobody ever talked about it. Even in Norway, has ever petty lastest quiet about it. It was like she was forgotten, it's not that they didn't care. I think it was the fear the fear that town and the brutal the way we lost her. I think nobody wanted to talk about it today. I turn to Marian How did you get on after your friend was murdered? Actually, a godsend, I started drinking heavy and then one night
we were sitting in the cap failed me and my acquaintance cancer. I used to have a talk with her. After that I couldn't concentrate on using, and then you see disguised coming in blocking. I mean look at me and then I heard when those crisis, I'm gonna, get that Finland is to me. Entered the little indian that I realize I recognise one of those reasons. It was one of those guys. So I talk to my colleagues. I told you of any. Please send me home. This is why Marian is it Do it anymore? I told her. None of us forbade his funeral. To this day I narrow embarked upon ran into the pot. But I wonder whether that monument Remit
are you and then was it? Went back brings dominion, memories, back memories, to alcohol and nobody would listen to us, go we're making empty stories you had to learn to be a fighter here. You had to fight when they called you brown Indian Brown, Ban corps. You know you're so dumb. Why are you here? Tat were nothing but savages in drunken Indians, you'll, never accomplish all these things that were said to me? I kept those and I want it prove to them I'm not a damn. India use it as a fuel I used it and I was a fighter, has learned to be a failure:
as we are still here. Where sixty plus years old and work Then the one? Yes, yes darling and Marion offered. To give me a quick tour of the community, we visit the school and the Hudson Bay Company historic site, close to the river connected to the fur trade lock up cross across their you'll, see that brand new very is the fairy. Is it always been twenty four hours and always just run novel way back in nineteen Eightys and Ninetys used to run only till ten
in the evening ok and thou wits were gone out on your fairy growing, a bigger one. How did it work than if you oh God hereafter ten. What would they do? You know what that happened to me. A lot of times had to go back to Tom's got there and he wouldn't asleep at the other side or something oh yes, we did of Yes, we did us ass. Glad tell me what's squad
While you were here territory, you were sacked squads Rome's. Really you see you know, but not not numbers. Now you know what a fairy crossing his that's where they seem access or year. Two further down appear robotic, as this is a panic as road, that's where they heard and smell in their man. I'm interested in this ask what story creature in the woods is something that seems universal to me, the fear of that creep The unknown darkness they live in what makes them appear to us the that can destroy you and that's smell or that feeling of secrets that precedes it all time to get back to Thomson Trevor and Jim. And the hydro rode off mystery like road to dig deeper,
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