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S6 Episode 2: Pitfire

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Debra notices a man repeatedly named in Donnie’s case file as a potential witness. Yet police never spoke to him. Could he be the key to finding out what happened to Donnie?
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The last archive from Pushkin industries ask the question who killed truth Harvard historian and New Yorker writer, jeweller poor looks for clues in events across the twentieth century from a brutal death in Vermont. To the invention of the lie detector to the release of the pole, YO vaccine, the show ferules, like a classic nineteen thirty's gum, shoe mystery but takes the big issues of today. You can find the last archive wherever you get your podcast This is a CBC podcast. You're listening to someone know something from CBC. Podcast this a season, six episode to pet fire, its authorities.
It's all one of my favorite shirts that he wore. I have pictures of a minute and everything I have left clothing lines I'm sitting with Deborah and her kitchen and she's just held up a medium sized, blue and white denim sure that she's unconsciously pressing to her heart- and it's probably like I don't know ten- maybe twelve years old stuff like that. For years I slept with it then I put it away in a bag because I felt like I was losing the Senate from it. And then after years I've ended up RC cuz, I couldn't smell it anymore and then every trip to Mississippi. I bring it with me and sleep with it and hold it, and I just feel I don't know these with me
Deborah hand me the shirt, and I think she wants me to smell it so awkwardly. I do part of the reason I was drawn to Danny's cases, debars absolute dedication to solving it and the connection she had with her son. Sir things like this shirt, the nose, and that nothing else in the world matters to Deborah, even at the cost of her own health had a very, very big case it Panic attacks are years ago. They had thought they found Donnie and We were waiting for the DNA results of what they had taken from me to match, with this John DOE that they had and think it was Georgia And a profile hours, ninety nine percent, whether it was Donnie alone, it was a long process, but anyway
I was actually prevented. John DOE we already know this tiny, because I knew him Donnie was dead and they wanted it would appear over, but it wasn't over. The deal play didn't match and Debra's panic attacks got worse. I have to stay outside of my house on the patio during the night cuz I couldn't be inside with the doors closed and I started smelling smoke and it was during the night. I always wake up with a knife smoke it continued to where I could be anywhere just happening all the times I went to the doktor. Any said that sometimes I happens is like a traumatic thing is modest life there tat those smell some type for sat, so lucky gets set of flowers, but
I happen to be spoke. He gaming, baseless praise. You gave me all this different stuff and then I had went down to get Danny's case file and, crazy sounds when I started work in his power. No letter sent stopped Deborah old, darning shirt places it on a new. By chair and were back to work it's late and we're both tired, but we're going. Through some of those files you received from Maryland police in case valid, says the chain reports that he flew a friend in an he sped awake or something like that Mississippi and it was the same time frame. The Donnie with that friend of chains was Kyle Barnes. The man the police say in these documents could be the key to Danny's case the man
never interviewed for over twenty years. Anything marked, I Ireland on them. Show me the shot of Kyle Barn standing with Donnie. I've seen it before Kyle, looking very happy to be there, but on a somewhat less so, but follow can change as you get more information about the people in them. This picture was Thirdly, taken and Kyle's dorm room in California before Donny donors road trip and was the First time, Donnie ever met Kyle. I stared at a long time as Deborah puffs on her baby? Could I'll actually know something with the promise of it.
A possible new information he might have had Deborah started. Looking for him, I started sending Kyle messages or in Facebook MESSENGER Did he never saw South Africa? He doesn't use it. Cyber stopped his brother and I kept me my own brother. Until he answered me, he said he would talk to Cairo and he'd have call me and still have all these messages from his brother and everything I said. Oh, I continue doing this for months and flying He did have car call me hi. How are you feeling I use that found conversation to get a feel for pal too know how to approach him, and I just explained to call that you know he was talk talking about, an he remembered, meeting, Donnie I'd, let alone
Donnie was here for companies, and Spain, and only had left me with a cure, but where they went at the time, but he didn't anything he didn't know dawning dismissing he didn't know anything I felt different. I felt he was nervous secretarial. I could tell he knew something. Tell him, I don't remember, like abandonment, Deborah. Kyle was difficult to understand at first speaking, quickly and clipped, but because of her got few that Kyle New more. She resumed said the urge to try to force anything out of him. I wanted to take things really slow, but it s scary muff, and he asked me what I fall happened again. You know talked about how long I've been searching for Danny and all that an said something on lies by. Let me think about things in
try to remember stuff and whenever an asset, please do I said you know we could talk tomorrow in an eye without a shadow of a doubt. I knew out of the house, I knew he athlete economy back, a roach really did and others that same day was hours later we again, never called Deborah the first night. I actually told her that story. Although we went back to normal and just look for cutting and then attribute, follow the register with pride oh my god. I know how she must feel- and I know that I just had lied to her and I just couldn't do it. So I called her back and I just had to tell her what happened. You know the truth and love how this whole these Algeria Kyle Barnes each forty five restructuring. Other, and my brother had contacted me, I'm talking to him as he sits on a rental car parked outside a discount chain hotel,
in southern Mississippi days. I came back to me and I highly short balls wearing a ripped tank top and red baseball cap, shorts and flip flops and speaking here publicly for the first he grew up in Sacramento California, atop student school president And organiser of people popular was friends according to those who knew him, but it's taken him over twenty years to talk after Deborah found him now briefly, like Jazygae on Facebook, and she's right about something else. Kyle has a densely agitated manner speaking that takes some getting used to? I asked what it's like talking to Deborah rate. We that it will but the other we gush only one or two, I feel really culture.
