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Apparat - Goodbye (Theme from "Dark")

2020-07-01 | 🔗

The Netflix original series Dark debuted in December 2017. It’s a really mysterious, mind-bending German science fiction show with a unique tone. A big part of that tone is announced every episode with the music in the show’s opening title sequence. It’s the song “Goodbye,” by German electronic artist Apparat, the solo project of Sascha Ring. This song actually came out years ago, on the 2011 Apparat album The Devil’s Walk. Since then, before it was used as the theme song for Dark, it’s been featured in a bunch of films and commercials, and notably, in the Season 4 finale of Breaking Bad. The final season of Dark just came out last week, so I wanted to find out how the show’s theme music was made. “Goodbye” features vocals from Anja Plaschg, an Austrian artist who makes music under the name Soap&Skin. In this episode, Sascha and Anja break down how the song was created.


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two thousand and eleven album the devil's walk, the fort was used as the theme song for dark. It's been featured in films and commercials. The thing that really put it on the map was when the song was featured in the season. Four finale of breaking bad. Vince Gilligan who's, the showrunner in the crater breaking bad. He just that is one of his favorite music moments in breaking bad up to that point, that's Thomas goal of it the music supervisor for breaking bad he's. The who plays the song in a crucial scene near the very end of the finale we we wanted something that had a grand quality to it and an epic quality to it, something was really powerful and the song good bye, really struck me when Vince her that song he respond
Incredibly, powerful and just said there, it is like that is the one define season of dark. Just came out last week at the end of June, two thousand and twenty. So I wanted to find out how the show's theme song was made. It features vocals from onion flask, an austrian artist who makes music by the name soap and skin later she'll tell her part of the story with a play with Sasha Ring, trying to write and feelings the This is such a ring. I make music under the name, Apparat. goodbye is quite an old song. I working on it, maybe in two a nine two thousand and ten and em. It was bit of a difficult period because I just finished the first chapter.
or of motor hot the band project. I have and we kept on touring and touring and at some point and I wanted to work on my own music again but I found very hard just because it was so. easy for me to collaborate with someone in the studio and rely on the second and third opinion it made making music for me so much nicer that I kind of lost the ability to make music on my own after that so and it was time to make a new abroad record. There was this huge void in front of me at first, and I didn't really know how to do that. Play around my studio and didn't go anywhere and at some point I just realized. that. Maybe I should just go somewhere else. I've just take a few people with me making a record. That way and I invited a few friends and we ended up going to Mexico.
Basically, we isolated ourselves in a little house on top of a little hill, watching the the sea and we set up all this recording gear in quite the groom and we'll just jamming out with electronic since the whole time goodbye. Was one of the songs that originated in Mexico during one of these sessions, that's song just started with some synth courts. I just looped and there are already version already had some sort of drums and at some point I try to come up with a few words and that I did have a simple idea. I wanted it to be some sort of like a final lullaby you'd, seem to someone who will never see her again when he wakes up like bring too bad, saying goodbye,
and sneaking out the back door. You know before The person even notice is what happened. He smiled lines were formed your hands. Craig me, a smile, followed your hands. Kiss me good, bye, kiss me and Basically it I tried to come up with more and have like the traditional structure, verse chorus, whatever about yard was always just the cord lube and like four vocal lines on top. There wasn't much substance, but it wasn't bad. now to throw away so kept working on it. But- it also. Never really made real progress while we were in Mexico, it never became a real son at some point.
