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alt-J - In Cold Blood

2017-06-02 | 🔗

Alt-J formed in Leeds, England in 2007. Their debut album won a Mercury Prize and their second was nominated for a Grammy. Their third album, Relaxer, came out in June 2017. In this episode, they break down “In Cold Blood,” from their new album.


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its england and two thousand seven there debut, what a mercury prize at their second album was nominated for grammy their third out relax. Her came out in june two thousand seventeen this up They break out in cold blood from that out they'd written years earlier, but when they try to record it, they could get it right. The problem was the temper Coming up, you'll hear how they solve and more it's all j on song exploiter, I'm Joe, from o J. I sing play guitar. I guess I've ever keyboards the first memory I have of the early writings for in cold blood tat was in the least Firstly, that was when they re college, two thousand and nine as better. Just at the front room of this shared house. I kind of weight IL the house is empty and has been. distractions, anthem, I just have. This qatar refers working on
often with gas. When I ran up to react quickly to one I'm doing, and it's almost like a rally yeah, I get is a quick, his me serving in the bull and you hitting it back I do. in writing the keyboard part very quickly. I bought this casio tone four or five from ebay for one, then five pence dyke, amazing deal. You know ludicrous what I really, but because it always is really kind of old sound. made in the early eighties. what a synthesizer it's a basic keyboard really with about twenty four sounds, and I particularly love that open sound. I used, I think it's the pipe organ sound, I mean sounds nothing like hi portion is per it's great in its own way.
and Tom drums too The tom Minimalist approach to drums was one of the things that give which I recognisable sound. Maybe he didn't need it. I'm drunk kit to create great bates when it was setting up the band. We were playing in grill are all guitar spectrum. Tom was grey julie, bringing peace after piece of percussion every week, go home for sunday lunch with his dad and then He come back with a different drum say with building that, like this case, that of piecemeal and girls bedroom, and so simple, the snare drum kick drum label cowbells you didn't want him his home. So he brought his bongos and was start hitting him with sticks the cowbell in there as well we're not like a music school band and had we been a music school, but we probably would have booked like you know, upright
this room and there would have been like a full drunk it with you, know thomas and floor thomson, symbols and high hat whatever, but because we started out, we were doing it in a d. Ai weiwei way not became drums for years. We had the someone didn't recorded, we occasionally Just like make it out in a sound or something we would naturally slow up and spitting down. Sorry getting up and laying down when we were playing it without a clear can adjust jamming together. You know like: why does that verse seem to want to be like a hundred. the cost is really wants to be. One hundred and five Usually when that happens, you can find a tempo. This, except both the whole song, so lose tat. We ve got plus, is due at a hundred three come on.
for some reason it just didn't work. So in this case we decided to change the tempo, translations are being in the studio with Charlie Andrew our producer, and we had to do a number of takes. through each section to find the right to impose the ones we ignore what's that then this sun worked. So that was a real breakthrough. Actually with vigour, impose. So once we had the interest guitar cast his hunting going on then it goes. Quickly into another section like slow down and sort of bluesy. Section. That was the moment. I remember thinking we're on onto something cause. You were doing some really cool things with keyboard, the a half another really basic keyboard is a young heart is basically Second, the keyboard, the country schools by in bulk and put them in the music crumbs. So it's got
hundred sounds again. The whole orchestra is on their so and the trumpet setting on this- and am we really like the sound actually because sounded so fake, but so good. We sent over version with yamaha brass and I think it will have in the head of a label came in and was like that we should. He's real browser on this, but we ve convinced ourselves that actually, I'm opera sounded really great and we didn't need row, but then you know we this day booked the abbey road to do strings. So, as we had that room booked, it made sense to get a little broad sections come in and just quickly knock the in cold blood brass paw out in half an hour, we'll just see how it sounds
once we even heard them just rehearsing it before we even turned on the tape it was just like wow. This is amazing. This is obviously going to sound, absolutely incredible. The turkey convinced, then, the give that section of the ominous since presents the with this song Then she story is a guy jumps into a pole, eyes out. Poor party. I was having a good time: their brows to bake eggs, howling six banks, because poverty and a guy jumps in that, I'm he resources sum has been stopped. la pull, some osama or some other learned. This principle an old J fascination with poor parties. It seems the cape propping up, The whole party I did.
When optically big paupers, no, no! No! No! No you are growing in england, I dunno you watched of american tv and films and staff, and they also involve you know, we'll party, when you're watching like I can pie or some of these films we watched growing up, yeah or like the o c, or something to see exactly where watching these programs and you're like. Oh, of course, every episode pauper, you're kind of half like fascinated and jealous, and you and then you half think it's just like ridiculous. I hope yup there's is the pool party, that's the guy with the keg. You know to come, pull by coming out. Yeah yeah! So does my dear often I would feel space using my voice, but I'm in a bay from my own and no one's looking at me. I concur flake act out of character. Map in turns on justice by making an attempt to add something extra that could work. But I my aim and knows that can cause her. I can idiot thing
We do Not a tax and charlie Andrew was just basically like I don't know which one I like, and so we But what are we just use em all, at the end of the song there's a very simple synth lead, which again comes from my yamaha, my sort of school keyboard. So it's me playing it. It's kind of arpeggiated in it's structure, but I did expect. But with easy argius on a real sense, but his son to perfect. I things to fatten is not quite perfect is what makes it I was enjoy playing that part, but it's hard
because it really knockers my home doing it live now. Is it's a real punish up, but it is worth it and then the key changes, while at the end, really sounded cool over the top of the bras huge one that you just thought that we needed one more thing to happen relatively yeah, just stomach to finish off. We haven't had a solemn occasion to I felt like this. Was the song to get the emotional is. The final push is a big exit. The way we do like using sound effects and songs. I think that they just got fillers, so there's a big whew between thus one invest too, that was london cheerleader. London surely does. I think here there's a bunch of cheerleaders literal, real,
Let us just for higher to know. If they have a picnic, now. I think the day I think we're just gonna london cheerleaders. There was a group called the london generators. that is and of somebody dies of diamond boardman, making a big splash we initially They actually used a library sample for that online. This old, like various on copyright, it sounds like you can download, but Finally, it like the last minute to label got cold feet about what was the actual legal status of these sound effects of those very panics day where Charlie producer had to recur, they only sound effects and other how we did that bill. The springboard, I think what was there was some construction work going on outside these two year and he found a big but a pirate They put turn them together. So they had some kinds of almost rigidity to it and then just sprung and it made them.
Sounding noise guy with a springboard and then with a splash. He just said he thrust out upon. so I know it- we ve always done it when it comes to recording just kind of like when you finish, a piece of work Then you put stickers all over it to make it look extra pretty or something that isn't. That is the bailiff in the curry, yeah yeah. Do you have bay, leaves and curry dish basically as bigger and now here's in cold blood by all J.
entirety, hearing his master, who learned here like this,
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