Just a second mom debated here, she'd been You didn't really great and I just can't imagine how she filled in No in our countries. Until dinner, I mean it's crazy, a new kind of that I've been there? No one ever ever asked me does I'm a really bad liar. I always have been cited. I jean right away. The children was up. I'm not a lot of regulation people say hardly hold onto that for more than twenty years. How do you I thought about its own, my mom, had what're to know about it. She needs to know what happened Deborah careful patients with Kyle paid off almost immediately over the following ass. He began telling Deborah things that for her and police would forever reshape the course
authorities case. Me and tell me that chain did kill my son and he told me that chain shot in the back from? What I know is that job online yell and back at thirty blood up online He said the chain told him the reason why he did it that is had if he couldn't nobody else could either I've worked on cases before where a person whose killed someone voluntarily admits to the killing and then eventually goes to jail for it, but I have also heard of cases of false confession where, for whatever reason, a story is key, injured by a person and they confessed to the falsehood. But in my experience
its rarer, that someone Unko worst confess to being an accessory. If they had nothing to do with a murder, if I get up and go check, you watched him by Tommy the sorry many times for not coming forth to understand why the play never ever reached out to him at one time I course said: I didn't understand that either and he said that Jane had told him that nobody would even be looking for Johnny, basically Don't worry about it and have fun. He told me he had looked online and saw the stories Donald more. We agree. We hung up with sand he would help anyway. You could n
send him was sorry ended. We were talk again when he tells me somethin its shocking. I have two not react on what I want to say and do and more of a pie, he's in what they had to be hard for you to say that to that. Thank you. For being honest and its, I think that's what been able to save the relationship to get it because I hate myself hearing myself talk to him, I don't. How did it or you did it because you want the information so you'll do whatever you can you got the information
It keeps coming just what I think and nothing else can happen. It does there's another call and then something more happens. Events of something according to plan. These documents Shane picked up Kyle in New Orleans and drove him to Morocco. Mississippi do you have any inkling Ernie idea that one you are driving from New Orleans a calm with shame what was going to happen when you gotta at the other end now he was really upset and crying Dana. Funny, lock them in that he was upset about it, but when we got through to him- and he said that he did something bad not to freak out anything that he needs my help and then that's when they open up the trunk. And then how had confessed to yes or something I haven't told you. He said time, told me that Donovan's
The trunk of the car and that here dead, Sea, Danny's body, and that was the first time I had learned TAT, Kyle says: Shane picked him up in a large nineteen, eighty style, Sudan and drove him to an estate, Norma COM, a property owned by shames family once Shame, led Kyle to his parked green Miata and showed him Danny's body stuffed into the trunk Kyle says shame, told him he'd shot tiny three times in the back. Until she opened the trunk Kyle says he thought she was upset because he had just broken up with tiny at that time. The holy too.
Call my retirement I'll, be there for you to help him I'll, support him and tell him I'll be there for you. Don't worry we'll get through this. So when are you open? The trunk I had already committed so much. I hope I am I Jim number whatever to it? I didn't think about it being anything. That's it was weird. It was going to be see how we can fix the problem now at that point and not think about the problem, but it was just see how we can fix it fix problem without thinking about a Kyle says, find a solution help his friend chain doktor Barbarian Monday the garage and though that's not a good. Your people Kyle then goes on to tell Deborah one of the most important details of his story that Shane burned down his body
and Kyle helped show the ideal didn't do the body we were like. You can find it and that's where the burning. Why do you come from there was that night from time you got there your online do ten o clock at night. Until the next morning, when the whole before never did happen and the fire really hot. It was fifteen or twenty feet high and it burn all night with gasoline would nevertheless adopted afterwards. The chain Tell you anything about what to say or not to say that we have about it on the way and that we want to say that we went back to Mississippi that I cannot guarantee that angle machine. We drove norland the next night and we want to club to look for, can find them and then I end of life.