and we had to pick our backs. We went home to Berlin and am I was a little depressed about the results, not because we didn't get anything done, but maybe I had different expectations. Maybe I thought we going to return home with the whole record and that's not what we had in so it was not really work I wanted to do because somehow I wanted to make a more acoustic and human record and for some reason we ended up all behind our laptops and it was very electronic indian. I remember being frustrated for a while. After I return to Berlin and at some point I talk to my manager tenure, whose also my friend, he understood that My problem was that I really couldn't do stuff on my own anymore, so he connected me with TC the friend of his from Berlin, He became a corporate whose, on Berlin actually and he's like
traditional recording engineer, but she someone who really likes acoustic instruments and that's what I wanted and when I showed him the idea that turned into goodbye later on, he suggested that we step by step, try to exchange electronic parts with real instruments. The first thing he suggested was that we should just start with a piano Who is a great thing to do, but our problem at that find was that I just moved into a new studio. It wasn't the top floor of a building and it was around Christmas. My piano was not in my studio. At that time it was still in my apartment and home Eventually, at some point we found someone- and I had them- pick up the piano at my apartment. They brought it to the studio, just to realize that the staircase is too narrow.
They couldn't really bring it up. And then the only option to do that was to use the fire escalator on the back of the building the staircase was like super icy and slippery I mean I thought is no way to get the piano after the studio, but these guys were just kind of it seem like they see it as a challenge, so they carried that crazy old, big piano up the icy fire escalator I thought someone was going to die that day, but they really managed to get it up. Yeah Ecn pc instantly started playing these chords just those four courts originating from the sin line
and very very soon. I realise that this is the way to go, because my piano also, I suggest the right at this year, for it it's a very old method, sounding one- and it has a lot of of and wanted, sounds in it like the paddle noise. Here's that normal piano players would probably not like, but I'm afraid those The The and have really inspired us, and since the piano was there, you know knowing how hard it was to get it into the studio we He just had to use the piano a lot and in the end, a lot of the sea
You here in good by those sounds, are piano based, for example, the slow marching drum thing. Is me banging the side of the piano. The kind of reverb on it is no reverb. It's just read the strings. Acting like a spring reverb For the first time in my life I had a recording room which I really enjoyed, and it was really play full, I would say- most of the recalling really happened during one night and we went pretty crazy. We will just jumping around. In the studio b, we were banging the piano or robbing it or just clapping her hands, and we, which has put microphones very far away from us, so we would have a lot of room sound. There was
Like a whole night of just piano fun, so in the end, it was really worth getting the piano up in the studio. At that point, I was still not really ready to completely abandon the sin. Cord bud. Pc Wanted to convince me to try something else. So at some point you would just grab them any Christie Quito, and he play these night fleshly sounds Monica harmonic. Through a delay, basically and
that allowed, because it did blend with the rhythm section very well, and it gave that whole some, that's a moving and marching feel that I really wanted to achieve. the since I from such an electronic background, usually my songs were very loop abased, and they do and developed much
so. We wanted to have a second part, and that's where that Melo twin thing comes in the end, it was supposed to open up and go a bit into a different direction. The and I thought now this is enough to sit down and think about lyrics and vocal performance again, because I was quite inspired, by our sudden encounter and the creativity that happened. So I really wanted to use that drive to write more lyrics and to finish that song. This is when I ran into a wall, and I got really depressed was there in the studio for like a whole day trying different parts, different things different words and it would never really go somewhere where I would really saw it as a song or something
The only thing I liked about it really was the instrumental That time I was really really close to just throw away the whole thing put it in a folder and just never will It again, which I, quite often, with some ideas I mean I have photos with lots of lots of lots of old song ideas that I still can't listen to, because all the frustration comes up again. So, Goodbye was really close to end up at the at the graveyard. I remember the evening of that whole day when I was struggling with the lyrics ay was tired and just wanted to go home, and I had this little idea. That would turn out very important. Like okay. If I can't really get anywhere. With this. Why don't I try to get help again and the person that came to my mind, right away was on yeah from soap and skin because somehow that good, bye song
idea hat feeling that soap and skin songs have as well slow, morbid melancholy The. you on your few years already, because I used to run a record label called shit. Catapult We released a few songs of hers and I kept in contact with her and I occasionally would exchange a few words with her and yet she came to my mind and I exported and instrumental and put it in the email. I send it to her with just the four lines of lyrics. I had and I went home and slept for the night not very happy
name is on your from soap and skin, I remember it was New year's Eve ten years ago and dear. I released my debut and then lost the father, unforeseeable ie, and a bit later also had a breakup and so it was. End of the year- and I was tired- I felt When I received his email, it was like receiving a gift. And when I listen to it for the first time, what I really loved about the instrumental was this ritualistic beat. it triggered a lot of feelings and I had a rush of images in my head.