The next day, though the story that we were going with that's the story, told the police like ten now so you privacy. I've had my substance with problems. I've got drug problems because it had in danger trying to escape my feelings. I visit, as has rightly been the biggest one of wire. I have always wanted delight, be higher drink or do something else. To get my mind off a thing it's just that was forty years ago. Now I mean, if someone had contacted you, would you have come and told anybody? The story I had put it out of my mind, like I said I didn't even really gives real from lungs. I almost utters a nightmare. I when I looked up missing person didn't pull tat. His name and I saw on line and literally my my stomach. Just I think- and I just like this is actually real. I had done a really good.
Java, like three it out of my mind. For so long, I'm still trying to get back memories of what happened. I mean what happened? It's crazy interesting old place weeks ago, movies at the White House was imported from England, and this is doctor. Nobles stayed up here straight at pass. This wouldn't fence debars driving just so Macao Mississippi and its oppressively hot, outside she's, just turned off a highway into what to be an extended family estate property. Remember that the first time he was here that driveway that goes around there was not here at the time
We follow a narrow, winding road passed several mansions through steamy groves of Magnolia Sycamore and Water Oak all covered in resurrection for hanging mosses at the end, ro. The house were heading toward a low slung bungalow with a pool we'd invaded tennis court and what appears to be an old ranch. One with a growing story emerging from it, fed by Kyle Barnes this the place where he says he was brought by Shane Gunther. And shone down his body in the trunk of a car and then place somewhere on its many acres, we're doin his body was burned, but could Kyle have been involved? in more than the burning some tomorrow happen, debars convinced something horrible happened here and so
to seem to be the police after Deborah found Kyle them. The thrust of the investigation into the isn't case passed from Maryland State investigators to the Pike County sheriff's office in Mississippi Kyle's been bra here by Mississippi Police for a hypnotism session, and to tell them more about what he knows, Deborah pulls passed the buck. Hello drives down a stony driveway towards two white cited cottages. The one on the right looks like small guest house the one on the left has a rotten wooden ramp, leading up into a garage or carport pulled up next to it. An empty black police suv with government written plate lucky dog areas. We park and get out near the cottages, a small
Hot looking border colleague, type dog approaches from a treat area down the hill on our right. I baby. How are you. Beyond the panting dog, the trees meet a distant open field, and at that juncture, an old barn. Actually, farmers, DR shed, one open side and stalls where tractors and farm tools would have been parked and more active days far over to the right of property. What looks like a huge Some may pond several acres in size, this property used, beyond by shame: gunners family, but now its own by doktor. Jim nobles are gynecologist to pray, This is in southern Mississippi. Lucky dog is one of doktor novels to die. The other one named. Bela was recently killed and eaten by
coyote on the property of our past. Your walk, it braid how you look good. He walked fast, a man approaches from the direction of the main house, it's doktor, nobles, average height and balding with a deeply feathered, southern blush, no, is originally from New Orleans. He recently brokers back falling into his empty pool during maintenance and he's been off work to recover at an easy someone had a broken back and all that I have been urging this week the great profit making love after my wife died, as you know, is one way to get rid of and sell it and not movements. Small ass a nurse I love. It already is scourges
I'm going back to work January. Second, that's at least I throw myself back in, and I have something to keep me busy so, but anyway anyway, we could be of help. You know just let me know. Doktor nobles knows about Danny's case and has generously allowed Deborah onto the property. Nobles has his own connection to loss. I lost my sight use a brain surgeon and now he died of an accident. So I notice lose a child, but we had clothes in it was an accident. We knew as soon as Doktor nobles heard about Danny's case. He put his whole property virtually at Davers disposal, and it's a shame because my heart goes out to you and then put this guy weight at getting evil ya. Wanna watch and take you, Congo, pulling down am he'll, be a lot closer
Thank you. Doctor nobles points off down the slope to the right toward the barn where he thinks we should park and heads back towards House there's another man walking up the slope from down near the barn. It's true at Simmons, investigator, for the Pike County District attorney's office. He waved Deborah but debars attention is on the poor behind the house. Doktor Nobles is heading toward it. Has a blue plastics lied, surrounded by a low fence, with a gate according to chaos, conversation confession. He said it saying and Donnie laying out the pool and they got into a argument, and on said that he was leaving
walking away back to where the car was parked. Doubt the ended a driveway here, the guest house, so the backing this might be. The gate the Donnie would have walked out of here true. It approaches he's in its midst sixties, with white beard, glasses and dress in plain clothes, he steps toward devil. With a smile. I place to go pick up. His guest House Where do the do the hypnosis Kyle's hypnosis session, guided by psychologist, Doktor Pat Brawley, has just finished. Deborah wasn't allowed to attend. Even true. It is normally as open as possible. Whatever about Danny's case. The two have grown close on this our time they ve known each other later.
I interviewed truth about this when he was just recovering from a surgery on his vocal courts so over there course of our interviews. He can sound a bit horse. What's important realize We would not actually be where we are. With it, even though we are nowhere near where we need to be had it not been for debars persistent cow and make contact with car barge overtime relate to her information. Led the case to Macao. I also asked him at the time what he thought of Kyle
How long's is smart man he's not adopt these, not least by good scientist large, exactly what I consider logical all the time. I start with your story, back to Doktor novels farm? True, it takes a few steps toward the cottages to retrieve Kyle from Us Hypnosis session, but Deborah Wholesome back, trying to find out anything she can about what on what the hypnotist behind closed doors open today? What this evaluation tells us, which will go a long way towards
here's voracity. In truth, the location where Kyle says Downeys remains were burned is the top priority for them. Bring police along with the basic, yet overarching questions about Kyle is being truthful, and how much of that truth has he So far, I may get on my way They will be in the way we true disappears into the gas cottage and a short time later appears with Kyle at his side. Another man with a badge and a gun on his belt follows along John Globule detector from the pipe County, Sheriffs Department, the office post might appear Lapierre nods and continues pass Deborah with Kyle walking down the slope towards the bar we're. Lucky dog came from clapping his questioning Kyle as he goes, and he intrude don't seem to have any problem.
Deborah following a long and listening detective Lapierre? refresh your memory or anything, it's not you. I ask your hard to remember way back when I drew the trees laboratories and that sound, forgetting everything into the forest. I remember that relies back. Then it was alive. Or three Lamborghini Lapierre questions, Kyle about shame and the drive from New Orleans Airport to this property back and ninety ninety five.
What would become station? Would it seemed a mountain of debt crying for a time I was actually started become too norland under been dormant. I was like a boy in the first quarter of the garden gate, clubs and morlands somebody you come out of our great food. You guys come session. Was he picked you up? He was just a bad crying why you find your daddy and let them when we talk about gold. All we got up here so once you guys made it says this problem yeah. What did he say then with dvds, and he had something to tell me that he had done something that and not ratify got another exactly the word wherever they can had wanted. To tell me something happened.
According to Kyle chains, demeanor changes upon arriving at the property he Kyle, not a freak out, but that he didn't take Donnie back to New Orleans. Instead, he shot him a lady said: you're not dropped on the off in New Orleans and that something had happened and that he shot and then
open up to talk on Monday, and I thought I'd like oh shit. Strangely Kyle says at that moment when he saw Donnie six foot something frame, stuffed into the tiny miata trunk. He didn't panic anything happening. I was in love. He suddenly my about his leave figure out what to do, and at that point, that Rock Marianna, the House or you're the proper area. We do That would be a good idea here: Kyle gestures towards the cottage he just came from the one with the wooden ramp, leading up to the old carport Deborah remained silent, close by taking it all in throughout the nineteen,
These strange phenomenon with sweeping North America they were in a panic and like people in a panic. They want solutions, allegations of underground, satanic cults, torturing and terrorizing children. The thing is: there were no satanic cults, preying on children and near Thirty years later, the people touched by at all are still picking up the pieces into work affection. This is the work of history Satan, and panic the light it just CBC. Uncover
I will now, as I think it is wrong at any point in you guys needs tell somebody young at that point that I should have done, and I didn't say I was thinking. How can I open latest go away because he's right, birthright YO and it was ok one lives? How are you happy the situation and I I didn't think about consequences of it at that point, when he opened up the trunk. What was done in wearing your donating Donnie was naked in the trunk. Kyle says chain shot Donnie in the back by the poor, as he was walking