He finished my recordings on goodbye only morning around five or six, a dot m after work the whole night and Next morning I woke up, I checked my email and I had a finished vocal recording in my inbox. In the I was just a bad tree, the first time, It's ashes draft for the lyrics. That was one sentence which kind of unlock the song. For me, it was fine out, I was a bad dream. It resonated the feeling of being disconnect to the outside world and not to know if I'm really here or if I'm even real, this feeling
Not being disconnected is something that I struggle with most of my life. I, really admire the fact that she was able to kind of like remix the lyrics in know I mean she took the Let's put them in a different order and kind of like you can still tell what it was before, but it became something completely different and it became her story from just draft? I changed crack me a smile. To give me a sigh to move the whole thing, probably to the dark side, Hopelessness, give me down in that time. I always record tons of layers of my voice. It was enough of necessity to handle my own shyness.
Doubts sleep The beginning is kind of like small spoken word. Very minimal. and that's actually something. I also learned that sometimes it's good to hold back so act is bigger in the end when you go for it and I think that's what she did. She kept minimalist minimal spoken in the beginning, and then it opens up with the mellow part. for the and
it makes such a difference from the imagining the one night when I went home depressed basically and the next morning I woke up. I had that in my inbox and I was like Damn: that's really what the song need it, and it just you know, happened in the past, like it was just one. Second, it's crazy I got a tiny little piano party also came up with that ended up being in the and I use it as some sort of like tale of the sun the the. This way of working together with some one. For me, it seemed like the most natural and awesome way of collaborating. There was no, like my manage our call to your manager bullshit. There was no like business idea behind and whatever it was really just that one little son
I of an idea in my mind that she might be the right one for that performance, and it worked so well because she probably had that same feeling right away the recording completed the whole thing. Basically, so all I had to do was just a little bit of mixing, a few days later, I had yoke the drama visiting my studio and he laughed good by which I played for him and he asked me if he can just improvise a little bit on it and I thought the song is done. It doesn't need anything else, but yeah. I just pressed record and he did a bit of like jetting around What does drums very, very quietly in the end, but I think they give everything a nice twist as well. That was the last thing recorded
I has done plenty of good Thanks for me when breaking bad happened, dad was definitely quite a highlight because I didn't have that much sex. as already and the album was also quite fresh. So we didn't really know, what's going to happen with the album and then breaking bad was one of the first things to happen, and there was obviously a very, very exciting moment. For me, and then it just appeared and more and more films and also trailers, it's probably used in like five six seven different films alone. once a record is finished. I just cannot listen to it anymore, and I think it's all a garbage and I could have done so much better and that's what happened with good by and for a long time I didn't like it, but all the feet,
from the directors. Probably that help me to look at it from a new angle, and am that's you, the moment at some point, when you make peace with your record and you start liking. What you you're actually and now here good, bye, bye apparatus, featuring soap and skin in its entirety
the the
For more information visit, song, exploder, dot net, slash apparatus, you'll find to buy or stream the song, and you can learn more- what and soap and skin. You can also the great creepy opening title sequence for dark. As a record this. I finish the series yet, but I'm planning on binge watching as soon as I hit stop, because I have so many questions song explore is sponsored by Dave's killer. Bread, actually love Dave's killer bread, but they gave me a script to read so appeared his attention others. We now have taste in the bread, Aisle Dave's killer, bread, that's right and organic, bread, that's no longer a sedative for your taste, Dave's killer. red is on a mission to make the most of the loaf to rid the world of Gmos, CE high fructose corn an artificial ingredients and plant the seeds of good and all that they bake, killer, taste, killer, texture, always organic Dave's, killer. Bread, bread amplify
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