we from him toward the car when you said that he shot him when he was walking backwards. Car. What's the car was visibly over here I'll come forward and that Donnie blood out right, over there, probably by the tough quarter from our closer the Tuscan, Donny sitting by the poor with shame the argument, the walk away, shooting Donnie bleeding out and dying slowly by the tennis court. All these details, Kyle says he allegedly heard from shame after he arrived on the property, had his
they start decay. There were no more to say was still. He was a lament dip when we are trying to get him out of the truck. But I don't know about that. From this lawyer, Kyle says he didn't detectors EL from Danny's body, so surmises that he must have been shot relatively recently likely Kyle thanks during the day before he arrived. It was obviously with even give rarely get about you believe saying: Kill him earlier that day and then you came out at night or do you believe you kill team? The following day, you came up the next day. Idea was much under the table prior three flying up just, but he had such a small. Yet it would have been during the day I was there, lay under the poor, depending on several
actors, including temperature, bacterial action and decaying bodies can start to create notable smells between two and five days after death, so it must be the day before lined up next morning. He afternoon. Tea time I got here is actually night, so has been almost a hopefully for hours at least once you guys guiding mountains. Trunk yeah placed upon the barn pal. You said the fire burned for eight hours, twelve hours yeah Likud hours, I midnight Kyle, says they started burning down his body around midnight and that It went on for at least eight hours, violent person, not that I know I mean huge, abusive verbally to people, but I never named leggy violent. No, but are you.
Kyle said repeatedly that he and chain, where best friends and spent the two years before machine even met Donnie hanging around and working out together changes. CALL Kyle, crippled fat fuck because at one time hi I was overweight and had been using crutches, Kyle Does he in Chinese and even plan to live together and West Hollywood and that chain with him in Washington DC for awhile and that that's where Jane, eventually met Donnie, say tell you what type of weapon to use did, he say, was nine millimeter twenty you Rachel with when he said that he says, we definitely have my died. I not true it points to the aren't and looks at Kyle who stands the implied question they need.
It him to remember where the burn pile was rivers really weird arms about being a closer to Burma. I'm on a spare your memory a little. You told them and tell them that we were about fifty or sixty feet and I don't remember he said from the barn already yeah ok when we are Burma that there was a burn pal yeah, As back to, about you. Well, if they move closer to the barn area in the field next to the barn a straight narrow and shallow trench has been dug about a hunch. Feet, long and two feet wide blue and orange.
Plastic flags start the landscape. This is where a dig was conducted by police and based on magnetometer readings and overhead photos. They dug in a straight cross section where were they surmised burn piles might have been. Dogs were also brought into next year and around the area in general, but nothing of note was found safe for some obvious peg. Bowen Presumably left over from a barbecue this brings us around two, why police put Kyle under hypnosis because they feel they dont have his full story. It was a big hurry. It was ten people can't beat at least a minute now here I just the body was in the proper way to me. I was wrong
harm other good parts there, while Kyle story has steed mostly the same. Some consistency become apparent as he continued throughout the day. Pretty Selina Kyle had remember chain showing him Danny's body in the trunk of the meat as it was parked in the guest House carport, but now the way cow. Remember, Shane, backing the car out and turning towards the burn pile he believes the Miata was parked in the barn much oh sir, to the area where historic burns located in the area of your family,
sensing her opportunity Deborah, has questions of her own about here I see thought I love him back me up and then driving turning to rank the Yosemite Outta here Carla's here here in any foreign report the car, then let it drop in with a damn. What don't hear me part car summer, but at the end, my grandmother Yang today than we walked up here to the barn chaos dogma that make us reasonable. Someone taken the shovel breaking up, Simone's Kate had taken a double smash bond after, like there were myself drawn, have only results in Bonn.
Dishevel smashed and became this there's nothing did it lily with just ash left. There were no Deborah suddenly overcome by some tears and tries to cover them up with a puff on her baby, but she recovered quickly, not one to distract Kyle flat jewels idea. It burn all our like ours, really hot, like you just embryo, really when you link provided you just have like just did that left in a total like register realer fire that had been. Rather than show Kyle how his words are tearing at her inside Deborah instead pushes into it asking Kyle for more information about an alleged coffee cannon chains, possession with ashes in it that Kyle has told her about
Kyle says that many months later she showed him a coffee can at a storage unit wretched by shames father, that chain said the ashes inside were Danny's was it is no use is dead, but was it is the story unit? There was a desperate Georgia that I'd like I'm. Whilst after church, he ran yeah. You retinal, sergeant notion tide of one who is at the first time you need it. He had saved any ashes. He told me that it is Europe that I never thought that again told you. This was Johnny, Questions about the burnt pilots, location and potentially
finding Danny's remains continue, but wait his revolver about your life for dives, already Kyle's getting tired. So they d, to take a break to get out of the sudden regroup. Kyle moves off to be on his own Deborah, true, attend, detective globule, huddled in the shade drinking cold water and talking over various theories, I'm just saying eat this had to be real, careful was gone and when I say careful, not that he's not
This necessarily line is the same things that sounds like. Oh my god. He really knows why each time that when, in fact the budding earthmen consistent he didn't know until China at the trunk really not, The problem is what his line about their origin lies the issues and the lack of memory covered aptly, maybe some truth, but not now nothing s answer polygraph response to where you present when dawning skill. His answer was now, and they didn't show this
Oh man, you know I try to keep an open mind, but outfit and failure sure you more air, then here I mean how could it be not present when it happened, he could have been inside the house. He could have been somewhere else. He could be walking somewhere, so basic living I was in prison, but then he was even asked me boy like it. If he was going to go to jail, I voted yes, Will you will be over go to jail now along, I said, but you can cooperate everything you tell us if you consideration. I might be for a longer result.
Until that, but now that Donnie blood out ever bother tennis court, that's something I never heard you have heard them. You push him. Oh man, ok for you what I know now Are you know that could be just as easily true is just as easily true, you know, but there again that falls in the category to see no there, because he was there. He watched his heart or did Kyle. Do it, Kyle walks over to Deborah hugs her. She doesn't look come but with an later she asks the detectives and private. If
one of them all ass Kyle to never hugger again, there was something fragment, something we have better idea. At the end of the day after everyone else's departed. True, it has some parting words for Deborah Ann I'm real, get real concern with cow. Many people around him. He says is involved and their thanks go. Wake up and get my right now. I've put up now this a hundred percent of what you say and I have concerns about. You know all the contacts that you were, the only said new up as a good witness. Further demands, for example, an honest I miss Gallagher. Is it not true that
You ve been talking now about your answer. Is it not true that you been talking with our laws about my client giant gun and about supernatural that your internet road, I mean I'm coming from. Isn't it true that you planted that you gave information to call Barnes now this may or may not be true, but it's going to be a Motion of Kyle Barnes led him to a particular description of what happened I'm miscarry! How do you know that our minds didn't kill yourself instead of my parents, anger a new planet, then here both kinds of banks that I'm thinkin way ahead of cash. For so I'm having a bigger with that sad truth.
Off to join the others, leaving Deborah alone. She approaches the area close to the barn where the burn, pile or piles are supposed to have been the small flags left behind by the previous police dig moving. Slightly in the hot breeze. She faces the ground. I scarcely ever this close. He also come so close to where down. He is I have people say you know, you need a move past us and you know, he's dead and accept it and move on and they're not send it to be mean it by no means, but it's it's. I dont know how to explain to them that. How do you How do you mean foreign? How do you finish grieving? How do you do any that without answers, you can't you can't you just in.
I don't understand how we have come so far. We have all these answers and we're right here and just can't reach you. I used to have dreams for years were. It's cold is really cold out and chinese com he asked me why I stop looking for him and I keep telling my detton an amount in words. I miss the same dream every time, but I'm out in the woods. So he keeps saying I'm right here, I'm right here and I am verified it and I have just a t shirt. And I'm on my hands and knees, and I'm Dagon an act of most she. But I can never reach me
well. If any part of town still remains here, we'll find him That's the kind of comforting promise I usually try to avoid offering to family theirs. Way for me to nowhere for where Donnie might be, and ever knows it, but for her the hope is here. Locked in the ground were standing on and the person with the key could be Kyle. Does he know more and does he. For that. He knows more and
How can we get it out of her fellow This is simply a pigeon hyacinthia hurry. You thanks so much for coming back sure and I never fail to call people back on these things tat. I have no problem at all So no comment, and now I did try to speak to shame West and he did site my lawyer. So I felt I should go through you to see if he could offer us some kind of official statement on the case. No and year on year,
going to comment in anyway. So ok, you ve, been to have a so to pit fire visit. Cbc diet see a slash s k s to learn more about the Donnie is case. You can also join our Facebook group and followers on Twitter S, case c, b c to discuss episodes with others and
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